well I loosened it so I guess counter clockwise, how would that affect cause the problem with my tuning?
A good while back I started detecting some buzz on my strings, so I adjusted the truss road and for the most part things went back to normal -except for a distinct buzz when playing minor chords- and recently I find that I have to constantly tune my guitar DOWN.... Yeah, I know, usually they go the completely opposite way, but this happens after I leave my guitar sitting for a while (could be several hours or even days) I'll find that when tuning before I start practicing my strings are actually getting SHARP... worst of all sometimes even when I'm playing they'll go a bit on the higher end and I'll have to re-tune them.

Also I must mention that the guitar in question is a cheap starter-set Ibanez that I got about 4 years ago. So is this simply the result of poor craftsmanship on the guitar, a result of my tinkering with the truss rod or a completely separate problem? And of course, how could I fix this?
When I found out about Dio's death :'(
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LOL I was gonna suggest this too. Great series, definitely worth a read, will help you tons
well, for $110US your best bet is probably the Yamaha or a Lucero (
I own a Lucero and I think it's a pretty good classical guitar as far as the low end guitars go, nice sound and good playability, although you might need to change the tuning heads; Yamaha is definitely very consistent in its sound and overall quality so eitherone is a goodone
well, for guitar notation I'd recommend guitar pro, it's a big step from power tab in terms of presentation, capabilities, and overal aesthetics, but it has a price tag (unless you torrent it, wink wink, hint hint)
If you wanna lay out a back-up/rhythm track to jam to and explore more ideas then yes, it is probably easier to just record yourself on one then overdub it, and once you have something cool you can worry about writing it down.
If you just wanna write down all your ideas (which I suggest you do anyway) then I recommend putting them on paper either permanently or for later transcription onto guitar pro or power tab. The thing about putting that stuff on a software like power tab or guitar pro is that
1-it looks a lot cleaner and is easier to read, either for one track or multiple ones
2- lets you have a full sound file with multiple instruments and gives you a much better feel for how the completed work would sound either on the program or a midi export,
3- very easy to alter in any way you want without making things look messy or having to write out a whole new score
4- easier to store, organize and (re)print
btw, it's called fingerpicking
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To be honest a lot of classical music is great to listen to. Requiem For A Dream, Moonlight Sonata, Primavera, Oltremare, Divenire, etc.

True, you can also try listening to some Bach (either pappa bach (Johann Sebastian Bach) orany of his sons (Carl Philipp Emanuel, Johann Christian, Wilhelm Friedemann, Johann Christoph Friedrich))
Also Chopin is very mellow (usually), Camille Saint-Saens, Beethoven, Mozart (VERY GOOD), and Liszt.
Also, most classical guitar pieces (especially those written between 1750-1900) have a very pleasent feel to them
Do LOTS (and I mean SH!T LOADS) of rasgueados (also known as rasgueos), you can either do them by doing lots of repetitions on one finger at a time (bit more effective) or by doing it with all four fingers in succession (like in this video:

Remember to play as LOUD as you can, if you're shy or uncomfortable about playing in front of/around other people then just do it in your room, or somewhere very private (hell, even the bathroom O.o) that you know no one will go but you.

And remember, if your forearm and finger MUSCLES burn YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT, so keep on doing it until you can't anymore, but if your knuckles, wrist or any JOINTS burn/hurt YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG, so find what you're doing wrong, correct it, and do it the right way, and once your muscles can go any longer DO IT A BIT MORE, then rest for a little while and get back on it, don't worry, hand and forearm muscles rebuild quickly, so a few minutes of rest will be enough before you can start again
Collective Soul
any Dethklok, they mostly play in C or drop D, some of their stuff is quite difficult and will require some more advanced chops, but stuff like Go Into The Water will probably be cool, especially if you can solo over them
well, what you do for bar chords (and what I've heard some people say about presing down any note in general) is to simply let your fingers land on the right position and relax your arm completely so that it is hanging down from the neck and the only thing that holds it up is your fingers grabbing onto the guitar, that way gravity will be helping you press down on the strings and you won't be simply using your hand and finger muscles, which will help you be able to play longer and press down all the notes more accurately, in time your hands will get strong enough that you wont need to do this, but for now do it like that, also, you should always remember that in your left hand only needs to put as much pressure as necessary to get the string(s) to stay down without creating any buzzed notes, anything more than that you're overexerting yourself unnecessarily, this is also true when you wanna play lowder, pressing the strings harder wont help you, only plucking/picking/strumming them harder will, and that is all in the right hand
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No one band is cool enough to be called that, except maybe a band started by Mr. Nolan Whyte
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that'll work especially well if you have a female redhead on your band, preferably the lead singer

if you're gonna be a nue metal band I say reanimation is fine, tho, I mean, there's not really that much brutality in nu metal anyway, you might scare off your main fanbase, although that's probably a good thing considering what the average nu metal fan is like
nope, but I can certainly see myself and my friends drooling over it
classical guitar song are pieces written in the general style of the renaissance, baroque, classical or romantic periods with the appropriate forms, they are played using fingerpicking, and require a certain amount of classical technique which include, but are not limited to: use of right-hand positioning and angle of attack to alter tone, change in dynamics to generate increased musical expression, extensive arpeggiation, chord and position changes on the left hand, wide range of melodic intervals, and combination of both melodic and basso continuo lines in either alternation or simultaneously during a single piece

to play stuff like classical gas you don't really need lots of classical technique, but it certainly helps, and if you want to hear REAL classical guitar songs check out these links

also check out the classical guitar groups here in UG for more info and song selection
Leyenda Asturias by Isaac Albeniz is really cool, though pretty hard piece to aim for

I suggest short Preludes and Etudes by Manuel Ponce, Matteo Carcassi, and Scott Tennant, you can find their stuff in here and probably a video of someone playing it on youtube, here's a nice easy one to check out

however if you're not that into classical guitar I'll say Kamelot's A Sailorman's Hymn, On The Coldest Winter Night, and Don't You Cry
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My contribution.

omg that was totally my first thought when I saw this tread
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I see what you're saying, and I know that learning the notes is the only way to absolutely be sure. I just wondered if there was a remedy or 'trick' to it

well, this isn't s much a trick, but you can learn where the notes are without any sharps or flats, and then you know that if you want to make it a sharp not then you just move one fret up and if you wanna make it flat then just move on fret down, for example, you know that C on the fifth string is on the 3rd fret, then to make it C# just move it up to the 4th fret, also try to learn where all the different notes by octaves and where they are in relation to each other in the fretboard, for example to find the same note, a different octave, on th string below you just go up five frets (C on the 5th string is 3rd fret, 8th on the 6th string) and how they relate down a string and so forth, this is where learning the 'shapes' of chords and scales comes in handy
emmm, ever heard of a band called Rage Against the Machine? some of their stuff is definitely not appropriate for 7th-th graders, but they have some PG-13 songs out there (Bulls on Parade comes to mind)
I think intelligence on The Pit goes from below average to true genius, except that most people here who could have some intelligent input choose not to, since hey! it's the pit! it's not supposed to be a place for discussion of high scholarly level! quite the opposite in fact
well, technically you can't read ANYTHING if you don't know how, these just use a non-conventional method to show time, that's all

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just tune them half a step sharper
What tuning is that?? ive never seen it before

C# F# B E G# C# = Db Gb Cb Fb Ab Db, basically a minor third below standard tuning, why in god's green earth would you want to do that to your guitar is beyond me, but that seems right
I roflmao at the suggestions

I'll say if you're all acoustic you should
Classical stuff
Baroque: Bach, Vivaldi
Classical: Mozart, Beethoven (early)
Romantic: Beethoven (later) Schubert
Classical Guitar: Tarrega, Sor, Brouwer, Carcassi, Mertz

Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Al Di Meola

Luar Na Lubre

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan (good songs: El Cascabel, Violin Huapango), Mariachi Sol de Mexico (great song, very difficult: El Rey De La Huasteca), Jorge Negrete, Javier Solis, Pedro Fernandez

Blues, Country, Doo-Wop, R&B, and old Rock & Roll are also good choices, and the list for those is a little longer than I care to write, and they're easier to research than the others I posted. They're all good choices, and you can find all stuff by them on either youtube, hulu, slacker, and iTunes, or a combination thereof
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during rehearsal do a song that you know he will have trouble doing well, then stop it and say that something doesn't feel right, and tell everybody to tighten it up and make it cleaner, look at him when you do, but not too blatantly, do that a few times during rehearsal, suggesting that someone is being a little too sloppy, and if he doesn't get that then just tell him straight up
Ibanez S for the win, beautiful looks, killer sound and quite versatile, I say that's your best choice
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Get into a new genre. I recommend classical and prog.

Start playing acoustic more.


also, listen to music from other parts of the world, even if it's in the same genre you already like, it will still most likely be different from what you're used to, I recommend Flamenco, Classical, Prog rock/metal, Power metal, Mariachi, and Carnatic
well, the Cm/maj7add6 is a good call, and a lot of times you don't really need a 5th on the chord as long as you have the tonic and third (and seventh if you wanna get a 7 chord) due to the overtone series, I would name it an Adim/add2 chord since you have the A C Eb and B going on, granted, it's in first inversion since you have the C as your bass note, but that's all I can think of right now,

you could also just make that B into a C and open the A on the fifth string and make it a plain A dim chord in first inversion with a doubled root and avoid all the naming trouble, hope this helps
Quote by JJ2003 guitar section wants me to call them.. I could do that, but don't want to wait on hold for 20mintues.

well, it definitely beats waiting for maybe hours on UG and hoping for a somewhat decent response, I say you go for it
looks like your average Strat/Bullet replica to me, should be ok, though don't expect much from it or the amp
eeehhhhhhhhhh, Moi-Dix-Mois? L'arc-en-Ciel? Asian Kung-Fu Generation? those are the only asian bands I can think of, though I don't think any one of those has a female member, though it could've just been a really feminine dude, you never know with those asians, and the bands I mentioned certainly have more than three members, so, can't help you there, sorry

if you do find out who they were let me know, sounds like and interesting band
neither, ESP ftw
I suggest either a Fender Strat or an Epi LesPaul, or maybe even a Gibson LP, if you can find one for that price

btw, don't be hating on foreign guitars, they're usually as good or better than american ones and are also cheaper more often than not
so, I was trying to come up with a progressive sounding song, something along the lines of Dream Theater, but I realized I just didn't know what prog rock/metal is based on, I know that in classical music progressive motion in a chord progression occurs when you move the root of the chord up by a 2nd, down a 3rd, or down a 5th, but I just couldn't quite make that work, I am just starting to break down and analyze prog music and what the different parts should do, but I would really appreciate whatever help can be provided, also, if you could point me towards any video lessons on the subject or tell me what type of progressions or modulation sequences could work
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Through the fire and flames on expert!
Nearly nailed that intro.

that's just so full of fail on so many levels

as for me, I'm working on a series of studies by Mateo Carcassi, as well as Laid to Rest by Lamb of God
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well, 2/4 means that you get two quarter notes per measure, while 2/2 means you have 2 half notes per measure, so just join a set of two adjoining bars into the same measure (1&2 become measure 1, 3&4 become 2, etc) and that should be about it, you probably wanna play it, have someone play it for you, or even more effectively input the music into guitar pro/power tab/finale/sibelius any other program of the like and have that play it for you in both versions just to see if they sound the same