Alright, the pedal mod was as successful as possible. It's sounds great when bypassed now, and I went ahead and added the LED in the upper left hand corner. I might get some pictures up for you all eventually. A big thanks to Invader Jim for all the switch help. Thanks dude!
Alright, so my lazy ass still hasn't gotten around to true bypassing my Vox yet, but I'm kinda thinking that the LED isn't really necessary. So, how would I wire the pedal for true bypass only with a 3DPT switch? Would it just be like using a DPDT but excluding the 3rd column?
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I realized after saying it, that it came out really abrasive. Sorry lol. I would still argue, however, that many of the more talented metal artists put far more soul and melody into a song than you are picking up on. It's an acquired taste that once you've picked up you can really appreciate it.

But comparing the great metal artists to screamo guitarists (see what I did there lol.) It's a whole 'nother ball game.

Nah, it's alright dude. It's not that I don't respect those guys. I know they've developed a lot of talent over the years, but it's just not really something I could ever get into. Just hope we're cool now!
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Against the consensus... I got one: This guy is a moron. He's one of those elitist types who assumes because a guitarist likes lots of gain that they're bad. However inside we all know this type. This type who is afraid to accept the fact that modern metal has thrown many guitarists out better than he, and any of us, could ever wish to be in our lives.

At least we agree on part(s) 2 and 4...

lol, the first time I read your post I thought you were calling me a mormon . Look, that's fine if you like all that screamo stuff; it's just not up my alley. And just because a guitarist uses lots of gain doesn't mean they suck. Ever listened to Walter Trout or BB Chung King? Anyways, I'm not one to judge who is or isn't a good guitarist. I know if you threw me into some ridiculous metal song, I'd be lost. Technically, yes, they probably are much better than me. However, modern metal doesn't appeal to me because it lacks soul, coherent vocal and instrumental melody, etc. I could go on for days.
ahh, opinions ahoy!

1. Active pickups all sound sterile
2. .11s and higher are the only good type of string. Also, D' Addarios all the way
3. Modern metal is garbage
4. No guitar is completely useless; every single one, even the Chinese Squires, have good qualities
The Infamous Stringdusters - The Infamous Stringdusters
From the Reach - Sonny Landreth
Chinese Democracy - Guns N' Roses

I'm betting you all have only heard of Chinese Democracy
Alright, excuse my circuitry ignorance, but I still have a couple more questions . Firstly, which end of the LED/resistor should go to the lug, and which end to the ground? Secondly, both wires of the 9v go to straight into the board, so what should I do about soldering it to the 3PDT? Do I need to cut one, and if so, which one?
Alright, thanks for the help. I'll be sure to post again if anything else comes up.
Alright, just a couple more questions. Would a 2k2 work for the LED? And also, where does the other end of it connect to?
Alright, are you referring to each lug when they are vertical or horizontal? And also, what type of resistor should I use for the LED?
Alright, can somebody give me a diagram for modding my V847A for true bypass with an LED? I already have a 3PDT switch and an LED from a mod kit I never got around to using, and I have no problem soldering. Just ask if you need any more info. Thanks in advance!
G runs. Bluegrass ftw
Try a Paige. Personally, I like em better than the Kysers.
I know! Saving up for one currently. My Dr. Z drained my bank account.
How about the Foxrox Aquavibe? But, you might have to wait a while for it.
7/10 not a huge fan of the Traynors

Show some love for the Doctor!
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Opeth and Between The Buried And me get on pretty well with PRS.

I stand corrected.
Meh, personal preferences and whatnot. If you're a metalhead, you probably won't like them (not saying you are). However, I think they are a great middleground between a strat and Les Paul, and I can definitely see the appeal of them.
Discipline, dedication, and love for the music are the only ways you are ever going to become a good musician. Personally, I don't think is such a thing as a good or bad guitarist. Just egotistical and overconfident ones . Lose the ego and play for fun. You've still got a long way to go, but enjoy the ride. Don't quit because you can't play as fast as Paul Gilbert, just look up to him and know that you have the potential to have as much fun at your instrument as he does.
7/10 - I'm not a huge fan of the blues juniors, but the Les Paul sounds awesome
There's no compromise for good sound
D'Addario Phosphor Bronze 13-56. It's what I use anyways. If you're playing bluegrass, go ahead and suck it up and put on some mediums. Your bandmates will thank you and you'll actually be able to hear yourself for about the 3 weeks that they last. And yes, regardless of the strings you use, you're going to have to restring your guitar AT LEAST once a month.
hello, Zeppelin forum. Long time no see

and yes, iPods do kick ass.
violin sucks. fiddle is much better. Bluegrass pwns all classical
Alright, so I own a MIM Strat with an HSS configuration. Yesterday, I changed the pickups to Texas Specials, all single coils, and they sound great. Except for one thing, when I'm using the second posistion (neck and middle), there is a significant volume drop and they tone becomes very tinty, not like it's supposed to be. When I was rewiring it, I also noticed that it didn't match up with the diagram that came with the pickups, but the tone and volume pots work fine. Can somebody please give me some advice on what could be wrong? Could it be my faulty soldering, or do I need to replace the switch? Do I need to rewire it? Thanks in advance for any advice.
I don't know why everybody is saying "don't learn other people's songs, write your own!". I've been playing guitar for a good 4 years, and I write most of my stuff. Plus, it's fairly technical. However, I didn't figure everything I know from nothing. I learned a lot of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Beatles songs. Learning other songs is a great way to develope your own sound. Sure, you don't want to be your idols, but you do want to take their influences and fuse them into your own unique sound.

Oh, and learning theory is definately a good idea. Also, try to learn songs by ear. This can be infinitaly useful.
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How do you get more variety? What do you mean? I'm not being condescending, I'm just really interested in exploring this point of view.

Couldn't someone just get an amp like the Spider Valve and if there's something else they need to be creative, THEN buy a pedal?

Well, like with the delay effect. You can only adjust the tempo and length, not the actual number of repetitions. And IMO the chorus sounds very sterile and mechanical, not as smooth as you can get from a good pedal.
Pedals and built in effects sound different. If you like the built in effects, why give a **** what other people use? I will say, however, that you can usually get a lot more variety out of pedals than you can with built in effects.
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U guys see Across The Universe?

I liked the soundtrack a lot more that the actual movie. Some of the songs (i.e. With a Little Help From My Friends and Come Together) were really well done IMO.
Start slow, work you speed up using a metronome. Practice consistently from your wrist, keeping a close eye on your technique to make sure you are doing everything properly.
A major, capo on the second, using G formation. Bluegrass FTW!
He's a great player, and one of my dad's biggest influences. One of my favorites is his version of Girl from the North Country Fair.
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this is not accurate, they are 2 seperate disorders. I know this firsthand because as a child i had ADHD, i smoked lots of pot to self medicate as a young adult/late teen and it helped remove both the hyperactivity and attention deficit. now that i can't smoke anymore for a while i have a hard time concentrating on things for more than a couple minutes and am what would be considered ADD. the way thoughts form and move through your mind are different for the 2 conditions.

Really? I've always thought they were essentially interchangable. But, of course, I've been wrong before.
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what's ADD by the way?

Attention Deficit Dissorder. It's actually a shortened version of Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD
^Put yourself in the position of the listener. If you were listening to a peice of music for the first time, do you want something new around every corner or do you want a repeating theme that you can grasp on to. I'm not saying that repetition is the only thing you are allowed to do (and sometimes it works well, like on the Buckethead's Colma), but you should not have a new musical idea every half minute. It's similar to what my English teacher was lecturing about yesterday: if you have a great idea, but it doesn't flow with the paper, either change the paper so it does fit or write a second paper.
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I wanna start listening to some beatles but i don't really know where to start. Any suggestions?

I'd say Revolver and Abbey Road. However, I might be a bit biased because they are my two favorites. Honestly though, you can't really go wrong with any Beatles album. Some days I want to listen to Rubber Soul, other days Magical Mystery Tour. It's just that they are all great!
Banned because I've already been in school for over half a month.
Double ban because AP US History sucks.
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Learn to play ska. It'll fix all of this.

Wha? I said arm, not wrist. I'm fully aware that it's impossible to chop when you have your wrist set against the bridge. And yes, I said chop because I play bluegrass mandolin, which is essentially played the same way as ska guitar.
I agree Zaphod. Instead of playing it with sixteenth notes and an eighth note at the end, practice it with solid eighth note triplets. Also, if you're going to ask about picking when you repeat the lick, I'm going to recommend outside picking. However, this is all personal preference and you should do what you feel is more comfortable.
Just read and reread Don's post. Really, I do my pinch harmonics a bit differently from everyone else (I think). Instead of choking up on the pick and hitting the string with the side of my thumb, I keep the pick in the same posistion and reangle my hand so I hit the string with the joint of my thumb. I've tried doing both, and my way just seems to make more sense. The joint of the thumb is already potruding, so there is no need to change the way I hold my pick. Also, the 'point' is much more accurate IMO than trying to use the entire side of the thumb.