Han Solo: Yes, Greedo. I was just coming to see your boss. Tell Jabba I have his money, at last.

i can pop my big toe
Since when can bass players fade out more than they already have?
I'd say he did a good job.

And to the people saying his response to Katrina was poor:
The money was there. The opportunities were there. The people didn't want help. I even heard of a story after Katrina; A man walked into a room full of refugees. He said he had jobs for anyone who wanted one. One man raised his hand.
New webcam
Death Magnetic
Black Ice
20 Gauge Shotgun
New Gi for Karate
New Vans, because mine look like they've gone through a grinder
Poker set
Hendrix Shirt

Wonderful Christmas!
Banned for making me think
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I guess that's the sound Raptor Jesus makes.
Don't know if it's been posted, but that song almost makes me cry every time. The line "if momma meets Jesus tonight" makes my heart sink.
I live in Louisiana.
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Don't make me a liar
get the Salisbury Steak ones with mashed potatoes and corn. Im eating one now
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well, you can but please notice I deleted a good few lines from it. so delete them too

got you up for armerican (louisiana)

just like English and American English get diffrent categories.

you are so in for German (Proleten-wienerisch) it sounds damn funny

so i can do it in redneck? sign me up!
If none of the anti-adware/spyware programs work, try restoring to a few days ago before you got it, then scan for it.
I want something to do samples like he does at 1:30.

Can you recommend something that will allow me to? I've heard about the KORG Kaoss series, but im not sure if you can upload your own mp3 samples to it. Any help?
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I see a different category for Canadian French, what's with that, eh?

Is Southern US English a language? I can speak redneck, being from Louisiana and all.
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You have to be able to jump up and down on a pogo stick for a really long time.

50 to be CCed

100 to be Modded

I got 65.

I've gotten to 265. What does that make me?
"Next stop, my dick!"
"I'd walk a mile for my dick"
"Start the day with my dick"
"My dick, whiter than the whitest!"
"My dick, this is it."
"My dick is better than chocolate"

Guess what i typed in!
Threateningly ask for it back. If he refuses, post his personal information on a certain internet forum.
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I swear I seen dis thread before...

Did you check your Pokedex?
Shit. I turned it in and the bitch of a teacher said it wasn't a polyhedron. So i grabbed my balls and said "Well here's your polyhedron." Sadly, she didn't hear me.
I'm doing ceiling cat! Thanks so much!
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Make a dick.

I'm not sure a dick is a polyhedron!
Ok, so i have a project due tomorrow, and thanks to the art of procrastination, i haven't started. I have to make a 3D Polyhedron Ornament. It has to be "unique" though, so nothing like just a cube. I need to be able to make it fast too Any help? Thanks in advance!
Here's a mind**** for you. I just watched the following and didn't mind it at all:

Pain Olympics
I also want to learn frontflips and backflips, but im too afraid to do it I have a fear of breaking my neck.
that was epic! I was brushing my teeth when i heard it.

^ We already had one. It was epic beyond belief.
Anyone want a Vampire vs. Werewolf thread like Pink Vs. Green was? Or the Zombie Apocalypse thing?
Look what wiki is telling me:
"Unlike vampires, werewolves are not harmed by religious artifacts such as crucifixes and holy water."

And they don't act like little bitches when the sun comes out. They just turn human again.
I don't have school tomorrow, or all week for that matter. Thanksgiving holidays.

Werewolves, hands down. They're just badass
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Normally I hate death metal and screamo stuff. Doesn't sound original or creative IMO... but I frickin love that part in Spirit Crusher by Death near the end where the guy screams "SPIRIT CRUSHAWRRRRRRR".

Any similar experiences?

No guilt, it feeds in plain sight
Spirit Crusherrrrrrrrrrr
Stay strong and hold on tight
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let's see...

3-2=1. There's only the kid with a yellow coat remaining. Therefore the kid with the yellow did it. /SherlockHolmesWannabe

Wrong. The TS meant this:
The boy in the yellow shirt shot the wolf after it ate the duck.
"you are a cvnt"

Edit: ^ no way!
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We were doing a quiz about some book and one of the questions was
"what happened to Jack after he went to war?"
I put "He got shot down by a plane"(because that is what happened) and I got that one wrong because it was supposed to be "He was shot and killed in battle by an airplane"
And on the next quiz, I answered a question like "He was killed in battle by a German"
The actual answer was "He got shot"
God damn those substitute teachers.

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I know which movie it is.