Just got my hands on some various kinds of illegal substances, thinking ill do some speed before i go into town for some errands tomorrow
hi guys i made a video on where u can jump walls with yasuo pls like and thumbs up thx
hi guys i made a video on where u can jump walls with yasuo pls like and thumbs up thx
dat feel when i was in diamond 1 promo 3 days ago and now i can't even get out of diamond 3

my life sucks
>Get into Diamond 1 promotion
>Lose a game because of an AFK, causing me to lose the series
>Drop down to Diamond 3
So I got Diamond II today. Closing in on the top
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Why does this thread have a 2 star rating

because there's so much bronze in here
that would make sense

really though, who plays taric anymore

only a bot would do that
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Just played two games as Quinn both times against a Tristana/Taric bot games. Both times i just got ridiculously fed. I haven't played Quinn for about 3 months before today, remember why she's my 2nd favourite ADC to play.

>got ridiculously fed
>bot game

what a surprise
maxing oranges is dumb unless you're getting violently assraped in lane... which is actually quite likely, come to think of it. you're playing GP after all.

the cooldown and gold gain on Q is far too significant not to max first. i would typically even max oranges last after Q and E, since the CD doesn't scale.
being rich is all fine and dandy until you spend all that money and realise you're still useless

1: warmogs is trash. you should buy it on mundo and mundo only. get randuins instead

2: philo was a legit item in s2, now not so much. get tear instead. refer to point 3

3: manamune is borderline broken. get tear, spam that Q on every possible occasion, get rich. also synergizes with sheen -> triforce

4: phreak had his way and triforce is now OP. buy it rather than gauntlet. the only time you'd want to get gauntlet nowadays is if the enemy team is reeallly AD heavy and you need a second armor item.

your six slotted build should be manamune, triforce, randuins, spirit visage, statikk shiv/hydra, choice boots. ig necessary you can replace the shiv/hydra with another tank item but you should usually be fine.

and MAX ORANGES? really? plz no
that is the worst mastery setup i have ever seen
you're not gonna see a jungler for a long time
plat 3 here, diamond inc
what division is everyone in
Xin is pretty OP right now.

Definitely worth a ban.
Got an ultra kill with Meepo a few games ago.

Micro skills. Micro skills.
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LOL's player base is way worse easily, and I hear HoN is just god awful. I almost have 400 wins in LoL and you would run into assholes way more frequently in there and most of the time they where even meaner in LoL.

Like in dota you'll get people who go gg noobs and shit, but in LoL you would get the "mid or I feed" shit so often, and people who would spend the whole game trolling their teammates. Like in dota if someone feeds they get pissed and mention it a few times, in Lol if someone fed your whole team would troll you nonstop for like 30-40 minutes. It was so bad once I couldn't even play the summoners rift for like a week because I didn't want to run into assholes.

i have 1000 wins in lol and i rarely experience this
Veigar isn't any squishier than every other mage out there, so I dunno who you'd consider it a con when it's standard.
I got one. I don't have any complaints about it. It's fast, screen is nice, battery life is long.

Only problem is I shattered the screen like a week after I got it

still works though, idc
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>League of Legends

this, lol
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An 06er who doesn't even know how to avoid the censors properly?

Stupid shitcunt.

you overestimate the amount of fucks i give
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this is the greatest night i have ever experienced in the pit

congratufuckinglations, you are an 11er
^that's not funny...
How many wins yall have
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what are you talking about

his syndra is top tier

what a shame then that syndra is a shit tier hero
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Teenage pregnancies are sky high these days.

Actually, teen pregnancy is at an all-time low.
how many wins everyone at? :O
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So my brother plays LoL a lot and wants me to play with him. How big is the learning curve for this game? And any tips for someone just starting out.

Unless you've played dota, you are going to be absolutely clueless
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I think instead of Fiora, I'm gonna be Singed for Halloween. It'll be much easier to pull off in time. If I ever plan to go to some big LoL event, I'll put in the effort to make a Fiora costume.

Fiora is a shitty hero anyway, doesn't deserve to be cosplayed except for dat ass
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what micro are you referring to

Micro such as throwing orb, phase shift, tp to orb or even just phase shift blink

easy as **** but there are so many braindead players in this game and they drag the win ratio down
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also wtf guys, how's puck at 43% win


probably because majority of people can't handle the simple level of micro he requires, but they figure he's op so they pick him and feed
Gotta love it when you get magina in single draft... free win basically
i just got +3 honorable opponent from a game where i called "gg niggers" at the end
when everyone I know buy apple stuff thinking that they're genuinely good products

mfw i'm surrounded by sheep