This thread serves a few purposes - A. mild click bait. B. actual curiosity and research C. seeking help building a community. It's been awhile since I've posted on UG but I have fond memories from childhood and teenage years spent here.

So the question is who in your mind makes the best gear demos on youtube? who excels at what kind of demos? Have you found any random no-name bedroom players who made a crazy good demo? Would love to see what the community thinks.

For example Johan Segeborn crushes vintage British amp demos, some of those videos bring me to the verge of tears !

Reason being,

I realized that while youtube/facebook exists, there isn't really a place on the internet where a musician can go to search for/look for ONLY demos of gear. There used to be a couple audio clip websites back in the heyday of UG and harmony central, but now that its super easy for people to make their own youtube channel and post demos, there's really no centralized location anymore, and like lots of other things, "talent" is a bit diluted. But even with the dilution, there's still great content everywhere.  So i started a facebook group and wordpress site for the purpose of curating the best demo examples for all kinds of gear, and categorized in a way players would want to search for them. 

The group and site is very new so trying to get everyone involved with the Facebook group first! I'm not making money on this (in fact I'm spending for now) so any support would be cool, and come on I know even though everyone is on their phone's nowadays, they still want to hear gear demos! (I'll remove the link if it's against the rules, but anyone can join just search "guitar gear demos" in facebook.
no offense, not going GFS. There is a reason they cost $30.

I like the BG pickups, heard a lot of good things about them. I'd like to spend at least $80 as I'm only getting a bridge pickup
So I have an 80s Aria Pro II Cardinal series guitar and i've been thinking about replacing the bridge humbucker with a humbucker sized p90. (no rerouting it)

any recommendations? It will be paired with a plexi type amp and I play stuff that sounds like this...not high high gain but lots of dirt.
delete: cool intro riff, good guitar tone, good everything tone really. definitely real catchy. sounds like a better white stripes. not something i'm super into but everything about it is pretty well done. song structures are good. can't really think of anything negative haha.
thanks so far guys. We'll probably get a vocalist but are mostly trying to tighten up first. Then bass down the road haha.

and tobythechimp says file not found? it won't let me view the full link ha
gain some love: the first two riffs aren't bad but don't sound like the same song in the slightest bit. also a bit too much delay/chorus/reverb whatever that is. The drum groove is good and the fills are interesting but like others have said they sound a bit cheesy. overall the mix of sounds is a nice idea but doesn't really sound right to me. try and make the keyboard blend in a little more even if it is doing a solo. I don't really like classic rock though so take that as it is.
Well I grew up in high school on this forum so I figured I would post my latest project.

It will probably eventually have vocals. think bear vs shark meets a bit of russian circles meets other kinds of post hardcore. i dont even know how to classify it really

any thoughts would be appreciated. I could give your band some constructive criticism as well.
Well I posted this in promote your band too but I would like to get some opinions from the regulars from this forum!

a lonngg time ago i used to post here haha.

anyways, instrumental 2-piece. choose one song or skim through all 3, and of course i'll return the favor
hey all, long time since I've been on here. thanks for the continued support!
basically I have a head and cab already but I'm trying to trade my head for a 2x10 combo, which is pretty much the same amp but I would be able to add 2 extra speakers. thats my story i guess haha.
^^ thanks....

^ true but Im thinking there must be a way to wire it so it won't, thats what I'm asking.
Can i use a 2x10 combo on top of my 4x12 with all 6 speakers wired? I assume yes but how would i go about doing that? My amp can safely run into 4, 8 or 16 ohms so there must be at least one way to wire it. I don't know the ohms of the 2x10 speakers but I think they would be 8, the 4 in the 4x12 are 16.
hey all, its been awhile, but my bands needs tour help 8/17 and 8/18 anywhere in Eastern PA/NJ/MD/NY/DE

check out the thread I posted if you think you can help

Hey all, I haven't posted here in ages. But Floyd, Alex hit me up and was able to help my band out with a tour date (which we appreciate a lot!)

So i know there are a few of you that post on here from Eastern PA, and a few from NJ I think. We basically have two more dates to book, 8/17 and 8/18. Anywhere in the Eastern PA/NJ/NY/MD/DE area, we play in VA on the 19th so really any of those places on both those dates would work.

we are totally down for house shows but gas money would be nice although we understand if it won't happen.

Anyway if any of you can help out at all I (we'd) really appreciate it. your best bet is to email

I'll try and check this thread as much as possible haha. Sorry if it is annoyingly bumped on occasion.
haven't posted here in awhile.

figured I would say preorders for the 7 inch EP are up
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The recorded version is immense.
Been a long time seen I've seen you pmeg568c. Good to see that you've been busy making some grand music brotha.

haha thanks man, I remember you. I can't say i'll be around to often but glad to see people are still going at it here!
yea nice edit. Obviously that is a terrible tab, it has many mistakes and is not even complete really.

I don't even know why this thread was bumped haha. so pointless. This isn't our best song obviously but its more than a lot of people that post in this forum accomplish.
geez well since you bumped a 2 year old thread I guess I have a chance to post this song again.

its on this EP
i haven't posted anything here in awhile. the other day i got the random idea to make a hip hop beat. so i sat down at my computer and 4 hours later this is what i came out with. i kind of like it. i threw some solos in for the hell of it but they are pretty lame.

yea i play guitar in matahari, im the main bass player for this band but matahari is first priority so josh fills in sometimes. he is a real bass player anyway haha

thanks guys!
new screamo band from MA. in the vein of on the might of princes/daitro, the softer side of screamo. check them out.

(i secretly play bass in this band)
my issue, anxietys...

met this girl through a friend, she was super flirty, he was cool with it, we hung out once with all our friends, flirted it up, we have been texting and stuff, hung out again at a random party and she was like texting the whole time and wasn't contributing to conversation much and then kept asking why i was so shy? (I am but jesus, a conversation is a two-sided endeavor)

I know this girl is bad news so im being a little masochistic here. I didn't want to date anyone, but im not the "hit it and quit it" kind of guy, so she told me she is into dating, and i said sure what the hell. (not in those words)

fast forward a few days, she texts me less, ignores like pretty important things i say, i ask her on a date and she doesn't give me a straight answer, its pretty obvious to me that she wants to make sure nothing "more fun" is going on.

Its annoying how she says she is wicked into serious relationships but i don't think she even knows the start of it. I've been in only serious relationships and i pour my heart and soul into them. From her actions (which i've learned to trust over words) I just don't think she is as into me as she thinks. I made jokes about like "i could text you all day thats how much i like texting and you" and she doesn't return my sentiments really. now its been like 24 hours and i haven't texted her and haven't heard from her since i end up initiating those things anyway.

im on the verge of just saying "**** it", everything points toward that direction. im just an idiot and have always been a hopeless romantic, and haven't had any female attention in over a year so im down to try things. but im not going to play the dating "games" i've never had to and if it stresses me out it isn't worth it.

I'm basically answering my own question, but any input or personal relations to this story would be appreciated.
since there are a few screamo lovers here i figured i would post my other band i play bass in.

we just recorded and have some rough mixes up

and if you haven't checked out my other band Matahari, do it
beautiful guitar, HNGD, but having EMGs in that thing is like having rims on a cheap honda civic
they are actually fervor p-90s, id love to sell em to ya haha. they don't really dirty up all that much though and are not potted. good for cleans but not what i play!
you might have an uneven fret or your guitar might need a set up. a fret level is relatively cheap but a simple set up may fix the problem.
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do you know which way to turn it? how long to let it settle for? even how much to turn it?

all this stuff is learn-able on the internet, i'd like to try...didn't mean to sound like it was easy, relax

actually i realize the original wording def sounded like i thought it was easy. sorry just got anxious hahah
well i got this a few weeks ago actually but just got some pictures up. a 1994 MIK epiphone les paul double cut special in tv yellow!

the crappy cell phone pics don't do it justice, finish is much more yellow and the rosewood on the neck is beautiful! i'll be replacing the p-90s, bridge position at least any recommendations? I want something like the 60s gibson p-90s. not smooth like the lollars and stuff.

im also gonna be setting it up in drop C... i know there is a guitar set up guide but i would like to try to do it myself. it currently has 10s but im gonna put some 11s on it and set it up. im hoping since the wood is older it might be more settled and not bend the neck up or down when i drop the tuning? my friend does good guitar set ups but i want to do it myself this time, i mean turning a truss rod can't be too hard can it
you should really only replace them unless entirely necessary, vintage filter caps are a part of a vintage amp's tone even if just a little. not to mention they are "sometimes" worth a pretty penny. i've heard horror stories of tech's replacing caps in peoples amps without telling them and selling the old ones for lots of money.
im looking for people's experiences. i've spent the pass 5 hours researching pickups. looks like lollars are great, the rio grandes and even the seymour duncan sp90-3 custom sounds good.
don't replace the filter caps, just get the solder points cleaned, the pots cleaned, switches replaced. you don't really need an effects loop...what kind of effects do you use?
i just picked up a 94 epiphone LP special double cut. the p90s in it are fervor pickups and they sound great but they don't have nearly enough output for me.

so i need reccomendations for a higher output p90 that isn't too hot but hotter than vintage.
I don't want to be "that guy" but my drummer used to live in california and he recently got back in touch with a girl friend of his who apparently is good friends with these dudes. she says they will apparently be getting a new vocalist and new name and continue to make music. not sure how true this is but im being hopeful it is.
thanks man! and bump!
this band is amazing
my band just got our masters...check it out crit 4 crit! for fans of converge, modern life is war, botch, cave in
EP is up on our myspace! 2 new songs!
Quote by Eurasian_C
My name is Chris Santoro and I'm a graphic design student from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I aspire to do graphic design in the music industry; though I'm more familiar with the metal and hardcore scene, I'm open to doing design for all different genres.

I'm looking to do print collateral for bands, including logos, CD artwork/layouts, and merchandise. I am skilled with Adobe Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, and InDesign CS4; in addition to that, I am also skilled in drawing, typography, and other illustrative means.

My goal is to work with the bands one on one in order to bring their concepts from initial thought to printed page/package. Through an interview detailing the project brief to an extensive yet fruitful design process, I will keep on the same page with each client by sending mockups of their projects until the final product is met. I am very friendly to work with and I will meet all deadlines.

In concerns to show bookers, I am more than happy to do your shows' posters, online flyers, etc.. I am also up to do page layout work such as zines for your local scene.

I understand that bands usually have financial issues upon the release of their albums, especially with paying for the cost of recording, mixing, and mastering; my goal in the long run is to expand my portfolio. I have most of my current work on my Flickr , so if you're interested, definitely get at me at:

Thanks so much for your time in reading, and I hope to work with you soon!

this dude is the man, i love him, he does great shit