Would anybody like a copy of Slain: back from hell. It's kind of like an old skool castlevania with a heavy metal soundtrack. I warn you though, it's a pretty hard game
If I have a game in my steam inventory that I can send as a gift, can I send it to somebody outside of Canada?
I'm pretty sure people who say it's like dark souls have only played for 2 hours. It's similar in some ways but I would never call it a "souls like" game. Speaking of dark souls, I was really hoping Nioh would be more like onimusha and less like dark souls. After playing the beta it's pretty much dark souls samurai

I agree the combat is actually quite similar. Even in the sense that if you just try to hack and slash you'll die fast
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i will when i finish ff xv

im surprised at how much ive heard people say its fun tbh the preview i saw eons ago looked like shit

I thought it would be shit since it's free to play. I'm surprised at not only how good it is, but the fact you really don't have to pay anything to enjoy the game. Spending money on death tokens (the games premium currency) is really only a time saver and good for some other perks. You can also get death tokens in game. So far (and I've played a lot) it's not pay to win at all. And by time saver I mean "you died. want to revive instantly with all your stuff? one death token. No? You have get back here by yourself"
You should for sure try it again. Not sure how much you've played but I found it takes a bit to really get into it. The game seems to open up a lot more after a bit of progress up the tower.

And that sucks it's not out in Finland. I tried searching for a release date but I found very little info
Really? I think it's currently only in USA, Canada and Switzerland for some reason. It will come eventually though. I have no idea why it's not out everywhere
Has anyone been playing Let it die? I've been playing it a lot and I'm quite surprised how good it is for being free to play
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im hungry and have to leave to house to get something to eat but the miku figure requires a signature so i cant actually leave yet

this is torture

Order a pizza?

Deus Ex is really damn good. I kinda want to go back and play HR before I continue since it's been a few years. It's just MD is the type of game you have to keep playing or you'll forget everything (especially the controls holy shit)
how do you get more seeds? I've only got one from the tree and more won't respawn. Undead rapport might also work
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Just realised I won't be able to start Blood and Wine for a while because I started a new playthrough ages ago and I'm only level 3.

You actually might be able to. I've heard they give you a level 30 something pre set character for people who want to play but are not a high level. So yeah, you might not have all the stats you want, but you can play it
For anybody who has finished Dark Souls 3 could you tell me how far into the game I'm in? I'm at

I just beat that poiniff guy. The really fast dude with 2 swords who clones himself. Still have a lot of game left? I play pretty slow as well. Took me 27 hours to get to this point
I'm looking for a FPS game to play on PC. Was thinking about getting CS:GO but I have very little experience playing CS and I'm worried I would just get destroyed and bitched out. Does anybody have any suggestions? Should probably mention I'm not a fan of battlefield
Yeah, I guess. But still, at the end of the day it's something you can do that not many people can do. All those years of practice to be able to play as good as you do is not something many people will dedicate their time to. And I still think it's something girls would find cool. If you are good at it, then people will usually notice the skill and admire it.
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Feel like in a bit of a slump with gaming right now.

Played a bit of Dark Souls 2 earlier but I didn't get far because I think it feels a bit shit to play and I'm not sure why. Maybe it just isn't as weighty and I've got a suspicion that the camera is closer. Played a bit of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood too, which is a cracking game but I just don't feel like playing it for any significant length of time.

Might try Everybody's Gone to the Rapture because I had a good streak of games that were just non-threatening for a while. Or I might finally jump into Rocket League.

You might like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. I would wait until it's on sale though since it's very short and not really any replay value. Still, it's a great game to play through once (if you like that rapture type game) Rocket League is a lot of fun. Really easy to play for an hour and not even notice
Shit, it looks like a gameboy color game. I'm not really into graphics but damn. Sad to hear the combat sucks. Honestly I'm surprised they even released earthbound on the VC. They seem to like releasing ocarina of time 4 times a year
What do you guys think of Undertale? Is it pretty much "if you like Earthbound it's good" Thinking of getting it
For some reason I can't find a good pizza anywhere. I'm really sick of Pizza Hut and Dominos so I've tried some other places people suggested and still can't find anything. I'm finding all fast food to be nasty these days
That's his name? Or the name he gave himself?

I honestly thought it was the name of a band
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Rocket League is pretty popular atm.
I don't think anyone here plays it but yeah.

Terraria had a big update recently if you enjoy that mining/crafting/building/exploring/fighting kind of game in a 2D setting.

Idk it's hard to rec something when the request is as non-specific as "any Steam game"

Thanks. And I know. Silly of me.

I think I'll get Axiom verge, cave story and hotline miami 2. Also checking out Terraria but once it goes on sale. I played it a bit and found it hard to get into for some reason. I've played rocket league and got bored pretty quick even though I can see it being as addictive as mario kart
I just might. I quite enjoy getting attacked by that cat lady
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get d4

I've played that many times. Love Swery

Cave story seems like a game I would like. Thanks, I'll probably get it
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you really asking for literally anything that is available on steam? not wanna narrow it down? because that's a huge pool to choose from

i recommend go go nippon

Well...I mean (I'm really hung over)

I just meant anything that a lot of people are enjoying. I'm not really a PC gaming person so I just really don't have much clue
hows axiom verge? Any other good games on Steam any of you would recommend? hotline Miami 2?
For all of you who have a PS4, how loud is yours? Mines quite loud while playing bloodborne. It's actually the loudest system I've ever had. I've been doing some research and it seems like it's just a loud system

EDIT: Talking about the fan. That thing just revs up as soon as I start a game
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I think the only exclusives the Xbone really has are Sunset Overdrive and the Halo collection. Neither of them look like they're worth playing.

It also has Forza and Forza horizon 2. FH2 is actually really fun. Dead Rising 3 is great if you like that kinda thing and killer instinct is pretty solid.
Something I dislike is that the xbox one doesn't seem to get certain indie titles. Hotline Miami 2, shovel knight, rogue warrior, binding of isaac although I guess you can get all those on PC/Mac

Also, Bloodborne is probably the best game I've played in awhile. I mean, I thought it would be good going into it, but it's actually better then I thought. It's really blowing me away.
Anybody play Ziggurat? It's a lot like a first person binding of isaac and a bit like Gauntlet. Really having fun with it
Decided to play some Killer Instinct and I need to update the game...17 gigs. And I thought Gran Turismo was bad
The borderlands 2 port for mac is...not that great. For one thing, it looks pretty bad even once I up the settings to high and the shooting is REALLY difficult. I have my mouse set for double click mode, but if I right click to aim down the sites the left click won't actually fire the gun so I set the fire button to F. Guess I'll just wait for the remaster or whatever on the xbox one.

Going to mess around with it a bit more and see if I can get it working decently. I'm pretty bad with computers.

EDIT: I should say I bought the original borderlands off the app store and that looks fantastic even though it still has the control issues. I could use a controller but FPS on PC with a controller seems...not right I guess
Anybody adept with iTunes?

I've had an iTunes account for years. Recently I've been organizing my music by removing some and going into the "purchased" section to re-download some old albums. The problem is, is that it says some of these albums that I've bought are not purchased...WTF? I mean, I can unhide an album and it will show up in my iTunes music and I can play it and all, but why does it say it's $9.99 on the store when I bought it 2 years ago? I guess it's not really a problem since I can still play all the music I've bought, I'm just curious as to wtf this is since I buy my music legally
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i like it
i like that they werent scared to be brutal

too much soccer moms lately

I agree and that's why I enjoyed the original game but with the DLC I just think they went brutal just to be brutal. feels more forced to me but that's just my feelings about it
well, that's pretty much the start of the game so quite a lot :P took me about 4-5 hours to complete. I'm working on the whistleblower DLC at the moment and I'm taking a break from that shit. You should continue, though. It's a pretty good game and has some "interesting" things in store for you
Alright, the DLC for outlast is a bit too brutal...seriously. Been playing it for awhile and it has some of the most messed up and violent shit I've ever seen in a game. Figures it's almost all sexual stuff...geez
Outlast was quite a brutal game. Probably one of the better horror games I've played in awhile. I personally didn't find it all that scary, but it was quite enjoyable (and brutal)

I think what I like about it, is the fact that it doesn't seem like a totally impossible situation to be /survive in. I mean, it's unlikely, but maybe it could happen. Of course if I was ever in that situation I would be dead right away.
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So I've been up all night, what you guys playing and what should I be looking at?

Do you have an Xbox one by chance? If so, I'm sure you've played Dark dream don't die (D4). It's also free currently. From the same people that made Deadly Premonition. It's amazing
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In intense games my graphics card can get up to 75C, my CPU around 70C, and that is in a well ventilated case with rather large case fans and large aftermarket fans on the CPU. So I would expect a small monitor to get really really hot.

Then I'll just play games like the binding of issac and other non demanding games. Thing is, this mac can actually handle quite a bit of games. any game I've tried has worked even on max settings. bioshock, borderlands, deus ex human revolution, half life 2 left for dead 2. I realize these are not super insane looking games but still. The mouse is really shit for FPS games though. pretty much have to use a controller
papers please is a cool game I think. I mean, it does kinda of feel like working, but it's just such a grim game. Also, It makes me think and pay attention which I kind of like. The sound when I **** up and get a citation actually makes me not want to play though

And bread simulator? Why is this kinda shit so popular?

Seriously question - how hot is your computer suppose to get while playing games? All I have is a monitor and no tower. it's also really thin and kinda blows my mind (it's also a mac) but when playing a game like deus ex HR it gets quite hot which makes me nervous.
Does anybody else find the vita really uncomfortable? I played the binding of issac Monday night for 45 - 60 mins and the next day my wrist is pretty sore. Still is. Feels like I just went bowling for the first time in years and bowled with 15 pound bowling balls
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I got it.

It's the Last of Us, but prettier and with a super hard difficulty mode that I totally didn't completely chicken out of. Would recommend.

Well, I'm shipping my PS4 out again today since it STILL DOESNT WORK. I've kind of been put off the whole thing and decided I'm going to trade it in once I get it back working. Going to go with the xbox one. Thing is, my PS4 came with a last of us code and I can't exactly trade that in. Basically, I'm saying if somebody really wants the game and they are kinda skint (oooo. Canadian using the English lingo) I could give somebody the code. Not sure if it works outside of Canada

EDIT: Yeah, it says it's only for legal Canadian residents. Don't see why
Anybody have the last of us for PS4? or thinking of getting it? It looks pretty nice
My favourite prompt or QTE is this. Nothing will ever beat it