I was listening to this in the car today. Good album.
Behringer BDI21.

It's always on. I couldn't go without it.
100% stoked to hear the album.
Blah blah blah she left meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*Is downloading*
Anyone here know of a good batch WMA/Mp3 converter? Half of my library is WMA and subsequently my Android phone doesn't recognise the tags. Very annoying.
Pre-ordering the LP on pay-day next week.

And I have tickets for the gig at the Royal Albert Hall.

Downloading the Painful Splits now, cannot wait. I can't seem to get Say Anything out of my head(phones) at the moment.
I've missed this man. So damn much.

I need more.
It's like Owen with more balls.

I like it.
Those two songs sound cool. Looking forward to hearing them properly.
Tonight I've spent about two hours converting Midi files of my favourite songs into 8-bit versions of their former selves.

My name is Dave, and I'm an alcoholic

I mean nerd.
Electric Feel by MGMT is pretty schweet when converted.
Click me.

I think I just came. This came out so goddamn well.
Any way to export the resulting Nintendocore tracks as Mp3 from the software?

EDIT: No matter. Solved. Epic.
I'm considering dual-booting my XP netbook with a Linux distro, because the warranty has expired and I feel the need to fuck around with it. It's running the standard 1.6 Atom, and I've upgraded it to 2GB of DDR2, but I'm still mildly concerned that burdening the system with 2 OS's would bring it to a stand-still.

So folks, dual-boot, yay, or nay?
I've just started re-forming my old Dark Angels. I sold them all to buy my Fender a few years back, but I recently picked up a battleforce, and a couple of peripheral squads and started painting. They're looking pretty dope, pictures will follow.
Not bad. Not the sort of thing I listen to these days, but they're pretty tight by the sound of things. Go for it man.
They're very good live, I saw them on the last tour, and I've got tickets for the Birmingham show in June.
American Slang is a pretty solid record, felt a little formulaic compared to The 59 Sound, like there isn't quite the same soul in it as before, I don't know, I'll listen more before I come to a real verdict.
Is this the same Jay that recorded VS? I like it anyway. Reminds me of Poison the Well
Agreed. New Again as an album was pretty average, but Sink into Me, and Everything Must Go are two of the best songs they've released in years.
Wait, there's a new record? Bleh. Officially off the beat. I'm listening to All We Know... for the first time in about three years. Right now.
Samick used to make pretty solid gear so $120 is a steal.
^ Word.

I drink a lot of Coffee. In my cupboard today I have...six mini-boxes of Whittard's beans, a jar of Nescafé Gold Blend, a bag of ground for my Cafetiere, and a few Nescafé pods for the machine my parents passed on last year.

Straylight pretty much died when Michelle left. They're on 'hiatus' at the moment anyway.
This can't possibly end the way we all want it to...

Is it me or does John look like he's been 'shopped in on the photo on the site?

Edit: and for the record, the Bio is still identical, citing Rubano/Fazzi rather than Cooper/Nolan.
I'm not running anything obscure...Steam, Skype, Chrome, Spybot S&D, AVG...the usual stuff really, I can't imagine any of those conflicting with it?

EDIT: It's not likely to be Catalyst conflicting with it is it? Just a thought
Hello computer thread, bit of a problem, mainly superficial but annoying nonetheless.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium, but for whatever reason, Aero absolutely does NOT want to work. Below is a screencap of my WEI score, I know for a fact that my hardware should be running it with ease.

Now, I've tried the Aero troubleshooter countless times to no avail. I installed the most recent driver for my GFX card, and all of the Aero features magically appeared and worked beautifully...until I shut down my computer - as soon as I restarted it was gone.

I've also tried the registry hack that's floating around, and changing my settings 'for the best appearance'. If it makes any difference, I'm connected to my display over HDMI, and I'm displaying at 1080p.

Any ideas? How the hell do I make Aero work?
Loving it already. Can't wait for the record to drop.
I think people are giving this album a bit of a hard time by comparing it to the Weezer of yesteryear. It's really a significant improvement on anything they've released for almost ten years, and for me that makes it more than worthy of a listen. Agreed, it's no Pinkerton, but have Green Day ever put out a new Dookie? Jimmy Eat World a new Clarity? Taking Back Sunday a new Tell All Your Friends? You see what I'm getting at...I hope.
Wow, resounding no about Raditude then? I agree it's not really appropriate considering how old these guys are, but equally, it's quintessential Weezer. I made sure I wasn't listening thinking "Damn...these guys are 40 now" because that would ruin it. For me it was the same Weezer that recorded Pinkerton and Blue. They're probably never going to grow up.
I'm back! Miss me? I'm sorry it's been so long, I've been a busy little soldier recently. Anyway, to business.

Weezer - Raditude (2009)

So it's pretty safe to say that for the past few years, Weezer have been well off their beat. After putting out a couple of pretty boring, unimaginative records, and Rivers playing the 'mystic' on musical hiatus I'd given up on Weezer putting out another decent record any time in the near future.

I was oh so very wrong.

Raditude, released just this month is the best Pop-Punk record I've heard for a long long time. Back to their brilliantly satirical ways, Weezer open up with a real barnstormer: (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To is in no uncertain terms, catchy as hell, and it sets a real standard for the rest of the album. The hilarious I'm Your Daddy is pop-punk by the book, with Cuomo spinning a tongue-in-cheek tale of a verile young man's pursuit of his dream girl. A twisted lament over thick guitars and a tasty synth line, this is one of the standout songs on the record. The fourth track Can't Stop Partying is an ironic tribute to the 'gangster' club scene, and features a surprise vocal appearance from Lil' Wayne. Oh, and that tasty synth is back again.

Mid-way through the album Cuomo indulges his Avant-Garde side, with Love Is The Answer featuring backing from a sitar, and a pair of traditional Indian vocalists. Despite this minor digression, we're soon back to basics with Let It All Hang Out blazing a trail towards the record's penultimate tracks.

In my opinion the album closes as strongly as it opened, maybe I'm just blinded by the reocurrance of that beautiful synth sound, but the much more mellow and moody sound of I Don't Want To Let You Go feels like a really fitting climax to an excellent record.

To be honest, there's very little to say about Raditude, aside from the fact it's straight-up Pop-Punk, straight-up Weezer, and bloody brilliant. Full of hooks and singalongs, this one left me smiling for hours after listening. Pick it up. It's well worth it.
Sweet times, it's on the download now. I'm looking forward to it already.
That would be nice of you. Soulseek is slower than you'd think...
Downloading. It's on soulseek folks.


Music's nothing much to shout about, but it's pretty cool. I can hear quite a bit of STD in there...
I just picked up the latest Rock Sound with a double page spread with Gaslight in there, haven't read it yet, but it looks like it could be a good'n.

That video on The Sun is fucking phenomenal.
Quote by element4433
That's how it is on the vinyl. Head Club then Sal.

Gotta love that coloured vinyl

New Again is getting a lot of circulation in my room at the moment.