Hey guys!

We're doing a 45 minute set at The Sidewalk Cafe in NYC on Sept. 4 with Dandy Lions. If anyone's in the neighborhood, check us out!
Hey! We finally got some decent demos up for our songs "So Max..." and "Salad". Check them out here and let us know what you think!

Band Name: Kaiser Soze
Style: Alt. Rock/Pop-Punk
Influences: Coheed and Cambria, Weezer, Say Anything
Colors: Granting artistic liscense here

Hey guys, if you could come up with a logo for us, that'd be great. We don't really have anything in mind as far as what it should look like, so just do what you think would look good. Thanks in advance!
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This is hilarious but the instruments are too loud when they're singing. Struggle to make out the words

Agreed, but you can get the soundtrack online. It's free and the mix is decent.
So classic. I even ripped it and put it on a DVD so I could enjoy it with friends.

Also, the cast was consistently hilarious, aside from the girl who played Bellatrix (her screaming was annoying).

Moonshoes Potter!

That is all.
Ok guys, tomorrow's the last day of voting, and we're seriously behind!

I know that you guys can pull through for them, so please keep voting!
Thanks for all the support guys! We took a 10,000 vote lead on monday, but we're falling behind and now we're about 15,000 votes behind Marlborough, so we really need your help! If we win, I'll post vids asap.

Keep voting guys!
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No automated voting scripts were used.

Of course not. That would be highly immoral...

Seriously, you guys have been a huge help and we all really appreciate it. Thanks and keep voting!
Yay! I love you guys!

We've almost caught up with Marlborough! Thanks for the support!

To whoever hasn't voted, or wants to vote more, use this link:

Proxies for the immense win.
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Thanks guys! Keep it going!
Hey guys,

The chamber chorus from my school is competing with several other schools to sing with Foreigner in concert. They're absolutely fantastic singers and I believe they deserve some recognition.

So, if you guys would visit this website and vote for Groton - Dunstable Regional High School and help us win, that'd be awesome.

Remember, you can vote multiple times, so if you're feeling particularly generous/passionate about it, keep voting!

Here's a video of them singing Eric Whitacre's "With A Lily in Your Hand", if you need more incentive to vote -

Thanks guys!!
Hey people,

Turns out we got a show at the Worcester Palladium for May 15, so if you're in town, check us out! It's an all day festival/battle called "ExposureFest".
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Also, this only works with humour.
You would be funny if you did parodies.

Again, we've taken the name into consideration. The people that go to our shows and listen to our music like it, so until that changes, the name won't. If you have anything to say about our actual music, that would be more than welcome
Hey guys!

We're looking into playing this festival of sorts called "Exposure Fest". However, we need lots of good ratings to get it, so if you could click on the link below and give us a 5 star rating, we'd love you forever! Thanks!
With the two year anniversary of my father's death approaching, I can empathize with your loss, especially the sudden nature of it. Not that losing someone is ever easy, but it's harder to cope when you never saw it coming. My only advice is to feel whatever you're feeling, and talk about it and be with people you care about. Bottling things up never helps, and just talking is the best therapy in my opinion. Good luck in dealing with this, and my condolences.
^ Princess Mononoke is a classic
Zombie Prom

A 2006 short film based on the John Dempsey off-broadway musical. A hilarious and enjoyable jab at 50's pop-culture with some killer tunes. It's about high school rebel Jonny's attempts to win back his girl as a cosmic singing nuclear zombie after leaping into a nuclear waste plant after she broke up with him. Cheesy, but that's the point. For me, it's up there with Rocky Horror Picture Show. Besides RuPaul, the cast is mostly composed of unknowns, which is refreshing. It's on teh interwebz, and it's only about half an hour long, so go watch it.


Go on, guess. Don't feel bad about my superior paint skills
*uses revive*

If there is a better thread for this, direct me to it. I'm going to be reviewing Foxy Shazam's latest for a website I write for ( and I need a leak of their new album so I can start working on my review. Does anyone have it?
Band: Allariz - Maceda
Album: Some Things Out Loud
Single: And Cheat

It depends. I like Paramore, Weezer, and older Fall Out Boy. I like Muse too, but it's wierd calling them mainstream because they really aren't yet in the U.S.
I have acne and I find my singing voice to be pretty embarrassing. Plus, I'm rather short. Luckily, my girlfriend is even shorter than me, so that doesn't bother me so much anymore. Also, I have a lot of trouble talking to or even looking at people who I don't know so well, because I tend to think that they are judging me.

One that's come up more recently is that I tend to write songs from a personal perspective, usually things that have a lot of significance to me. Sometimes I'll show them to my band or other people and they'll joke about it. I know they're kidding, but I have to try really hard now to allow myself to really express myself honestly in songs. Sort of like what happened to Rivers Cuomo after just about everyone who heard Pinkerton shut it down, except on a less global scale. haha
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Seconded. Coheed fans love nothing more than telling other people how much they love Coheed. And Claudio's hair.

Don't even get me started on his hair Seriously though, he just cut it, and it looks very Second Stage. I'm a fan. haha
Coheed and Cambria. It's not even ****ing close. I love everything they've done. I'll be seeing them for the fourth time in May
Why would they bother me? I don't go see the ones that suck. There is actually a fair degree of musical diversity in my town, which is curious considering the lack of ethnic diversity. It's pretty easy to find bands that cater to your tastes around here.
I don't wanna be "that guy", but can I also get that PM? XD

For your troubles

So our drummer made the myspace a little prettier. Check out the new layout and pictures and things, and check out our songs!

Oh, and if you want to own the demos, we'll get those to you for free
So we finally got some demos up, including our originals "That's Just Like The Matrix" and "I Need a Pep Talk!" Check them out and let me know what you think
My favorites always end up in these threads Coheed and Cambria are my all time favorite band, Brand New isn't far behind, and I like Billy Talent, Protest the Hero, Anthony Keidis, and anything Anthony Green does. Go figure.

As far as vocalists I can't stand, I doubt I'd like Dream Theater very much anyway, but Labrie absolutely destroys any possibility of that.

I respect Pantera a lot, and I usually like them, but for whatever reason, I haven't been able to listen to them lately. All I hear is "YESTERDAY DON'T MEAN SHITTT!" and it makes me want to punch a baby. And not in a good way either

I had extreme difficulty with Jane's Addiction. I just could not stand Perry Farrell's voice. But, my girlfriend of the last 2 years is well... addicted. So, she slowly exposed me to them. By the time they came around on the NIN/JA tour, I was used to it.
Justin Pierre

Claudio Sanchez and Rivers have already been posted, so I'll refrain.
I would hope not, because my brother (who is 13) went to see The Devil Wears Prada there a couple of weeks ago. And I'll be at the show, it's their first headlining tour in 2 years
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i still think a7x, mock me all you want

I might agree with you if it weren't for two factors:

1. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet came out in 1999

2. Coheed and ****ing Cambria.
Voted and commented. You guys sound good, I hope you get the spot!
I'm wondering exactly how legitimate this break-up is to be honest. They still haven't made an official statement, so who knows.

As far as my opinion of the band goes, I think they have the immense talent of writing consistently catchy songs. I'm not as much a fan of their newer material (post FUTCT), but it's still good. I would definitely agree that they get way too much shit, and that the stylistic changes they've made have been for the best. However, nothing beats TTTYG or Evening Out when I'm feeling angsty
I got to second for the first time while wearing a dress. I don't know how, but it worked, and god damnit, I'd do it again.
My brother was born that year, but I was 3 so I don't remember much of it aside from random flashes of memories from the hospital.

I also like to think that I recall hearing Weezer's El Scorcho on the radio, but that is probably bullshit, unfortunately. haha
And then...

Lisa Marie Scott

Krista Kelly

Kelly Brook

My contribution for today...

Corrie Loftin

Josie Maran

Lauren Hill