im using 0.9 Dean Markley on les paul standard and i made a mistake, cuz i should've bought 0.10 or even 0.11.
im covering blink, nofx, screeching weasels, rancid and offspring with my band.
they are easy to bend, and sweet to play with.
we covered dammit from blink and it didnt sound quite as good as with mine o.11 d'addario strings.
so 0.10 or 0.11 is my recomandation.

and as for the blink 182...
i have wide musical choice, from the doors to nirvana and so on...
i like to hear good and melodical music, and blink are good band.
they were punk rock till the dude ranch album, after that they started experementing too much, while trying to evolve from that teen punk rock sound (and thats when i lost interest in them).
but they are very good band never the less.

thanks for review, means a lot...
spelling mistakes were made due to no sleep at all... =)
i didn't like it either but wanted to see what others think...
Small song i wrote. Be harsh.

Tired from the morning,
Tired from the night,
Can’t push smile for others,
But that could be allright.

Got this cold girl beside me,
Oh, she just can’t be reached,
Try to love the unlovable,
Try to kiss what can’t be kissed.

Oh, that girl will kill me,
As soon as I cross her door.
She was on my bed, a twisted siluete.
Begging me for some more.
very very good writing.
it gave me chills.
last time i had that feeling was when reading jim morrison's wilderness...
keep up the good work.