so i kinda dig the duncan Nazguls, but they drive my amp crazy with their honk, the rockmaster pre i own is way too honky on its own already. I wonder is there any pickup with the output and tightness (they dont even have to be as tight really) that can really drive an amp but without the harsh mid EQ that gives that scratchy tubescreamer pick attack? Im probably thinking some fairly neutral, slightly high mid/mid scooped pickup with good clarity and definition (high output is a plus, the nazguls are 13.6, i think thats an ok max output).

Got a SD Nazgul bridge pickup, looked into the back of my guitar (Hamer Explorer Standard) and to me, none of the wiring makes any sense? There seems to be way too few wires connecting the pots? I can't wrap my head around how this thing is soldered and where i should solder the 5 wires from my new bridge pickup...? Note i am only replacing the bridge pickup.

The guitar internals (from L to R, output socket, tone knob, bridge vol, neck vol):

The volume pot i'm supposed to solder the new pickup to (the rough thick wire is from the old pickup i havent disconnected it yet):

The wires from the new pickup i'm supposed to solder

A wiring diagram from Seymour duncan:


EDIT: Well i think i kinda got it, thank god for seymour duncans tutorial. the vintage style wiring on the old pickup was tripping me up
Thanks alot dude. Yeah it felt very solid, maybe the frets threw me off abit. Youre right bout the duncan designed part. Guess i wont know the pup models til i take em out and look at the back of them. Crossing fingers it'll sound dope with a set of black winters in it.
EDIT. the reason it sounded hollow was prolly cus it has PAF pickups, not a fan
Last thread on this was 6 years ago so thought i'd give it a shot.
Found a used Hamer Standard Korina Explorer, probably MIK for 260$. Anyone played one, how do they sound/feel?
My worries was the one i tried felt a bit cheap playability wise, strings felt way too loose and the frets were tiny to me, idk feel is a hard thing to explain, it just felt of lesser quality (which surprised me, it being a korean one after all). Also the sound was oddly hollow playing through the tiny tube amp in the shop, maybe it's the amp's fault, in any case that worries me a bit since they said the pups had been upgraded to duncans (maybe theyre just duncan designed but why would you do that?). Anyways, anyone have any additional experiences with this model? Should i be worried it might be a bit of a dud? Would be a shame since its a great deal for a MIK explorer.
Figured it out, turns out I had transport unchecked, heh.
Sure, but it'll sound like ass. Drums won't sound good in mono, atleast get two mics, preferably condensers. Just save yourself the trouble and use some drum software instead.
What do you mean? Raise the volume on your computer or your speakers? Put the input volume up until it's just about to clip, then lower it a bit. Surely your POD can do this. Haven't tried recording with a POD in reaper though.
Alright, so this is really pissing me off. How do I get the play and stop icons visible in Reaper? For some reason they've dissapeared and I can't find any way of getting them back. I've tried googling it but I have no idea what to search for, and I've clicked on everything in the view window, no luck. jesus christ. Anyone know how to get it back? Thanks.
You guys sure it's just a piccolo? 'Cause I got a piccolo tuned as high as possible, and it still doesn't sound like this 0__o Maybe 'cause it's a shit starter-pack snare...Anyways, so you think I could achieve a similar snare sound with just a, say, 13x3.5 steel piccolo (and removing the snares, obviously)?
Simple question: Which snare for this sound?
I sure as hell could never tune my snare up that high, there's gotta be something special about it.
Simple question: Which snare for this sound?
I sure as hell could never tune my snare up that high, there's gotta be something special about it.
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Mayhem is still together?

Have they ever even broken up?

Anyways, nice, but fairly standard black metal. Nice song writing, digging the eerie vibes at times. Although I have to say the snare is a bit butchered (over-compressed) on the 5-track album, kinda bugs me. The snare might be a bit too loud in general for my taste too.
Still, I can't help but feel that something is missing, some synth melodies or atmospheric chords would really help to tie it all together and give it some needed extra atmosphere, imo. Especially during the slower parts.
Oh wait, never mind. Guess I dragged the bar in the playlist too far down, so it disappeared out of my sight. Lol. Still pretty confusing though, no idea how that happened.
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F5 or F6 or F7 if I remeber off top of head...its not fruity loops anymore...fruity loops sucked...they redid it an FL Studio is actually very good...

No, that's not what I meant. I do know how to access the playlist, how on earth would I else even be having this problem? I can still get the playlist panel up, but the small part where you physically arrange the patterns is gone.
Alright, so I pressed a button while in playlist mode in fruity loops, and now the bar where you arrange the song structure, where you put all the parts is gone. Tried clicking on everything, pressing every button on the keyboard, ticking everything at the toolbar, but nope. Jesus Christ. Know this is something ridiculously easy but cant figure it out. How do I get it back? Sometimes i really hate fruity loops and its hot key bullshit...Thanks.
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Have you tried pulling back your beater angle, thus raising the foot plate? And what pedals do you have? 'Cause it might just be the pedals.

I've tried that, but it just made it impossible to play, way too much effort to even get the beater to the BD head. I dunno. I've got Pearl Eliminators. Might also be that the bass drum is shit, it's from some millennium starter-kit type thingy. Would wanna try changing the springs and see if it's that, they do seem kinda loose. How would I go about removing the springs? There's just no room to get them out...
Quote by BlitzkriegAir
you may need to tighten your bass drum skins, it may not be the pedals fault

Thought about that too, however i have tried tightening it. Didn't help. I mean really, it made absolutely NO difference at all. Right now I have the bass drum almost as tight as it can go, and the springs as tight as they can go too. Still nowhere near the rebound ive experienced with other kits.
Just wondering why my double pedals feel super loose, all my friends' drum kits are so easy and effortless to play double bass on, however I have absolutely no rebound. I've tried tightening (at least thats what I think I did, dont really know how this shit works), and loosening them, but honestly, i cant notice any difference. What could be wrong? Also, how do I remove the springs? Tried to replace them, but I just cant get them off. Incredibly frustrating. The pedals in question are Pearl Eliminators btw, and they've been like this for as long as ive had them. Got them used from my band's drummer.
Thanks, etc.
The cool double bass part in Becoming by Pantera. Try it!
Looks cheap, wouldnt buy an entry level guitar with a tremolo. More hassle than it's worth, i'd bet. Chrome hardware = indicator of cheapness. Get something decent used instead.
Is the stock one 250K or 500K? Not sure, and there's no info on the net (or I didnt search hard enough). Anyways, if someone knows, hit me up.
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there are models without these, i agree with you about the pickguard though it cheapens the guitar for me.

which model are you looking at as you could also look into an ESP SV, same shape rear route.

edit: high end look at a jackson RR24, low budget RX10D both are pickguard free

I'm looking at the the new X-series RR, especially the green one, jizz-tastic!
I hate the look of the ESP RR models, everyone and their mother around here has one. Bunch of alexi laihio-wannabes, lol. Anyways if it the RRs are top routed, then that sucks. King V or RR24 it is, then.
Quote by W4RP1G
I think the pickguard is aesthetic, but I think the arrow stop piece acts as the string ferrules. So if you remove it, the strings will dig into the wood. You could add some ferrules though.

This is all speculation, I've never tried anything like that.

I don't think you actually NEED ferrules though, but I could be wrong.
Is it possible to remove the arrow shaped stop-tail piece or whatever it's called? Also is it possible to remove the pickguard? I just think they make the guitar look a bit ridiculous, and if I were to buy one I'd remove both. this possible?
I listen to a lot of progressive death like Gorguts, Martyr, Death etc. However I have to say that this sounds WAY too random. It doesn't sound evil at all almost, neither does it sound random in a jazzy or twisted way. I bet it sounds better in real life, I just don't like the riffs at all here. Gorguts still sounds coherent in an odd way, this is just like random notes picked up that are still somewhat playable. I'd still like to hear it recorded but it doesn't sound that good in guitar pro tbh. The drums could really do with some more variation also, it's basically just hitting the snare on every beat during the entire song.
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If you have a PC, use the event viewer to see if anything conflicts with the "programs" section. You'll have to google where it is; I have mine on the desktop.
You try disabling antivirus etc etc?

Also, contact the support.
Unless you're being naughty and using naughty files.

Trials aren't naughty
Guess I'll try to do that then. Although I HATE contacting support in general...oh well.
Pretty much what the thread title says. I'm unable to install any version of Adobe's Photoshop, every installer I've tried gives me an error in a matter of seconds/minutes. It's really frustrating since it doesn't even specify what's wrong, it basically just says "An error occurred while trying to install. Try to install it once or or contact (blah..blah)". I've cleaned my system of any older versions of Photoshop (I used to have CS3, but tried to get rid of it since I thought having it installed was the reason why I couldn't install any other versions), but to no avail. I still get the same error. Anyone know what to do here? Some help would be appreciated. I'm mainly trying to install the trial for CS5, the extended version, but the extended CS4 might work as well.
Why would it complicate string changing? Just change them like you've always done before...
8 string guitar (Agile) tuned down 1½ steps to E. Or maybe not, but it would be an interesting idea.
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Cannibal Corpse
Children of Bodom

They aren't all terrible, but none of them are good.

Really? You think all of those bands have bad tone? CC's dirty tone is perfect for their style, and I love Rammstein's heavy "chugga chugga" tone. Metallica's tone when they were good was awesome too, Mesa Boogie FTW!
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my penis/my vagina
Sit in a circle. Guys have to say "My penis....." and girls have to say "My vagina....". You go around in a circle and start at the beginning of the alphabet. Example: "My vagina/penis is awesome", next person "My vagina/penis is angry"...... The words have to relate (in some way) to vaginas/penises. When someone can't think of a word or repeats a word, then they have to drink and then it starts at the next letter.

That sounds awful.
Real men play the Pokémon drinking game. Google it if you don't know about it. Also another fun and simple one is to drink whenever some character says something particular (that's kind of what the Pokémon drinking game is anyways) in a movie/TV show or whatever.
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Put on the movie Blazing Saddles, and drink every time you hear someone say nigger. First one to pass out loses.

Allright, guess I'll have to do that then. Figured this would happen sometime, since I've had it for over 5 years now.
Mods: lock 'em up.
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TS their is nothing you can do your life is over!!!!! you have to stop living the life you have right now, Buy a plane ticket to outer Mongolia and start living the rest of your days out as a Mongolian goat/horse herder on the cold,frozen,lonely,barren steppes of central Asia.

It's "there", not "their". Christ, people, it's not that hard.
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Your first problem is you use a PS3.
PS3 has no games.
Go buy an xbox.


Herp derp.

Well screw it, is there a way to import your contacts from a lost email account? I had tons of contacts linked to that email address, and getting them back on a new mail address would be a real pain...I'm probably not going to get any replies, but whatever...if someone knows something, go ahead.
Quote by laid-to-waste
when you sign up to make an account, they ask for a secondary email to send a verification code to. when you signed up you probably just put a random email there.

That's possible, yeah, but I have no idea why I did that. I created the account at least 4 years ago...Unfortunately, it seems like I'm fucked then and have no way of retrieving my account. Or am I wrong? I would try to create the email account they're asking for, but certain characters I need aren't allowed -__-
I'm pretty sure someone is using my windows live account to send spam or something like that. I've had this problem before, but now my account has been blocked. The problem is, that when I try to get my verification code, they suggest an email address which doesn't exist! I can't even change the email address to which they should send the verification code. I am at a complete loss here, what should I do?
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This is halirious

So is your spelling.
I can't help but getting a feeling that this is biased. I could bet my left testicle that doesn't go on in most farms out there. Still, it's pretty gruesome stuff, obviously.

EDIT: Damn beat to it...
That was extremely kvlt, grim, necro and frostbitten. Me like, but you should pan the guitars more/double track the riffs, cause it sounds pretty mono now. Also, I would not use EZdrummer for black metal (or anything at all, for that matter). I recommend Superior Drummer instead, or just use EZdrummer for the cymbals and separate samples for the kick & snare, using something like Battery by Native Instruments or Drumagog to trigger them. There's some good samples over at's forum.