Fast food, especially McDonald's and Wendy's
This is easily the stupidest idea I've read all year here. I can't even take it seriously.
Would love to be part of a server that's more serious than the other free for all ones with greifers everywhere. So, invite please?
Next time don't stiff your doctor, leave a tip.
They probably don't test interviewee's since testing kits do cost money after all. Expect to get tested for career jobs, not Subway.
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...Open office is open source; it's made by the community, not a set of paid developers. If you have a suggestion for the interface, you can always help develop, or at least propose a suggestion.

That being said, LibreOffice>OpenOffice. Open office is crap, libreoffice is decent. Microsoft office is overpriced and closed-source.

And who lists microsoft word as a computer skill? That's retarded.

I do... well I put Microsoft Office. What's wrong with it? It's an industry standard and it goes under Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop on my CV. Yeah it's not really bragging rights material but it's important and the lack of it might cost you a job.
People are still taking featofthemark seriously?
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I don't know about an undeserved podium, I'm personally a big fan of Marijuana and Psychedelics. I've had some pretty mind blowing experiences. However, to each his own man.

I'm not by any means a stoner but I smoke regularly and have had a couple good experiences, but in no way have any of them been "consciousness expanding". I haven't done anything other than weed though, so I can't comment on that. It's really a subjective subject because of how every high is different for different people, so to say that a single drug has the power to expand a conscious as if it's a fact seems incorrect. Although, I don't doubt the power of drugs like acid and DMT to open one's mind.
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Free software is free, why is that a problem?

It's free but it's terrible. Its UI is a cluttered mess, its options are disorganized, and its layout is completely backwards. OpenOffice is clearly made by underpaid and overworked careless interns. Put OpenOffice on your CV under computer skills and you'll get laughed at by any employer. However put Microsoft office and it's the standard... for a reason. It's exactly the same situation for Gimp vs Photoshop.
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As a Christian nation, anyone who is not a Christian in America is not a true American.

1. I am not American nor am I Christian.
2. To believe that your beloved country only had one religion in its history is ridiculous. Did you forget about the natives here before 1402? They weren't Christian but they were American.
3. Even today Christianity is very prominent but perhaps not as widespread as you think. There are countless religions and beliefs, and not to mention the lack of belief.
4. You were clearly raised Christian (which is fine), but to think the way you do is very closed-minded (which isn't fine).

Edit: Just read your other posts. You're obviously trolling because not even the most extremist Christians (read: idiots) aren't as dumb as you act. Off to another thread for me. 3/10
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Lol, someone actually bought MS Word for MAC, as opposed to downloading OpenOffice and saving 50 bucks.

OpenOffice is a joke.
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If you're not Christian, you don't deserve those rights. This country was founded on Christian values, not drug-addled pagan rituals, and that's what has kept us together in the past.

Christianity kept Christians together, not "us". Get it right.
"expanding one’s consciousness"

I guess that's another way of saying getting stoned. Yeah it's wrong but don't put drugs on some podium that they don't deserve.
Try "lol". Also the "n" word is a good one
Banned 3 times next time is perm. That's why I pretty much stopped posting
a friend just said she saw a weird light over the sky earlier. came here to post about it but found this thread. wtf...
Megadeth 30 hurt
Rolling Stones 34
Soundgarden 37
The Foo Fighters 40
The Beatles 36 heal
Primus 30
Dream Theater 25
The Doors 20
Queens of the Stone Age 19
Dinosaur Jr 13
never been asked that, but I would say "somewhere far, like Europe, so I can meet new people and explore my interests".

it's generic but it works
it's for earth hour
been like this is Quebec for a few years now. i work in a corner store, and it's hell when they change their places all around. gotta open stupid panels 100000 times to find the right pack
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*scary face in the shower*

OH MY GOD ALL THE TIME! I'm not even kidding, I do this every freaking shower.
wearing clothing that makes you feel comfortable and that you think looks good on you will always lift your mood. white does it for me as well
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What does when I joined have to do with anything?

Besides, it's a roll and we're supposed to report people who break these rolls. It only said that you get a warning or maybe even nothing for double posting, so does it really matter?

haha, saw how you are in other threads. im not taking you seriously anymore, buh bye
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It's a rule. I checked.

wow man for an 06er you're not cool at all. reporting for a double post.... stop wasting the mods time
well.... you shouldn't have ran a red light.
he's getting 80,000 for every year in prison. i didnt read the link but i saw it on the news this morning
When some of you get a bit older, you'll realize that it's super useful for getting in touch with colleges for projects and group work. And now with the "groups" it's even easier.

It's also good for looking at bikini pictures of hot friends or acquaintances.
I laughed really hard at the road flare then even harder at the tennis racket
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Anyone got an account they dont want anymore? If so, PM please.
I sold my old account years ago and want to check the scene out again, but I cant be arsed to go through the tutorial again.

You can skip the tutorial.


My account:

wow man axel, you're trying a bit too hard now. gtfo
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seriously, are you ****ing 5?

no... ive just never been to the uk. i know theyre all currencies, im not a retard. i just didnt know which one went where and how much theyre worth.

ty forthe answers
can someone explain the relationship between these currencies? what country uses what? im watching top gear and they keep talking about quid and pounds but i have no idea how much theyre actually worth (especially quid compared to pounds)
ty for the bump
I'm looking for a news article about someone who had a conflict with someone else online (in a game I believe) and then that person hunted down the other person with the intent to stab them (I think). I can't for the life of me find the article. Maybe someone else remembers more about it than I do.