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Moving out of Appalachia would probably help improve things.

It's a decent enough little town. Lot of good people, lot of bad ones too. I'm too attached to her, though.
It's been a really long time, UG. A REALLY long time. I've been away and I've done a lot in life since I was last here, and damn, I really don't know what to think. I mean, there's this feeling where you join an online community, then you either leave or lose contact with people, and one day you stumble back on to things and you're taken back and there's this rush of feelings. I've had a lot of changes for the worse in my life since I joined the site, and I'm really not the same person anymore, which is a bad thing

I really don't know how long I'll stay, but it was nice to come back and reminisce.
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Band name: Legends and Killers
genre:southern/post hardcore.

if you can something kinda western like or what ever you can come up with..keep it southern though.

something like this?

take a look at GREAT guitars, not only for their price range, but in general.
ill play if i can get the registration to stop being an idiot!

EDIT: it's an ISP problem, Kensai, could you make me an account? I can PM you the details.
I play D&D, I'm a little offended by WoW, though

turned this:

into this:

this man.
Probably Deep Purple's most epic song EVAR, but "April"'s lyrics really strike an odd chord with me, since when I was about eight, my great grandpa died, April 7th or so, and that set in motion the scattering of my family, since my great grandma was very feeble even then, and died a few years later. no more family reunions, no more big Christmas dinners, no nothing.

"April is a cruel time
Even though the sun may shine
And world looks in the shade as it slowly comes away
Still falls the April rain
And the valley's filled with pain
And you can't tell me quite why
As i look up to the grey sky
Where it should be blue
Grey sky where I should see you
Ask why, why it should be so
I'll cry, say that I don't know
Maybe once in a while I'll forget and I'll smile
But then the feeling comes again of an April without end
Of an April lonely as they come
In the dark of my mind I can see all too fine
But there is nothing to be done when I just can't feel the sun
And the springtime's the season of the night

Grey sky where it should be blue
Grey sky where I should see you
Ask why, why it should be so
I'll cry, say that I don't know
I don't know."
just realized this is an extremely personal thread that has caused me to reveal my biggest secret. I'm hung like a ****ing horse. very clever OP, very clever...
faked being an anti-semite for a week or so. friends thought it was funny since they knew I'm of Jewish descent...
naw. but I don't cry, for serious.I'm on both antidepressants and anti-insomniacs and one of he combined side-effects renders me nearly emotionless. not sad. not happy. I turn into a real whinebag when I'm not on'em. I once nearly cried while listening to "Big John" while off my meds on a prescription halt. that ought to be an indicator of just HOW sappy I get.
I don't cry. ever. I simply punch the tears out of others when I'm upset.
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My porn name would totally be Megatron.

or Megadong.

I'm quite partial to "Peter Draggin". "Moe Asses". "Max Headmoon" "Willie Stroker" and "Mike Hawk"
Ahh! thought of one!

Complete douchebag of a kid who, at one point when I was smaller, killed a few dogs in my neighborhood. Kid grows up a douchebag, everyone loves him. kid OD's on Meth and they find him belly up in what could only described as a putrid blue sauce of meth-rocks, puke, and blood. next day at school everyone's crying and lauding him as some kind of tragic hero, you know? "Oh, he went before his Time", "He was only 16", "He will be missed". Yeah, not by me, they made shitty tshirts with his face on it and handed 'em out. I interrupted the sobbing family to inform them "Your accident of a son died on his own accord, doing what he did best, being worthless, my only grief is that he couldn't have taken a few of you with him." walked off, can't stand 'em, the ****** got out of three counts of rape and one of armed robbery because he was a weasel. Good Riddance, and me he save me a seat in the 9th circle!
I'm a little bit of a sadomasochist, or alot. the pleasure I derive from seeing others writhe in the pain I cause them without them knowing I did it. At the same time, I have a soft-spot for purity, the sort of "nice-girl" persona. i love to change that. I sort of embody a cross Machiavellain/Freudian being. I was put here to sow the seeds of discord, but I'm too much of a romantic for that. the only things that could be justified as "mean" were in the name of Society, and maybe my no second chances policy.
Totally, I'm kind of overweight but I'm not gonna lie, fairly well endowed. I'm not one to get stagefright either, I'm just unattractive. Stage name: Rex DeVag
screaming for effect Mustaine or Dickenson style is okay, but I just can't listen to "somehing-core" lyrics/vocals
"This isn't 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."

"Look, let me explain something to you. I'm not Mr. Lebowski. You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. That or His Dudeness... Duder... or El Duderino, if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing."
"This is Bob, Bob has Bitch-Tits."


"It's the one that SAYS ""Bad Mother****er""."
I sound like I smoke. I don't. I have decent range and awesome low register. can't sing a all though.

all you're going to see of my face. no, I do not have a vag.
Made the Chat thread

Made the Guitar Porn thread

was the first banned in the "Great Pear Raid of '07"

helped spark the shortlived "pedo-baiting" craze of '08

nothing important really, just misc. stuff.
surprise male snowballing. ruins anything you had going :/
when I was nine I jumped a creek and landed myself on a little sand bar. branch was hanging down, went into my right eye, long story short: my right eye is constantly numb and will eventually change iris color from brown o blood red.

my neck is also slightly craned from an accident where i fell out of a tree onto a wooden fence neck-first.
88 percent of women wear the wrong sized bra

polar bears have black/pink skin

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of the number 666

Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime

Proco and Tiat, he protagonists of Taito's "Darius" videogame series contains an odd anagram: Tait Ocorp. :/
Ninja Gaiden II(360). I was stuck on the second battle w/ Alexi for nearly a year.
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I eat Kiwi fruit with the skin on.

Supposedly im a freak.

I do this. great doing down. not so great coming out. also, living in VA, people look at calamari like it's deep-fried fetus. God I love me some calamari.
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Why is that weird?

because diversity is weird?
Waltz, to some extent

I have two size 15 wide left feeet
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I saw a homeless guy in a wheelchair with no legs, just stumps. We has rolling up and down the street yelling at people holding a sign "Give me money or I'll kick you in the face!"

there's a guy around here who's missing both legs at the thigh, he's much nicer sounding than the chap you mentioned but this guy is unfortunately, a Gay Bear. In the winter he wears 2 toboggans over his nubs. very disturbing.
there was a group of nude powerwalkers in their 50's-60's doing laps around the promenade of Fort Henry mall in Kingsport, TN....never again will I eat at the italian villa :/
Jay Turser stuff is generally shit-quality
be prepared to sit through it. after my LP i was seriously ****ed up, 26 hours of interactive lovecraft 'll do that to you ;/
it was an unrecorded broadcast on a livestream. or more likely, my parner accidentally deleted it, check out darkchiron's stuff.
hate to say it but I was a little bit changed after Ravenholm. surround sound into headphones. 2:00am, force feedback vibration, full volume. shits were bricked

EDIT: just remembered my Let's Play! of Call Of CthulhuCotE, took me from 6:00pm Sunday to 8:00 pm Monday without anything but bathroom/snack breaks. a guy on youtube named Darchiron did one as well. I quit after I found out that he did a Let's Play of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, which could have it's own book of disturbing moments, right before I did.
The solo for ELO's Mister Blue Sky does it for me. so simple, so expressive!
I'd be minister of silly wal-erm...defense!
ever play on an unfinished Maple fretboard? gunks everything up and smells like hell.