K, are you really just going to post a photo and mention some basses? Absolutely no mention of what went on, or even if it was a concert or a clinic? Just one photo and goodbye?
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What he said! Styx is one of the best band sout there.

Are you for ****in' real?

You searchbar'd Styx and necroposted to say THAT!?
When people are excited with a new bass they seek out places to post pictures of them. We have a TBird thread to reduce the amount of TBird threads, and I think this SOYB V3 should act as a thread to cut down all these TalkBass memey NBD threads.
A bass that's discontinued, along with the only other MIK bass, the Big Block Precision.
Yes, you're mistaken.
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jeeez calm it fitz.
i wont do it again... promise.

You're one of about 50 who do it.

What's strange is that the NBD threads started well after this thread was up and going.
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Why does everyone always forget Korea Why!

Name four currently-produced Korean Fenders.
What's the point of those ridiculous NBD!!!! threads when people post the exact same pictures on this thread - a thread that's made to avoid NBD!!!! threads?
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Ok. So having heard of people screwing up their hands from using all four is that they're overreaching, or am I completely off?

If you're feeling lots of pain, stop. If you have hands that are large, stretchy, and strong enough to be able to play 4 positions without moving your hand, go for it.

For first position I use index/middle/pinkie just to not wear out my hand, but 3rd position and on I can use all 4 fingers. I have no fancy method for thumb position however.
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^ isn't it the strength, not the length of the finger that matters?

Well, you need strong fingers to play the instrument, period. But using all 4 fingers isn't really possible for a lot of people simply because they can't reach.
Wow, 40Hz. That open E string is just mind blowing in its hundred of years of tradition.

The only notes lower on a bass than on a cello are positions 1 and 2 on the A string, and positions 1 thru 5 on the E. Some basses have a C extension which allows the low E string to become a C string, making it a full octave below a cello.

4/4s are tough but not impossible. It's perfect for my 6'7" frame (although I probably clock in at 6'5" or so when I'm in a relaxed playing position), and my fingers are long enough to use all 4 fingers on the 42.5" scale fingerboards I've played on. Thats right - I don't need Simandl even on 4/4s. I'm not recommending everyone try it, but they're not too impossible. However some 4/4s have crazy long scale lengths, so we'll see.

And telecastrmastr, I have no freaking clue what you're going on about. What stand!?
God I hate guitar players.

Anyway, American Fenders are better than their Mexican counterparts in every way. Mexicans are meant to be more straightforward, affordable version of the American (real) instruments.

Japanese made basses are right up there with the American stuff - it's just the types of basses they make are typically special edition stuff - not the normal stuff. There's no Japanese made bog-standard Jazzes or Precisions. They don't directly compete with the American Fenders because they always have some special feature. Perfect example - '51 Precision, or the Jaguar.

Now, before more idiot guitar players give me idiot headaches, /thread.
Yeah, playing electric fretted instruments your entire life will do that to you.
If you're under 6'5" and can play your upright standing, it's 3/4 scale.

EDIT: Also, I win:

DOUBLE EDIT: I plan on getting a 4/4 bass as my next big investment. I played a few at a store and it's just PERFECT for me. I just hope I can find one with a managable string length (the actual length of the string doesn't have to change that much, regardless of what the 'scale' of the bass is).
I'm going to bet the cabs are "pre-tweeter" cabs and will therefore not quite nail the modern sound in any sense. But hell, the Ampeg SVT810 is both sealed and tweeterless but people still love it. I say smash your bass, cut off all your fingers, and shoot yourself to complete the circle, but that's just me.

Anyway, if you don't mind having tweeterless cabinets, this would make a good set at a decent price. The wattage level is a bit low, but I'm sure the sheer amount of speakertry (a new word) will compensate.
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How on earth did you get that from that?

I guess I just inferred that a pick guard either comes standard or it must be made.
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^ I love the finish! Do you have to make a pickguard or does Lakland offer them?

Weh!? You've never seen a bass without a pickguard?
OK, having owned and tried the Grunge and Fender Blender on bass, just don't do it, plainly and simply. Guitar distortions tend to have high pass filters on them so they discard any low rumble that would mud up a guitar tone - however that's where the bass shines.

IMO for your situation there are 2 really good choices at good prices - the Bass Big Muff and the aforementioned El Grande. I own an El Grande and recommend it.
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Well then, I think it'd make a perfect gift for my next birthday. It'll save you over £4000, otherwise I WILL be expecting my Drozd Barcelona at my doorstep come February 13th 2010.

You'll get the Drozd, don't worry. It'll be there at noon. If it isn't just wait until it shows up. Don't go back inside - you're sure to miss it.
50's maple Precision necks once they went Strat style had a 1.75" nut width (and remained that way into the 60s), so that may have something to do with it.

All Fender necks used to be all maple when they started. The "coating" is just the same finish that's on the back of the neck - maple gets ugly when it's unfinished.

The finish they used to use was the old-style nitro that used to dry up and flake off really easily, so the fingerboards got ugly anyway. So in the 60s they started using rosewood, which did not need to be finished, and was darker as to hide wear and tear. That's the truth.
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I actually have dreads, so I get called Bob Marley a lot. I also get called "hippie" and "rasta mon" and I really, really hate it. "Haha, look, it's Bob Marley!" Yeah, I get it, shut the hell up. I got called Jesus once, though. That was awesome.

As far as actual nicknames people call me, I'm just Colty, sometimes Coltrane.

Wow, a guy with dreads being called Bob Marley - some people really push the envelope there! Now, if people called you Curley, referring to a man whose nickname is sarcastically referring to the fact that he has a shaved head, even though calling YOU Curley is entirely appropriate - that's classic.

As an aside, I don't have any bass-specific nicknames, my guitar player calls me Meesh Loaf every now and then. Har!

EDIT: Here's how I would look if I had fleajr_1412's hair:
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fitzy: if you're doing to that vampyre what i think you're doing then you are so freaking banned

Meh, I smashed it. I mean it was a $200 bass.
We all gave ourselves nicknames. Mine's thefitz. Yours is Amulas.
Here's some recent gig pics. There may be more at some point:

Look at how cute and adorable I am. I started regrowing my beard the day after I saw this pic.

This was after my bass flip - yes, we rock this hard.

You know what? After playing this bass for a while, I've come to realize that it isn't that great. Oh, wait - yes it is. Nevermind.
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The moral of the story is, You will love a thunderbird for the basics, but if you ever plan to expand in tecnique you are screwed.

This is totally acceptable to seemingly all of the Thunderbird supporters.

It's amazing how having high standards is portrayed as worse than settling for less.
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No distortion I'm afraid I'm too old fashioned and set in my ways.

The old guard with a John Entwistle preamp doesn't use distortion! Ha!
Do you use distortion at all? My Nemesis had that crossover and it sounded great clean (no attenuator, just HPF) but very harsh with distortion.
Ohhh snap. Clever campaign, but it should read "42 years if you count the companies that licensed and paid for our one single design that's never changed".

My Vampyre LTD tells me that Spector's just bitter that Warwick dominates them in sales. And the fact that Warwick isn't riding the coattails of one single body design. That and Warwick's iconic slanted tuners. Warwick and Fender are the top 2 companies as far as headstock-silhouette-recognition goes.

But anyway - I played several Streamers and I liked the SSI the best. The SSII just wasn't my cup of tea - it was a top of the line axe but the sound wasn't my thing. I loved the fact that all SSI 5 and 6 strings are broadnecked, and the tone and woods suited me better, even if it was on the tame side.

I'll never own a Streamer but if there's an "NS2-body spectrum", it goes from SSI->NS-2->SSII. The NS-2 is a good approximation of both the SSI and SSII, whereas the Streamers have a much different thing going.
I'll put it like this: the mind of a guitar player can really mess up your bass playing. Guitar and bass have a lot in common but the fact of the matter is 95% of what they have in common are either coincidences or are made for convenience. Thinking of the bass as a 'type of guitar' is the worst thing you can do.
What'd you set the tweeter crossover at? The same for each cab or where each speaker starts to roll off (i.e. 5kHz for the 10s and 3kHz for the 15)?

On my Mesa 212 there's a variable crossover switch (3k/4k/5k). With the 12s and the crossover set to 4kHz with a wee bit of a roll back on the tweeter volume (maybe -0.1 to -0.2db less than flat) it's absolutely perfect.
IMO the best piezos are ones that are stuck in the bridge somewhere, typically under one of the feet. "Any old piezo" probably won't cut it. The Fishman Full Circle actually doubles as a bridge height adjuster, but apparently has a very unnatural sound.

Personally, if I ever end up with a proper upright (which I plan to make my next purchase some time next year - a 4/4 bass - any recommendations?), I'm going to get a 2-channel preamp with a piezo and a Schaller magnetic pickup. That way I can counteract the piezo's airy clack with the magnetic's full low end, as well as counteracting the magnetic's lack of focus with the piezo's overall clarity.
So why do we want 8 speakers that have a frequency response typically topping out at 2kHz? Does anybody know anything about bass cabs here (except John Swift; he invented them).
What about all this schmucking around about "try it first"? You can't have your cake and eat it too. Stop being a goof, threadstarter. Inspect gear at the store and if it's soiled then inform an employee.
^ The Peavey 1018. Didn't Rick used to own one?
Yes, preamps are somewhat of a necessity because of their way different impedences. You also never mentioned what kind of pickup it is.
Wait, is there an underlying assumption that an 818 would sound coherent at all?
Wanna make a bass power chord sound good? Don't play the octave. Root-fifth. Or learn how to EQ.
I have 2 wahs on my board - the 105Q and the Bootzilla. The 105Q retains the bottom well but is way too subtle an effect when sounding like a proper wah and wah too envelope-filter-y when not being subtle. I think the wah as a wah is a guitar player's effect and that throat gwah is requisite. The 105Q is more of a swish.
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hmmm he can read music: proof

hmmm he can necropost: proof

EDIT: hmmm if you liked what I had to say in this thread 8 months ago, you'll enjoy my latest blog, which is much meaner: proof
I sing lead and play bass. Neither have suffered because of the other, but it's a challenge. I've recorded songs so I've sung without playing as well.