Can't you just play your original bass in the meantime?
Rich Priske (bassist for Matthew Good Band + Matt's solo work) plays a Gibson Thunderbird almost exclusively live.
It is most certainly solid state.
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I don't know why he put the precision neck on there but don't regular Thunderbirds have crazy neck dive?

He said the Thunderbird neck was too thin near the nut. And yes they do, but it's easily corrected by moving the strap button.
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If you play metal. uh..... yeah I'm going to let that one go....

Death-billy upright playing!
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^ it hasn't got any strings, no wonder you had problems with the tone:P

Frankly it sounded better without them
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Learn to improvise \ Learn walking bass

Learning walking bass lines is a huge must. My ability to craft good basslines has been extremely boosted by knowing this.
1) Become God
2) See step 1
3) See step 2
4) If step 1 fails, and you escape the loop, invest the time in learning as much music theory as possible. Then kill God.
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It just really pisses me off ppl who get really expensive stuff and haven't the first little clue how to use it. I will bugger off now but i just wanted u to know that. Ok so maybe i took it a BIT far yesterday but i'm just a bit fuked off with everything atm.

Just because you know how to record onto a computer doesn't mean everyone else does. Assuming things and then getting angry when you're wrong is a pretty poor way to go about your daily life.

As for him "getting really expensive stuff", maybe he--I don't know--actually worked for it? Just a thought. His equipment isn't even that expensive, I work a part-time job at just above minimum wage and I could afford his gear in less than two months if I saved my paycheques. Frankly it just seems like you're overly jealous of anyone with more or better stuff than you.

And being in a bad mood is no excuse for picking fights on a forum. Leave your attitude off the forums.

Getting back on track, here's a picture of my first bass, a Yamaha RBX 370A. I sold it a couple years back; it was a well-made bass but I just couldn't come to terms with the neck shape and lacklustre tone.

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I'd get my girlfriend to sit on my amp, but it's castors have only a 375lb weight limit.

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yes, it happened to our rhythm guitarist at practice.

I commend her for staying in the band.

Anyway, after reading this thread, I started a discussion with a few female friends. I have three 'bass dates' next weekend. Thanks guys.

EDIT: I will report my findings, in the name Yes, they'll believe that...*shifty eyes*

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It'll be fine. CGCF isn't all that low. I've kept my bass in BEAD without adjustment and there were no problems.

+1, but god I hate slack strings.
I dub me Jandrew.

Does this mean Jews make great bass players?
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That's really uncalled for. Having looked at that thread, there's no reason to have expected him to know he'd blow his computer sound card (however, it IS reasonable to expect you to know how to spell properly and construct sentences...which you apparently cannot). All you're doing is being a complete asshole. No one thinks any higher of you for it, and in fact you basically are just coming off as a moron. So quit being a little bitch and either contribute something constructive to this thread, or just get out.
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Shameless plug for my sig.

Damn, if I wasn't overseas I'd buy it so fast
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It's there so when you change the height of your saddles you can fix your intonation.

Correct, as well as for when you change string gauges, and neck relief. These changes will require that your saddles be moved a bit to correct the intonation.
The allen screws.
As far as I know, Fender doesn't make basses in Indonesia. You're thinking of Squier, probably.

Anyway, poor quality due to unskilled (and often child) labour.
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My buddy has a Yamaha guitar. And let's just say... it sucked. :p

If it was a Pacifica, please don't let its quality make you think Yamaha products are generally crappy. Yamaha makes nice basses and mid-priced guitars. I personally don't like them that much (I sold my old Yamaha RBX 370 but that was just because I hated the neck profile), but they're reliable as all hell.
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That's one tight g-string.

You forgot the "this is going to be cheesy" warning! *dies*
Only a mod can move it. Just delete it yourself, and repost in Tab Talk if you wish.
If you mean it got denied from the site's Tab section, it's because it's pretty useless. It's just an octave pattern. In any case this belongs in the Tab Talk forum ( ), but I won't lie, you may get flamed.
Who Cares! We can now eat toast roasted by the might of Death Metal!

You tell me that toast that was cooked surrounded completely by Growling Swedes isn't going to be some kvlt fucking toast. Or even better, toast it to Primus and have a 5 cent acid trip!

I wonder if the toast would try to burn itself to death if emo music came on?
^ Yes, most on here know of him and his work. Simply mentioning his name seems to cause giant pissing matches though (ironically because he plays ERBs...seems to be a contentious topic).
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Wow, that doesn't look like it could cause serious injury due to cruddy manufacturing
Then what do you mean, tune down to C? You're already tuned to B, just hit first fret on the lowest string, and voila, low C!

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EDIT: anyways, for the sake of not starting a new thread to ask this. Whats the difference between regular pickups and soap bar pickups?

Soapbar pickups are really just describing the shape of the pickup casing (it kind of looks like a soap bar, funnily enough). Under the casing could be a single coil, humbucker, who knows.



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Bass amps also need higher wattage because the speakers need to push more air.

Yes, I can't believe I forgot that point! In amps, features don't cost money, it's POWER that costs money.

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It's because of people like you that we have toasters with built in radio!

They have radios with toasters in 'em now?
Basses require more raw materials to build, and also generally require more development time as there is more stress on the neck. They're just plain bigger. As well, since less people buy basses, profit margins aren't as big when selling basses unless you raise the price a bit. Simple rules of mass production.

As for the amps, they generally have more complicated circuitry, heavier-duty/bigger speakers, larger construction, etc.
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ok so lemme explain, i have my bass tuned standard at the moment. its liek so 5th 4th 3rd and 2nd ( i never use the high string anyways).
question being, i was thinkin about tuning it to C (down 2 steps). but would the slack make it sound crappy?

Wait, 5th 4th 3rd 2nd as in, you have it tuned to BEAD right now?
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Cecil, as much as I love you man, I'm gonna have to disagree with you. I rewrite lots of guitar lead pieces for the bass. It may not be advancing music for you, but it does for me. Hell, I even transcribed Zzyxz Rd and A Thousand Miles for the bass, and they're piano pieces.

If I could afford an ERB, I'd definately get one, because I think it would be cool. I'm wouldn't do it to show of to others, I'd do it for my own enjoyment, like I do with all my music. As long as I enjoy it, what the hell else does it matter?

Finally, someone who gets it.
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dude, how in the world can u have 45 guitars and not know whatt he knobs do?
theyre for volume and tone.
dude you fail man.

I'm 99.9% sure he was joking (the 0.01% margin of error is to allow for the general idiocy of mankind)
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*points at Urge II bass, points frantically in Applehead's direction*

Apple really needs his own whistle. Like Fett13.
In that price range, I think your best bet is actually Peavey. They make extremely nice basses, even in the lower-end. A few suggestions for you to review at your leisure: (Ignore the colour, it comes in other colours that are much much nicer lol)
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Of course I'd never try shredding on a banjo, it's a joke! I guess it's true that Canadians don't have a sense of humour.

I didn't realize it was "Derive Stereotypes Based on One Person Day"... must be a Limey thing

Anyway, the point is, it's silly and even stupid to impose rules on what an instrument can and cannot be. Music is music regardless of the instrument you play it on. So don't say "Oh an ERB is pointless you never need those extra strings, omgzorz go get a guitar if you want to play melody" (which is silly anyway, seeing as melody does not limit itself to certain pitches). Frankly if more people in the world adopted that attitude, we'd have had no Jaco, among others. So sit down and keep yourself limited to a certain "role" if you care to, but please keep your narrow-minded opinion to yourself.
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I didn't mean that literally! My point was that it had lots of extra strings and he wasn't actually playing a bassline. If you want to play a keyboard get a damn keyboard.

Ironically your user says "Shred Banjo of Death!". If you want to play shred, get a Jackson guitar

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I'm not saying that playing melodies is a bad thing on a bass. Just that I've seen videos of people with stupidly big 20 string basses and they just play guitar riffs on it. A bass should be played like a bass!

A bass should be played like its owner intends. Just because you have no desire to play it that way doesn't make it wrong at all.
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You'll LOVE Applehead
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I am so calling bullshit on the threadstarter and therefore i have nothing to add to this forum



Anyway, pics or get the **** out. As for the best-looking bass, there's no such thing. But personally I dig the simple sexiness of a P-bass. It just seems purposeful.
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I wouldn't sell your amp, by the looks of it (based on your sig-rig) that is your only decent bass amp - you'll get a shite tone regardless of pickups if you're using a shite amp.

I think he's referring to his Frontman 15 amp.

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I know you seem to be set on Duncans. but I suggest you take a second look at Quarter Pounders, I played a P-Bass with one before, it was amazing.

Quarter Pounders ARE Seymour Duncan pups.