Yea, I did pick up some more expensive guitars near this one. Well, 400 range. Nothing "pro". But I didnt like them any better then this one, lol. But exactly on the finger picking, it was always my favorite way to play acoustic, and the only way i have played this one so far.
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Try local pawn shops, I have heard they offer an amazing range of guitars at low price. I always choose Cash Pawn Sales, in my area, for their quality products. particularly, the musical instruments.

Your pawn shops are better then mine. Around here i go there thinkin its gonna be good prices, and its like rediculous prices. And a few i have seen there, the necks dont even look straight, still askin too much for it.
Just picked up a used on one consigment in real good shape (one decent scratch) for $99. I wasnt familiar with classical guitars, so while I had heard the name, I never looked into them. Seen $99 was like wow, I like this for a $99 guitar lol. Was just lookin for somethin acoustic. Anyone have one, thoughts on em?! Anyone know what strings typically come on them? Never owned a guitar with nylons..
Just messin around with reaper...lil rock song idea...judgin interest is all! Drums are just regular ezdrummer...guitar tones similar, just diff config on strat! Thanks, c4c
i cant really negatively critique as I dont really have any, but i will say i liked it a lot, lol. Although I kinda agree on the distortion maybe having a lil more bite like the other guy said. Just personal opinions tho, cuz what you had worked. Creative tho, and I enjoyed it!
I have a pod HD400, found a setting online that was called Mesa, and another one Fireball, I always thought they were decent, whether or not they are to you is another thing, if you would like I can probably open up that program (as I havent used it in a while since getting a 5150 2x12 combo) and tell u what the settings were or screenshot and email....lemme know.

Otherwise a cool song, i kinda messed around pretending i was singin to it, LOL! just kinda grabbed me, and thought why not, felt really natural to do a scream/regular lyrics over...funny part was i was able to kinda predict the stops and spots based on the feel...maybe that means its "normal to a point" i dunno, but i still liked it and thought it had some cool riffs with def potential to be somethin full with lyrics! By the way I thought the playing was great, the mixing as well.

one thing tho, you said you played it, but you didnt WRITE it? who did? just curious.
mahogany vibe definitely had a mysterious sound to me as is probably to be expected, was quite minor/dissonant sounding, and in some sense almost left me in a suspense. I thought the change @ 1:53 was cool, and I really like that part as a whole. I would like to hear it with more around it, and possibly some other breaks in it, not sure exactly what of, but something that surprises you, is different but not REAL different, what I wil have to get back to you on,. lol...sometimes I dunno how to say what I am thinkin and put it into musical language, haha. But the part @ 1:53 was kind of the idea im talkin about. Overall cool playin and enjoyably different from the norm.

With zuchini, I just appreciate almost the adventurousness off the playing, just strikes me as different than a lot of what I hear, has some cool off normal stuff mixed with some not SO off normal, but in a good way. Then some of the transitions just catch me so off guard, like @ 1:30. Really cool, and keep it up...I really can't nit pick a LOT as I am not that great, but I just appreciate people playin, playin well and enjoying playing...wish more people would pick it up for what it is...makin me want another acoustic, tell ya that, LOL!.
Yea im limited to the drums on this program (m-audio session)...i DO have ez drummer, just havent gotten it set up fully with reaper, i kinda suck at all that, nor do I have a way to make my own drum tracks with a device using it which would be cool some day. Again I suck at that, but I know you can assign drum pieces to keys on a keyboard and create your own drum tracks. With work and million other things, more to learn then I have time for.

Not really attempting to become a full time jazz player, just tryin to get a lil taste of diff stuff to use elsewhere if the opportunity is there for fun.

Thanks for comment though! Maybe I will work on it further, again was just a quick, slap down a backing drums track, a lil rythm, and a lil w/e came to fingers over it, LOL. Also, its a Peavey 5150 2x12 combo and a jackson Dk2M just picked up through a shure PG57 direct to M-audio through usb device, lol....
Just tryin to get into jazz a lil bit. The chords are pretty basic, drums are backing on a program I have, just picked a drum track and did somethin, haha. Just tryin to see if I am on the right jazzy track. For the record, the chord progression, improv etc was a 20min ordeal, so be gentle, LOL!

Short clip so i wont take up a whole lot of your time. thanks. c4c, "Im On Hold" is the name cuz it almost sounds like I am calling a company and put on hold for 20mins, HAHA
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People have different preferences for how to play things like that. Most use their middle finger for the fifth fret because it's generally easier. If you play it with your middle finger, all the stretching is between your index and middle fingers. With your ring finger, it's between your ring and pinky. Since your index is longer, it just makes sense to stretch it instead of your pinky. But you can do it either way. It just depends on comfort and context.

Not to mention a lot of peoples pinky strength isnt amazing too, and obviously behind the bigger fingers....and now when you stretch it out, its even more difficult to get the strength.
Sometimes I find the breaks can even help kind of clear your mind if you are not gettin somethin quite right, and after a day or 2 off it almost seems easier to do...within reason of course. Obviously if im butchering sweeps, a day off isnt gonna make me good at em, LOL!
I feel like the angle would almost be a natural instinct when trying to sweep, but then again i suck at sweeping and only mess around with it now and then. Definitely sounds like that could be the issue though because if you were angling the pick so the tip is slightly pointing up at you on your downstroke, it wouldnt really be possible for it to get stuck in between strings. Reverse for upstroke

Im pretty sure my sweep pick motion on the right hand could work quite well, the problem is my left hand sucks and I never play it clean, day ill get the patience to start slow and work up the speed on it...someday.
If you have a tuner available, you can try to bend the note your finger is on up until you have reached the note 2 half steps (each fret is a half step) or = to 1 whole step up. So, do what he said above and use ring and middle finger to get the strength to do it, its not nearly as easy on an acoustic as an electric. For examples sake, if you are on the note A, bend it up until the tuner says right on "B" try to get the feel of how far you pushed up to get there ingrained in your mind and fingers so you can replicate it without the tuner every time. Eventually your ear starts getting the feel for half and whole step bends naturally...but it takes time and practice.
do most jazz players finger pick, or more of a mix.
From reading this whole thing, I feel like he thinks you can move up to say the 8th Fret C on the Low E and play the same shape as the 5th A and be in A minor, lol...maybe I interpreted wrong....just so im clear your clear, that isnt how it works...if you move up to that C on the 8th with your first finger and keep the same "shape" or...series of notes and are now in C minor. As much as i dont disagree with him on the fact you should learn the notes and the intervals, I feel for beginners learning the boxes at each position in any key is easier to picture and learn off the bat to get the fingers movin, then learn the notes themselves. In the end, you may not wanna think of it as a pattern, but no matter where you start its the same if you're going from G minor to A minor to C minor pentatonic with a different position and same is a pattern.

Getting to the same point, just taking a different route, as the pattern is the interval steps, I just think beginners may be confused by throwing intervals out there first, and especially the notes at each fret. However that said, DO learn the notes, practice a string a day naming them, or a fret a day, etc. Follow that up by working on a basic major or minor chord a day memorizing the notes. When it comes down to improvising/solo time...very good stuff to know in any scale.
Yea this just sounds risky, lol...if you try it and then butcher the whole thing up because you're doing it...then why bother. I agree with the work on something a lil more technical, least its a skill that goes somewhere else with guitar playing...I mean once you learn how to play behind your head...whats next? Learning to play with your teeth while the guitar is behind your head? Now that..would be a feat.
I think its important because you learn the basics as said above...posture, hand position, etc. They will also kind of keep you in check on learning how to make the chords properly which helps down the road. I mean some people adapt and make bad habits work, but it is, more work.

I have seen people who have played a long time, never had any lessons, and simply don't even fully grasp what major and minor chords are. They can play chords, but they couldnt name em to save their life.

And of course timing, yea its a must, and it will help immensely with that as you get better being able to improvise over a progression just by the feel of the rythm you have instilled.

Also don't do what I do when i self teach..and try to speed up the process by skipping stuff, the end with guitar always comes back to bite you. Most of the time by resulting in you having to back track and learn what you should of already known.
Seagull, I agree that the point about keeping listener off balance, and the pentatonic is kind of predictable and safe...maybe if he throws in some other notes from the chords with the pentatonic scale, but from what little I know about Jazz is there is a lot of modulation, so, you'd have to be pretty good at improvising and knowing what outside notes will fly and tie into the proceeding keys? I dunno...funny to see this thread as I just found some good sites on Jazz chords. I don't plan on joining a Jazz band but I thought the chords could be cool to know to use in more rock stuff to kinda spice it up. Plus itll push my hand on some theory.

I see the consensus is learn the chords, I would also like to learn the added notes to make them "jazz" chords and why, but in time, lol...that a lot of learnin. What else besides that should I work on? I always seem to jump too far ahead when I take on new stuff, and end up back tracking. So once I know the chords and at least have some grasp on the theory behind them...what should I look to next?

Not tryin to hi-jack your thread, and if you see as though i did, i will delete and make a new one. But I also thought this info could be helpful to you doing a jazz band.
Joined the 5150 club today. Got a 5150 2x12 combo off a guy. I had a 5150 head at one time, with 4X12 cab, but this one already seems a lot better. I believe that the head had issues as I could never get the hiss out of it with any mediocre gain. I had a shop service it too :-/. Anyhow, this one seems worlds better. Really wanna be able to break it loose, jam with a band for fun so maybe that will be my opportunity. I am already thinking about an attenuator if you all think thats worth it, i mean, I see a lot of threads of recommending and discouraging the use of those. However, while i havent had the chance to crank this one yet I do remember the difference with my 5150 head, sadly for home use it was a bit extreme, lol. Not sure what other options I have for that (and yes i foreseen this being an issue).

So far liking it, one thing that I'm sure will get old is lugging this baby in and out of the car, lol...not exactly light!

btw, was thinkin if i went attenuator then maybe something like...

or the regular mass if this wouldnt cut it, the 100w that is. i dont mind spendin the few extra bux to get one IF its going to be worth it. I dont intend to run the amp on full blast either, just like to get up a bit w/o bein ridiculous in the house messin around.
ok so not as good of a deal as i originally thought, though i didnt look too hard at used prices prior to seeing it, thanks for the input, i suppose ill hold off on it, they're going for like 1600 new at this place, so i figured 1100 sounded decent.
Checked out google lil bit seen SOME prices but lot of that was new, 1100 for used mesa dual rec head, that pretty ballpark? Or is that a good deal, been decidin if i wanna jump on it. What have you guys seen em go for i guess.

Btw, its from local shop i trust very much as far as condition.
Tried to do a lil searching without straining myself, but got sick of trying, so ill just ask. Anyone have the Kustom Doublecross, thoughts, opinions. I REALLY dont know if i need a whole stack, lol...but just curious just in case. Watched some youtube clips that i could find, seems pretty versatile. Anyhow, to be honest I am not exactly sure when these even came out as I havent shopped amps in a long time, but just curious as to any user feedback! By the way I mess around with a lot of diff genres, but metal mainly.
damn thats a pretty good critique Sggod, i wont try to top that, lol. From a not nearly as in depth look, id say the overall playing seemed good, i mean stuff seemed articulate and clean. The one part, and i know this happens alot, immediately reminded me of something (happens to me constantly, lol..) right at 1:20ish . But it went good with the rest of it, so is what it is. Got my foot stompin, lol. I dont record enough full stuff to really go into the depth maybe needed, but how bout some words! Oops, talkin bout riff 3!!!!
yea you can actually get some pretty good tones out of them, just have to mess around with it. I cant take credit for this one, as I copied them from a youtube video and changed them a little bit,. but once i seen the vid i had to know how he got it, and I am not very good with these things yet so i took the easy way this time...hahha
By that you mean a particular song, cuz that always happens to me, lol...I havent listened to em lately, and I know sometimes subconsciously stuff comes out, kind of a curse of not being ridiculously creative hahahaha. Im sure this isnt 100% unique, kinda hard these days, but I dont wanna be "copying" either accidentally or otherwise. Thanks for the comment tho by the way.
I have a pod HD400, just got it recently. The library does have a lot of presets, with ability to change the effects as much as you'd like. There is some on there I would probably never see myself using, lol...typical with presets haha. Overall though I have found you can get some good tones. I was concerned with the distortion you could get because a lot of programs I have tried they just never seem to work good for me without a steep learning curve. However for the Pod there is patches you can find online for tones you may like. I actually watched a cover using a pod hd300 and he briefly showed Line 6 edit software and i paused it, took the settings to use a good basis, and then could tweak it for me.

Not the best player in the world, hence I didn't wanna spend big bux on amp i really want yet....ENGL screamer 50! Plus if you jam with people you could still plug it straight into a PA or even an amp (though this may influence the overall tone), and have tons of options at your feet for tone! I was skeptical bout the POD, but so far I have been pretty pleased. Here is an example of the dist tone i found on youtube. This is raw, so its not the greatest, but this just the pod into reaper. mesasetting2....again not a whole song, bout a 20min whip it up, lol...

edit, didnt see you were lookin for a specific pod, lol. Well if you're lookin, try the HDs out for the heck of it.
Thats cool then, all that matters!
yea i have been working a lot lately on cleaning up my playing. Generally once i play it a lot it gets better, but this was shortly after i made it, lol. Sometimes i need to remember to slow down to go fast, haha...If I continue working on it, I would def clean it up a lot for a "final". Thanks for the input.
This is real cool, i like the feel of it. You plan to make it any longer, or just leavin it like this? I could see it going somewhere further for sure, but its still cool as it is! Maybe to a real minor type progression and back etc. I really liked the part around :31. Don't really have any negatives for you, was real crisply played from what I could tell! If you get a minute, mesasetting2. Its rough yet, i just kinda threw it together this morning, been workin on it a lil since. thanks!
Just messin around workin on metal type playing with my pod HD400 i just got recently. Found a setting off a youtube video that i really like so far. It was called mesa, whether it does or not i dunno, lol...not much experience with Mesas since never been in my price range. Thinkin id like to work this through, but lookin for opinions. At the very end i dunno where i was goin with that, just doin somethin, haha. Mesasetting2 c4c..Thanks!
lol @ that ^^ haha, will check it out in a few!
i dont get too wild with effex tbh. I just want some good clean tones, some good crunchy stuff, and if possible with that some decent leads. I just can't splurge on an amp i REALLY would like right now, and I dont wanna buy anything until I can go into it w/o a really low budget and settle....again.

Just dl'd the revalver one to try out, has a cpl playable presets so ive found so far. One problem i am having is figuring out which of my I/Os to use, not too good at all the software stuff yet. If i pick Line in 1 on fast-track it just high pitches my ear off...if i use Line 2 there is a low murmur sound but when i play its not noticeable. Had output on analog i think...was a combination that i could even get to work without it prompting me that it wasnt allowed, hahaha. That was using m-audio interface as I/O. would i be better of using my interface in and audigy soundcard as the out? Basically have to get to bed right now but i will try it more later. Lastly, if anyone has used this, can you use demo in reaper? I followed instructions but wasnt coming up in my VST section, had a long list of reaverb reaNINsomething, etc.
Yea i was just using my fast-track USB interface....I dunno if some are far superior to others, but for what I do I think it is adequate. Especially considering the state of the rest of my "rig" (comp/speakers, etc). It worked for gtr solo when I used it in Reaper.
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You can just use your fast track and GTR3 and save $120 bucks on the PRS interface. I don't have any experience with the software, but I say if you like the solo version and want more in the same vein, go for it. Also, get the native verrsion. TDM is for digitech protools integrated soundcards.

Right, thats essentially what I planned to do. I wish I had the $ to make a nice set up out of it w/ monitors and all, but just not worth it right now.
Quote by TechnicolorType
Just tried it out.

One word.

Kyle has no clue what he's talking about. I know plenty of amazing examples of free amp sims that sound just as good as any high end tube amp and GTR is absolute rubbish.

No, really. It was bad. Okay. For starters, I wanted to insert it into my DAW because the standalone wouldn't work. There was no like full vsti function I guess. I tried installing that but it wouldn't let me.. so I had all these separate VSTs.
I put in this head that I guess functions as all of them since I could like toggle through a list.

All of the tones were very poor. There were some that were halfway decent but not good. Any free amp sim or other amp modelling software gives much better results.
A lot of the high gain tones had this constant fizz that could even be heard while playing and others made it sound like a wah pedal was on and stuck in the middle.

The way the single amp head vst was setup was a complete mess. I went through all of the different models.. but I had to keep clicking on the name. The actual list wasn't put together well.
After going through them, I started changing the mic setting but all of them just made it sound worse.

Then I changed the cabinet and saw that each cabinet sim has its own mic settings..
but a majority of them sounded HORRIBLE.

I was going through the cabinets and each one was worse than the previous. I'm quite surprised at how bad this vst is. I had my hopes up thinking it'd be pretty good.

I'm really not over-exagerrating at all. I know what sounds good and what sounds bad and this is like the Marshall MG of amp-modeling software. I could make some sound clips if someone wanted proof.

Finally I turned off its cabinets and used my own. Still sounded bad.

Just went through a bunch of the settings with Ryan's impulses. Not as bad as before but still bad. All the tones were so trebley and brittle. So many of them had that cocked-wah sound to them. Gross.

Like I said, I'm rather surprised at how bad this is lol. Definitely not keeping this around. I mean Guitar Rig isn't too good, but at least I could get some fair sounds out of it and some pretty good ones when using my own amp sim. I kept it around for the effects but this is something that's going straight to my recycle bin.

I'm sure with work you could get a decent sound, but that isn't worth it. I could manage with it if there were literally no other guitar VSTs out there, but there's tons that are way better.
I didn't even try out any of the effects or anything.
I just feel bad for anyone who has ever spent money on this piece of junk. :[

Do yourself a favor and use the popular free vsts out there. Or if you really want a program that has everything in it and want to purchase it then get Guitar Rig or Revalver.

Right, yea I do remember now not liking some of the stuff you mentioned. I could find SOME decent tones. I was never sure if my computer was to blame for some of the crappy fuzz sometimes, plus the fact i dont have nice monitors to run it through. I also remember not liking a lot of the presets, some weird stuff on there I could never use. And your right the guy who said if i had solo i should know. But it was a while ago that I stopped using it and a lot of my memory of it isnt perfectly clear, lol. And I can't dl the free trial again i dont think!

I guess I will wait and do some more research on it and other programs. Also I have seen vids of people using gtr where it seems they find a way to coax good tones from it....must be a way. Pretty sure u have to mess with settings and volumes to get rid of the hiss, in fact come to think of it i remember finding a way using the diff volumes n such to get rid of a good deal of it. Just have to have the program to remember exactly what I did.
Quote by TechnicolorType
Neither have I. Makes me question how many programs like this are out there.
The software costs 280 dollars alone for the best version. I think. It's set up weird.
I think that's more than any of the other populars though.

Found this:

I assume this is the cheaper budget version. Like EZDrummer Lite or something.
It's free for a year though. Might give an overall sound of the program.

Right but the expensive one comes with interface and I believe a way to use the program without a host program to run it in. See solo i had to use as a plug in for reaper because solo will not work as a stand-alone for recording etc. Nor can you use it without the interface. But since I used it in reaper AND i have an interface to plug my guitar into my computer, I can get away with the native version (cheaper).

And sorry i figured when people seen GTR3 if they had experience with or general recording software knowledge theyd have seen it before if not used it before.
Sorry I originally posted this in gear area by mistake.

Wondering if any of you own it, tried it, etc. Been contemplating getting it so I have SOMETHING, and it can be had for around 100 (native). I had gtr solo trial for the year and it was ok. Why I was curious to see some opinions from experience on GTR3. I also have an interface that worked with GTR solo.

Second, I dont know if ill get it ALL from it. I mean i dont have nice monitors, and my comps gettin up there in age. Would probably benefit from faster processor or soundcard but I think it'd survive, lol!

I have M-audio fast track right now, while its ok for recording my acoustic, the effex for my electric just dont work for me. But the interface worked when I had solo, and used it in my host program! Not looking to go nuts on buyin sweet programs, as I am not making an album, just dont want to buy another amp right now, or for a little while. I am assuming the "native" license would work as a plug-in like solo did to my host program, but I am kind of a noob to all these programs/use, etc.

I realize you may like different tone then I do, I am more wondering about the usability and if you felt the tones felt "real" enough to be worth the money!
You were there: I hate to sound like a broken record, but i dont think you need the vocal effex. I think they may have fit to you based on the feel of the song with the synth and what not. But it leads me to the synth. I felt a couple spots where it was used quick was a cool catch me off guard type of sound. Like right around 2:08 or so. But the times when its balls out synth its a lil too off the wall for my personal tastes. Def different tho, and an overall good/creative song. On the synth the volume of them itself may have added to my wow-eek feeling when they blasted in and drowned out everything else.

Effects tomorrow: I guess the guitar tone is a matter of taste. I thought the muffled sound was pretty cool. Every try changing it from the muffled to a non muffled sound though...might be a cool change. Not entirely, but on/off type of thing. Not sure how thatd work, and trying to imagine it, but id be interested to hear how itd sound. Again the vocal effex are a little much. Maybe its the delay on them that just make it sound so busy. I agree with someone else, you def sound like at very least a decent singer (hard to tell through effex for sure). Not enough effects out there to help my vox, LMAO! One thing overall on both I will say you definitely show some creativity through use of different sounds, some interesting transitions I don't see me every coming up with, etc. Good work!
Quote by aaron aardvark
The guitar playing could be a bit tighter, but if this is just an idea, that is a non-issue. I think it has very good riffs & won't sound too repetitive if you have some vocals on it. I really think you should develop this into a complete song! Please review my music at this link:

yea if it ever get to the point of a whole song, i will def perfect the parts and clean them up a lot. I know I had a few blips here or there, cpl buzzes, def need to clean those up, thanks
Yea i could KIND of see where they thought the intro maybe went on a little bit. But also after a couple times threw it didn't seem like as much of an issue as first go through. I have to agree also about the phaser, something about phasers I personally just don't favor, but id assume that all preference. The overall tones tho I had no problem with, in fact I would like to know what you use, especially for the lead parts. The quality is great, very clean and tight. Obviously having some vocals would help tie it all together. Felt the drums were also good, def didnt overpower, mixing was pretty good. Sometimes the lead felt a lil drowned out not sure if that was just my ears lol, but I won't say thats a BAD thing as its your song and if thats what you intended so be it. Overall really great, perhaps some vox in the future?