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That it is. Seriously one of the better games I ever played. A game that actually melds gameplay and story telling properly for once.

When I think "game that actually melds gameplay and story telling properly" the first - and right now only - thing that comes to mind is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
The music, the music! Swim always had a deep love and appreciation for music, and was even getting into electronic music a little with the help of his friend, but he had never heard music like this (and probably never has again, even with repeated mdma experiences). He felt as though he was listening to music for the first time, as though music was a completely hidden mystery and he was the explorer who managed to discover it. The sounds reverberated through his body and soul. He felt as though his entire body was an ear that absorbed the sound, pushing it to his heart which ate it up like a car eats fuel. He was immersed in the music like never before. Nothing else mattered. He began to move his arms and legs to the beat, no that doesn’t even explain it. He became the beat. His entire body attuned itself entirely to the music so that his mind didn’t even need to send signals for it to move, it just took on a life of its own, a symbiotic organism composed of his body, his soul, and the music.

Swims fellow ecstasy virgin looked at him with incredulity and extreme anxiety. Swim was a quiet introvert who would never dance in front of even his closest friends while heavily intoxicated. How in the hell could this be? He began asking his other friends about when it would kick in and what it felt like. At this point swim discovered the empathogenic qualities of mdma.

Swim stopped dancing right away to come sit by his friend. He gave him a pat on the back and cheerily explained that he shouldn’t worry, it will come and it will be amazing! Swim felt closer to his friends than he ever had in the years of friendship, and he found his concern for them to be overwhelming. As their rolls kicked in one by one the cinema room became alive with spirit and energy as swim and his friends let themselves go into the sound waves.

Shortly after all of their rolls kicked in, swim and his friends found they had some more companions! Their dealers and some of their dealer’s friends came in, and guess what. They were rolling on x too! Now this was a truly interesting situation. Half of the people spoke English, and the other half didn’t really so much. Everyone spoke a smattering of different languages, which made communication tricky at times between certain persons. Still, the atmosphere was simply amazing. Swim had only met two of the people a few times, one of the people he had met once, and the other two he hadn’t met at all. Still, swim had no qualms at all about lunging into conversation with these strangers. Cross-cultural communication at its very best. Swim (who I mentioned before was a total introvert) connected with these people like he would with old friends. It was mind boggling that he could have such self-confidence and be so loose and easy going with people he didn’t even know!

*Now as time has passed and memory of the specific details of the roll is a bit fuzzier, I will switch here to listing some definitive features of the roll that stuck in swim’s mind instead of continuing with the chronological narrative*

Swim distinctly remembers shaking someone’s hand for the first time while on ecstasy. He doesn’t remember whose hand it was, but it doesn’t matter. He shook hands at least 40-50 times that night. The feeling was so deep, so emotional, he just had to keep doing it. It was no longer a social pleasantry expected of him because of conventions of politeness. It was a connection to another human being. Just by looking someone in the eye and connecting hands he could spread emotional energy from one being to another.

Dancing, dancing, dancing! Swim would never think of dancing (or electronic music) in the same way after that night. It was as if he had an epiphany. Swim had always enjoyed music in the past, and had a fairly eclectic collection, but things would never be the same musically for him after this night. He would go on a full year electronic music binge, collecting thousands of songs from every electronic genre to satisfy his lust. After that he would go after every type of music possible that he didn’t have, any type of world music from any country, music in any language performed on any instrument. After his first ecstasy experience swim didn’t care about what genre was known for what, or what instrument it was performed on, or how old it was, or how popular it was, or anything else. His love of music had been boiled down to the core, and all social conventions that may have partially influenced his opinions on the subject before had disappeared.

Speaking of social conventions/norms, swim changed greatly as a person after his first experience with MDMA. This is one of the reasons why ecstasy is the substance he loves most, and one of the reasons this experience was a ‘++++’. Swim still isn’t the loudest most known person at a party, and he isn’t the most outgoing person (mostly when it comes to strangers), but he is no longer as self-conscious and introverted as he was. It clicked at one particular moment in the night. One of swim’s friends was quite short compared to swim (who is over 6&rsquo, over a foot shorter even. At one moment in the night swim looked down at his friend and asked “Did you get shorter? I could have sworn you were taller before”. His friend laughed and said, “No, you’re just standing up straight, you’re usually hunched over”.

This was one of the biggest epiphanies of the night for swim. After his friend said this his mind just clicked into perspective. He looked around, felt his posture and back with his mind, and realized that indeed, he was standing up straight. In fact he was standing up taller and straighter than he ever had in his life. He had totally forgotten about his size, and standing out, and being embarrassed, and what people thought of him, and every other social inhibition possible that had trapped his inherently social nature behind the generally emotionally closed veil of his face. He had let his emotions go free, and released himself from society’s judgements, and he never had felt better.

Many other memories of that night flow back to swim from that night that add to the experience. Many interactions with friends and strangers sneak into his memory as he thinks back to that night, but he feels that I should stop the trip report here. The most important part has already been said. The roll was a ‘++++’ not only because of how spectacularly amazing the experience itself was, but also because of what it did for swim. It opened him up to the world and let him express himself to other people. He will never forget what mdma did for him and never will stop advocating its use as a medicinal psychological tool with immense potential.

Swim has yet to have another ecstasy experience that matches this one. A few have come close, but nothing else could reproduce the revelations he had that one fateful night. A beautiful ‘++++’ experience that swim will cherish forever.


Take care folks, act responsibility, be safe, learn, and have fun!
MDMA ‘++++’ Experience

This is a trip/roll report for the experience my friend swim had with ecstasy several years ago. It was his first time trying the substance and it was one of the most amazing drug experiences of his life, if not one of the most amazing experiences of his life, period. It was in all ways a ‘++++’ experience, which is described by the famed Dr. Shulgin as:

Quote by Dr.Shulgin
“A rare and precious transcendental state, which has been called a 'peak experience', a 'religious experience,' 'divine transformation,' a 'state of Samadhi' and many other names in other cultures. It is not connected to the +1, +2, and +3 of the measuring of a drug's intensity. It is a state of bliss, a participation mystique, a connectedness with both the interior and exterior universes, which has come about after the ingestion of a psychedelic drug, but which is not necessarily repeatable with a subsequent ingestion of that same drug."

To begin, I’ll start by listing some basic information about swim, as well as the setting he would take ecstasy in for the first time.

Swim is a fairly experienced psychedelic user, who has also sampled just about every other commonly available illicit recreationally used substance. He was an especially avid marijuana smoker. He had never tried MDMA before.

The night of the inaugural roll swim and several of his friends went to the cinema to see the movie Troy. One of his friends popped an E while in the theatre was really messed up for the whole film. He was visibly twitching during the battle scenes they were so intense. Luckily for swim he was sitting on the other side of the theatre so he didn’t see him. After the movie they all headed to one guy’s apartment for some fun.

Sitting in the public recreational area in the apartment building, one of swim’s friends wondered if swim and his other friend who hadn’t tried MDMA would like to roll. They said they had some amazing shit they got that was really worth trying. Swim mulled it over in his mind. He was apprehensive about taking a new substance, especially as he had heard many suspect things about neurotoxicity and overheating and other nasty things that could go with the substance. Plus the price was obscenely high due to the lack of the substance in the region, especially quality pills. Still, his friends were enthused enough about it that he thought he would give it a go.

Swim was handed a double-stack blue pill with a flower picture on it along with a bottle of water. The moment of truth had arrived. Swim and all of his friends piled into the cinema room of the building and, with one final look around at each other, threw the small blue pills into their mouth and washed them down. A friend switched on some groovy but soft electronic music and everyone sat down and relaxed.

Swim knew one of the people in the room for only one year about. He knew one of the other guys for about five years and the last guy (the other ecstasy virgin) for about nine years. The atmosphere was really relaxed, yet anxious at the same time. Swim kept questioning his friends with MDMA experience as to how he would know when it hit. “Trust me” a friend said, “You can’t miss it.”. Swim nodded unconvincingly and kept bobbing his head along to the music.

Some time went by. Swim was too nervous to really notice. He hadn’t been this apprehensive about trying a new substance since he first chugged a bottle of cough syrup not knowing what it would do. He got up and started groovin’ a bit to the music. He thought he felt traces of something in his mind, something different, but he was still quite certain that the pill hadn’t kicked in yet. He sat down once again a bit disappointed. He turned to say something to his friend but something stopped him. He froze, he couldn’t move, think, feel, do anything. His mind was slowly orgasming as pleasure enveloped his neurons. For about ten entire seconds he just sat staring at his friend with a gaping mouth as he tried to comprehend the sheer magnitude of what he was feeling in his mind.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity swim gasped, “wooooooowwwww!” A huge grin spreading across his face. He looked around at the room he had been sitting in for the past 40 minutes. The same room he had spent countless hours upon hours chilling in smoking with his friends. It seemed to take on a new life. It coursed with energy. Energy… He felt a sense of energy coming from deep within his soul. He had never felt so energetic and high in his life. He felt as though he was pure adrenaline. He stood up effortlessly and simply stood in place moving his limbs. Feeling the grace with which they swept through the air with no effort whatsoever. He felt light as a feather. It was at this moment the music hit him.
Before I get sucked back into the maelstrom of work that awaits me Monday (I even had to go into the office today ) and return to my usual array of priorities that unfortunately don't leave time to expend on UG and the DT, I thought I'd share one last thing with you guys.

I got a kick out of ESPLTDV401DX sharing his first roll with the DT, and the other recent posts about entactogens made me think about my own first experience with MDMA, now 11 years in the past.

So I went on DF to look up my trip report for that night - my third time writing one - and was delighted to find that it has been put back into its own thread. Long ago it had been merged into a general MDMA Experiences thread and lost amongst the hundreds of posts there.

It's long and might be not of interest to everyone here, but I'm hoping that some of you will relate to it and find it a worthwhile read. Either way I thank you all for indulging this old UG/DT fossil in my little trip down nostalgia lane.

The post is here:

But I'll see if the word count and possible double posts will work to transcribe it here for convenience.
Hmmm, sounds interesting, but I've found it's always much more so when you aren't obligated to do it! In the corporate world I'm reading more public policy, behavioural economics and social psychology on account of its relevance and practical applications. But often miss the high level theoretical discussions of university days, which are harder to get into with friends even these days.

What's this job cert thing about?
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Whatsup bajeda. I remember you recommended me the alchemist like back in v7 or so, damn good book

Hey Lard, how's it hanging?

I've actually started to read quite heavily for recreation again, after being so narrowly focused on non-fiction for all those years of school. It's been a pleasant surprise how quickly it can be picked up again. Discovering was a big help to getting my interest back, as I reminisced on old reads and built a list of new/old books to try out or reexplore.

Currently working through Ursula Le Guin's entire back catalogue and am already sad at the prospect of finishing them all, though I have a bunch more Science Fiction queued up.

You read anything good lately? Now that I can keep track of my to-reads via GRs I'm keen to find new stuff to add to the queue.

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First of all, sup. I wasn't active here when you were, but I've seen yer name around.

Second, how do you think bluelight compares to drugs-forum? Just out of curiosity.

Following my last post, I think this thread is one of the best examples of DF's moderation tactics (in their most extreme form) in stark contrast to BL's hands-off approach:

This was a hefty thread that descended into internecine mudslinging over the question of whether cannabis use can be an addiction.

On BL this would still be many pages of endlessly repetitive posts, often by the same core group of people (on this emotionally combustible subject; otherwise you do get more poster diversity). Here it got chopped away until only the relevant and civil posts of worth remain.

I used a much defter hand when pruning or amalgamating threads, but the Addiction Forum is a more sensitive area. Since it is widely viewed by people in recovery who can be psychologically affected by what they read I think the more aggressive approach is warranted when there is an outbreak of negativity like this that derails threads intended to guide and support.
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updated the OP, sir :CHEERS:


And props to you for keeping this alive, along with the admins/mods who permitted the revival.

There are great sources of information out there like DF for those who want to sink their hooks into the subject matter, but not everyone will go to those lengths, so it always helps to have a place like this where users can seek guidance, support, and general camaraderie in the comfort of their chosen online community.

Quote by Bleed Blue
First of all, sup. I wasn't active here when you were, but I've seen yer name around.

Second, how do you think bluelight compares to drugs-forum? Just out of curiosity.

I haven't been on bluelight in a while, but imagine its much the same as before.

BL has some amazingly intelligent and passionate people on it. They put together some excellent knowledge. And then it is sadly buried under a ton of fluff and duplicative (sometimes errantly) concurrence.

It is more of a social forum than DF. DF has its social sections and of course maintains a sense of community, but the emphasis is decidedly on knowledge creation and dissemination for the purpose of harm-reduction. BL is more like the DT in that for every post exchanging expertise related to psychoactives there is one or more that are just shooting the shit, or make a more half-hearted attempt at sharing information.

Again, there are some dedicated users on BL with a sophisticated understanding of drug use in all its forms (psychological, chemical, pharmacological, legal, etc.), but I find that the signal-noise ratio stymies efficient use as a source of information. They did and possibly still do have a larger userbase too, which exacerbates things. Look at any of the amalgamated "Big Dandy Thread" on various drugs for example. You have to dig through so much crap - many more reckless users there too imo - to find the genuinely useful stuff.

The moderation policies have a great deal to do with this. DF as a community and as a site is oriented to knowledge production, and vigorous but fair moderation is used to advance this aim. BL the moderation is more of your typical forum rule enforcement rather than organizing and curating information and directing/leading creation of user-friendly resources.

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Haha this thread hasn't changed a bit.

Heeeeey man, long time no see!

Hope all is well with you

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I prefer cocaine.

Ecstasy made me hyperactive and insufferable to be around.

It's quite possible the pills you took had more amphetamines or other stimulant adulterants than they did MDMA or other MDxxs.

I suggest buying crystals if you can find it - not powder, but straight up unbroken crystals.

You always want to have a trio of marquis, mecke and simons reagents handy if you're going to take MDxxs.

If you can afford the drug you can afford the eminently reasonable priced reagent test kits. Don't ever take your dealer or friend at their word for it. Test before you take anything.

Your body will thank you 10-15 years down the line and beyond

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3. it's a lot more fun to get really high with your friends every once in a while than it is to smoke regularly

Quoted for truth. I just wish it took me less than a decade to figure that out

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yeah the length of a trip can be unnerving, I think a lot of people freak out because it seems like it's going to last forever.

dat afterglow tho

Great way to ease trip anxiety: benzodiazepines.

Hold on a minute... don't go tossing pills in your mouth right yet let me explain!

You don't need or especially want to take the benzodiazepines. Just keep them in a drawer nearby or in a baggie in your pocket.

Just knowing that they are there if you need them, if things get too intense and you need to kill or seriously damper the trip, goes a long way to quelling trip anxiety. Especially if things get intense and you worry about how long there is to go (always start a timer upon ingestion btw, so you have an objective measure of time that doesn't rely on memory! I always do so on phone to help with redosing, etc), just think about the benzo there that can help end it early if need be, and that should help you put the worries to rest before they can take root.
Wow, fun reactions today to both Magicka 2 and the Dying Light DLC.

This is exactly why I don't pre-order or do season passes.
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jeeeesus, this shit's crazy. one thing to read about drug busts on the news, another to actually hear about them from the people being raided

Those aren't very large quantities... must live in one of those states with really shitty drug laws or something (mandatory minimums, 3-strikes, etc.). Hard to believe that volume merits a full-on raid, unless he lucked out and was low on supply at the time.

Should be able to plea-bargain out of any substantial sentence.

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Relevant Links

Erowid is the best source for unbiased drug information for anything from health to law to experiences.

UG crossed my mind randomly so I was just checking to see if everything was still around. Wasn't going to post but had to comment on the thread's opening post.

Erowid hasn't been the "best" source for drug guidance in quite some time, though it is accessible and convenient. But most of the content is seriously dated, and as a compendium it leaves the information for you to take or leave as is, regardless of your ability to gauge its reliability.

I highly recommend drugs-forum for up-to-date information that is actively maintained.

(Full Disclosure: I was a moderator there. But I have no vested interest in promoting it other than to make sure people are aware of what I believe to be the best harm-reduction resource out there)
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I remember scouring this thread like 8 or 9 years ago when I wanted to try mushrooms and acid for the first time.... wooooaaaaaah flashbacks duuuuude. Of course, I think it was the drug thread 4.0

The first designated - first as 'Only' then became 'Official' - drug thread was started maybe 7-8 years ago. So probably thinking of the very beginning.

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Is mimosa hard to get outside of the U.S.A?

Quote by RPGoof
Last time I checked it's hard to get inside the USA, not sure about internationally

Just checked of my preferred Ethnos sites (from back in the day at least). They still ship most anywhere, excepting countries where it is explicitly banned: Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, Poland, Ukraine.

Probably easier to find vendors outside of the US, since the crackdown is focused on domestic online retailers.
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Child, please.

We're rolling over teams without our starting QB or starting RB. And I guess coming off an undefeated season with a now more matured team isn't worth high ratings?

As I said, the post-season ban was probably a good thing. When your undefeated season primarily consists of cupcake wins or ugly performances against a slate of obviously diminished conference opponents, well... it isn't a very useful benchmark.

Not to say that there isn't talent there, but people talking about #1 AP ranking and split championships last season seriously needed to lay off the kool-aid. I don't think tOSU should even have been considered a top ten team last season, and nothing this season suggests that things will be all that different.

Quote by wastingyears
Yep cause Florida A&M and Cal are great competition . I think OSU is kind of overated, definitely not top 5.

Cal was getting destroyed for most of their game against Portland St ffs! (poor poor Bears, still suffering the wounds of Tedford).

Still early in the season, so we'll see.
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Huge B10 game next week, UW at OSU at night. More than likely the winner of that game wins that B10 division. Good thing its not on at the same time as UGA-LSU

And hopefully Michigan loses this game against UConn cause fuck michigan

Buckeyes are so incredibly overrated for the second year running. The bowl ban helped if anything, since they only had tepid B1G competition to contend with.

It's amazing how far the big ten has fallen. Northwestern is one of the most complete teams in the conference these days!!
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As with any source of drug information, you must read as much as you can to increase your "sample size." There's plenty of bullshit out there, so you need to read a lot so as to pick out the bullshit from the truth.

I've seen plenty of bullshit on drugs-forum too. But the only thing I'd really use erowid for is the basics: dosage, effects, duration, threshold, etc. I have absolutely no regard for trip reports, so I don't read any of them.

To conserve time it's best to identify the most credible sources of information. Makes it much easier to sort the signal from the noise.

DF certainly will have some aberrant information, but the site is designed to be a generator of knowledge and does a fairly good job in the main.

One of the best aspects of the site, however, is the archive of peer-reviewed research. Read the scholarly research, study the relevant scientific principles (chemistry, biology, pharmacology, psychology, etc.), and develop a robust knowledge base with minimal reliance on anecdotal observations and dialogue.

Of course, that takes incredible time and dedicated effort and isn't practical for most people. In which case I recommend taking the time to identify people who have achieved that degree of competency and utilizing them as a short-cut to learning for harm reduction purposes.
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I agree. Erowid is great too, I just find it more useful for the experiences section and even then theres a lot of overexaggeration. For some reason though drugs-forum doesnt always open like the site will say "page could not be loaded" a lot. But yeah drugs-forum and bluelight are really good. I think ive seen you posting on either one or both of those Bajeda

I could swear I saw a few posts about Kava from you, which were helpful to me in figuring out the whole liver damage thing.

Well, I was a mod on DF for like half a decade, so wouldn't be surprised!

I was mod for Ethnobotanicals and love Kava so quite possibly me you're thinking of for that too. Posted quite a bit there and in basically every single UG drug thread.

Quote by HelpTravesty
Haven't used the site for much more than the dosages. I haven't come across anything that i haven't already encountered for a long time and im winding down any interest i have in trying the varieties of psychedelics.

Good to see your smiling face.

Erowid or DF? I do still check erowid to refresh my memory on doses; nice and convenient to call up in a pinch, even if better insight and research on latter (if less easily accessible).

Great to see you around! Feels like it's been forever since I last checked in here. Reality sucks up too much time/energy. Such is life.

Glad to see the official DT is still going strong.
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Love: Oregon
Hate: Everyone else, especially Stanford and Oregon State

I've been a fan for a while now. I don't think we will be that great this year though. New coach and all. Plus I'm not sure who Kenjon Barner's replacement will be. It has to be a high caliber player since halfback is a crucial position in Oregon's offense.

Oh well. We'll see.

For long-time Oregon fans this entire decade has been glorious (one more win and the fuskies will have been shut out for a full DECADE!). We are a top contendor for taking PAC-12 and are well set for another potential NC run. Where the heck do you set your bar fod "great"?

You sound a tad out of touch with the team's circumstances. I'm prescribing a weekly perusal of to keep up to speed ;-)
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Erowid is probably the most comprehensive and informative site regarding psychoactive substances around right now.

It used to be. But it's a compendium, so the stale information tends to rest easily alongside the new. The site is accessible and an invaluable resource to many who wouldn't otherwise take the time to learn about the substances they are using. Nevertheless its age is showing.

I believe that drugs-forum is the single best resource for psychoactives.

bluelight also has some tremendously sharp and knowledgeable members, but more recklessness and often horrific signal to noise ratio.
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Well I probably need to grind up my weed more then, all I have are my fingers, I need a grinder I guess.

Little scissors work great, like cuticle scissors, if you don't have a grinder handy.
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But I can't stop myself! It was hard enough not to buy the second book! I'll be doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed!

Just give in. DO IT!

Here, gimme your address, I happen to have the second and third books on hand
Quote by captaincrunk
Will the third leave me with closure though? When I get a cliffhanger, I ****ing jump.

So long as you don't read the epilogue, it won't be too bad.
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*shameless plug*

I did a progressive, semi-not-really Opeth cover of an Arch Enemy song.

I plan on doing a doom/stoner metal cover of Cake's The Distance. That bass line so groovy, it's gonna make a sick sludgy riff all fuzzed up with my Devi Ever Hyperion. Gives such dank bass fuzz.

Hey, when do you hear back on your test results?
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In fact, I think he sat down and wrote 100 pages before he stopped to actually figure out what the story was going to be.

He based the main story on the War of the Roses , and then added the more fantastical/religious/prophetic/etc. elements in over time. I think he was pretty sure he wanted to do a retelling of that particular history and then started to craft the fantasy world to serve as setting, adding more fantastical elements as he went along.

Quote by Confuse-a-Cat
Also, GRRM would never OK it. He hates fanfiction, and a change as drastic as this on would essentially amount to replacing book 2 onwards with HBO's fanfiction version with Sean Bean still living. Why do that when the actual books are so good?

He has acknowledged that the HBO writers can do whatever the hell they'd like with the story now and there isn't a damn thing he can do about it.

I'm sure HBO wants to work with him closely, especially since there is a need to maintain continuity through the later books, but they already killed off a character (Mago? Something like that) who Martin said is supposed to be important for later on, so obviously some changes are going to take place along the road as the series continues and more differences from the books start to sprout up. This will become more necessary for the later books where the plotting isn't as tight and Martin's narrative become more lethargic (4th and 5th books basically).

But yeah, keeping Ned alive would have been way too drastic a change and is inconceivable.

Quote by OddOneOut
I love the books, reading A Feast for Crows atm.
But dear lord the acting is bad in Game of Thrones. Other than that they've cast well and it all seems pretty good. I've only watche dup to episode 4 though.

Really? I thought the acting was pretty damn good, as it should be given the caliber of performers they hired! Though I have to say the child actors all did a fantastic job with their roles. Cat is the only one I don't care for out of the bunch; I had a more favorable impression of her from the books.

Quote by crazysam23_Atax
The dragon people are doing stuff on the side. As of the 2nd book, they just are sailing to the 7 Kingdoms. Their plot is very slow compared to the other plots.

Who are you referring to exactly? Daenerys definitely isn't sailing to the seven kingdoms at any point in the second book!

Quote by captaincrunk
That's my problem. I read the first, noting how old it was I figured the series was out by then. But it isn't. Martin is slow as fuuuuuuck. So I'm not going to get the rest of the series until it's all out. Problem with that is that the show will keep going even while he's not writing

Just read the first three. They make an amazing trilogy. Then rest on your laurels and wait to see how the last books are received before embarking on the 4th and 5th and whatnot. The fourth book pissed me off so much, what with the vast majority of the chapters being comprised by characters I disliked doing absolutely nothing of interest.
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I learned by rolling a paper around a pencil or marker and just filling and packing the weed in. Seemed to help for a couple of friends of mine, too, but the only thing that will definitely make you better at rolling is fucking up a few joints and using that experience to figure out what is too tight and too loose.

The only real "tip" I have for rolling is after its all rolled and sealed, squeeze it a little and roll it back and forth between your fingers a couple times all the way up and down the joint. that will help you get a feel for how dense it is. And if one part is really tight, then it probably won't smoke all that well and you might want to try again.

That's an ok way to start, but you need to learn how to shape the joint with your fingers with the weed (and tobacco mix if applicable) and filter in the paper if you want to roll good joints.

You can smooth out the creases by rolling the joint back and forth between your fingers as you explained, which you get better at as you get used to the sensation and develop more "touch," but afterwards the best way to get the bud packed nicely is to "tap" it against a table or other hard surface. That is to say, you hold the joint upright, after licking the edges but before twisting it shut, and then you drop it on the filter, then pick it up and drop it again, and so on, in quick succession. If you ground the weed fine enough it should compact nicely and even if it is solid (you don't want it lumpy or with holes) it will smoke just fine. If you associate density with the joint not smoking too well I think you might need to grind up your weed more. But yeah, same as if you'd want to "pack" an individual cigarette by tapping the bottom on a table, you do so with a joint to compact it more so it fills out evenly. Then after you twist the top of the paper you can hold it by the end and shake it back and forth to compact it some more before cutting/biting/burning off the end.

Quote by drummer420
for a perfect doob, start out by rolling it loose and pull each end of the joint tight, then roll it.

That doesn't sound like good joint rolling technique.
Quote by hansarvin
It is, I've done it once and it's a definite feeling of rolling..but totally lacking the empathy and energy of mdma. Also the comedown was jittery for me, I'd rather take bk-MDMA aka methylone. It's a lot of fun, but a very floory roll, you won't be able to dance on a real dose of it lol, it's also a bit trippy.

Methylone is probably a better option, though I have no direct experience with MDAI so I can't say for sure.

The 5- and 6-APB MDA analogues look even more promising in terms of replicating that family's entactogenic effects. Risk profile has yet to be fully fleshed out on those though (I haven't put alot of research into it at least) and sourcing is still sketchy unless you can afford GC/MS or have found a direct report on quality for a particular vendor and can verify it. I may try for a bioassay myself though.

Anyways, without needing to take the added risk of going for the new-new stuff, methylone is a nice tried and true option.
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EDIT: What should I do first, 2c-e, 2c-i, or mdai?

If you take the MDAI I wouldn't use either of the other substances (or any psychedelics or other entactogens really) for at least two weeks or so, to be on the safe side. Also I think the dose response would be diminished for those substances anyways if I remember correctly, so even if the risk is less than I thought probable it would be better psychologically and physiologically to take a mandatory break.

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just mix all of them into one pile, and parachute it all

don't look back

Really wouldn't mix these guys. The 2C-x's could be carefully combined I suppose, but it seems like a waste given that they have such unique personalities. It is much more fruitful to explore each one on its own merits, and if you have so much time and substance that you can afford to explore combinations that may not prove worthwhile, you can go ahead and do so. MDAI I wouldn't trust mixed with other substances at this time given the lack of data on it (the 2C family at least shares enough similarities that comparisons can be drawn more clearly between ones with more research data behind them and those with lesss).

Quote by teachmeviolence
I'm gonna do the 2c-i first because I've read that it tends to be more recreational and upbeat, while 2c-e is supposedly more deep and mental. Tonight I'm in a fun mood!

Never plan on doing 2C-E for a "laugh." Advice you can't go wrong with.

2C-I can burn you as well, depending on set/setting and being overly generous with how much you take, but it tends to be a gentler* and more happy-go-lucky substance than its other siblings so it is often seen as a more recreational sort of drug.

*When I say "gentler" I am not referring to body-load in any way. I'd say that 2C-I has a heavier than average body-load actually, on account of its moderate stimulant properties. 2C-E produces zero body-load for me, though it can be really heavy for some people.
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Get off the highway a couple exits short of the checkpoint, and get back on a few exits past it. If you go there and there are drug dogs nearby, its very unlikely that you will make it by with an eighth of dankity.

I bet you anything the cops know this trick like the back of their hand and will be watching those exits way more closely than the actual checkpoint.

Seriously, nothing screams probable cause like trying to take a detour around a checkpoint!
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i just used the term bizzle nizzle of the centurizzle with a girl. if we go out and have kids i'll name it (regardless of gender) Drug Thread

Why not "Drugizzle Thrizzle"?
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Oh hey, a list of baj's favourite films.

lol nice digging. I'm sure I have posts around here that I don't even remember writing (and not just on account of the passage of time!).
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I should be applying in october. I'm also applying to Reed College, Pitzer College, UCSF, UCSD, Concordia and University of British Columbia.

Good schools. Best of luck getting in! Gonna go lie down now or something but hopefully will see you around again. Might do me some good to drop in here more often (just started visiting DF for the first time in ages also).
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haha, the picture where they're with the bongs wearing long pants, I was wearing similar clothes at the time. They're the type of clothes we wore to the many activities we had, which ranged anywhere from 5am to 10pm, and in that picture we were taking bong hits before going out to catch bats.

That sounds cool, where do you study ? I'm entering my last year of high school actually (yeah I'm a young'un) but I plan to either study conservation biology or biotechnology at McGill in Montreal.

Programs are pretty small at this level (and degree of specialization), so I'm not gonna mention the specific institution Old paranoia dies hard xD

I had some friends who went to McGill. Montreal sounds like an awesome place to be for college years. Should be good times, though need to remind yourself what you are really there for from time to time (I know I did!). Cool fields too. You apply yet or that is this year?
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and that sounds awesome man, sometimes you do have to go through some intense terrible introspective shit to come out a better and happier person. Where are you studying in grad school ?

By the way I never come in here anymore, it was a total coincidence that I saw you post in here on the front page.

That looks tight. Have to say though, you look over-dressed compare to your companions there who look to blend in with the more grungy-hippie vibe xD

I study political science (extremely vague and unhelpful, I know). I focus on the use of political violence, in conjunction with strategic/security studies (i.e. how governments respond to political violence, anti-terrorism and counter-insurgency efforts, etc.).

I don't think the stuff I went through is going to make stronger or happier. More like something that will always be there and maybe I can work through it and end up ok in the end, but I will never be better for it. Oh well, just got to keep putting one foot forward and keep facing the future.

It's been a while, what/where are you studying these days?
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Just came back last week from Peru and Brazil, where I did some volunteer work in a few conservation reserves in the rainforest. I tried mescaline and ayahusca for the first time, ate tons of coca leaves, tried some morphine pills (I should add that san pedro and morphine are legal in peru) and smoked weed every day out of bamboo bongs my roommates and I made. It was an amazing time.

How about you ?

That sounds amazing. Best volunteer opportunity ever! Seriously though, some really awesome yet really hard to find or produce substances (legit coca leaves - way better than coke - mescaline, ayahuasca!).

How long were you there for, long time? Or was this like a summer thing and then back to school?

I've been keeping myself insanely busy. In grad school, plus I got a job in an area that really fascinates me and got a promotion in less than a year and things are still looking up on that front so I'm pretty happy, even if my social life leaves something to be desired as a result. Also had a really rough year in some respects, with alot of ****ing painful personal shit to overcome. Was both an amazing and a ****ing horrible year, depending on what you are looking at.

Shit, I don't even remember the last time I was back here. I think I dropped by during last Christmas, but in terms of the last time I had an actual active streak here? Feels like it was forever ago!
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sup bajeda, long time no see. Do miss thread IV, I think that was the best.

Hey, good to see you around as well. All the threads kind of blend together in my mind, but I think I had the most energy and activity put forth into the first four or five, so sounds about right!

What's new with you?
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Baj, do you know where that post you've made before with all the drugs you've tried, and your experiences and thoughts about each one is?

Oh man, I've had several that kind of sound like that. Last one was just a list of everything, but without remarks. Otherwise in the very first drug thread near the beginning I did one of those, but I think that's lost now.

Would just have to do a search for posts under my user-name, in The Pit (or can you search for posts within each thread?), and look for it. Given the # of posts, I don't think I have the time or energy to go looking
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Okay guys, I really need feedback on this message. My Cousin smokes cigarettes. She ran out lastnight while at work and bummed one off of a guy at the hotel she works at. Okay, she come flying in home like a bat out of hell this morning screaming to the top of her lungs that their were people hanging from the trees, faces in the trees, and a devil in the tree below the house. Now I know myself that their are a few drugs that will make you see things if you take them. (Shrooms, acid, etc.) What do you think it could be? The cigarette that she got off the guy was laced with something, but I don't know if you can lace a cigarette with shrooms or acid. That's the reason I'm turning to you guys.

Also, how long will the effects last?

It's interesting, people always think "laced" when situations like these come up. Usually the stories involve drug use to begin with, so this one is different in that it is far less likely she is just imaging exaggerated effects.

That said, could it be paranoia/anxiety inducing a psychotic break? Would be better to think that someone gave her a PCP laden cigarette - either accidentally or with malicious intent - but it could be just as likely that a latent mental illness is manifesting. Also, placebo effect is another possibly (usually indicated in the cases where people think they've smoked "laced weed" when it is just them exaggerating the effects in their mind and creating a positive feedback loop where their anxiety about the effects in turn strengthens them more).

Way too little information to even be able to confirm that it is a drug at play here, let alone PCP. You didn't specify when she smoked the purportedly laced cigarette, what her physical comportment and demeanor is like, if she is talking and if so what she is saying specifically and how she is saying it, etc. You gave a broad overview, but the devil is in the details and there just aren't any to work with in your post.

Hopefully this was resolved of its own accord without significant lasting consequences. If problems continue to persist seeking medical help would be advisable.
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Any ideas on what would happen if I took 7300 mgs of gabapentin?

Gaba has a long list of weird side effects. I occasionally experienced some perturbing effects on my vision, such as my field of vision "shaking," found that it didn't always agree with my stomach and it would usually leave me with a pronounced lethargic afterglow (more like a hangover) the next day if I took too much.

Can be moderately recreational, particularly when mixed with other gabinergic drugs (benzos and alcohol, primarily), but I wouldn't take more than 3 to 4 grams at one time. Even that feels a tad high. This stuff interacts with your body in myriad ways and it just isn't worth the risk / negative impact to overload your body with so much of it, considering the effects aren't that great to begin with.
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This is relevant though, you guys know Inglorious Basterds universe is the same as the Pulp/Dogs universe?

I don't see how that has any impact whatsoever on the consumption of those respective films.
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I use a roach, but after about 2/3 of the joint (kingskin size) they start to burn my lips with every toke and after about 5/6 of it I can't take a good drag without burning my lips. Perhaps a slightly longer roach would help?

EDIT: Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen anyone roll a joint without a roach.

Use a longer roach, yes. Do you smoke cigs? If so, take an empty back and rip off the little tabs that stick off the top if you fold it out. Hard to describe but you should see what I mean. One of those, rolled up, is the optimal size for a roach. If they are shorter than that normally you are rolling them too small.
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Oh, does anyone have any tips on rolling joints that don't burn your lips?

Cut up an index card or pieces of a cigarette pack and use them to make a roach/filter by rolling an 'S' shape to start then rolling around it to form a cylinder that will hold its shape.
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I'm sure there were a couple of people older than me here, but I don't know if they're active anymore.

If anybody cares... I'm 51 now.

hey, Join Date buddy!

I'm not active anymore though, just dropping by for the first time in a while. plus when I come back for a short period I tend to stay in the drug thread and maybe check a few random other threads but that's about it. Just no time for UG anymore, or forums in general.

I'm almost exactly half your age though, so if going by actual age, there are plenty of people older than me I'm sure.