get free Bitlord
then go to and search for what you need
Dont you watch NBC's dateline? They going to arrest you !!! LOL
There might be no or little forensic evidence, but there is this thread.
Go for it !!!
A ds can only do as much as a psp out of the box when you finished hacking into it.
you sound like your in 5th grade. seriously grow up
Uhhh SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL . No, go get a job you lazy *beep*
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Im gonna sig that.

cool thanx
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sorry, never ment to make it sound like i was trying to claim ownership of the story. just trying to say i don't think that the fact that he lost his legs is a real big deal since he is a zombie how was brought back from oblivion about three times.

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read the rules. bitch.

big words there "biatch"
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I believe in it 100%
Im also wiccan.

+10 for being wiccan

blessed be
What are your thoughts, if any, on downloading music?

Do you think it is ok?

I think it is o.k but if I really like the band Ill buy it.
look for chill out mix........real cd....can download it too
nirvana - you know your right
He makes a run for it. Were he will end up no one will know. he is gone and no one has seen him since....they say he still haunts the woods from time to time.

Larry the cable guy - stand up is too funny
I was into Tarot cards. still am.

my deck
I suck....I would write a song about it but I suck at that too.
in a blaze of glorie
I wounder if anyone in the factory cums in the icing .... you wouldnt even know
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report me NOWWWW, pwease?

why do you want to leave anyways? you seem to be in a hurry.

what was that post that guy did last week were he got band from ug? remeber he pretended his dad was on ug complaining about the sex ads on ug??

go out like that.
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i dont care how i die. i wanna be cremated then put into coffee grounds and sold.

Find the path through the razor wire to the door.
But hurry. At 3:00 that door will lock
and then this room becomes your tomb.

How much blood will you shed to stay
alive ?
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you can have the girl, but try to take my equipment and I'll fight like an irishman

she better be pretty
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Saw 1 = Awesome
Saw 2 = Average
Saw 3 = Utter Balls.

Saw 4 can only get better *hopes*

saw 1 was crap...the acting was crap the only good thing about 1 was the twist.
they even fired the director cause it was shite.

saw 2 was a bit better but not a grusome as I would of liked. good story line

saw 3 had all the grusome I love and a good story line.

saw 4 ?
old superheros of mine
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Sometimes I do, just to leave school and family and just take off My ideal running away would be with a girlfriend (which I dont have at the moment) and heading to europe, playing in a band. So...whats your ideal running away scenario. im pretty bored so make it interesting

run to Europe.

steal your girlfriend.

steal your equiptment.

then run away
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*Checks edited post*
Hmmm, i feel a Saw 4 coming along...

And yes, you are definately Sadistic.

Actually it was taken from saw 2. And after watching saw 3 I dont know how they can top it with 4....I guess I gotta wait.....
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Are you Sadistic, or do you just hate the UG community?

no ?I love the UG community

so I guess that leaves "sadistic"

wait go back check my edit its way better
Have you seen the movie " saw "?

Hello, UG. I want to play a game. So far, what you call this your life,
you've been living watching others. I call you unworthy of the body you posses, of the life that have been given. Now, we will see if you are willing the to look in world better than that, to give up the one thing you rely on in order to go on living. The device arround your necks are a death masks. The masks are on a spring timer.
If you do not locate the key in time, the mask will close. Think at this like a carnivorous plant. What are you looking right now is your own body no more than two hours ago. Don't worry. You were put to sleep and can't feel a thing. Taking to account that you are a great disadvantage here, I am going to give a hint from where hidden the key. So listen carefully.
The hint is this: it's right behind your eye. How much blood you would share to stay
alive, UG.

Live or die.
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That won't work you have to soak it in the vinegar first

o ya Thanx I forgot
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Is Bit Torrent free?


and way better

look for guitar pro5 with either serial, crack or patch. usully be a .zip file or .rar file
and will usually have installation notes....quite easy really - real website when you are bored
welcome to - Emo high
try using steel whool...............
clean out all your "temporary folders" and all your "cookies" then get "lavasoft adaware" (free) run a scan.

get a registry cleaner.

then run a scan through virius scan
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Danm i do litteraly the same things it sucks right?
And yes depression sucks i'm in 8th grade i havent gone to school in a while.Although i still have a chance of graduating.Starting about 2 weeks ago i started trying to change my life.I have to see how it works out.Good luck with the "improvement"

you have depression in the 8th god wait till you are an adult.....thats depression
go on welfare like everyone else like you I can work damn hard paying taxes for people like you...................................