I think its yen
damn nice axe.
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Correction - YOU have failed today.

I'm always dedicated on goals I want to reach but apparently that has failed today.
thanks for all the support guys
Well, actually they gave me a check. Sadly, I returned my gear and got over $1000.00 back, $1,034.54 to be exact. That's including the other stuff I bought at other stores like Hastings and walmart. Hehe

Well, I guess I wont be playing a guitar. Maybe I'll try drums haha.
What are pedals for? I see different types like um...... these ones

Whats the difference between each of them and how do you know which one you want?
ah, thanks for the reply guys. I think ill keep it and give it a try hehe. I might just spend a few bucks on lessons or what not. Maybe take guitar lab next semester. Thanks again for the great advice. I'll keep it and if Im not satisfied with how I play, then I might give the rig to an old friend back in the philippines who was the one who actually got me to play a guitar.

Hell be happy. THanks
Well, I can return it, it still hasnt been 30 days yet. I think Guitar Center will refund it 100%
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all instruments are hard man, so theres no easy road. if your serious about not going with guitar then yes return or sell everything, but keep in mind you WILL NOT get all that money back. i hope you find whatever instrument your looking for.

What do you mean "I won't get all that money back"?
Hi guys, I dont feel like playing the guitar is for me at all. I still have a chance to return everything I bought at Guitar Center. Should I return them? I dont feel like its something I can learn and dedicate my time at. I really want to play an instrument but, not quite sure if Im dedicated enough to actually play the guitar. I've heard of people that has been playing the guitar for over 20 years and still they are still learning. So I cant say that its something that anyone can actually master.

So what do you guys think? I've spent close to almost $1000.00 on my rig and I dont want that money to go to waste.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I dont have the time to practice either. I'm pretty busy.
the picture looks cropped and edited because it is. they wanted to get rid of the background so they can change it to a white background so they only took the guitar part and put it in the picture with the others. But that guitar looks nice
First of all, as I was reading your post, it seems like you are an "above average" kid. But you should know by now how credit card can ruin your entire life. I bet your mom knows that. The store may say "No Payments until year 2300" and the thing is... people seem to take those for granted and say "hey, I don't have to pay this until about 300 years from now, why bother making payments?"

And 300 years later, they still haven't paid their debts and little did they know, interest rates were 4500% per month. A $1,000 purchase from a credit card now is getting interest rates as high as anyone can afford. This may not seem true but the point is, credit card is not good for you.
who knows, but strings can last as long as it doesnt break hehe. But if you play a lot, i might change it even if its not noticeable in the sound.
coffin case? is that the coffn looking case? hehe, wats so cool about them?
i dont even knw what artificial harm. is
thats one hella ugly guitar!
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Ok, as many of you probably know, I just started playing the guitar two days before New Year 2007 and now I've mastered my first song like 5 days after I learned to play the guitar.. "How to save a life" by The Fray.

Now, my question is, how long will it take for me to be actually good at playing the guitar? Well, I know that its different for each person depending on how much dedication they put into it, their effort, and how fast they learn stuff.

But, like an estimate maybe?

How about if I started playing "Canon Rock" by Jerry C, how long do you guys think it will take me if I like say, practice one hour per day and more on the weekends. How long will it take for me to actually be able to play this entire music? Now, remember, I'm new to playing the guitar, it might take a while for me to learn those hammer ons and those slide thingies on this piece of music especially sliding from the last frets to the first frets hehe and getting it accurately.

I'm dedicated enough to learn this piece of music as its a good "show off" haha.
Then if old wood sounds better, why not cut some of those 300 year old trees that grows in California? Those huge ones, maybe a diameter of 20 feet+ or something. I bet they are really old.
wow those are very nice
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Wrong forum. It's been adressed in site feedback. It's just an error and an admin will fix it.

I've never seen you post this before. You're usually in like "Musician Talk" and "The Pit" forums
Hm..... IDK.

Edit 2nd: ^^^^^^^^ Ah ok, I didnt know that hehe. I thought they were the real magnets. Good to know. I like your sig btw, the first quote lolz

Edit: Ima go to bed peace y'all
arent those the magnets? ^^^^^

Edit: i could have sworn that i thought they were magnets.
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Whats the best custom luthier in europe who would be rather suited to making me a les paul?


not a lot of Americans know what a "Luthier" is but they won't know an answer to your question anyway since they live here in the states and don't have any idea where's the best technician in Europe.
nice, good to know. Do you thinks this thing is worth it? It kinda makes your guitar versatile and playable anywhere you want to with less cable and stuff and not having to lug 200lbs of equipment to another room.
i didnt know that. I never heard of magnets getting rust, well unless its a cheap quality magnets that is iron plated i guess. We are talking about the magnets in the pickups that rust right?
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Oh wow thanks Ive seen this before but didnt know what it does hehe. I usually use my headphones when I play the guitar cuz the stupid amp is too loud. even at the lowest settings, so I use a headphones and adjust the volume on my headphones. I might get this one hehe.

Edit: do you have to use that headphones or can u plug in a different headphones? The box is what makes it work right? not the headphones
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no, but you can get very cheap headphone amps.

There are headphone amps? Where? I need to search that hehe
srry Im a noob but whats a cabinet? whats the difference between that and an amp?
pickups rust?
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On guitar,itd be silent. Theres no preamp or anything. You didnt have to make such a poor drawing, could have just explained it

Lol ye, but Im not a good "explainer" hehe. Even I can't understand myself lolz.
cool theres guitar pro trainer? I have to try that. I was having troubles figure out what everything does hehe and how to make wat not

Edit: oh speed trainer hehe. Cool cool, i guess I can also use this......

I have a question, ima hijack this thread but ye. my question is.......... can you get regular tabs and download them to guitar pro? the guitar pro stuff has bass and drums and stuff like that and thers none that is only for a guitar like the guitar tabs you see in this website.

Plug in your headphones directly to your guitar and play without having a need for an amp?
maybe I should try that. One last thing. Can you also plug in your guitar directly to a headphones without plugging it to an amp? Like, plug the 1/4 inch cable to ur amp then the other end to an adapter that would let you plug it in your headphones? or how about plug in an adapter to ur headphones to make it 1/4 inch instead of 3.5mm and no need for an amp?
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ive been playing for a while now and i feel like i've come to the point where i need to upgrade. i play on a bronze series bc rich warlock and love metal.
does anyone own a yamaha rgx a2? if so, what do you think about it? if you dont like it are there any other guitars you would recommend that i try out around the same price range?

link to the guitar if you were curious:


I hear that its one if not the lightest guitar in the world. It has cool color effects too hehe.
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Im looking to upgrade from my RG350. What could I get for $800? I play metal, and blues.

can I buy your RG350? I dont know how much, say $100.00?
Okay, i was wondering if I can also use my Home theater reciever at home as guitar amps as well. Can you?

There is a "Phone" connector but i think thats for Phone Out. But my other receiver has really large speakers, like those you see on like a concert and I was wondering if you can use them as an amp substitute? I dont know why I'd want to but its just a question
so you guys dont use any fancy earphones like musicians use?

Maybe when you guys buy an earphone, get a Shure Earphones, the sound quality is real nice. I keep imagining myself being on stage with lots of crowds with my guitar and singing haha with this thing on.