im gonna say its using an F octatonic scale so it would sound best in F minor
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expensive =/= good quality, especially when you're talking about the expensive labels that celebrities wear and such.

thats true i was just think about the leather (prob faux) jackets and shoes that he wears which tend to still be pricey no matter what brand
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Is it just me or does Kid Cudi know how to dress? I am thinking about getting a similar style. Now that I have my own job this is possible.

i think the exact same thing, he has a pretty good style going. although he has the money to buy all the good quality stuff
a music degree is usually divided into a few tracks that you can choose from for example there can be performance, composition, and ethno-musicology. Each track focuses on their respective subjects and prepares you for different work in the field.

The performance track varies depending on which instrument you choose to focus on but is pretty self explanatory you would learn to play in ensembles of all types: choirs, orchestras, samba and gamelan percussion groups etc. this experience would allow you to join these groups professionally and be paid pretty well. My percussion professor teaches a few different classes while playing in groups, he makes a lot of paid trips to japan to play shows throughout the year usually on weekends.

Composition teaches you to compose for film, opera, tv, etc. you must learn the abilities and limitations of every instrument. if you plan on being a professional composer or conductor you bet you need a degree in it. if you consider how many shows, ads, movies are being seen or made everyday you understand that there is always work for good composers. The professors that i know that compose a lot also tend to travel and help conduct their pieces when they are played by high end orchestral groups. although they travel to a lesser degree than the performers.

The third track is usually theory and ethno-musicology. this is the study of music from different cultures. You must have a good grasp of the history of music in all genres and eras (although you are allowed to focus on one or two of your choice). These people usually become writers for magazines or their own books. Again the professors that i know in this field also travel a lot because they have to learn and experience different cultures so they can talk about them.

from what ive seen you cant just be a kid that plays guitar and expect to make it in anything other than a rock band (and thats a tiny chance in itself) in the music world. like all fields you need to study it in order to advance and be payed well. in short theirs plenty of jobs for musicians who study and i didnt even go into music production and engineering, instrument building, music law and music management each of which require different degrees. Hope this helped
As a big PTM fan i gotta say that way pretty good. Your voice is quite a bit different that Johns but it still works with the song. nice job
i actually really like the vocals, it has your own touch while not deviating too far from the original. the guitar parts were good too, the solos could have had a bit more 'feel' for lack of a better word but other than that it was great.
brickfish has a few every now and then
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It's pretty sad how people just stand and watch...oh people today...

what? there were a lot of people helping him making sure he was alive. what should everyone else do? im sure the bus driver called the hospital.
ive also never played WoW so most of the sayings sounded completely random to me. I think both guitars could use a bit more power to them (the rhythm could benefit a lot from more bass) so maybe try what dream pin said and layer and pan them.
Overall though it was pretty good playing, its a nice little tribute thing.
yeah everything was kinda rushed which led to mediocre quality but hey 3/5 aint bad thanks. and yeah thats my gf i had to put her in the video somehow since she helped me out so much on it.
thanks and ill check your song out right now
wow that was a lot different than what i expected given the title of the song but it was still really relaxing but at the same time made me feel a bit anxious (which is good especially if thats what you were going for). Although i think the main melody riff is played a bit too much and could use some variation. I could see this song being really good and going in a lot of different directions

Slow Motion Moon Walk was also really good.

hey this is a song i wrote for a scholarship. please check it out and comment and rate if you feel like it.

the link:
any character from Coheed and Cambria's story, although thats already a novel-ish type thing.
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Also, there is nothing aside from social convention and greed that motivates one to desire exclusive partnership. I think it was Oscar Wilde that compared this notion to slavery in that you want to own and control a person by not letting them have other partners but you. That being said, however, I still probably wouldn't cheat in most cases just because mostly everyone would be deeply hurt by cheating, because my opinion is unorthodox here.

no i think basic laws of evolution (or whatever) makes it pretty obvious why you would want one partner at a time. you know knowing the child id yours, knowing your girlfriend hasnt been cheating in you and giving you random diseases... all that stuff not just greed.
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I downloaded Master of Puppets from Napster when i was 10 and thus discovered metal

well then you got me
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according to your profile you were nine when that happened... how much downloading could you possibly have been doing?

point is get over it, it was illegal downloading and they didnt like it, so what.
Hey does anyone know where i can find a shirt that has MC Eschers birds going from right to left (black to white) i found it once and then i lost it.
i listened to soul to squeeze and I think you sounded pretty good both vocals and guitar. Good job
they probably dont think its better just more entertaining. theres nothing wrong with that imo.
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you still play chords on bass. the notes just aren't all played at the same time, like on guitar....

if they're not at the same time they're not a chord. Actually i dont think many bassists play chords at all, intervals occasionally.
Rage Against the Machine- grand olympic auditorium
the real concerts the one outside the democratic convention.

Metallica- S & M / live ****
the mountain dew commercial with the flipping car if anybody remembers that
An episode of Heroes

probably a lot more and i dont know why
Everything gets better with time. Happiness will come eventually.
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You see he does have point. It is just accepted that other races are minorities because the white man has had much success in history. Most geographical teritorries were colonized by whites, and the stereotype of a successful, liberating, stronger white race was formed. Not without reason of course. Whites have in fact been more successful in history.

You see what I'm getting at? It's like people will not think bad of a weaker person attacking a stronger person, but they will definitely have negative feelings towards a stronger person attacking a weaker person. Kind of like - "You've been more successful in history why would you keep rubbing it in?"

If you call stealing land and enslaving/ killing indigenous people success, then yes whites have in fact been more successful in history.

I voted that it is racist because he is ignoring the duality of those things, yeah minorities have these things but it only came through struggle to be equal. For the record i think hes semi-right on the name calling thing.
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yeah, i sound like an ass. im a dick for getting mad. yeah its true some guys do beat their girlfriends, but ive been their four years, i know the administrators. they should all knowi wouldnt do that. which is why this pissed me off.

yeah im sure they all know what you're like outside of school.
You had the right to be mad but you handled it badly, you should have just left; if you dont want negative attention then dont go around yelling negative things.
Personally I dont agree with your idea, i mean come on its your moms dad who just lost his wife do you really want to leave him alone?
Thanks to the people who actually answered, but ive already tried those things and they only fixed a few things. The icons, browser, and star menu, and things like winamp are all bigger to the point that some things are blurry. its not so much a problem as much as it is an annoyance.
GAHh i hate this thing. i turned on the computer today and all of a sudden every thing was huge. ive tried searching in google but i dont know what to put.

Anybody with vista experience have an idea of what it could be?

ive already checked the resolution so thats not it.
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improvising is only a slight weakness

IMO improve should be one of a guitarists strongest points, maybe you can practice that
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It's funny because it happened 5 years ago.

it hasnt even been 3 years...
it depends completly on how you play it. there is no right way to use chords, as long as you like it its fine.
First write out the Major scale say from E to E so theres 8 notes total. the order goes tonic (1), super tonic (2), mediant (3), subdominant (4), dominant(5), submediant (6), leading tone (7), tonic (8/1). The numbers represent the note so 1=E 2=F# and so on. Basically tonic is the first note in the Major scale.
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I like went onto the site and started going through all the crap you have to go through to pay, and I was like....."F**k this!!!"....and went and torrented it . I was only going to pay like 1p for it anyway so I don't think it made all that much difference.

you know you dont have to pay right and the whole process takes like 3 min. ive done it twice and paid $10 once.
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Also , was the very firt guitar part intentionaly out of tune ?.

haha thats just my crappy slide playing combined with weird effects which make it sound out of tune.

thanks for everyones comments they helped a lot.
did i crit everyone already or am i missing one of you?
wow thats so clean and well played. every things completly opposite of my style even the bright sounding telecaster and yet that doesnt stop me from enjoying this song when you play it. Great quality and precise playing all in all good job. i would like to hear you play some songs with a slide i dont know why but i think youd be really good at it, maybe because of that nice tone.
the one thing that sucked imo was the backing track and that wasnt even you so its all good. i liked your tone and everything was played well. you should try mr crowley thats one of RRs best solos i think or atleast its my fav. of his. C4C please
very bluesy in all the good ways although there are no bad. my only complaint is concerning the vocals i wish they were i bit louder in the mix. other than that it was an amazing cover. c4c please
oh man that was great! how do you get such a good tone both guitar and vocal wise when recording? mine always sounds like crap. You should put up more songs (maybe one with more vocals because they were really good) id be interested in hearing them.
thanks and yeah i plugged straight in. im still very self conscious about my voice so i dont like singing to loudly but im trying more and more everyday. i didnt sing and play at the same time on this one (although i could) so that i wouldnt lose my rhythm. thank you.
ive never heard this song so i dont know if its you that makes it likable or what but i really liked it. the playing is good and your voice is pretty cool and goes well with the song. good job. return the favor?