i live in somerset, in the town of bridgwater to be precise. its crap.
im surprised no-one mentioned 'i cum blood' . but cheers for the serious ones!!!!!
me and two friends are going to do something good for the community and tour the old peoples homes in my area with our instruments and voices.

its going to be acoustic, we can all sing and play guitar and bass and bongoes, and i can play the melodica to add something different.

was looking for tips on what songs to do?

the people will probably be between 65 and nearly dead.

i was thinking stuff like Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Beatles...

but i'd like solid song suggestions!

cheers for any reply
Stroke my hair with a big blue brush and then kick up a fuss when my head starts to rush, like a bus on speed you fly into my nest...

And there was a time when the simple things mattered like tending to my frogs in the back of the cupboard , you kicked me in the shin...

<It’s always hard when its hard to stop, its always soft when its soft to start>

Plait all my hair in the shape of an elephant, cut me loose and throw me to the wall again, its what I want from the ceiling to the floor...

9-8-7, 4-5-6 its the number you rang when you fell into my ditch, I never felt this way ...

<It’s always hard when its hard to stop, its always soft when its soft to start>


<It’s always hard when its hard to stop, its always soft when its soft to start>

And now I remember when I rode the white tiger from the back of the class to front of the laser quest , you’ve shot me up again....

Right through my veins from the brain to the button, I talk a lot of **** and no one seems to listen but please don’t forget...

To put on my favourite cassette, with the string quartet, in a room with chairs set out for just me and my chess set.

x x x

{I like this girl, she doesn't like me, I was depressed in my room so I cooked this up in 10 minutes... its amazing cos i have always tried to write lyrics but this is the first time i've ever really meant every word... see what you think... any comments appreciated}
smack my bitch up - prodigy
I cannot update or autotag any of my music files anymore for some reason?

Use Winamp and Google Chrome for long time and always worked fine, but recently I can't get any CD info for any files.

I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, using foobar2000 and WMP, using Firefox and IE, but nothing changes, just tells me my internet is not on (WMP shows 'the program cannot display the webpage', you are not connected to internet etc blah blah blah.

even though I am, connection is always fine.

I have checked windows firewall and it allows the programs am i using through. Even when i turn all firewalls off it still wont work!!!!!!

Whats that website where each band is a planet and it shows how closely linked each band are by orbits etc....?

Can't find it on Google... maybe im just stupid.

Someone must know it
mutleypunk, UK, Orange, 07964039593
ps2/ps3 eye toy works great if you have already have one

EDIT: someone beat me to it!!!!!
Quote by Valderama
Fred and Rose.

haha... please don't tell me your surname is West!

In all seriousness, i would name a boy Lars and girl Brody.
what tube amps would you recommend for a reasonable price.... obviously i dont wanna go and get a cheap one if it sounds mediocre.
get a new amp, i appreciate it, but for the price you cant really pick anything that great up, especially as i would get a tube amp and theyre pretty damn expensive for a good one..

EDIT: when i talk about tube amps, i would want to get something like the Traynor YCV40, but its about 500, 600 pounds!

i've put aside some cash to spend on some gear for myself and my guitar. not really sure what i wanna buy, but at the moment im using:

fender telecaster (mex)
roland cube 60
boss os-2
crybaby wah-wah pedal (GCB-95)

im happy with my guitar and my amp is mainly used for practice (at gigs i usually borrow an orange cab and head from another band). im not gonna consider gettin a new amp at this moment in time.

furthermore, the lightest stuff i play is ska and the heaviest ratm type stuff, but predominantly i try and get tone similar to enema era blink etc.

any recommendations would be considered, but im pretty keen on getting a tuner and been lookin at the boss tu-2... seems good, but worth it for the price?

i was also lookin at maybe gettin some new pickups, was checkin out the emg-t pickups but they are pretty pricy. any info?

other than that delay pedals also tickled my fancy...

obviously i could just by something like a boss me-50 but by getting that am i paying for lots of average effects for cheap... is it better to get lots of £40 pedals?

lots of questions....a bit all over the place.... but lookin forward to hearin what you gotta say!

cheers in advance!
definately a bit of reggae/ska. toots & the maytals greatest hits would go down awesome! (pressure drop, 54-46 etc)
I acheived 2 A*s and 10 As at GCSE level doing jack **** apart from coursework for 5 years! But I guess that's just because I'm a semi-genius!
Let's Stay Together - Al Green
fleet foxes - selftitled
rancid - and out come the wolves
the smiths - meat is murder
gallows - orchestra of wolves
bob marley - legend
Hey guys (n gals), you've probably heard it all before but here goes.

I'm 16, 17 in august, and ive only kissed one girl. we were drunk and it was meaningless ages ago.

I've never had a girlfriend. but i would like one.

problem is i'm nowhere near close to any girls, and i cant see any ways of meeting any. i get real nervous around girls i like and my mind goes blank as to what to talk about etc. i wouldnt dare touch one lol

please help im a bit depressed haha

met snoop dogg in a virgin megastore in london a few years back.

met billy bragg (one of the coolest men in music) in a forbuoys in bridgwater.

my art teacher used to live in the same village and meet up with at dinner parties the great joe strummer.

met wayne rooney at the back of hmv while he was at everton.

met darren shan the author in london as well.

I don't really know which is the best really...
mr paul simonon, more than likely, clash's bassist
haha those eastwood guitars look incredible!
thanks for everyones help............ im just gonna try the mex tele, my hearts set on it and it seems perfect..................cheers!!!!!!!!
sorry to be a dumbass people but what are the major tonal differences between strats and teles?
cheers guys, im going to guitar shop tomorrow anyway , the one i linked to, so i'll be able to try them all out.... just wanted to see peoples thoughts on it..

les paul junior?? are you mad!!!!!!!
cheers, that definately the guitar i've been looking at most, what the difference between mexican and american made?
I have a max budget of around £400 and i've been looking in to getting a new electric guitar, sort of a back-up.

I'm tight on cash and dont want to wait so £400 is the maximum.

I currently have a PRS SE Billy Martin model (lol)

I was young and liked GC,,,,

but anyway lets get to the point. That guitar is actually pretty good in my opinion, and seems pretty good for metal etc.....

I wanted to get the Joe Strummer signature as i like him and his sound (R.I.P) but its well out of my price range, and it doesnt look all that nice either.....

So a tele is what im looking at at the moment.... liked the idea of single coils as a contrast to my humbuckers.

The sounds i would mostly want are Blink-182/Green Day distortions and Gaslight Anthem cleans, but would want to go with a classic Springsteen-esque sound as well.....

so for my budget, what tele (fender please, not squire) would you recommend, or any other guitar which would be suitable....

cheers for reading, you've probably read the same thing 1000 times....


one of the greatest feel good get up n go morning songs of all time!

someone must agree?
lol, sorry didnt mean 'brit combo', i meant the 'classic' one i think , havent used it in a while, sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was going to use my cube as my practice amp, and this one for gigging (using other peoples cabs). on the cube for distortion i use the 'brit combo' modelling, so this would seem a logical buy......
or not?
Hey, the guitarist of a band i've been gigging with recently, (real nice guys), is offering me his old head (MARSHALL G100RCD head) for £80, with footswitch and power lead.

He bought it about a year and a half ago for about £115 and spent about £25 on it when some wiring needed replacing (which i had done through strings and things) and he said "it never failed on me and i think for the money its a real decent sound".

I actually used it for the last gig i played, i like the distortion sound, the british tone. and it seemed in quite good condition.

My question is: should i buy it? is it a good price?

I currently have a Cube 60...............

cheers in advance
"how wonderfully sure"

im half german

your right........
sometimes dont mute the string, more pull your left hand of the fretboard slightly to make ghost notes, rather than palm muting (if this is what the guys above are talking about).

ska bands i would say, streetlight manifesto (best ska band imo), less than jake, sublime, specials, madness, and... FANDANGLE!!! a fantastic upcoming band, some may have heard of...

older stuff like jimmy cliff, toots and the maytals, (maybe more reggae, but still upstroke guitars...)
Van Halen x G n R
I need a gigbag/hardcase for my Takamine Eg341sc acoustic, but i dont know exact model of case would fit it???? anyone able to help?
search bar ciggies are my faves