i used the searchbar once......
I liked it thought it was really nice musically, but didnt really like the vocals too much sorry....
either A or C, I dont mind too much
Chad Kroeger
Fred Durst
like simultaneous equation?
In The Mouth Of Our Young is a great album, lots of hooks, nice guitar work and cool vocals, people should check em out
Any Cube is the way to go
I just copied in my ihatejulia address and clicked GO!, and 188 clicks!!!!!!!

69! Lol

Edit: Sorry, I cant help you so I bump instead
im 15, 16 on the 28th August, I havent start yet, obvisously ive got a bit of hair, but im blonde, and you can't really notice it yet so no need for teh shaverz....?

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so where is it?

neville staple! what a legend, saw him couple months back great guy, great show...
i am the resurrection - the stone roses
anyone know of any terrorist attacks happening soon?
I lol'd when the guitar came in..... does that make me a bad person?
thought the 12 minute epic was absolutely awesome, and though defleshed was pretty cool as well... will listen to the rest later
What amp settings would i need to go about playing alkaline trio's new album, agony & irony?(I've sussed goddamnit, just was interested where the sound had changed)..



thanks in advance........
And Out Come The Wolves by Rancid
Goddamnit by Alkaline Trio
Punk In Drublic by NOFX
London Calling by The Clash

Guilty Pleasure: Lighthouse Family Greatest Hits
Dunno about song, i can only think of albums, I could never condense such a lot of great music into 5 songs... so I'll give you one eternal great.

Many Rivers To Cross by Jimmy Cliff
no its not phil jupitus, its a bloodhound gang fan who asked to be on the album cover and they said you gotta be naked boy! (i think?)

Not just the cover, just anyone who owns this album deserves to be shot. Utter sh*te.
my brother has it...
dude, i love it, so many melodies intertwining! its great really great!!!!!!!!!!!
you failed in not using paragraphs...
The siblings Paul, Phil and Flick McCock
^ epic fail (aimed at RevaM1ssP1ss)
Hey guys, just did the test, i am:

Economic Left/Right: -3.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.44

Pretty much what I thought as well

What i also found interesting was the page on UK Parties (

its so sad but so true to see the changing ways of Labour in the last 30 years :'(