hey, thats real good! I really enjoyed the paragraphs 'This is it, This is goodbye
I hope I make it out alive
Just one thing left for me to do
All I have to do is finish you' really catchy.
heres my latest piece :
i will and i hat you too b*tch!
seriously though, we have 100 threads on this every week, every day even, so USE THE SEARCH BAR!

I'm not gonna report you cos that makes me as bad as the authority I strive to rebel against.

Peace x
the devil is among us...
kill myself mo]pvnhwdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
being run over by a steam roller
getting run over by an ice cream van
yeah gettin tipsy works great, and so does getting there early. maybe have a game of footy before to loosen up lol thats what we did last time.
im on about the link to the gp5 file, just says file not found!
the link doesnt seem to work?
hookah! i spent most of my french exchange in little tunisian coffee shops inhaling that stuff. when your out of weed, hookah is the way! MWAHHHAHAHA!

EDIT: if you wanna find the strumming pattern, listen to the song closely, the more you do it by ear you'll pick it up a hell of a lot quicker
No, my bro did though. I've got my gcses coming up.

I got 8 in maths, 7 in english n science in sats btw.
sorry mate, just had a listen, i do not have a clue in the slightest. Might seem like a pointless post, but at least you know someone has acutally listened to it, instead of your thread dying.
Hey, I did an acoustic cover of that song on Youtube, from what I can see I've put the chords on display there
oh funny.......... nice slowpoke! ^^
since when did travis barker only have one hand?
I'm just disturebed by the fact someone like tea with their genital in *shudders*
'use the search bar' by Ultimate Guitar is a good song to learn, might wanna check it out....
you've probably turned off the RSE, press the icon with RSE to get it working again....
Hey man, i thought it was pretty good actually, musically especially, seemed to capture the audience.

But dont play Coldplay again. I hate Coldplay.
Almost funny.
how much is average postage from usa? cos i can get one from there for £300 now ( i cant though lol)
yeeah thanks a lot everyone, just what the problems with the tube amps, arent they quite fragile, and the tubes need replacing every few years?
kyle62, your right i dont know much! lol but yeah i agree im not gonna get a stack, i care much more about tone than looking cool and loud! I will try a tube amp, as long as im careful with it, but i wont be getting one until my birthday late august, so until then i can research a whole lot more and get some cash! but im definately leaning towards the Traynor YVC50 at the moment.
the YCV50 looks perfect, but at £599 on ebay its pretty expensive for me, might have to get a job and start saving! How much would the Cube-60 fetch in perfect nick if i sold it?
well i always play through the marshall simulator with bass 4/10, mid 8/10, and treble 9/10. I have the gain on 9/10. I guess it sounds like basket case by green day to be most precise.
I play mostly punk really, and could someone please link to me a good example of a 50 watt tube combo?
haha i told them dont worry they mic small amps etc, but lol bassist has a 1250 watt stack so i can see why theyre concerned but lol they're actually cool guys and real sound.

i love my cube 60 to be honest, and dont wanna sell it, id be more inclined to buy a new guitar than a new amp. Athough would buyin an epi les paul do a better job than my prs se?
OK, so I've been told by band that they would like me to get a 150+ watt amp by sometime this year as we're gettin more gis etc, and i as I had nothin to do thought id ask you for a little guidance as to which brands etc are best.

I got a budget of probably £300 - £350
I'd probably be more inclined to go for a head and cab, rather than just an amp.
I have a Cube 60 at the moment.

So any ideas guys? (and girls?)

you are synster gates, why are you asking US for advice?
Your future aspirations e.g. sperm donor, rentboy, heroin addict...
We're four 15 year olds who enjoy making music, went to a studio last week, and recorded 5 tracks, please have a listen and tell me what you think, I'd say Not So Average Joe is our best song, please have a listen and crit. . .