i cant pay for stuff because im not cool enough
check ultimate amp settings thread in guitar gear & accesories.

Tomaz24 is right though, you get better sound quality from cheap audio recording software than an expensive digital camera.
under the floor boards, wrapped in numerous plastic bags?
you could write a song about how 'grrrrrrr8' you think Frosties are... how old are you, 12?
biggest twat to ever post on UG methinks
i dunno but my bands getting pro recording for £200 for one day and if we dont finish, it goes on to next day for free!
Not too sure where this should go, but if I was to *ahem* illegally download Guitar Rig 3, would I be able to plug my guitar in with a normal 3.5mm Mini Jack to 6.3mm (1/4") Jack adaptor or do i HAVE to have the Guitar Rig Pedal for it to work?

Thanks in advance!

Adj. 1. unspecific - not detailed or specific

n00b for calling me grammatically incorrect, when indeed i was right.
n00b for being unspecific of his living location.
i've got the prs se billy martion signature and it plays very well for something i picked up for just £270.
haha yeah my sisters...

yeah it plugs in by USB, its just odd it doesnt work with the laptop.
I'm skint at the mo, and seein as the recording quality of the Singstar mics is pretty decent, i decided to nab them from my sister and plug them into my laptop for some imprompotu recordings.

However, my laptop can only detect the microphones, they never show up in Audacity, Mixcraft or even the Control Panel. Are there drivers i need? I know the microphones work, because they worked on our family computer before it broke...

Can somebody please help?

the clash. no competition.
Yeah. thanks a lot man ill try that out.
Sorry guys I have searched as best I could but couldn't find the settings anywhere. . .

What kinda positions should i put for the bass, mid, treb, gain etc if im trying to emulate the sounds of Operation Ivy songs Knowledge, The Crowd etc?

Just get a nice little 10 watt practice amp by Kustom or something, and get the Yamaha guitar.
With £250 you can't exactly go 'full out on my first buy'.
Yeah thats what i hoped people would think.
will i get banned for that? ^^^
'but i dont really give a ****'

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The one where they take the mickey out of grammatical mistakes.
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Or, just go with a camera, and hope to god the guys wearing a Marilyn Manson t-shirt.

Spot on!
Metal section? ROFL
and also possibly the lamest thread ever...
Adam_92 = Loser.
roland cube 60 maybe? got mine for £156 last christmas, best amp i've played with.
Hey guys,

I did this song for my Music GCSE in Year 10 (UK) and I got an A* for it...

I just wanted to know what you lot think of it?

It may seem a bit boring without the lyrics but I hope you appreciate the overall song.

Thanks, and enjoy!

I don't even now what a speed knob OR a dome knob IS! (someone help?)
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Why are you playing 3 basslines when you dont have a bass and dont know how to play it?

Nuff' said. . .
Boss OS-2 works wonders for me :]

When I play heavier punk songs its perfect...
haha unlucky!
Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB is my recommendation. Had it for 2 years, never had any problems, great sound quality, and plays LOADS of different formats of audio AND video.

Worth the money.

I recommend and Charlie Huston's 'Hank 'Henry' Thompson' series of books. Action-packed, fast-paced, brutally violent and funny.

What more could you want?
Hi, I've got three songs here, not all are complete, and I just wanted to know what you think of them, crit for crit...thanks