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What size are you at at the moment? If you're at standard size (1.2 or 1.6mm), stretching to 4mm straight away will probably either not work and be extremely painful or will stretch the piercings, will be extremely painful and will do a lot of damage to the piercings (probably causing a blow out). There are the odd few people who can stretch ridiculous amounts in small spaces of time, but if you haven't stretched your lobes before, it's best not to risk it. They are a small minority. It's much better to stretch to 2.4mm, 3.2mm and then 4mm. For the vast majority of people the maximum you should stretch at one time (with a month in between stretches) is 2mm, but 1mm is better.

ryda_jay_1991: awesome!

In other news, eurgh. Thought I'd lost my philtrum last night. The humidity (especially in a pub with no windows) must've caused the o-ring to expand because it kept on coming off, and then it came off and the jewellery came out (looked everywhere for it, I must've swallowed it :/). Emergency switch to the labret post in my non-healed, moderately infected cartilage piercing. Joy

yup when i did my ear i was lucky not to have a blowout went from a 1.2 - 4-5-8-10 in just over a week, cause im an impatient guy like that, lucky i have bigish earlobes.
what music do you play?

guy above (Y)
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Part of me quite likes him, part of me dislikes him.


price drop - £600
FS ENGL Firebal 60W E625.

10/10 condition, all tubes are fine no blems. pretty much new. played through it less than 10 times.

selling it because ive lost a bit of interest in guitar playing and have not been in a band for several months.

£650 OBO

im based in bristol. pick up only, might be able to do a halfway meet.

pics on request.
**** wiley

skepta (H)

tempz is joke.
WOOOOO dub thread.

- Dr. Philth
- Bar9
- 16Bit
- flux pavillion
- DatsiK
- Skism
- Downllink
- Borgore
- Cookie Monsta
- Bare Noize
- Trolley Snatcha

just a few of my favs. Dubstep is too sick, along with dnb ofc. nothing better than sittin back strappin a zoot then chillin to some fat tunes.
completly OT but where do you get your trigger tabs from?

and i would look at schecter personally.
^ ty for the suggestion, but alas we dont have a vocalist either and i reckon this would be kinda 'empty' without vocals.

we COULD get a vocalist but the song would have to be something that will fit in a female vocal range.
reccomend me some easy blues songs UG.

we got roughly 3 hours of practice time left and then have to perform it live next thursday.

the song needs one guitar part as its only me and a drummer currently but we can get our teacher to fill in on bass.

keep it easy..
you re-built the birdge? :S
pics and il snap it up..
i think i know what your on about..


EDIT: same sort of thing you can pickle onions and stuff in?
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Bunned? And Altoid tin!!! or several if you have a lot!!

EDIT: ^ Fuck

bun = smoke.

present: 'lets bun a joint'

past: 'I bunned a joint'

and ye im going to have about 14G.
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Sorry to keep this going, but there's something about cats and their fascination for decapitation(sounds like a Cannibal Corpse song).

My cat used to bite the heads off birds, and then just leave. My old GF's cat once brought a rabbit to the porch with no head, and later it brought the head.

EDIT: Someone suggested an Altoid tin to me once in here, i thought it was genius.

altoid tin = (N) its not airtight.

same go's for wrapping the grade up in bare baggies, they are permeable so the smell will get through.
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is it really that stinky?
just put it in something airtight like a medicine bottle, and if it still smells, just stick it in a few plastic bags, febreeze the **** out of your bag, and wrap it in clothes and stuff.

i doubt it smells that much, anyway.
even if he does smell it, he'll probably just think it's nothing.

my dad buns down aswell, he just doesnt know i know he does. the weed is K2 btw. and if you have bunned any of it youl understand, that sh!t is so smelly its ridiculouse.

i was thinking a mason jar or something, as merkin my bag with febreeze is kinda bait.
G'd evening (well morning) DT. So here's the situation, im taking a 1/2 Oz of smelly buds up to a certain festival next month and was wondering the best way to smell proof it?

im not after K9-proof smell blocking.. just enough so any other people will be able to smell it, you see im going with my dad and the drives around about an hour. During this time me and or my bag, which i will be taking my green glory in, will be less a foot away from him at all times. once im in the camp zone its cool, im meeting friends and have my own tent etc.

So any one have a solution to my problem?

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I was on about the 360 wireless adaptor, I've had trouble with the one on my PC, but the 360 one runs like a dream.

EDIT: Sorry double post.

sorry man, my bad
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I have wireless, all my friends have wireless, and I notice no difference in speed whatsoever, and I'm as far away in the house you can get from the router.

Honestly, a loss of speed it the last thing to be worrying about, no-one I know has ever complained about it being slower when they switched to wireless.

well youve just met one

i fucking despise my pos wireless.

youtube videos dont load, msn screws up, most importantly i cant play Soldier of Fortune 2 properly without my ping shooting to 999 every 5/10 mins.. which sucks when your in a war btw.

but hey. might just be my wireless.*

EDIT: just dont get a belkin..

*bodomfan666 knows many other people in his situation.

pros; looks better (imo)
keeps me warm

CONS; rugby ( ouch sometimes )
sex ( everywhere )
KNOTS!!! :F:F:F seriously Fuk knots.
not being able to wear a hat/hood without looking like russle brand

NOTE: my hair is not greasy in anyway whatsoever i laugh at people with greasy hair ( i wash mine every day one monday to friday then sunday morning)

no really though, it does smell like ass.
thumb + forefinger.. middle to tap.
you know your addicted to runescape when your mum tells you your grandad died and you ask her if he dropped anything good
^ ok if thats still in effect then damn.. no jagerbomb for harry.
excellent. this will be epic..

ok are there any rules about other stuff

i.e green substances.
^ ye they are..

im up for this, castle park is shite though too many rudeboys

and btw about the whole pubs thing.. everyone can easily get served at the crown. or brandon hill could be sick.
ok, so im starting college pretty soon and im not sure what to take.. well i know what i want to do but im not sure wether or not the work load will be too much. so far ive chosen.

Music technology (BTEC)
Music performance (BTEC)
English literature (A lvl)
sociology (A lvl)

does anyone know wether or not this will be too much work to take on? As both music's are coursework based and the sociology is mostly S.A based.. im just really stuck on what to do.

one thing my dad suggested was seeing how it is for the 1st term then if its too much he thinks i should drop which ever music i like least.

if it helps i want to do sociology & criminology at UNI then most likely a social working degree and after that go into local authority to do social work. But i would really like to do something in music on the side, wether it be; recording, playing live, tech work etc etc.

gimme some insight pit.
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i've often wondered if it's normal to not like them or if i've just been getting crap blowjobs, too.

i dont like them much at all. they're less stimulating than handjobs for me.

+1 agreed
i play soldier of fortune everyday when i get home from school for about 6 hours straight then on the weekend if i dont go out all day.
although i still bum my good old deathmetal/deathgrind i have a secret love affair with DUBSTEP.
i'll let most people play my squire, but only a few on my loomis.

if i go round to friends house and they let me play their prized guitar i'm normally greatfull and play it too long and take the upmost care with their instrument, as i'd like them to have the same respect for my guitar.

and to the people who arent overly protective, you keeps saying 'a guitar is meant to played' but then again a car is meant to be driven but you dont let anyone go and have a rinse in your car..
yeah, i bought my Schecter Loomis FR without trying.

and i loved it, best desision EVAR, although i would strongly advise againts doing this as it cna end up being a complete waste of money. espicially if you do something like order from over seas as it would be a pain in the as.s to get a refund.

you should try and play before you buy.

think about it, you wouldnt buy a car without driving first would you? or maybe you would..
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played some mean solos on it and some trash riffs.

wtf is 'trash'? or do you mean t'h'rash?

btw beautiful guitar man, id love me a SL2.
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I regularly enjoy Golden Virginia tobacco, because it's all about the rollies, and my tipple of choice is wine if I'm at home or beer if I'm out with friends.

i prefer smoking to drinking, but i dont understand how weed cant smoke. your asking about 2 completly different things. alchohol has a mind altering affect and tobacco doesnt.

i probally prefer tobbacco to drink as i smoke but i smoke ganj also. so if ihad to choose one or the other for life it would most definatly be tobbacco.

oh yeah, and i smoke rollies & straights equally.

rollies: amber leaf / gold leaf.
straights: marlboro reds.