I dig it. (heh). See also: The Flesh Eaters.
Punk and Hardcore would make way more sense to me, but I don't especially care. Punk and Indie don't really have anything to do with each other.
They were more closely associated back when this forum was made. Who could have guessed that ska would someday essentially cease to be a thing. (Well, everyone.)
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Do you really consider Bukowski a beat author? I figured he was a couple decades too late.

He often gets mentioned in the same breath as the beats, maybe because his style is similar, so I guess I just made that connection in my head.
The Plague is another good Camus. I'm not big on the beats, I guess bukowski is kind of a love it or hate it kind of thing and I fall mostly into the latter camp. I like Dostoevsky a lot, and Vonnegut of course. He always seems to be the go-to guy for anyone under 25 with a sense of humor. Other than Sci-Fi is kinda my thing. Clarke, Asimov, Bradbury, Wells, **** yeah. Heinlen can eat a dick though.

Unfortunately, the one this weekend looks kind of lame!
Rhetoric? Better look for the one with the most enthymemes.
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Where? In Vancouver?

I wonder if he goes to shows in Vancouver..

No, in Calgary. But I'm sure he does.
Yikes! Punk lyfe pretty much sums it up. Going to school, collecting records, travelling around from time to time and getting out to shows on the regular. How about your bad self, still living the post-punk lyfe?
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I should ask Narduar. Cn you get his adress?

I saw him outside a show once.
Oh and there's also the Cobalt I think? Not sure if it's still around.
The Astoria is the main punk venue in van that I can remember. It's a scuzzy hotel pub on east hastings. Zoo Shop is another one I think, but I've never been there.
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Jordan, I feel I should inform you that this is a 3 year old thread and the guy who started it is probably dead.

I'm sorry.

Isn't that like every thread on here?
New pope? Well I didn't vote for him.
I was about to respond with "the misfits have one good album and... well..." but I suppose a more sincere reply would include The Flesh Eaters, Christian Death, The Cramps... Depending on how much you stretch the definition of "horror punk" (and I'm already taking some pretty serious liberties) you can catch a few pretty good bands under the term.
Good stuff. That first album is awesome. The second one has some good tunes too. A little more avant garde, but still really catchy.
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I´ll see the Toy Dolls next week for the third time and I bet it will never get boring.

Furthermore I´ll also see the Stiff Little Fingers on 13th of April..... cool, eh?

And I will not go to the Festival where all my other friends will go, with the only gig of Black Flag in Germany, The Adicts and Bad Brains

I saw SLF in paris a few years back and they were amazing. They still put on a great show and played just the hits if I remember!
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D.O.A. passed through my town on their farewell tour, I missed the show

Apparently the lead singer is running for office somewhere near Vancouver. He actual has a good platform.

I didn't go to the farewell tour because I've seen em enough times before and I realllly don't buy the whole "farewell tour" thing. They'll be back I'm sure.
2 feet of snow is a big deal? Silly 'mericans
For some reason I just can't stop coming back to this forum about once every two or three weeks to see if it's gotten interesting again. Alas and alack, to no avail
I'm sorry to tell you that isn't a ska song. Although Sublime had a demonstrably ska influence, that song is not a ska song. It wouldn't really be possible for you to create that link. You could try using a song of theirs that has a ska element, such as Santeria.

I have no idea what kind of paper that is or what level of schooling you are in, but you may consider trying to find something with a lot of secondary source material to back it up, like interviews, etc. That may limit your song choices but it would help you produce a better paper in the end.
This is the anthem of Liverpool, Celtic, St. Pauli and likely others
Oh gotcha. I've been calling that stuff "Jawbreakercore" because I thought it was mainly meant to sound like jawbreaker. There's a bunch of bands like that around here nowadays.
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in a few years, will i like 'twinkly emo' and regret not liking it now?

Emo's still a thing? I thought dissapeared completely a few years ago and its erstwhile enthusiasts all got into indie or dubstep or something. Maybe it still exists in isolated pockets throughout smalltown america though. Who knows.
The more I see "Sonic Youth" and "Punk" mentioned together, the less it makes sense to me.

I always chuckle when I see shitty old Alberta bands mentioned in places like this. Like when people talk about chixdigged or SNFU. It just seems strange.

I don't miss skate punk. I do miss street punk though. I had this animosity towards it when it was popular but now that it's gone I find it much more charming.
Here's a good resource for newer post-punk influenced bands.

Particularly check out Spectres, Red Dons, Christ Vs. Warhol & Bellicose Minds.
It's basically like Dada but more obnoxious.
Into them. Split with The Gizmos is good.
The ability to make out anything Joey sings is a skill I'm still working on.
AGAP is a classic. I can't remember another song of theirs but I know I've listened to the LP...
I didn't even know he was in Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

According to his wikipedia page, he was in Howard the Duck. Now there's a carreer high right there.
I would assume it's pretty easy, since this place is always crawling with brits. Go for it. Montreal and Vancouver are the best cities.

If you come here I can help you find an expat bar with footbal scarves on the wall and everything! You'll feel right at home. That is, assuming you're an alcoholic and live in a bar.
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I can still enjoy ...And Out Come the Wolves with only slightly more irony than with any other music I listen to. (I do not listen to music with irony.) That's the only Rancid album I ever really got into. (Not that I listened to many others, I think I just had Let's Go & the 2000 s/t.) It is one of those running jokes amongst myself & band mates, for example someone was singing "Roots Radicals" while we were walking down the street in NYC yesterday, and of course I thought of "NEW YORK CITY, I WISH I WAS ON THE HIGHWAY BAAAAACK TO OLYMPIA..."

Lest you guys think I am above making Rancid references in my day to day life.

I'll one-up you with a photo I took a couple months ago

I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of doing that
Buzzcocks are definitely still good. I managed to see them twice last year. I saw UK subs but I was too drunk to remember.

There are definitely bands from that era who are complete shit to see now, though. The Vibrators are a great example.
I am mostly surprised that John Cooper Clarke is still performing.
It's often portrayed in the media as just being a joke or something, and I don't think a lot of people really understand it or know what it is.
Saw this in the paper today. This newspaper is a free daily newspaper that's full of crap and ads. Since it's free widely distributed though, it's widely read. Surprisingly this column was alright.
Good for her. I've also been pretty impressed with the media coverage and discussions I've seen about the topic. I would have expected a lot more ignorance. Most people are even using the correct pronouns.

Anyway, as for what will happen to the band, they can't get any worse at this point so that's reassuring.
Just the ones who listen to Jawbreaker