Like A Virgin - Madonna
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You can't beat a hot scene girl son. Fucking delicious.


Do you like TDWP?
Unholy Confessions In My Pants
Danger: Wildman In My Pants
Big Wiggly Style In My Pants
The Downfall Of Us All In My Pants
Ride The Lightning In My Pants
Trapped Under Ice In My Pants
Breathing In A New Mentality In My Pants
Creeping Death In My Pants
Morning View In My Pants
Wake Up In My Pants
Gimme Half In My Pants
Louder Than Thunder In My Pants (my fave)
You Already Know What You Are In My Pants
Goats On A Boat In My Pants
Cemetery Gates In My Pants
Cowboys From Hell In My Pants
Disposable Heroes In My Pants
Seek And Destroy In My Pants
Hit The Lights In My Pants
The Four Horsemen In My Pants
And All Things Will End In My Pants
Burn It Down In My Pants
Sad But True In My Pants
Nothing Else Matters In My Pants
Fuel In My Pants
Fade To Black In My Pants
The Call Of Ktulu In My Pants
Blinded In Chains In My Pants
The Beast and The Harlot In My Pants
Right Where You Want Me To Be In My Pants
Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over In My Pants
Texas Is South In My Pants
I Hate Buffering In My Pants
Through The Fire And Flames In My Pants
Operation Ground and Pound In My Pants
Numb In My Pants
Crawling In My Pants
A Place For My Head In My Pants
Her Voice Resides In My Pants
Scream Aim Fire In My Pants
Tears Don't Fall In My Pants
All These Things I Hate In My Pants
Sassafras In My Pants
The Poison In My Pants
I can go on and on and on....
Well what me and my band does is find a couple riffs that are cool and have the band experiment with those riffs for a few days. Then see if anyone came up with a better or different version of that riff. And then we just work our way off that riff. I'm not sure about lyrics or anything. That's not my job...
Through The Fire And Flames By Dragonforce
Singer - James Hetfield
Lead Guitar - Mick Thompson
Rhythm Guitar - Kirk Hammett
Drums - The Rev
Bass - Johnny Christ
Hwta is fapping?
Ive been playing over a year and i only have a 300$ dean. I think if u have the money, go for it
Becuase most of their music is just power chords
I get bored of tabs sometimes so if you can play by ear, like I taught myself to do, then that could add to the fun of learning. It gives me more of a sense of accomplishment knowing that I learned it by ear.
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jakcson no doubt for that genre
yes. If its in good condition, buy it for sure
If you like Avenged Sevenfold, their stuff is good for that. All their songs are in drop d
Its hip hop, so it sucks.
I think its those ignorant people who think "Oh, if I play bass no one notice me cuz u cant hear the bass as well." Thats BS. Bass is just as important, in my opinion.
Me and my buds all play guitar, one plays keyboard. No one seems to play bass or drums... so anyone in Lincoln City, Oregon need a guitarist(s)? Or just a jamming buddy would be fine.
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Well, what's really weird is that sometimes, I won't play guitar for a week or so, and then I'll pick it up and learn a solo. Before I knew how to play any lead (IMO, I still don't), I stopped playing guitar for a week because I was unsatisfied with my results. I picked up it after a week, and I learned both of the "Fade to Black" solos. It's been like that with a lot of stuff. Ex: "Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera, "Voice of the Soul" by Death.

Exactly What happens to me
Red Hot Chili Peppers, pretty much any song by them
how long u been playing?
It happens too often to keep buying strings... but thanks for the advice
I have been playing for about a year now and I'm a rather big guy so when I have jam sessions and such, I tend to sweat. My fingers get the strings sweaty causing them to rust and get gunky. Any tips on how to stop that? Please be serious.
I'll work on that. Thanx guys
This was played completely off the top of my head. I used an Original Cry Baby Wah, Dime-O-Flage Dean electric, and Behringer GMX110 combo amp. Please crit.
PS: I've been playing since November 2006

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That depends, do you want that with or without the red lights of death?

lol good one
Master Of Puppets. Fight Fire With Fire. Whiplash. Lots of old Metallica...
I just got an original Cry Baby about 2 days ago, so I'm getting used to it but, I'm having fun playing some Metallica solo's like Enter Sandman etc...
They're songs are basically all power chords, the solo's are extremely easy... doesnt that tell you right there?!
idk but you have a good taste in music
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Well then maybe your meant for the 60's.

Well maybe
So your all calling me a fat lazy kid? I do play video games, but I dont waste my life away on them, I am rather large... but oh well. I dont like new music, mostly 80's-90's metal/thrash, Metallica, Pantera, Rage Against The Machine, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, AC/DC. So saying this thread defines this decade is nothing more than a false stereotype.
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Picking up a guitar
Cowboys From Hell
Dyers Eve
You Shook Me All Night Long