Listening to thier live show on Sirius Faction, they sound pretty good, They dont sound like they're pushing 60
OO fun

Opening Credits:
Sic Transit Gloria - Brand New

Waking Up:
My Name Is Jonas - Weezer

First Day At School:
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Falling In Love:
Slow Hands - Interpol(hehe)

Fight Song:
Vacant Skies - Sparta

Stockholm Syndrome - Muse

Life's OK:
Take Control - Weezer

Mental Breakdown:
One Armed Scissor - At the Drive In

Veteran of the Psychic Wars - Metallica

All Within My Hands - Metallica

Getting Back Together:
Atomic Punk - Van Halen

Birth of a Child:
I Wish I Was Queer - Bloodhound Gang

Checkmarks - Academy Is(only good song by them blah)

Final Battle:
Deacon Blues - Steely Dan

Death Scene:
Eyes Without a Face - Billy Idol

Give 'Em Hell Kid - My Chemical Romance

End Credits:
The Hardest Button to Button - White Stripes
Well if you ever watched Smokey and the Bandit most of the music was done by Jerry Reed

One of my favorites not from the movie

Im gonna pick! Dont out loud me!
Yah they're just painted on, they turn my finger tips black after playing a while, or maybe thats the strings, I dont know, but they're nothing fancy
While Oceana Sleeps - Sparta , I like the beginning, and it really flows into the song well later on, I think its fun


I of the Mourning - Smashing Pumpkins

Dont know if you consider them Melodic, but I do.
I can play finger style.. and thats it Im a newb
Definatly break the thumb wrap around, Im still trying, I catch myself doing it all the time :P and I dont use my pinky enough but, Im sure you dont have that problem, just venting my frustrations *cries*
I liked my Line 6 guitar amp, they sound pretty good cranked way up but how often do you get to do that really? :P They have some pretty good high end gear but the cheaper stuff I wouldnt really get. I liked thier $2000 whatever it was, Vetta I think its called, but **** thats expensive.

That being said I skipped over thier bass amps when I switched to bass for that reason.
Quote by 83lespaulstudio
i don't recommend the Affinity series, and if your gonna get a Squier, look at the Vintage Modified series. they are the best Squier has to offer.

What this man said.

Play the thing, don't just pick what other people want you to. Figure out which you like more, I bought a jazz, but Im wishing I had bought a P-bass, in fact I might go buy one today. In my opinion the jazz is to mellow for what I like to play, At the Drive-In, Sparta, etc. Just remember its your hard earned cash
a good starter bass in my opinion is the Squier Vintage Modified, I love mine, doesnt come with an amp, but you get a very solid instrument, way better than their guitar offerings.

oh and I payed $279 US for mine, might be able to talk the guy down
I started on guitar, but found I listened to the bass section of songs just as much as guitar. Especially on the live version of Bullet the Blue Sky, it just held down the song so well, and he just kept thumping along keeping the guitar solo grounded. Also loved how ominous it sounded. There are other examples, but thats when it really hit me.. I LOVE BASS.

and At the Drive-In :P
Dexter Holland from Offspring, had a chance at a Ph.D but turned it down. Molecular Biology.
Title says it all. I'd like the tab for this song if anyone can provide it that'd be great, or the bass tab

Thanks in advance!
Most memorable, and one of my favorites to play

Quarantined - At the Drive-In
specially when the thunder comes in and junk. Just a great intro, really sets the song.
Im still working on fingering speed, my left hand is still too slow, granted I dont practice alot, but I have lots of trouble when I need to go from(GOD IM A NEWB FORGIVE ME!) the 7th fret on the A string down to the 9th fret on the D string and then back up to the 7th on A, then the 9th and 7th on the G. Like in I of the Mourning by Smashing Pumpkins.

Im getting there slowly though.
Easy -
Smashing Pumpkins - I of the Mourning
At the Drive-In - Cosmonaut, Catacomb, Enfilade
Sparta - Cut Your Ribbon
I like my Fender BDec 30, I dont use half the features on it but I like the sound
Heya, title says it all, I love this song, Im not advanced enough to pick the bass out yet, still a beginner

Vacant Skies

Thank you in advance!
I dont do anything

If you want to see some stage presence just look up a Sparta song on Youtube, Jim Ward does a pretty good job of holding the stage and he doesnt act like a douche.

Lots of wierd facial expressions sometimes though hehe
Sometimes you have to ask a question to find the answer yourself
I'd recommend starting cheap too, I didnt, I bought a MIM Fender Strat, a line 6 spider 2 half stack and then found out I didnt like guitar playing!

So I traded it all out for bass gear which I love and lost alot of money on that endevour

live and learn right?
I agree on the Vintage Modified Squier - I tested both and the squier wins hands down
songs I've learned(or still working on) that have helped me

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Muse - Stockholm Syndrome - I cant play it very fast, only up to 85bpm out of 150 or something its all 16ths(I THINK DONT KILL ME IM A NEWB!) and it helped me get used to the frets, you'll use every one up to the 13th fret

MCR - Ghost of You

Sparta - While Oceana Sleeps -- I think this one is tons of fun to play, i prefer the guitar pro tab

I mostly like the Sparta and Muse ones since they're drop D and I dont have to retune hehe
I'd buy everything separate I looked at the beginners packs and the bass looked pretty crappy and the amp was total pure junk. Used is probably the way to go for you
I really really like my Squier Vintage Modified J-bass, great for the price, looks nice, sounds nice. Its better than the 5 string Yamaha Rxwhatever with active pickups. I traded it for this and I don't really regret it.

Im a total newb at bass, but it lets me play anything from U2 to Muse to Sparta and sound right
From Line 6


Pentium® 4 1.2GHz or better (2.5Ghz or more recommended)
• Windows XP® (with SP2 only)
• 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended)
• 1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording)
• Drive speed 5400rpm minimum (7200rpm or faster recommended)
• CD-ROM drive
• Internet connection for online feature
Sort of pointless to ask for a brand preference and hope to get a consensus.

I myself am a Line 6 fan. I don't know if its any better than BOSS gear, but thats what I have because the price was right.

Same with cars, I like Ford cars, but if I can get a nice looking Pontiac cheaper, Im going with the Pontiac. They're pretty much the same, just slightly different things. They both get me from point A to point B in style.

I hope thats a good analogy? I myself would go to like and various other sites and just compare the reviews for both pieces of equipment.
Meh no problem, if they delete it whatever, I guess I'll just figure it out eventually
If you had read what I typed, you'd notice I said tab talk was no help.
I've looked everywhere on the net and even posted a thread in tab talk, but no one seems to have this particular tab:

Sparta - Guns of Memorial Park

oh and if its not too much trouble

Sparta - End Moraine <-- killer song(I know for a fact this is mostly roots but ( i r suck)

I love the bass in it. I have a suspicion it might be root notes for most of it. I realize I could probably get the roots from the guitar tab, but being a total noob I don't know exactly what to look for in regards to that.

Any help will be appreciated.

I love the bass in this song unfortunately I don't have the skill or ear yet to pick it out myself (

So any help would be really really appreciated.

Neat, I was wondering myself. Im learning to play 2112: Soliloquy by Rush, the live one from Different Stages and the bass is super clanky and just sounds totally sweet
Excellent, thank you much. I'm more into the modern sound than the vintage, so thats worth knowing.
Heya, I was looking around planning future mods for my bass and saw these dealies:

I was wondering if they're any good or should I just skip them and get the Samarium Cobalt jobs?

p.s. I couldnt find anything using search, THANKS.
2 weeks! So far all I can play are Sunday Bloody Sunday and, Ghost of You by MCR. yah yah My Chemical Romance bleh blah, I like the energy :P

plus its an easy bass line
25, and Im not considered an independant adult till Im 26 or married. So dont feel bad guys, theres still crap I cant do easily!!! Its harder for me to get any type of student loan, and some other junk but its not a biggy HAH!

been playing since Jan.
Just push a little at a time, Im starting out too, 5bpm might not seem like much but its alot, try going like 82, 84, 86, etc thats how Im doing it, last night I was messing around, just doing scales, little different and I just kept bumping it up a little bit more each time.

Like I started at 60 and stopped at 90 last night, but I found today that I could go to 105 without making too many mistakes. now Im just going to work on my technique and keep bumping it up slowly from 60 every day. Then maybe tommorow I'll start at 75 and try for 110

And do more than 10 minutes, and dont let your technique go to hell trying to get faster. I play bass and I noticed that as I was trying to go faster I started using only 1 finger and my hand was at the wrong angle, and I was starting to tense up so I had to just relax so as not to form a bunch of bad habits over time

like leaning and tensing up and just poor form on your fretting hand blah blah blah :P
I switched from guitar a few days ago, traded in all my crap, Im still pissed I got so little for my MIM strat but whatever.

Anyways its probably not in your plans as it costs a bit, but I picked up a B-DEC 30 and its helping my playing tons, comes with a book, no big deal by itself but it also comes with teaching loops and junk like that. It has an auto key feature that will transpose your loops at any interval, so you can just keep on going down the frets.

A ton of amp models and effects, its pretty neat. I sound like a f*Cking fanboi.

Ex. Last night I was working on scales and I turned on the auto creep feature, it would bump the tempo up 2 bpm every run through, I started at 50 and just went till I couldnt keep up, I think it was 90 bpm. Was AWESOME for me. As my fingers are still slow.

I mean thats not reason enough to spend $280(you can talk them down to about that at GC its usually $399) but it sound good too. Great learning tool, especially for me as I have no access to other musicians currently.

But whatever Im rambling, and thats how Im learning!

P.S I got a Squire Vintage Modified J Bass, it kicks ass, dont let the squier name fool you.
You can get a B-DEC 30 at guitar center for like $275 just have to talk the guy down.. and down and down.. I dont know how I did it Its out of your range but really really worth saving up for
Thread Necro, yay.

Anyways I got a book(set of books really) called Totally Interactive Guitar Bible. Its not heavy on theory or any of that but teaches pretty solid basics, like reading tabs and it progresses you up pretty well.

Comes with a CD to play along with, and a book on the history of guitars, pretty informative , with a DVD on guitars.

Also the thing I like most about it, is it unfolds into sort of a music stand thing, so you can just sort of glance down at it. Its angled so it helps alot.

Anyway, its helped me and Im just starting


Fender MIM Fat Strat
Line6 Spider II Half Stack