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I dunno how many times I've tried on here before and each time I've gotten no response whatsoever. Here's my info, PM me if you wanna do something, because I'm desperately itching to form a band.

My name is Brian, I'm 21, from Berlin, NJ (it's in the northern part of Camden County), and have been playing guitar for a little over 3 years now. My main influences are Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie, and Pink Floyd. People say my stuff actually sounds like if Godsmack and AIC got together and started making heavier stuff. I don't want to be lead just yet, as I haven't gotten my solos down good enough, and I'm looking for a lead guitarist, bassist, drummer, and singer/songwriter (I suck at writing lyrics). I want to do a more metal oriented band, but with very little of the horrid shrieking vocals rampant in today's crap (atreyu, bullet for my valentine, etc., is what I'm talking about).

I require that you have your own transportation, be over 18 (over 21 would be optimal as most places around me only let you play there if you can drink), and you MUST be dedicated to this. We'd be practicing at least once a week, twice would be best, and I'm really up to practicing as much as possible, work schedule permitting of course. I'm also looking for people with around the same experience/skill level as me, as this would afford the best opportunity for us to meld and grow as a band.

Please, please, PLEASE contact me if you even have the slightest interest in this. I'll give you my personal contact info through PM.
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I'm currently looking for anyone in the Philly/South Jersey area to form a band with. Here's what I'm looking for in bandmates:

1. Must be at least 18. 21+ would be preferable, as most places that host gigs around here are bars.

2. Must have reliable transportation.

3. Must know of an available practice spot (I recently lost mine along with my last drummer).

4. Gender, race, religion, etc. does not matter.

5. Must have between 3-6 years of experience.

6. You must be highly devoted and dedicated to this, as I will be looking to start gigs as soon as we have a decent amount of songs written. We will also be practicing at least once or twice a week, preferably twice.

7. Guitarists must be able to play lead guitar. I can solo, but not well enough to be lead. If you can sing and play guitar at the same time, that would be great, as we could switch singing duties on different songs (like Serj and Daron do in SOAD).

8. Singers must be able to pull off death grunts/growls, but we won't be using them extensively. They must also have a large stage presence and have tons of energy, and must also be decently attractive, as they will be drawing the majority of attention during gigs. The vocal style I'm looking for is a very powerful, yet smooth and not overbearing at the same time (think Sully Erna meets Layne Staley).

9. Bassists must be committed to their instrument (i've met too many bassists who get good at bass and then decide to switch to guitar).

10. Drummers must be able to pull off double/galloping bass, and blast beats. I also need a drummer who's not going to try and steal the direction the band is going, as my last drummer tried to do that.

All right then, 'nuff said about what I want in a band. Here's a little about me:

My name is Brian, I'm 21, from Berlin, NJ, and have been playing guitar for just under 3 years. My main influences are Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, Zakk Wylde, Disturbed, and The Offspring. The style I play has been described as if Godsmack and AIC got together and started making heavier stuff. I also listen to anything but rap, hip hop, and r&b, so I take influence from pretty much anything, but Godsmack and AIC are definitely my 2 biggest. A few of my friends have said they can detect a little of Lamb of God in my playing style as well.

Basically, I'm looking for serious musicians who want to go in the same direction as me. If you're interested, either PM me, or contact me at 609-922-4770.
Look guys, I really need people for this project. I'm willing to meet pretty much any accomadation neccessary for it.
Yeah funkicker, Brendan Small is definitely one of the best I've heard in a long while. And he does write metal stuff. In fact, it's actually death metal. Even if you don't like death metal, you should check out his stuff, particularly the song "Thunderhorse". Dunno if you have limewire or something like it, but try looking for Thunderhorse and downloading it. You'll definitely be impressed.
How do I get these down? Brendan Small (creator of Metalocalypse. He does all the guitar and bass for the songs in the show and on the album) uses these, and he just does them so well, especially on songs like Murmaider and Thunderhorse. If anyone here is adept at using them, especially in the style that Brendan Small uses, please tell me how I can tighten mine up.
For me, it's sometimes easier to use my hand when it's planted, and other times its easier to use it when I float it over the body and strings of my guitar (I usually float when I speed pick).
What do you play and how experienced are you?
Hehe, never heard Herman be referred to as "very pretty" before. But yeah Loserlnsm is definitely right. Shredding is perfectly fine in itself, but if that's all you focus on, then you will become one dimensional, dull and boring, and will pretty much go ignored for the most part as a musician (except for Dragonforce. They could shred forever and still be damn good, which is pretty much all they do anyway).
Is anyone gonna reply to this? I'm really serious about starting up a band with those influences in mind.
WTF? I need band members. There's gotta be some of you out there that fit what I'm looking for.
Is this what Zakk Wylde uses to make his guitar "squeal/scream"? I've been trying to figure out how to do it and so far have only found one spot on my guitar- the 5th fret on the 6th string, and it only does it in drop D tuning.
I would say to check out the shred masterclass videos that are posted on the front page of this website. Christopher Dahl is an incredible shredder and he breaks down the stuff he does into many easy to follow/learn steps. After watching a few of his videos, I've definitely noticed an improvement in my playing style. It's not much of an improvement, but it's more than if I hadn't watched his lessons.
He did teach me some scales, like the pentatonic (he emphasized this as important for what I wanted to learn), but he was one of those teachers that really likes to only work with sheet music as much as possible. I also didn't really get into metal as heavily as I'm into it now until about a year ago, so I wanted to work out the basics before I asked him to teach me how to play metal guitar.
Well I was taking lessons since I started until a few months ago, and my teacher was excellent. I just couldn't afford the lessons anymore, so I had to stop taking them. My car has been devouring my bank account.
Another question! What is an arpeggio?
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2. Learn all your'e scales! This is absolutley essential. Otherwise youll sound like somone whos lost (harmonically speaking), learn a lot of jazz theory, because thats rather difficult. Always think about theory guitar in hand or not. Visualise the neck, and think about how to solo to a progression in your'e head. Hear the notes in youre head. Mainly just get up, put yourself in the position of having to fill in that solo. Also really strive to improve, but learn scales, theory and arpeggios, otherwise your'e playing will simply unsophisticated.

Hope that helps.

Are you trying to teach me how to use scales properly or how to use the Force?

But anyway, what scales would you reccommend I learn to play styles like death metal, neoclassical, power metal, and Godsmack's style of metal.
Double tapping is when you do a series of hammer ons and pull offs with both your fretting and picking hands. It makes you sound like you're playing really friggin fast when you do it properly, too.
I use the pick. It gives me a clearer, stronger sound, and it's much easier to do it than with my fingers. I usually do double tapping though- the pick in tandem with my fretting hand.
Yeah, hetfield is good, but nothing compared to hammet. Kinda sad, considering hetfield was one of the founding members. Speaking of that, I wonder if Dave Mustaine is still pissed about getting the boot from Metallica?
I have a few questions for the veteran guitar players here on stuff that I would like to know how to do.

1. How does Zakk Wylde make those squeals that he uses so ****in much in his songs? I mean sure, they get annoying after hearing them 18 times in the intro to crazy train, but I would like to learn how to do them so that I can use them (sparingly, of course).

2. I'm a pretty good rhythym player, but would love to move up to a lead player in the near future. I've been playing for almost 3 years now and am just starting to pull off some halfway decent solos (I barely get the time to practice anymore). My question here is what should I do to get myself up to par with soloing? I know scales are pretty much a must in this area, but what would you reccommend (I play mostly metal)?

3. Emo is a steaming pile of ****. Agree?
How far are you from camden county?
Bumped, still need band members.
I'm only about a half hour away from philly. I'm in Berlin, NJ, and it's equally as hard to find musicians devoted to forming a band and keeping it together out here. I saw that some of you guys that posted here are from around my area. If you want to start a band with me, check out the topic I made in here. I play guitar and play anything from classic rock to death metal. I also have another friend who plays guitar, and we need a singer, bassist, and drummer.

Sorry if it seems like I was just giving an advertisement pitch there, but my friend and I seriously wanna start something soon. The only other thing we don't have is a practice spot large enough for a band to set up in.

Also, I completely agree with you on the overabundance of emo kids in philly. If it's not gang-bangers i'm seeing walking down the streets, it's little emo boys dressing like girls with the tight ass girl pants, black hair slicked to the side, the wrist bands to hide the cuts, and enough eye shadow to turn their face black if it rains. Didn't that used to be called goth, until emo went and gayed it up? And what's with all the screamo bands thinking they're metal? Screamo is definitely not metal, because metal doesn't suck on a massive scale.