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Firstly TS, if I joined a band and one member expected us to play an already chosen setlist and I had no input, I would leave. You'll have to discuss your setlist with your bandmates, no-one likes a dictator.

I never said I wasn't open to suggestions or even a different set list, I'm just saying those are the ones I'd most want to play and that I'd think people would really enjoy hearing covers of as a breath of fresh air from what seems like the exact same set list that circulates between pretty much every cover band out there. I'm definitely open to expanding that list or rotating in other songs. I also picked them because the rhythym parts are relatively simple and my soloing isn't that great for the most part, unlike one of my friend's, whose soloing is epic, and who shares almost the exact same taste in music as I do, so I know he wouldn't have an objection to any of those songs.

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Also, you do realize that "nicklef@g" are not only huge fans of Pantera and Metallica, but they have even played Four Horsemen live, and in my opinion, better than Metallica themselves do. Calling a band "nicklef@g" isn't going to make you cooler, more brutal, kvlter, or anything of the sort. It just brings out your immaturity.

I don't hate them to try and be cool. I don't do anything to try and be cool (well aside from trying to get a band started, but that's more for my own enjoyment, but part of that comes from people liking what you do and giving you accolades for it). I hate Nickleback because they couldn't be more generic, emotionless, and vanilla if they tried, not to mention the singer's a giant douche, and his voice is particularly iriitating to me.
I've been working on a metal version of Mountain Song with the rhythym changed to gallops, and was gonna use that to open with, and end with either Vodka or Aerials.
Ok, well it seems my idea for a band hasn't really panned out that well in the past. I was thinking about trying to start one up in the near future but do mostly covers to begin with, with a decent amount of originals thrown in the mix, both to demonstrate my ability as a musician and to get recognized faster (because lets face it, good covers do get you noticed more than an original, no matter how good it tends to be). I can play a decent amount of songs, and was wondering how these songs would mesh well with some originals I've done:

AC/DC- Thunderstruck
Alice In Chains- A Little Bitter, All Secrets Known, Hate To Feel
Behemoth- Conquer All
CKY- 96 Quite Bitter Beings
Disturbed- Perfect Insanity
Drowning Pool- Bodies
Fear Factory- Transgression
Godsmack- Vampires, Whiskey Hangover
Jane's Addiction- Mountain Song
Judas Priest- Breaking The Law
Korpiklaani- Vodka
Megadeth- Kill The King
Metallica- For Whom The Bell Tolls
Ministry- Lies Lies Lies
Rammstein- Ich Will, Zwitter, P*ssy, Links 2 3 4, Feuer Frei!
Rob Zombie- Superbeast, Meet The Creeper
Shinedown- Sound Of Madness
System of A Down- Aerials

I do want to play all or most of these songs in the same night. My old guitar instructor's cover band would do a rather extensive set list where they'd be booked to play for 3 or 4 hours, with a few breaks in between, and a few originals thrown in the mix. What I want to do is end up being known as the area's heaviest cover band because I'm tired of going to bars and seeing cover bands, but then they all play the same stuff (crazy train, hard to handle, numerous nicklef@g songs, etc.).
Do it tastefully, like when talking to the crowd say something like "how the f*ck is everyone tonight?", or random "f*ck yeah!"s will do, but make sure they're not saturating the show. People love hearing someone say something that would offend others but too much because then it gets old.

Btw- it's CURSE, not cuss, r-tard.
Well I wasn't expecting to put all of the songs in there, I was basically just listing them all to pick from for the best arrangement possible. After listening to them all, I think I found the best possible arrangement to make it sound smooth and transition easily from one to the other:

1. Ride The Lightning- start to 0:38
2. The Struggle Within- 0:06 to 0:29
3. Through The Never- start to 0:36
4. The Four Horsemen- start to 0:25
5. Whiplash- start to 2:39
6. Master Of Puppets- start to 5:38
7. Ride The Lightning outro riff (6:29 to 6:33)

At the end what I'm going to do is connect the ending riff from MoP where it goes into the open E power chord as the last note and connect it to where James wails on the open E powerchord and goes into the intro/outro riff for RTL.
Well I suggested all of those so you guys could give me suggestions on which parts of those songs I should put together.
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my old band did a battle of the bands a few years ago. we were the only band who played originals (all originals) and the whole crowd loved us. we got second to a cover band. we scored less than them in the "originality" category.

Um, what?

Anyway, covers are normally a great way to go, even if you throw in an original, too. They get you to be well known faster as people like hearing popular, well known songs better than something they don't know, especially if you can put your own twist on it. My drummer and I do Aerials by SOAD and for the guitar part (me) is the same, but my drummer put a sick twist on the drum line and made it his own, but for the most part it's still recognizable as the drum line to the song.

So Yeah, I'd say go with covers, and switch the postion of the last 2 songs in that set list and you're good, or open with your original.
Recently I had an awesome idea. I was thinking if anyone ever did a medley of Metallica songs because I've never heard of anyone doing it before and got to thinking which of the most awesome/badass/epic Metallica songs to make a Medley from. I got the idea from Guitar Hero Metallica with their song "Mercyful Fate Medley" where they put a bunch of Mercyful Fate songs together and transitioned them well so that it all sounds like one song. What I ask of you guys is to help me decide how to put this together. I'm going to list the songs I want to put together (basically my favorite Metallica songs) and I want to know which parts of the songs I should patch together to make the medley. It doesn't have to be in the order I list, just the best parts from each song meshing together to make it sound like one whole, smooth, liquid transition as if they were written as one song. Feel free to omit some songs, as I realize a 12 or 15 minute song would be a bit much. I'd like to include them all though, even if it's just a 10-20 second riff/section. Here's my list:

The Four Horsemen
Ride The Lightning
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Creeping Death
The Call Of Ktulu (leaning towards using the intro/outro riff as the ending for the medley)
Master Of Puppets
Disposable Heroes
Eye Of The Beholder
The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
Holier Than Thou
Through The Never
The Struggle Within (epic intro riff only)
King Nothing
That Was Just Your Life
All Nightmare Long
My Apocalypse

I know with all those songs it's going to be hard to get it down to a 10 minute or so song even if I only use bits and pieces of each song and omit some of them, but I'd like to at least use the most recognizable riffs from each one. The only idea I have so far that would be good would be to have Whiplash start at 0:29 and transition into Master Of Puppets at 1:19.
My suggestion is a combo of options 2 and 4. I'd say meet with him, but not without the rest of your band and a couple friends to back you up (in case he actually does get violent) and give it to him straightforward that he's a cancer, doesn't deliver on his promises, and is pretty much an all around asshole. Also let him know that if he does try to hurt you or keeps threatening you and the band, you'll go to the cops. If he doesn't believe you, go to them. This helped me get someone to get off my back a few weeks ago that was doing almost the same thing to me. The cops basically just scared the living sh*t outta him for me, but if he does it again I'm filing an official harrassment complaint.
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Everybody knows priest? What high school do you go to because I'd love to meet some kids who actually know classic metal covers when played ( my band does that one from time to time for fun, kids have no clue what the **** it is)

ok you've got a fifteen minute slot
Dammit is roughly a 3 minute song so you need 12 more minutes to fill this time up
Get 3 more 4 minute songs and play them.
Sounds like you guys are a punk/alt outfit so it should be really really easy to learn some covers for your genre.

I graduated almost 4 years ago, and anyone who didn't listen to only what was on the radio/sh*tty hip hop/rap knew it.

Regardless, it's a great song and a great closer for a set list even if alot of the kids you go to school with don't know it or Priest.
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actually a friend of mine showed me something BADASS. He sewed (atleast I think he did, might have just bought it) a little cloth bag of rice. it's totally sewn shut so it's pretty much like a very small pillow, about the size of your palm if you want. And what you do is you put the thing in the microwave until it warms up and then hold it in your hands. VERY AWESOME. dont let it get too hot though and dont fill it completely with rice. It should feel like those sand pillows at walmart

Or you could just go to a store and buy some handwarmers. They last up to 6 or 8 hours and are pretty cheap.
I would say do "Breaking The Law" by Judas Priest instead of yellowcard. Everyone knows it and it kicks ass.
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And while I'll agree that songwriting is a creative process that comes from within you, I will venture to say that painting is too. So is wood carving. So is guitar playing. So is masturbating. There is nothing wrong with a beginner learning some basic techniques, skills, philosophies, etc. so that they actually have a foundation to build upon, so that they can actually create something with a sense of purpose rather than being one of the infinite number of monkeys on one of the infinite numbers of typewriters.

You forgot one there, buddy.

Anyway, I suggest you listen to Axemanchris, he really knows his sh*t.
yes, I realize it's going to cost a pretty penny to accomplish exactly what I want, but I believe the end result will be worth it.

And I have used google but I was hoping some people here would have some really sick, brutal, off the wall designs they might have saved somewhere that isn't on google results.
I'm currently inquiring to some custom guitar makers about getting a completely custom built (pretty much from scratch but based around my SZ520) battle axe guitar. Can anyone here provide me with some badass designs that I could go on? I want this thing to look like you literally took a medieval battle axe and added some strings and pickups.

Also, what exactly would I have to provide to the guitar maker? What specs do I need to provide besides things like the types of wood used for the various parts (I'm looking to get it done as a neck-thru build)?
At this point, playing for free at house parties and such is really your best option. It might not get you any cash from the gig, but it'll give you great exposure and that's what you need right now. Until you get a good enough rep to start playing bars and clubs, this is the best way to go about it. When you do end up getting a bar/club gig, NEVER say you'll play for free or they'll expect you to every time and possibly tell other bars or clubs that you do and that's very bad if you want to start getting payed for gigs.
1. Looking for a bassist, singer (an actual singer, not a screamer who thinks they can sing), 2nd guitarist, and possibly keyboardist aged from 18-mid 20's.

2. 22

3. Berlin (Camden County, near Cherry Hill)

4. Guitar

5. Hard rock/metal (main influences- Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Zakk Wylde)
"Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife" by Mastodon. Do it.
I haven't played through too many different stacks, but I do have a preference to Fender amps. The clean tone they give works to perfection with my pedal's distortion, making it very crisp and clear, so I'd say go with something by them.
I'd say switch out the last song for "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry, or just add it in to make the set list a little longer. I think it'd fit perfectly as the ending song to a prom.
Touch, Peel, And Stand by Days Of The New.

Do it nao.
Easily Walls of Jehrico. I saw them back in '06 at the Family Values tour and they were so horrible that they actually got booed off stage. No wonder why they were 1st to go on. They were also at Mayhem Fest this past year but when I found out when they were going on I quickly rushed over to the Rock Band tent that was situated on the other side of the complex.
Oh god oh god oh god HELL YES!

Oh hay there, brooke. Been baking anything lately? :P
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yeah, hes right. myspace is the way to do it.

my band is known by all bands around the area, and maybr further. how we did it, is by at first, we entered the battle of the bands and junk. and with them, your name gets thrown around alot, cause your important to them, since your competition. then at the gigs, since your all in the same comp, you just go up, and talk to the bands about it, like "gee, theese guys are good, who you recons gonna win?" or "hey, great set you guys just played, were up next, hows the foldback?" and youll get to know everyone from a whole lotta different bands.

then hit em up on their myspace. send mesages "great gig last night, was great talking to yous. if you ever have a gig we'd be interested in to play, just hit us up, thatd be awesome, would love to share the stage with you guys again someday"

and then, bingo, you got yourself some networking progress. also, bands like it when you top friend them, and sometimes theyll top friend you, resulting in more hits for you both, but also, a sort of gig aliance, where yous let each other know, of shows that are available to play.

so yeah, myspace ftw

God your English is horrible.

Basically, this guy is right. This is how my drummer and I got our 1st gig, by making friends with anyone we meet, especially other musicians. Talk to people, even if it's for a few minutes and if there's an opportunity to play a gig, jump on it, no matter how small or big it is. Exposure is far more important than getting paid at a gig.
Can anyone offer me advice on how I should go about this (I'm half expecting axemanchris to be one of the 1st to reply to this)? Things I'm looking for are:

1. Rates we should charge (if/when the subject comes up)
2. Booking gigs with other bands
3. Good places to call (bars, clubs, etc.), and how to get gigs at the same places on different dates afterwards
4. How to promote ourselves
5. If the owner wants a certain thing out of us (covers, originals, a mix of both, different styles, etc.
6. Anything else you guys can think of.

Any advice here is greatly appreciated. My drummer and I have enough material written to start gigging, but we need to nix the ever persistant problem of finding a singer, bassist, and possibly a 2nd guitarist and keyboardist.
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I apparently look like on of em.. I havent even seen them before..

You need to immediately get plastic surgery or scar your face with razor blades.
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well there nice choices as your new you want to stick to frly genreic /mainstream stuff so you build a rep before trying more obscure/rissky/original stuff. try to phase in your own stuff.

i'd go for dammit,it gets the audience pumped they know it so they can shout along and know when to start jumping around etc etc plus its not overly difficult so you can spend time refining your other bits but by the sound of it you guys have your head screwed on and are pretty talented. You'll be fine and well done

Yeah, Dammit kinda caters more towards the crowd we're playing for at the moment, so I figured it'd be the best choice.
So yeah, I had my 1st gig today at a house party the next town over, and I'm utterly exhausted from it. It went a lot better than either my drummer and I could have ever hoped. There were about 20-30 people there and they all loved our stuff. Since our bassist and singer couldn't make it, we just did all instrumental stuff (which is all our stuff is right now anyway).

We went on 1st before 2 other bands and did an instrumental intro we came up with during the hour or so of practice we had before the other bands had their practice session. After that we slowed it down a bit with an acoustic song we came up with a while ago, then went into our cover of Aerials by System Of A Down, and went into a fast paced, heavy Drop D song, and ended with something we came up with on the spot which was similar to the last song we played but my drummer and I went into crazy solos at the end and it drove the (small) crowd nuts. We're also working on 1 or 2 more originals and trying to decide between a few more covers to do. Our choices are as follows:

Dammit- Blink 182 (this was actually the 1st song we both learned all the way through and I haven't kept up with it by playing it in a while and have to re-learn it, but it's at the top of our list for the next cover)

A Little Bitter- Alice In Chains (my drummer's willing to learn it but it'll take him some time)

For Whom The Bell Tolls, or Through The Never- Metallica (It'll take me some time to learn the entire solo on TTN, but I can pretty much play FWTBT right now, it just needs some work)

Breaking The Law- Judas Priest

My question is which should be the next cover we should do, and what advice can you guys give me on getting more gigs outside of a house party once or twice a month (it's gonna be at the same house and we've actually been allowed to practice there after the kid who lives there's band is done practicing)?

We just need to nail down a reliable bassist and singer, and possibly a 2nd guitarist and we should be good, but sh*t's finally starting to come together for us.
Can someone find me the one that has the pic of the car that's on its roof in a ditch with firefighters around it that says "text messaging" under it?
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herman li is the sh*t

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hahahaahaha - this is a joke, right?


Isnt it something like 130w RMS per side? And its SS - it may be quite loud - but....umm

600w is the power it consumes - which is a stupid amount anyway - the only thing thats massive is your electricity bill.........

No joke, sir.

And the electric bill is why I unplug it when I'm not using it.
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i've never seen that before
send us a link of this so-called 600 watt head
Did you set the ohms right. You do understand with using that much power that you're oging to need alot of speakers to handle it all

You don't believe me, you say? Prepare to be shocked, sir.

Oh, and I fixed the problem. Seems all I needed was a new guitar cord.
Drums really are the key. When I'm just by myself, I have alot of trouble coming up with new stuff, but when me and my drummer get together it's like a pure orgy of new riffs and songs orgasming all over us and our instruments.
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2. Why does the singer need to write the lyrics? What's preventing you from writing them? Given the time constraints though, I think it's better if you leave the songs as instrumentals for now. Don't worry about what the other band is doing. As long as you put on a good show and play good music people will be happy.

I hope Saturday goes well.

We need him because they come really easy to him (he's already written alot), and my drummer and I both suck at coming up with lyrics.

And thanks.
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Good suggestions from strat0blaster, but I'd also add that you should probably have a practice the night before at least.

The thing about that is that our current practice spot is our drummer's basement and it's only available in the morning on weekdays when his parents aren't home, and I'll be working that day.

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3. Start and end with a song. Start with something that grips them, end with something more in depth that'll leave them wanting to see you play again. I'd skip the tapping intro - they're not there to see you run drills - they're there to see a band play. Oh, and telling them all it's your first gig = bad idea. It shows lacking confidence.

I was thinking it would be a bad idea to tell them that at the start, I was just looking for a second opinion. I was thinking it would be a better idea to say something at the end along the lines of "By the way, that was our first gig and we're hoping it to be the 1st of many more".

I have another thing to ask. How should we structure our setlist with our songs? I was thinking something like this:

Acoustic song
Heavy song
Heavy song (the one I'm thinking of ending with is a good mosh worthy song)
Ok, so after 2+ years of my drummer and I trying to find other band members and gigs, we finally nail a gig for this saturday. It's at his friend's house party, and we're going on before his friend's band. He (my drummer) also found a bassist and 2nd guitarist/singer, as he goes to school with them. We're definitely playing the gig, but there's a few things with it that concern me:

1. My drummer and I have 3 originals that we've come up with (2 we have down and finished completely and 1 that needs a small amount of tweaking but nothing that a few minutes of work won't help), and 1 cover- Aerials by System of A Down. The thing is, we're having our first jam/practice session with the bassist and 2nd guitarist/singer on the day of the gig, but we'll be able to practice for a few hours before the gig (it starts at 5 and we're gettin there around 12 or 1). Should this be enough time for us to finish the 1 song and add a bassline and another guitar track to it and the other 2 to round them out?

2. Since it's really short notice, our 2nd guitarist/singer won't have enough time to add proper lyrics to our finished songs and we're just gonna make them instrumentals for now, but they're structured so that they'd be good as instrumentals. The thing is, I think my drummer said the other band is doing the same thing but he's not entirely sure. If they don't, will this still work out in our favor?

3. How should we start/end the show? Should we just get up and play, or should we let the crowd (as much of a crowd that 20-30 people can be) that it's our very 1st gig? Also, how should we structure our set list? We have one acoustic song, and 2 heavy Godsmack/Alice In Chains inspired songs. I was thinking I could do a quick tapping solo intro when we start the show, kinda like to fire up the crowd a little and then go into one of our heavier songs, then the acoustic, then another heavy one, and end on Aerials.

4. We're going to be video taping this and taking lots of pics to kinda archive it and go back on it and study it later, and just for us to have it if we ever wanna look back on it. Good idea?

Anyway, any advice is most certainly welcome on anything about this.
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600 watts? O.O

Dear god, why?

Purely for reactions like this.

Plus I wanna be able to get as much sound as possible out of something when I start playing shows.
No, I tried that, it's all the way up.
Because 600 watts in a halfstack simply isn't enough to bathe the neighborhood in the metal.