So yeah, I just recently acquired a 600 watt peavy head and behringer 4 speaker cabinet from a friend, and it was playing real nice until tonight. I had been missing the power supply cord to my digitech rp 200 effects processor and found it tonight, so I thought "hey, let's play through it on the nice new halfstack", so I plug it all in properly, and nothing happens. I try turning it up a little, but I can barely hear any sound coming through the cab. I then turn everything all the way up, and I still can barely ehar anything. At this point I have to actually put my ear against the cab to hear anything.

So I figure I should unplug the guitar from the processor and hook it back up to my Weapon pedal (see sig) because it was working fine being played through that before I used the processor, but no, I still can barely hear anything, even when I'm sitting smack dab right next to it. Any idea why this is happening and what I can do to get my halfstack back in proper working order? This doubly sucks, because- 1.) I got it because my drummer and I have enough songs to record a demo and until this came along I didn't have anything loud enough to record with (we want to do it ourselves to cut costs), and 2.) I wanted to bathe the neighborhood in shred and Van Halen-esque tapping solos (which I'm pretty good at, btw).

Halp, plz!
As of right now, it's just me (guitar) and my drummer, and we both write our own parts. If we had a bassist, singer, or 2nd guitarist, we'd expect them to write their own parts.
Quote by crimson moon
learn the following:

1. the major scale and its modes (Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian) and their dominant variations.

You lost me. Don't know what modes are.

2. The whole tone scale (Michael Romeo uses it alot)


3. Diminished and semi-diminished scales/licks/arps (Michael Romeo and Yngwie Malmsteen come to mind)

Diminished? Semi-diminished? Arps? You lost me again.

Edit: are you talking scales as in scalar runs (licks) or just scales?

I was talking just scales, and I have no idea what scalar runs are. Care to enlighten me?

If you are looking for certain licks, find a tab of the lick you are interested in (or figure it out by ear) and learn it/ build an excercise around it .

Yeah, I kinda do that alot already.

Edit 2: I really recommend watching Dave Weiner's Riff of the week Series on youtube. He did a couple of lessons on the modes, how and where to use them and more importantly (after you learn your scales) modal interchange (i.e. weaving the modes together to create a modal lick).

I would if I could but I still only have dial up. I'm stuck on my parents' crappy ass aol account and they refuse to upgrade ANYTHING around here. We still have our microwave from before we moved into this house back when I was in 1st grade (I'm now 22).

Edit 3: Something else that will greatly help ypu is knowing your neck well. Where the notes are, the patterns that they are arranged in.

I try to do that as much as possible, as I try to find the same note on different strings so if I'm playing something on a higher/lower string and I wanna hit a certain note I don't have to move all the hell over the fret board to find it.

Edit 4: Know the notes of the scales, don't just memorize patterns. Know how to harmonize a scale and the relationship between the different intervals.

Most super shredders will have done something similar to the above.

You lost me yet again. I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.

Honestly, I don't know that much about guitar other than tunings and not much far outside of it. I just play.
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I'm looking for some good scales to build up my soloing technique that would be good to build upon and help me improvise my own solos (I suck at improvisation). I seem to be stuck in the same shapes/patterns on the fretboard and just can't seem to deviate far from them. One example of what I'm talking about is this little riff I do a sh*t load:

12-13-15 (on low E string), repeat on next string all the way up to the high E string, then played in reverse back down to the low E string ending on the 12th fret.

I've been told the pentatonic scale is good for improv, and that's where I built that riff off of, but I can't really seem to come up with a whole lot else. I want some scales that would be good to help me build up my shredding abilities as most of the guitarists I've become obsessed with within the past year or so are the likes of Michael Romeo, Gus G. (from Firewind), Alex Skolnik, etc. (basically the "super shredders"). Can someone suggest some for me to practice with and possibly tab them out?
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This thread is now a black jokes thread!

Can anyone do this for me?
Pit answer- rape

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Moar lists, plz!
Anything that black people come up with- jameer, jamar, etc.
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Well I can offer a few solutions.

1. For the love of god, get rid of your @$$hole rhythym guitarist. He's just holding you back and the fact that he says "the beatles wouldn't do that" whenever you bring an idea up just goes to show how closed minded he is with new ideas. A band is supposed to progress and develop their sound, not try to mirror someone else's (unless you're doing all covers/in a tribute band). You'll never get anywhere with him.

2. Same goes with the bassist. If your drummer really is that good, convince him that his mother ultimately has no say in what your band does. It's your band, not hers, and the fact that she's convinced her (bassist) son doesn't suck just because he's her son is something you need to point out to his brother. Seriously, this is another thing holding you back. F*ck her, she isn't the band manager/your own mother.

3. I know he's your dad, but he seriously needs to f*ck off. If all he considers to be "good" music is only what he listens to, he needs to promptly remove the stick from his ass, smell it, and replace it and tell you his sh*t doesn't stink. He may be unsupportive, but at least he's not making an active attempt to keep you from doing your thing. If your grandparents (his parents) are supportive of you, then get them to try and tell him to shut the f*ck up because you're trying to make something of this.

That's all I gots. Basically drop your rhythym guitarist and the kid that thinks he can play bass, and ignore what your dad and their mom say.

Srsly guys, come on. I'd like to see what you can come up with.
I'd like if someone could post the fullly tabbed song. The ones on this site don't have the solo, and I don't have guitar pro or any program like that, so I can't look at that one. I know it's tuned in e standard a half step down, but if someone could tab it out in drop D flat, I'd be eternally grateful, as I'd like to try and play it in that tuning.
Breaking The Law by Judas Priest or For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica would be perfect.
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In my opinion- Buckethead, Herman Li, Brownbag Johnson, Synester Gates, and Gus G. Let's not forget Michael Romeo.
Well I was thinking recently what I would do if I won the Mega Millions lottery (you know, the one that regularly gets over $100,000,000), and I thought "hey, why not organize a summer tour along the lines of Mayhem/Ozzfest?" So here's my list. You guys can do whatever you want with yours, but I'm going to organize it like Ozzfest with a second and main stage, and list some sponsors, activities, venues, etc. The order of performance will also be listed with the bands at the bottom being the last ones on.

Second Stage
Battle of the bands winner (there will be a few winners, one for each area of the U.S.- Northeast, southeast, northwest, midwest, etc.)
Rev Theory
36 Crazyfists
Five Finger Death Punch
Drowning Pool
Black Tide
Sonata Arctica
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster
Iced Earth

Main Stage
Graveyard BBQ
Symphony X (co-headliner)
Testament (Headliner)

Any beer sponsor that wants in
Jack Daniels
BT-4 paintball guns/supplies (a small paintball field will be set up somewhere with 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 games being played up until the main acts go on)
Neversoft (a guitar hero booth will be set up)
Ibanez (during the 2nd stage acts, people can sign up for a 5 minute slot to play a song or just show off their skills at this booth)
Tama (same thing will happen with the Ibanez booth)

The only definite venues on my mind will be the same for the start and end date of the tour- the old Tweeter center (now the Susquehana bank center) in Camden, NJ. I've always wanted to see a tour twice, and this will afford the people in my area the chance to do so. If you purchase tickets to this venue, they will be good for both days.
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This flag for the win.
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That's why FOB should never be allowed in the game, their songs are far too easy (and annoying). Tell you what, the first 2 things I'm going to do if I ever win the Mega Millions lottery (besides the obvious- paying off my car, getting a new house, pay bills, go to college, etc.) is organize a huge summer tour along the lines of Ozz/Mayhem Fest, and buy the GH franchise so that I can get them to stop putting sh*tty post/neo pop punk crap in it.
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Actually, Dead! by MCR was pretty fun on GH2 for the 360.

I found that song to be quite annoying. It was too easy, and I really can't stand them to begin with.
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Anything good, Modern and well known.

Why only modern? Some of the best stuff out there is in the classic rock genre.
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I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy

Thank You For The Venom - My Chemical Romance
Mega ultra super extremo fail

Renegade - Styx
Complete win for this song

What exactly would warrant FOB or MCR being in GH? Their songs are all boring, sound exactly the same as the rest of their catalogues, and offer no challenge whatsoever. I'd have no problem with them being DLC, free even, but keep them off the disk so I'm not forced to play their songs to beat the game. If you like them that's fine and all, but please keep them away from me.

Oh, and Neversoft did away with the difficulty tiers. The set lists are set up like how Rock Band's are, with a few songs in a set list in different cities. There's no bonus songs anymore either as all the songs are just integrated into the career mode.
I for one would be first in line if they did GH: Judas Priest (I'd be 1st in line for any GH game anyway).
Agreed. Guitar Hero: Metallica is going to be almost all metal though.
Needs moar member lists. I wanna see what you guys can come up with.
Actually, if they released more band themed GH games, Maiden And Judas Priest would probably be top of the list (at least on mine anyway).
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You have too much time on your hands.

No. Really.

No, I have Insomnia.

And why is everyone so against the Herman Li battle? Surely anyone that can play with that amount of speed and control would make a kickass battle.
Just because you don't like them doesn't make it false.
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I'd rather say that today's metal came from Iron Maiden.

Speaking of which, Back in the Village should be on there, it's perfect

That would be untrue. You go through a list of any metal band's influences and you will undoubtedly find Metallica on there, no matter which era. Iron Maiden's on a lot of lists, just nowhere near as many as Metallica are.

And I changed the Iron Maiden choice to Hallowed Be Thy Name.
Prog, emo, whatever they are. They've got some heavy stuff, which is undoubtedly slightly influenced by Metallica.
That's because coheed are horrible and their singer sounds like his balls are in a vice clamp. And you do realize none of the metal bands that are around now with the exception of the really old ones would be around if it weren't for Metallica, right?

Don't be a dumbass.
I still have yet to see anyone post their wishlist.
Update- added a couple songs I forgot to put in when I first did this (VZW song ID is a godsend).
Damn, almost forgot Breaking The Law by Judas Priest.