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18, big $hit, and fyi i hated gh b4 i played, second im not being an iletest douchebag, third i openly hated gh in a town that worships it as the next masiah, 4th im the last person to hop on a bandwagon, and last 90% or thos people who pick up guitars have no talent, never will have talent, and r doing nothing but being ignorant pricks that things mad skillz in gh equals guitar god. so b4 u start insulting me u should think first big shot. and how old r u? 15?

22. If you'd take the time to not be lazy and read my profile, you would have found that out for yourself.

And guitar hero skills don't equal real guitar skills? Well no sh*t. I also refuse to stop laughing at someone who failed 3rd grade English or at least sure as hell types like they did.
I also switched my Judas Priest choice from Ram It Down to Metal Meltdown.
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it's alright I can understand not getting the sarcasm. But actually I read quite a lot. Reading comprehension and retention is one of my strongest traits. I just don't tend to read things I don't care about, an example would be your post. So please don't insult me for no particular reason.

Ok, well I'm sorry about that. It's just that people that really are insulting GH and being elitist douchebags because it's "not reel gitar" tend to grind on my nerves after a very short period of time. Hmm, not real guitar you say? NO F*CKING ****, SHERLOCK!
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to not b made and for the serious to go away and stop ruining generations of musicians

Seriously, stop being an ignorant elitist douchebag. I've seen more kids pick up a real guitar because of this game than for any other reason. How old are you anyway, you bandwagoning ass? 12? 13?
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I actually didn't read your ridiculously long and pointless text.= too lazy to fkn read something just because it's a bit long. I wonder how you fare with a simple book?

I was just joking around saying I hope Guitar Hero 5 doesn't get released. I honestly couldn't care less about the game either way.

As for the second one, sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internet and I didn't catch that.
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I think Red Flag could be something better too. Hello? Fallen Leaves? How could you not think of that?

I'm also insulted you left out Rise Against. They've had a song in GH III, GH:WT, and RB2. They'd better have a damn song in GH5.

I don't really know too much by either of them, although they're both very good. I've just been lazy and haven't checked out their other stuff. Honestly, Red Flag is the only song by Billy Talent I know. I basically went through my itunes and picked the best songs (IMO) by the artists I have that I thought would be fun and/or challenging to play.

Also on Synester Gates, I figured since he's regarded as one of the best out there by kids today (he's really good, IMO, but by far not the best), that people would enjoy seeing him having his own guitar battle.
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I wish it won't get released

What the f*ck are you on a guitar site for if you don't like any of those artists or songs?
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I have a good wishlist for Guitar Hero.

It's immediate and extremely painful death.

Seriously, did you not read before you posted?
I know I'm probably asking for a huge flame wall to be sent my way posting this in the pit, but f*ck it. You know what? I don't care. It's just a game, get the f*ck over it, pit monkeys. We all know it isn't real guitar, but that doesn't mean it's not fun, because it's very fun to play. Plus, no one takes little 14 year old elitist doucheb@gs seriously anyway. I for one have been playing guitar for 3 and a half years and am pretty damn good (at least that's what I've been told), and am also very good at GH and thoroughly enjoy both. And FYI, I started playing real guitar about a year before GH.

Anyway, here's my ultimate wishlist for Guitar Hero 5. I know some, if not most of these may never make it onto the next one or even one of the GH games at all (but thankfully there's DLC for that), but here's what I'd like to see on the next one. I'm sure alot of them are perfectly reasonable choices though. I'm also going to post enough to make a full game (a little more than the 85 songs in the last one), so if you'd like to share your full fantasy wishlist, do the same. At least make it around 60. If you'd also like to focus on one specific artist like they have with GH Aerosmith and Metallica, feel free to do so. Anyway, here's my list, complete with guitar battles. This will also be done in the "Artist- Song" format.

AC/DC- Back In Black
Alestorm- Over The Seas
Alice In Chains- We Die Young
Anthrax- Got The Time
Arthur Smith and Don Reno (from the Deliverance soundtrack)- Dueling Banjos
As I Lay Dying- Nothing Left
Atreyu- Becoming The Bull
The Autumn Offering- Silence And Goodbye
Synester Gates Guitar Battle (1st guitar battle)
Avenged Sevenfold- Bat Country
Billy Squier- The Stroke
Billy Talent- Red Flag
Black Label Society- Suicide Messiah
Black Sabbath- Sweet Leaf
Black Tide- Shockwave
Blind Melon- No Rain
Blink 182- What's My Age Again?
Bob Marley- Jammin'
Boston- Smokin'
Bowling For Soup- 1985
Brad Paisely featuring Keith Urban- Start A Band
Breaking Benjamin- Diary Of Jane
Buckcherry- Crazy Bitch
Bury Your Dead- Hands To Hide The Shame
Bush- Machine Head
Cancer Bats- Harem Of Scorpions
Chevelle- The Red
Citizen King- Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out)
Coldplay- Violet Hill
Danzig- Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
Days Of The New- Touch, Peel, And Stand
Def Leppard- Rock Of Ages
Dethklok- Fansong
Disturbed- 10,000 Fists
Herman Li Guitar Battle (final song)
Dragonforce- Valley Of The Damned (song that plays during credits)
Drowning Pool- Bodies
Eagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight
Everclear- I Will Buy You A New Life
Firewind- Into The Fire
Five Finger Death Punch- The Bleeding
Foo Fighters- Learn To Fly
Foreigner- Double Vision
George Thorogood And The Destroyers- Bad To The Bone
Godsmack- Re-align
Goldfinger- 99 Red Balloons
Graveyard BBQ- By The Grace Of The Grill
Greenday- Basket Case
Guns N' Roses- Paradise City
Helloween- The Time Of The Oath
Iced Earth- 10,000 Strong
Incubus- Dig
Iron Maiden- Hallowed Be Thy Name
Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Judas Priest- Metal Meltdown
Glen Tipton Guitar Battle (3rd guitar battle)
Judas Priest- Ram It Down (Judas Priest songs would be played in this order in the 2nd to last set)
Korn- Right Now
Lamb Of God- Again We Rise
Led Zepplin- Stairway To Heaven
Lordi- Devil Is A Loser
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Simple Man (Live)
Marylin Manson- The Beautiful People
Mastodon- Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster- Raised By The Tide
Megadeth- Trust
Metallica- Through The Never
Motley Crue- Live Wire
Nirvana- Come As You Are
NOFX- Franco Un-American
The Offspring- The Kids Aren't Alright
Ozzy Osbourne- No More Tears
Pain- Nailed To The Floor
Pantera- Revolution Is My Name
Papa Roach- Getting Away With Murder
Pennywise- Knocked Down
Pink Floyd- Run Like Hell
Queensryche- I Don't Believe In Love
Rammstein- Links 2, 3, 4
Red Hot Chili Peppers- The Zephyr Song
Rev Theory- Hell Yeah
Rise Against- Audience Of One
Rob Zombie- Dead Girl Superstar
Rush- Limelight
Seether- Remedy
Sixx A.M.- Life Is Beautiful
Slipknot- Psychosocial
Smashing Pumpkins- Tarantula
Sonata Arctica- Wolf And Raven
Soundgarden- Rusty Cage
Spiderbait- Black Betty
Stone Sour- Reborn
Stone Temple Pilots- Plush
Sublime- What I Got
Switchfoot- Meant To Live
Symphony X- Set The World On Fire
System Of A Down- Lonely Day
Testament- Sins Of Omission (Live In London Version)
Third Eye Blind- Semi-Charmed Life
Three Days Grace- Riot
Tool- The Pot
Trans-Siberian Orchestra- Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
Trapt- Headstrong
Unearth- The Chosen
Weezer- The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
The Who- Behind Blue Eyes
Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar Battle (2nd guitar battle)
Yngwie Malmsteen- Rising Force
ZZ Top- Tush
3 Doors Down- When I'm Gone
9 lb. Hammer- Carl's Theme
10 Years- Waking Up
36 Crazyfists- Absent Are The Saints

And there you have it. With the guitar battles, it figures out to just under 100 songs. I believe that with that amount, it'll max out the available disk space. Before a mod closes this for whatever reason, I read over the rules and didn't see anything against "guitar hero wishlist threads".

Anyway, if you feel like engaging in a sane and intelligent guitar hero discussion for once here without all the flames about it being "not real guitar", feel free to post here. Otherwise, take your game bashing crap somewhere else because it really gets annoying quick.
Some of the ones I've learned are For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica, and Aerials by System Of A Down. Both are really easy, well known, and definite crowd pleasers.
Back on topic. Time to profess the love for Graveyard BBQ and not generic trve kvlt blk metuhlz.
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lol I like how this started with just me asking a simple question about what song was playing, to the confusion of many, then turned into a which metal is better discussion

Nu-Metal for the win!
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What the hell is that even supposed to mean?

You know what it means, now take your ghetto metal and gtfo!
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Sad Wings of Destiny is way better.

Says the guy that listens to black metal.
Painkiller, ftw.

Do it nao!
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Ross Bay grave Black Mass begins
Blasphemous prayers Are being chanted backwards
Black pentagram cult Are ripping up dead corpses
Burning the chapel The holy will die
Death to all angels Fall from the sky Death and destruction
Satanic slaughter flames tonight Holy god die
Christ will burn in blackened tombs sacrifice Hooded demons Virgin slayed ritual
Black witching metal Drink the sluts blood
Bloody dripping orgy
Sacrifice the holy bitch Wine of Satan
Witches create the spell Dusk through dawn
The witches sing their songs
Death to all angels Fall from the sky Death and destruction
Satanic slaughter flames tonight Holy god die
Christ will burn in blackenedtombs sacrifice Hooded demons Virgin slayed ritual

You try too hard to be satanic.
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Not really.

Lies! Blasphemy!
I don't remember ever making that thread. If I did, I wouldn't have made this one.

Anyway, these guys are definitely worth a listen or 2, or a hundred. Just check them out, I promise you it will be time well spent.
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Hmm, pretty decent. First song I was like ya, quite different. Then I got a slight Nickleback vibe later in the song

Now now, there's no need for insults, name calling, or mudslinging.
BBQ Girl, by Graveyard BBQ. It can be found here:

About the above comments:

1. Testament kick utter ass.
2. My interweb connection is too fkn slow (damn aol dial up) to check out Amon Amarth or anything else for that matter, so I'll give them a listen when I get the chance.
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Penny for every time I hear that...
But i'll check em out thanks for the tip

I realize this, but if they weren't that unique, I wouldn't have said it. The difference between all the little teenage fanboys professing their love for crappy generic metal bands and me professing my faboyism for this band is that I know what I'm talking about. They really are that unique.
I don't know how many of you here have ever heard of Graveyard BBQ, but they're by far one of my favorite bands. I found out about them back in 2005 when their song "Cheat On The Church" was featured in the first Guitar Hero as a result of the "Be A Guitar Hero" sweepstakes. They're really one of the most original metal bands ever, and I feel they deserve more recognition than they've gotten, which is why I'm making this thread. As for their style, they do probably the most mouthwatering blend of Delta Blues, Southern Rock, and Metal I've ever heard. Here's a link:

Since the 1st Guitar Hero, they've released 2 albums (oddly enough called Greatest Hits Volumes 1 and 2, even though it's their only albums to date), have gotten a new singer, and are on their 3rd drummer, who by the way is probably the next Gene Hoglan in my opinion. I saw them live back on december 30th up in Trenton, and after taking a listen to this band I'm sure some of you could understand why I'd be willing to drive 4 hours to their shows in NYC in April or even 6-7 hours to Massachusets to see some of their shows up there.

Oh, and for all of you out there that try to put any band they hear in a specific genre, they came up with a name for theirs, which is unique enough to get its own- Dirtcore. Seriously, no other band out there sound like these guys.

And if Axemanchris gets his ass in here and takes a listen to "Cheat On The Church", he'll find that their old singer can utilize the Belcanto technique (extremely well, I might add) that he so proudly brags about in his sig.

Some choice songs to listen to would be:

Ride The 'Stache
BBQ Girl
The Clothes That Makes The Man
By The Grace Of The Grill
Cheat On The Church
Anything else by them because they're that damn good
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He even calls his bass guitar a 'sonic rumblehammer'.

That. Is. PRICELESS!!!!!!

Know anyone that calls their drum kit a masturbation simulator?
Your bassist is pretty hot, glennjoe.
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Should I just keep doing what I'm doing? or adjust to taste?

Pull a G.G. Allen. Do it, you know you want to.
My drummer and I don't try to go for any crazy, outrageous, or unreal image. We just try to be ourselves. When we start playing shows it won't be any different. We're just gonna play the music we like to play and be ourselves on stage at the same time. The themes/gimmicks are all fine for the bands that do them but we don't really try to do anything like that.
It seems to work for a lot of bands- Van Halen, Pantera (well it did work), Lamb Of God, etc.

Unfortuneately no one in my family is into anything close to what I listen to except my one cousin but she doesn't play any instruments. My only sibling is my one sister and she absolutely apalls (sp?) the stuff I'm really into (death, thrash, etc.). It's a shame because she's got an absolutely incredible voice and my drummer and I are in desperate need of a singer.
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You're still missing the point. This is not their gig, it is the models'. Overshadow the models, and you'll actually look worse.

Well in that case models NEED to be overshadowed if they cannot comprehend and walk to the epicness that is my suggested setlist.
My parents can tolerate it as long as I don't blast it at deafening levels like I do in the summer in my car. They usually just walk away. My mom is absolutely scared sh*tless of death metal, black metal (which I really don't care for that much anyway), or anything with screaming or growling and routinely tries to turn it off on me. Other than that, if it's got clean singing she really doesn't mind me listening to it. My dad's into slightly heavier stuff, though. He like Van Halen and some Judas Priest (i.e.- Breaking the law, heading out to the highway, etc.), but if it's any of the "extreme" forms (thrash, death, black, power, etc.), he just shakes his head and goes "wtf are you listening to" and walks away.

I kinda wish I had the super religious type of parents that think metal is evil just so I could annoy them with it and show them how wrong they'd be in that train of thought. There's nothing more priceless than in the middle of June going to the local farmer's market and blasting some Demonic album Testament at ear splitting levels and watching all the old ladies and mexicans stare open jawed and make the sign of the cross.
70's- Hotel California (The Eagles), Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)

80's- Master Of Puppets (Metallica), Play With Me (Extreme), You Really Got Me (With Eruption intro- Van Halen)

90's- Man In The Box (Alice In Chains), Moon Baby (Godsmack), Painkiller (Judas Priest)

Do those songs and I guarantee you'll be the next big thing to come out of your town.
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In general terms, you can play covers whenever and wherever you want, and make as much money from those ventures as you want.

Typically, a venue pays a blanket license fee to a performing rights association (SOCAN, ASCAP, etc.) every year, which allows them to perform (and even playing a radio station with copyrighted material is considered a public performance of the material) copyrighted works in their public place.

So, if you're in a club somewhere jamming on a Pearl Jam tune and the copyright police show up, it isn't your tail that gets nailed. If the establishment has not paid their license fee, then it is them that is taken to task.

Stores, bars, festivals, school boards, etc. are expected to pay this fee.... essentially any business that uses music to add to the consumers' experience. Imagine a restaurant without music. Grocery stores play music over their sound system. It's everywhere.

Now, notice that I use words like 'generally' and 'typically.' If you are performing at a place that does not typically have music played, like a street party that you organize or something like that, then it is up to YOU to pay this licensing fee.


See, this is why I friend requested you. You are probably the most knowledgable member on here about anything music business related. As soon as my band gets up and running, you'll be one of the 1st to know. I have a feeling you could help us out with just about anything in the music business.
Since Axemanchris recently enlightened me as to the fact that I need to pay royalties and other fees if I include a cover on an album, my question is this- if I play them live but don't put them on an album but also put them on my band's myspace page, do I still need to pay some kind of fee?
Since I was told to take this to the proper forum, here it is. PIRATE METAL!!!!!!! \m/ \m/

Eat it, Ninja sympathisers!

As soon as I found out about this the other day, I went out and ordered their 1st album- Captain Morgan's Revenge. Seriously though, if this is the trend that metal is going to take for the next decade, I sure as hell hope Folk Metal will be the next big thing.
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what kind of music are you playing? my band learned dammit by blink 182 first but we play punk

Same here. It was the 1st song that both my drummer and I learned to play all the way through.
This'll definitely come in handy when I start playing gigs, even before hand.
Jesus Christ, what's wrong with you? You replaced Comfortably Numb with Low by florida? Seriously, just quit now because any self respecting band would NEVER do such a thing.
Yeah, we'd probably be putting a harder spin on the RHCP songs, but we also might just go with ordering the songs so that the transition from punk/rock to metal flows better.
Well my band and I don't even have any of our own stuff recorded yet, but we were thinking once we get a few albums out, we would do a cover/tribute album for all the bands that inspired us to pick up an instrument and play. We have the same bands in mind for the album and it would mostly consist of 3-4 songs from our main influences. I dunno about the rest of the band, but my choices so far have been these:

Livin' In Sin
Hollow (or Temptation)

Alice In Chains
Man In The Box
A Little Bitter

Du Hast
Ich Will

System Of A Down

Blink 182

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Ozzy/Black Sabbath
Paranoid (I put a sick galloping rhythym on this)

Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Zephyr Song
Fight Like A Brave
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U forgot the ultimate party band...POISON! lol

I thought that was Andrew W.K.?