A stereotype about Nu Metal would be that Korn is the father, Disturbed are the son, and Fred Durst is the holy ghost. NOT TRUE!
I wish I could have been getting some action at that age, I'm 21 and didn't lose it till I was 19. Yes, laugh it up, assholes.
I would say Sully Erna, but you guys don't think Godsmack is "tr00" metal. Lies.

One of my favorite has to be Anthrax's old lead singer, the one that did the classics like Madhouse. His name escapes me at the moment. I'm also quite partial to Ozzy. I find it funny that he can't speak a word coherently at all, yet when he sings, he's perfectly understandable.
My school was teh gayness. Most of my teachers were into hippy soft rock crap, but my one teacher who looked and lived like she stepped straight out of 1968 was into some decent stuff- Primus, some Metallica, and a lot of Godsmack. Seriously, this teacher was just straight hippy- wore patchouli, was a vegetarian or as we called her a wussy, and yelled at anyone that even thought of wearing fur.
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I hope this is a bad joke...

No, it's actually a quite good joke, if I do say so myself.
Flight of the Bumblebee, by Rimsky-Koravsky! That'll melt some faces to the floor.
Or Dethklok. This list failz a billion!
God damn, you people suck.


Discuss Graveyard BBQ now!
There's a few in my area- 93.3 WMMR, 94.1 WYSP, 102.9 WMGK, and 104.5. 93.3 plays more popular stuff and classic rock, 94.1 plays more of the heavier stuff with some classic rock mixed in, 104.5 is more modern rock, and 102.9 is strictly classic rock, from the early 80's and before. The best one, though, is 93.3. They have probably one of the most famous radio DJs out there, Pierre Robert, and the morning show voted best in the country for the past 5 or 6 out of 7 years- the Preston and Steve show. I've never laughed so damn hard than when listening to them.
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^Rob Halford?

^crappy short term memory.
If he released a women's clothing line, did you really expect anything else? Also, this is the first openly gay metaller that I've heard of.
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any song by deftones
try "beware" or "change"

^also not metal in the least bit. Their singer jut moans in all his songs.
Is that why no linky has been posted yet? Who is this mythical band you speak of anyway?
^Sarcasm. Get used to it. It's not that easy to detect on da interwebz.
Is that your defense for not knowing what in the f(_)ck you just said?
How are these whiney teen BFMV clones metal and Lamb of God not?
What about while you (as you brits like to refer to it) fap? I prefer some Helloween or Symphony X, makes me epic in many disgusting ways.
Dunno what tuning DGDGBD is, but Graveyard BBQ use it a lot.
Never heard of Graveyard Carnival. Linkage?
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Singer isn't good though, is he.

Which singer? The one on Cheat on the Church? Or their new one? Their new one is incredible, IMO, and a ton better than their old singer.
Where's Anthrax?
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I liked them a lot when I saw them at Ozzfest last year. They've accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time, and that's saying even more given their ages.
Who are they? I keep hearing weird stuff about them, like they killed and ate eachother or something, but I can't find anything descriptive enough on them. Also, don't bother with a wiki link, it keeps saying "server not found", or some crap like that. So please, UG, enlighten me as to who they are. All I found so far was that they were a satanic black metal band from Germany.
It could just be my fanboyism of them stemming from my even bigger fanboyism of the guitar hero series, but I just love them to death. I ordered both their albums a while ago, and their sound is vastly different between the 2. They actually sound a little bluegrassy on a handful of their songs on the 1st album, but got full on metal on their second album. I believe "Cheat On The Church" is the only song from their 1st album on their myspace page. It's also the only song that's never taken down off thier player, as it's the one that helped them gain fame, or at least some.
Play less known songs by well known bands. You will have instant win.
Their sound is hit or miss with most people. Either you love them, or just like them somewhat. They're like the Ghostbusters movies, no one hates them, but not everyone loves them to death like some people. And I thought they had more of a Rob/White Zombie turned southern sound in their heavy riffage.
Wasn't there anything you were partial to?
I've heard all of those bands, and still think LoG fit into DM.
As of right now, the only one I have is a Lamb of God shirt I got at Ozzfest last year. I'm usually broke when I go to concerts.
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Meh, I don't see the "metal" in any of those three bands, but that's my interpretation.

I think it's kind of up to the listener to decide,
I find some early Rush songs metal, you may not so those songs aren't metal? No, to you, but to me they are. But, in the terms of the forum nu metal =/= metal.

I do see what you're talking about with Rush. To me, they're not actual metal, but more pre or proto-metal. Some of their songs I would consider to be very early metal, but more hard rock, like Led Zepplin.

And since when is Nu Metal not metal? It's in the f(_)ckin name for christ's sake. Just because it's not pure metal, doesn't mean it's not metal, it's just yet another subgenre that has divided metal so much. Also, I still think LoG are Death metal, not metalcore. They're far from anything like Atreyu or the deplorable A7x.
Alright all you Graveyard BBQ fanboys/girls, such as myself. This is the one and ONLY Graveyard BBQ thread, where we dicuss how to best serve the BBQ nation. Ladies, Git yer cash, it's 5 cents to ride the 'stache!

All hailz the BBQ Nation!

But seriously, these guys are one of the most original and innovative metal bands I've ever heard. They mix delta blues, southern rock, metal, and a small amount of country to a level of eargasm I've never had the pleasure of obtaining before. As a little backstory, their song "Cheat On The Church" was featured in the first Guitar Hero as they won the "Be A Guitar Hero Sweepstakes", beating out hundreds upon hundreds of other competitors in the Boston area. They've put out 2 albums so far, their debut album titled "Greatest Hits Vol. 1", their 2nd album titled "Greatest hits vol. 2". They've also replaced their singer and drummer once before the 2nd album, and their drummer again after their second album. They also recently added a rhythym guitarist. Their lead guitarist (Brownbag Johnson), and their Bassist (Bud Black) are the only original members left, but apparantly they sometimes ask their original singer to fill in on "Cheat On The Church" when they play in the Boston area.

Take a listen to them, and give your hailz to the BBQ Nation here.
That's all a matter of opinion. Just because they don't shriek at the top of their lungs, or spew blast beats all over their songs doesn't mean they aren't good.
What, LoG, Godsmack and Disturbed aren't metal? Since when?
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The most recent metal song I conquered with my +75 battle axe with a freezing attribute? That would be "Paranoid", by Black Sabbath. I also put a galloping rhythym to the main riff. It's br00tall!
I don't work out, so that's out of the question for listening to metal while I do it. I usually have some Lamb of God, Godsmack, or Disturbed on my ipod while I'm dropping the cosbys off at the pool.
While Zakk may masturbate pinch harmonics all over each and everyone of his songs, he's still an exceptional guitarist. He's no Randy Rhodes (which we all know he would sell his soul to be), you can't deny that he's extremely talented.
Around what time into the song does that riff kick in?