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1. Not nu-metal, never have been, they just go in that forum because they basically came out around the same time. Once again, they go in the NU-METAL FORUM. UG rules.
2. Why, in the name of Devin, isn't this closed yet?

1. Godsmack are also not Nu-Metal, and only slightly were on their 1st album, and Lamb of God are also not Metalcore, but more groove metal/Death Metal, yet they also get lumped into the improper categories.

2. Seems to me that the mods/admins be slackin, yo (see my response to #1).
I was thinking about asking my instructor the same thing, as we have all the same tastes in music, yet he's a little over 20 years older than me, I'm 21.
Seems to me like your band has the potential to go further in the music business, and those whiney little brats who have nothing better to do than to berate you just because you have the same name are going nowhere fast. Since neither of you are signed to a label, you should keep the name, and when you eventually do get signed, send a cease and desist letter to them to have them change their name, as you will hold the rights to it.
He (Daron Malakian) specifically stated that they're most likely never doing anything as SOAD again. He and The drummer are doing their project, "Scars on Broadway", and Serj is doing his solo thing. I believe there was a news article on this site about it.
Guitar hero 4, ftw. RB 2 will not have the option of PUTTING YOUR OWN RECORDINGS IN IT!
Because they're not metal. The name of my thread is "Epik metalz", not "old, washed up bands no one cares about".
Rule 75 in the sequel to the 101 rules of power metal:

75. Tastelessly interrupt your subdued ballad with an obnoxiously loud and completely unrestrained guitar solo. What would kill the song in other genres is necessary here to wake up metalheads who fell asleep while you were singing about stalking your ex-girlfriend with your +2 Camcorder of Invisibility.

Damn near pissed myself.
Someone posted a link to something called "101 rules of Power Metal" a while ago, and I can't find it. There were also links to the "101 rules of Black/Death/Thrash/Nu Metal". Does anyone have the links to them? They were hilarious.
I still say Firewind is the most epic band that I've heard, at least so far. Isn't there also a band called Icewind?
You sir, need some Graveyard BBQ on that list.
Besides the obvious 5, My choices for most influential metal bands/artists would be:

Yngwie Malmsteen
Randy Rhodes

Without Death and Slayer, we never would have gotten Death Metal or Black Metal. Without Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, Thrash wouldn't be what it is, and without Anthrax, we never would have gotten Nu Metal (i.e. bring tha noise cover), although I'm sure an overwhelming majority of you would say that's a good thing, but then there's Korn, Disturbed, Slipknot, Godsmack, etc., etc., etc, the list goes on and on. Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhodes are probably the 2 most influential metal artists to come out of the 80's. I haven't met one shredder who hasn't mentioned either one of them as a heavy influence on their style.
Rhapsody of Fire just look epic, except for the guy second from the left who looks like he just wants to cut things out of construction paper with safety scissors.
I know of an epic Dirtcore band, and before you guys go on about 'core' bands not being metal, listen to them, they're one of the best and most original metal bands I've ever heard, not to mention teh epikness. I'm talking about Graveyard BBQ. Check them out at Their most epic songs IMO would be "Ride The Stache", "The Clothes That Makes The Man", and "By The Grace Of The Grill".
What Death Metal bands would you guys consider epic, other than Dethklok, as they are the most epic DM band that don't even exist.
What is this folk metal you speak of?
What bands would you consider to be the epitome of epic? Iron Maiden, Helloween, and most of Power Metal is a given, but what other bands would you say are "Teh epikness"? I've recently gotten into Firewind, Kiuas, and Sonata Arctica, but I need moar epix bands!
Kittie are chick metal, but they suck- literally I hope.
The mods on are totally power abusive, they ban anyone for any tiny little thing they can (racial jokes, gay jokes, flaming someone, spam when it isn't even spam, etc.). You name it, someone's been banned for it.
The Pit!
Rap and ghetto black people annoy me.
The Donnas ftw.
Graveyard BBQ- By the Grace of the Grill
Firewind and Kiuas are pretty damn extreme.
I say you and the drummer should leave and look for members who are into the same stuff as you.
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yeah, the other guy said Behemoth was the only other BM he'd heard

So what, I'm not allowed to dislike Ihsahn's screams just because I haven't heard much BM?
Is it just me or does Wolves of Hate's singer sound like Walls of Jherico's singer, only better?
I'm not judging Ihsahn, I just don't like the way he screams. I'm not saying he sucks, I just don't like his screams is all.
Only Behemoth, but I like them.
The music was incredible on Ihsahn's track, but I can't stand the way he screams/growls. It sounds like he has strep throat and is trying to clear some phlegm at the same time.
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Are you sure this is the Metal Hammer I'm thinking of?

I have no idea, I can't read minds.
Here's the full track list:

Opeth- The Lotus Eater (Exclusive/edit)
36 Crazyfists- Absent Are The Saints
Ihsahn- Misanthrope
Cancer Bats- Harem of Scorpions
Firewind- Into The Fire
Kiuas- Conqueror
Warrel Dane- Messenger
Pain- Nailed To The Ground
Sonata Arctica- Wolf And Raven
Glamour of the Kill- A Hope in Hell
Moonsorrow- For Whom The Bell Tolls
Edenbridge- Shadowplay (Edit)
Tyr- Sinklarsvisa
Wolves of Hate- Spoils of War
Gift Wrapped Fist- Tacoma Downpour

All the ones in bold are my favorites and by far the most epic songs I have ever heard. "Nailed To The Ground" is distinctly Rammstein sounding. When I say epic, I mean EPIC, like put-on-some-armor-and-blaze-onto-the-battlefield-on-horseback-swinging-your-battle-axe-chopping-people-into-tiny-bits epic.
Christian Black Metal kinda contradicts itself. That'd be like a jew eating pork or an arab guy not blowing himself up.
I just recently got the Disturbed issue of Metal Hammer magazine and a compilation CD came with it. All I have to say about it is "OMGZ! Teh epixness0rz!" My favorite track has to be "Into The Fire" by Firewind, followed by "Conqueror" by Kiuas, "Wolf and Raven" by Sonata Arctica, and Moonsorrow's cover of "For Whom The Bell Tolls". Has anyone else taken a listen to this CD? It's definitely got the most epic songs I've ever heard on it.
It's because they deal in anything guitar related- plastic or otherwise.
Just tell her to leave you alone and deal with it. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't have to listen to it. Tell her to go listen to the radio or something.
Thrash= punk+metal. *in Arnold voice* Do eet now ugh!
Back to my question- what are "spider runs"?
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Work on improving your guitar-playing as a whole. I find that whenever my mindset involves becoming the fastest I can, ignoring everything else, I don't even improve my speed that much. But when I focus on improving all aspects as a whole, then my speed actually increases. Don't get too down; try to enjoy yourself

That's weird, because the same thing happens to me. When I concentrate solely on improving my speed, it's a hardly noticeable increase, but when I focus on improving technique, both my speed and my technique increase significantly.
I would suggest learning how to spell better first before you move on to being better at guitar.
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Yeah, you can JUST play rythm. You should still be able to play slow solos. Lots of people don't play fast. If you do want to get faster, however, I would suggest spider(?) runs. They're just chromatic exercises. Really easy to learn, but you shouldn't just run up and down in perfect oder. Mix up the fingering a bit, and get your fingers more agile.

What exactly are spider runs? Do you get alcohol for underage arachnids when doing them? No, seriously, what are they?