It seems the overwhelming answer is yes. I have no problem with a girl being in a band I'm in (if I ever get in one), I just wouldn't want one as the lead singer, as guys can be far more aggresive on the vocals, and that's what I would want.

There's always the option of having girls in a band as dancers instead of one of the musicians. Technically they can still be in the band without actually being in it.
"Hollow" by Godsmack is a great acoustic song, and it has a female singer in with Sully on it, so I was thinking of doing that one too. I suggest you guys take a listen to it, it's a great song.
Well my cover of the Tetris main theme can also be done acoustically and sound good too, so I was thinking of going with that.
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For one thing, axeslash isn't black.

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No, I'm saying I dislike them in general. I'm just saying black people need to stop saying white people are racist when they say it about them when in some cases it really is true.
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The last sentence was a stereotypical statement, with which you have no grounds or proof, therefore I ignored it.

It's not a stereotype if it's true.

And why does racism bother people? You can't really get away with discrimination in the workplace or really anywhere anymore, except in your opinion. It's just someone's opinion if they hate a certain group of people. I personally hate n*ggers myself, but I'm cool with Black people. What people need to learn is that there's a difference between the 2. There's n*ggers, and then there's Black people. I also find it disgusting to race mix, but that's just my opinion. I'm free to voice it, just like anyone else is free to voice theirs. Why get pissed off at me for my opinion? If you don't like it, walk away, it's that simple.

To put it plain and simple- stop pulling the race card on us whites. Did it every occur to you that maybe we say you're lazy, smell bad, are bad at your job, and/or are a criminal, simply because you are/do and not because you're black? We're not being racist if it's true.
What's his best friend's name? Shovel penis?
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People sitting at a coffee shop listening to solo musicians probably aren't into heavy broottewl guitar and screamo. They're probably into the Beatles, Elvis, smooth jazz, etc. Use your head, kid

It's not a coffee shop, it's an actual bar (drunkards, sluts, rockers, the whole 9 yards).
^Basically do what the 2 people before me said. Listen to some different stuff, search for new bands, or listen to albums you haven't heard from bands that you have heard. That usually works for me. I usually search youtube or myspace for new sh*t and almost always find something new, different, and refreshing when I search those sites.
This is similar to the other state threads, but it''s exclusively for New Jersey and Philadelphia residents.

Like the others, post what kinds of musicians you're looking for.

Like I've stated before I don't know how many times, I'm 21, live in Berlin, NJ, and most of the stuff I write is described as a combo of Godsmack and Alice in Chains, with some Lamb of God and Rob Zombie thrown in. I'm looking for anyone 18 and over, preferrably closer to 21, and want to go in the direction my music is in. I play guitar and have been for a little over 3 years now. If you want to set up a jam session, PM me. Gender, race, etc. is not important.
Any suggestions, guys?
I would have suggested bars, but then I saw how old you said you were. I would suggest that if your school has a talent show, try to get into that. Friends' parties would be another good way at your age. Being that young, there's not too many place you could play for people you don't know.
At least you didn't get arrested like I did.
If I'm doing my conversion right, 20 pounds is what, about $35 or $40? I'd say go with around 7-10 pounds, if you're expecting a large crowd, small crowd- 10-12 pounds.
Well I think I solved my no band problem. I just recently learned that there's a bar in my area that does open mic nights, and was thinking it could be a great way to get myself noticed. The only problem is that I can't sing and play guitar at the same time, at least not well, so I'd have to get someone else to sing for me (one of my friends sings and is pretty good, and is into the same stuff I am). I've written some originals, and have learned a decent amount of covers, all of which are well known and great crowd pleasers. I think they let you play up to 3 or 4, maybe even 5 songs, and was wondering what you guys think I should use as my set list if I ever get around to doing the open mic night? Here's the list of songs I can play pretty much spot on. I'm working on a multitude of others, but these are the ones I can play best:

Aerials- System of a Down
Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)- Greenday
Brain Stew- Greenday
Drive- Incubus
Vampires- Godsmack
Livin' In Sin- Godsmack
Hollow- Godsmack
Down With The Sickness- Disturbed (I've got this one down almost perfect, I just gotta work on it a little bit more)
Tetris main theme (dunno who this is by, but I got it down really well and have metallized it. All that my friends say about my metallized version of it is "sick, dude")

I also have about 3 or 4 acoustic-ish original songs written, and a whole ****e load of heavy stuff which has been described as a combo of Alice In Chains and Godsmack with some Lamb of God and Rob Zombie thrown in. I don't have any lyrics written to my originals (I suck at writing lyrics), and was thinking my friend that sings could write the lyrics.

I want to do at least 1 original song, if not 2, and would like to do Aerials as well. What other songs would you guys reccommend I play out of that list? I was also thinking of doing just a little 1 to 1 and a half minute or so shred fest, but with a mixed bar crowd, I dunno how that would be recieved. I've done some stuff at parties and my shredding has never been not well recieved, so I may just do it. People have been known to cheer after my little shred-fests at parties, and the best way to describe it would be as a mix of Eddie Van Halen (I'm quite partial to pick tapping in my solos), Zakk Wylde, and Tony Rombola.
Well that's why I'm asking what is reccommended for sweeping. I didn't know scales weren't good for it. Now I do.

The more you know.....
I was wondering what scales you guys would reccommend I practice to get my finger work better? I'm decent at soloing now, but can't do it for more than a few seconds without getting my fingers all tangled up. I've been told that my playing style is like Godsmack combined with Alice in Chains only heavier with some Lamb of God, Zakk Wylde, Eddie Vanh Halen, and Rob Zombie thrown in. Also, what scales are good for getting sweep picking down?
I say boot his ass. The same thing happened to Iron Maiden with their original singer, Paul Diano (sp?), and look where they are now.
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I think I agree with you.

I do concurr, good sir, thou shalt join the indie/acoustic group, so as to best your friend, my good sir. Doth thy said friend roxorz thy soxorz, hardcore persay?
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dude, i'm in the exact same position. im trying to make a band with a very similar style. you hit the nail on the head with hard rock and metal with taste of alice in chains. i dont want any of that screaming bull **** either, i want an actual singer. i can;t find anyone t commit. and most people that are willing to are already in a band. I'm a guitarist with another guitarist who are dedicated with drummer with adhd who cant keep a beat for 5 ****ing minutes, just plays blast beats...its ridiculous. but ya man i feel youre pain, what area are you around? im in the new york buffalo area

i apologize for the horrible spelling and grammar, i normally write decent but im exhausted from long ass hours at work and dealing with bitchy bass players and drummers with no focus....

Dude, bassists are the hardest to find, and the hardest to keep band members, they all eventually wanna be the lead guitarist. Also, blast beats are fine, just not when they drummer pukes them all over the songs. Too bad you're so damn far away, I'm in south Jersey, like 30-45 mins outside philly, depending on traffic. You seem like you want to go in the exact same direction as me.

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I AM serious, read that book. It covers a tonne of stuff about good leadership and gives advice as to how you can influence people yourself and start something great, such as a band.

I was referring to the 2 tools that posted before you. As they say on the gamewinners forums "argh! Nimrodded!" (referring to a member who would post so much that if you posted without a quote to the person you were replying to, it'd be highly likely he'd get his response in before yours making you look like a complete asshat)
I'm looking for some serious answers, douchecakes.
It seems like fate is conspiring against me for some reason. For the past year and a half or 2, I've been trying to form a band, but have had no luck whatsoever. I've exhausted every option possible to try and form one (flyers in stores, on telephone poles at busy intersections, in music shops, etc.), but can't seem to find anyone at all who wants to do anything. Everyone I ask is either already in a band or doesn't want to do anything when I ask them. The direction I want to go in is a mix of hard rock and metal, but more in the metal direction, and most of the stuff I write has been described as a mix between Godsmack and Alice in Chains only heavier with a little Rob Zombie and Lamb of God thrown in. I've described very specifically the direction I want to go in in my ads, but anyone who wants to do a metal band anymore just wants to do that horrid screamo bull****. Can you guys (and gals) reccomend me some other options as to what I should do to attract attention?
Yeah, too bad. I really need to get this thing going.
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Says it's no longer available. I think the NAACP got to it (negroes are always causing problems).
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Graveyard BBQ are definitely worth checking out. They blend delta blues, southern rock, and metal into an orgasmic new genre called dirtcore. They're like if George Thorogood started doing metal, only 10x better.
You just gotta practice it to all hell till your throat hurts when you talk. I learned how to do it by listening to Lamb of God and Dethklok, then imitating them. I can do a halfway decent death growl now.
Anything that black people come up with is annoying as hell.
Mine are Standard, Drop D, Drop C, and the tuning of doom- DGDGAD (via Graveyard BBQ). Try it, your head will explode from the doominess.
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