I really liked what you were going for, it's definitely going to be a very interesting song... I think that, while the singing was perhaps too quiet and maybe too anxious, if you put some effort in to it, it could really complement the style you're going for. Definitely agree that it's a lot like The Smashing Pumpkins. Keep it up, it's going to be great.
Nice one man, it sounds really close to the original, it's great.
Brilliant, you really did it justice, you have a lovely voice too
It'd be great if some of you could check out my cover of this on Youtube: Here

Feel free to look around some of my other stuff, I'm happy to accept any lovely UG-ers as a friend!
Thanks in advance ;D

I've been playing guitar for years - acoustic and electric - I also sing, and I've tampered with harmonica and keyboards. I'm looking for a band with influences such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash and related. For a few covers to see if my voice is what you're looking for, check out my profile. (:
I'm an oxymoron,
You're a paradox,
Nothing here would tell you,
We're not orthodox.

You've got me right where I want you.

I'm a half past late, and you're quarter to early,
The problems always join us like they're in a hurry.
Hi there folks,
After a long and sad break from guitar, today I had another bash at trying to sound like I know what I'm doing. :P Really to take my mind off of some excrutiating toothache, I recorded a version of Hate Me. It's really rough at the moment, but I'd really like some feedback to see if I should forget about playing it, or if it's worth my while to improve it. :-) It's uploaded onto my profile, and any comment will of course be returned and much welcomed.
Cheers. :-)
Hey there, I've just uploaded my first MP3 to UG..
It's a cover of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. It's pretty rough, but hey, it's one of the best songs of all time.
I'd really appreciate it if you could offer any comments on it.