Hey all,

This is my first post on the forums since 2008 (I was in 9th grade, I think). Happy to be back.

I'm selling my Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n overdrive pedal. It's a really great overdrive pedal that uses two 6072A/12AY7EH preamp tubes to get a cool, crunchy British-sounding overdrive. It's served me very well but I haven't had much use for it recently, so I figured I'd pass it along.

It's about three years old. There are some minor cosmetic blemishes, most notably some scratches on the sides of the pedal (see the photos). But it still operates wonderfully. Charger included.

I seem to have misplaced the original packaging, but I'll certainly box it up for you in some way. Ideally would like this to be in the NYC tri-state area but I can theoretically ship anywhere in the US.

Looking for $129 or something close. Could also potentially trade (plus some cost) for an MXR compressor and/or a tuner pedal.

Let me know if you have any questions!

I just realized I didn't say this before. THIS IS important.

When I play Mixcraft through my computer speakers, the buzzing is gone. I don't understand how that could be happening. Could it be a glitch in the program? It was working fine at first.
It's not that kind of crackling noise. I had some issues with the kind your referring to at first, then I raised the buffer size and it went away.

This literally sounds like a torn speaker or something, but my headphones are fine.
So I've had my Audiobox and Mixcraft for a couple days now, and everything was going great until, out of nowhere, these big buzzing/crackling noises, like a torn speaker, start coming out whenever I play the music I've recorded.

When I listen to other music, like music in iTunes, it's fine, so that should eliminate the Audiobox and my headphones (which are Sennheiser HD280) as the problem, right?

I don't really know what the issue is. It's not a background hum, its upfront and it comes on and off depending on how much sound there is, but Mixcraft indicates that there's no clipping anywhere, so I don't know what to do.

Any help would be great, thanks.
Awesome, thank you.
So I remember constantly hearing recommendations for this free MIDI drum kit called MyDrumkit or MyDrumset or something along those lines.

I can't find it searching though, so I was hoping someone who knew what I was talking about could help me out.

I do remember that when I was looking at the website over the summer, a couple other products were My 80s drumkit and an as-of-yet unreleased product called Boobs.

Also, I believe it was developed by one person, not a company or group.

Any help would be great, thanks.
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if i don't keep my grades up my parents will stop all bands and my band right now, don't mean to sound emo and gay, but kinda saved me

You sound so emo and gay right now.

I get As and Bs and all that jazz.
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I like that song of theirs that goes like "Only this man u put, crescent in shapes is gay"

Haha, I laughed.

When are they touring in the US again? I think it's pretty funny that the one time they actually aren't around, I want to see them.
It's the fact that it's a field recorder. It's meant to be tiny and portable, not a front end for home recording.
Thank you for that, t'was very helpful.

EDIT: Any opinion on the different softwares you recommended? I'll obviously check them all out, and I'll have Cubase LE which comes with the Audiobox, so I have choices, but I think I'm still set on Mixcraft.
Hey, don't want to seem pushy, but I need advice fairly soon. Anyone have any ideas?
Sorry, but you should get a new amp.
PreSonus Firebox

Samson CL8

Acoustica Mixcraft.

The only thing I'm unsure about is Mixcraft. I really like it, but should I go with a big name product for the sake of learning one of them? (Compatability is not an issue, this will just be my solo work. I go elsewhere for the bandito).

I'll be using a midi keyboard, and I'll probably eventually pick a dynamic for the geet and such.

I have an XP comp, which I'll upgrade to 3 gigs of RAM.

Are these the best options?

EDIT: Oops, forgot that this computer doesn't have a Firewire port. Is it worth installing one, or should I just get a USB interface? By the time I'm ready to upgrade, I'm pretty sure I'll have a new computer, but even so I don't see myself using more than two mics at a time right now.
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The new Blackberry Storm.

Am I the only one who's confused by the fact that Blackberry's are cool now?

They were always powerful phones, but aren't they designed for business?
The early 2000s had cool cartoons too, it's just that they dissipated over time.

Speaking of which, it's hard to believe 2000 was 8 years ago. The first decade of the new millennium is almost over. What will it be remembered as?
A pair of bongos and some new recording stuffz.
One more try.

Anyone help me with my prablamio on the previous page?

Also, Runlikehell, avatar high-five!
Hey, does anyone know of anyways for me to get the videos I downloaded from iTunes onto the Zune software?

It's a bunch of Scrubs episodes that I CANNOT afford to lose.
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yeah my bad, by funky i meant... like weird. not like actual funk

OH, that part. I wouldn't consider that funky, but that part is so cool.
What's "the last funky riff"?
Wow, I really want that poster.
That Tom Morello thing was cool.

I want to see the guys do more stuff. Where are they?

EDIT: Not necessarily Chili stuff, I just mean I want to seem them performing again.
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Pick out three of the same one.

I really don't know why that made me laugh.
What? A girl wants to buy you a sweatshirt? That's a little weird.
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One of my milestones was when I beat the Elite Four at the age of 9/10.

You just Can't Stop, can you?

Addicted to the shindig, I suppose?
^It was a joke.

I should have said "Well, this is a close poll."
Well, it's going to be a close race.
Wait, are you saying there's two different girls?
Well it looks like the two mentioned are the two top selling on a bunch of music websites.

Not that that means much usually, but at least I know they are popular options.

guys, thanks.
Thanks for all the help guys, really. I'll probably go for the Lee Oskar one, but can anyone back up civildp on that suggestion?
I don't really think they look that similar.
So... does anyone know anything about a good harmonica for which I should purchase?
Ok, thanks guys, I'll pick up a real harmonica over the next few days.

I've been planning to anyway. I don't think a good one is very expensive.
So I've been teaching myself the harmonica lately, and it's been fun, except I can't seem to get a note when drawing out of the third whole (third from the lowest.)

Now, I can get clear single notes, blowing and drawing out of every other hole, and I can get clear blow notes out of the third whole, so it has to be that individual reed that's causing the problem, right?

My little brother was in a guitar hero competition, and the VERY cheap harmonica was a consolation prize, so if it was because of the instrument, I wouldn't be surprised, but I want to make sure it's not me first.

Thanks for any help,

EDIT: It's a 10-hole diatonic, if that matters.
I would keep the same concept, but shorten it.
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that is detrimental to business at a time where finances are tight and a waste of food when there are people starving in the world. Way to encourage someone to committ a crime. It's also illegally breaking of a contract.

Good sense of humor.

I vote Taco Bell.
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Crash Bandicoot Warped is my all time favorite game from when i was a kid. A lost of sentimental value in it for me.

Aw man, the memories. That was really a quality game.