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I study Psychology at Laurentian University and am planning to do my masters in clinical psychology with a specialization in neuropsychology.

I also made the decision to do summer school, although I wish I didn't.

Pretty much this, but in spain.
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Just another generic European country like Latvia or Poland or Slovenia.

Holy fuck where the hell is latvia or slovenia?
what do you thing UG?
phew great i could come back to the good ol' UG
Why am I so lonely?

Are you too? Please tell me you do too
Implying there's another way of enjoying music that is not listening to the full album
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Yes I noticed it before, right eye has a slight warmer/reddish tint. Maybe there are a few more red receptors in my red eye, or exploded blood vessels or Satan or whatever. It's also the eye I see worse with.

Literally, this
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modern functionality with vintage aesthetics.

this is really the only answer besides strictly modern.