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first off, calling me a "****" is just rude. i dont want to turn this into a pointless argument, but what i'm trying to say is that buckethead should have no reason to lie about his true identity. yes, you can play the "he doesnt want people to be bugging him constantly" angle, but honestly, does that really happen? esp. in the case where he is a generally unknown musician outside of the fans of his music. So, my point being, is I dont believe buckethead would blatantly lie about his name (unless there are some previous psychological tweaks unknown to me). thank you.

but he would, he would lie because this man is a genious, why wouldn't he. well to of coarse throw off the guys like me who are in depth thorough researchers
****ing is my word of every day as in "its ****ing cold" i ****ing hate school lololol
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considering the wiki article has a cite to an interview with kurt loder in regards to the name brian carrol, either:

A) Brian Carrol is his real name.
B) Buckethead is a liar (and has no real reason to be).
C) well the first two pretty much sum this up.

dude anyone can lie in an interview you stupid ****. im just saying that just because someone says a name doesn't mean thats his official name you gotta think outside the box man.
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Haha, the picture of "Buckethead unmasked" is on the Fanalo website.

Maybe you are onto something. They both have similar hair and builds. Except Fanalo has short hair now it seems. Though Buckethead could be wearing a wig.

Fanalo Where the **** did this guy come from seriously. And then all of a sudden i find out he was taught by shawn lane!? then the picture of him standing with shawn lane confirmed it im pretty sure that fanalo guy is buckethead or brian carrol is fanalo and buckethead is still unknown thats probally what happned they created fanalo and created brian carrol(not actually a person) fanalo looks so much like the clipping of brian carrol. so im thinking fanalo is brian carroll and buckethead is unknown. its so awsome though how they left us this huge ass mystery to find out and its confusing as **** because theirs so many ties to other people
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Which one of them has a pinky that's 3 feet long? That's Buckethead. Measure their pinkys and whichever one has the longest pinky finger is Buckethead.

"Brian Carrol was just using a pinky extender"

brian carroll is buckethead but bucketheads real name is not actually Brian carroll nobody can prove this and a newpaper clipping can not prove it aswell. wikipedia says brian carroll but really how much does wikipedia know. Pinchface would not say bucketheads name in a video and release it to the public and thats why Brian carroll is a fake name a secondary stage name.
Bucekthead Paul Gilbert Shawn lane Fanalo Bumblefoot Satriani, The Deli Creeps, it seems like they are all connected when searching and researching everything about buckethead i came to conclusion that all of these great guitarists are somehow connected, the most interesting thing i found out was the newpaper clip article thats totally fake, it was a staged picture because in video of buckethead playing basketball with maximum bob if you look at the garage really close and look at the newpaper clipping that garage is the same one in the video. Brian Carroll may be the "name" of buckethead just not his actual name. Im thinking that they made that name so people cant actually find out what his real name is, Im thinking that fanalo is definitly Brian Carrol aka buckethead. In one of the video's pinchface says to buckethead playing "dont worry Brian i didn't get your face in the video" They released that video on bucketheadland but they would never release that especially when mentioning the supposed real name of buckethead that what makes it confusing why would they say his real name in a video and then release it.

Another cool thing is that shawn lane taught Fanalo, shawn lane also taught buckethead, Im thinking that all these great guitarists have been planning this. They were all pretty much born in 67-69 their all really tall and skinny.

i dont know pit what do you think. Paul Gilbert has officially been ruled out as not buckethead though.
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WTF? I consider myself a GNR fan just because I like "Welcome to the Jungle" and that one ballad. Does this mean I'm not a GNR fan?

you can be whatever you want yourself to be if you dont want to be a fan then you dont have to if you do then cool.
Buckethead all day everyday when i sleep eat and when im at school and work all i do is listen to buckethead
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lol a 3? wowowowowow
i would say a 7/10
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to swing or not to swing?


Whats your favorite buckethead song(dont pick jordan)
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It's okay, we all know you heard Buckethead on Guitar Hero.

actually i've been listning to buckethead before guitar hero even came out. Iv been listning to buckethead for quite some time. You and your arrogance amuse me.
I listned to buckethead since the days of The Deli Creeps Cornbugs and when i first started listning to primus.
i have to go to school tomorrow **** amidoinitrite?
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^^SillyRabbit, read my post on page 2 before commenting mate.

Lazy readers

no thanks lazy rabbit is lazy
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I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

well ill say it again so you can hear, STEVE VAI IS A DOUCHE BAG. Happy?
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No. Guitar Hero hardly has 'the great guitar players'. They have some, but guitarists like Steve Vai and Frank Gambale will never cheapen themselves to appear on this stupid game.

too bad steve vai's a douche why listen to steve vai when you could easily be listning to buckethead
its because of the internet. Youtube
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No, he's right.

You do division then multiplication then addition then subtraction.

So: 8/3 =8/3 (keep fractions for simplicity)
then (8/3)x3=8
Then 2+1 obviously = 3
3-8 =-5

then i added 6 to make +1 to the equation but now im taking that +1 and -.5 to make +.5 AhA
yeah what in the **** were you thinking threadstarter you made a pointless thread and now i am very very angry.
This just in, I just drank a redbull. Now i will be good for a few hours.
How To Not Become A Sociopath For Dummies. read it please
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i take that -5 and raise 6 so +1
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+1 good sir.

+2+1-3*8/3 to you young lad edit*** actually i think that equals zero so +1
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You didn't have to tell the whole Pit, you ass.

wow dude your so stupid that guy was my guitar teacher and now im better then buckethead, maybe he didn't like you so he pretended to be stupid.
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My God TS!! What are you doing here?!

The H.M.S Fail left hours ago!

the episode is actually quite funny so lick my crusty butthole
i got a 6 hour shift of work ahead of me and im running on 2 hours lol. **** im going to be tired tonight
im rofling so hard at the highschool musical parody
i find it hard to fall asleep on sunday
I got like 2 hours im tired
i play like buckethead melodic wise just not as fast or as good at shred, cant shred for shit