I own a Crate v5 and it's loud. Saturation still requires volume here and I can't set it at 12 o'clock without the natives going restless.

I got to mess around on a Bugera V5 which can go down from 5 to 1 and 1/4 watt, but it loses something when set below 5 watts. The attenuation wasn't for me nor was the 8" speaker. I haven't tried the Epi Valve Jr nor the Kustom 5H but I think it's all the same... Loud.

If you are set on a small tube amp try it out first. Good luck.
Looks like you could use a Chorus pedal. Maybe an MXR Small Clone.
My brother has one of those amps as well and there is a constant hum. Is it truly unbearable? If so maybe you can sell the amp to raise your budget a little.

Since you have a multi effect pedal maybe you can find a nice 5 watt tube amp, like a Bugera V5, Crate V5, Kustom Defender, or Epiphone Valve Junior. Depends on your area. As an example I bought a Crate V5 not too long ago for $160 shipped on ebay. It was new, so used you might have more options.
What is its dimensions? Get a pedalboard bag based on it. Your pedalboard is maybe a pedal longer than one of my boards used to be. It is wider though. Search here
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Vox AC4TV is decent little amp , 4 watt with 1 watt or 1/4 watt settings ..... At a 1/4 watt it will have tube distortion at half volume and be a touch louder than a TV , you couldn't gig with it though

This with an overdrive pedal in front. I wish my Crate V5 was able to take it to 1/4...
If it's the amp, it is possible one of those new tubes is microphonic. Try the soft tap method to see, and if so take it back to the shop you got it from. Did you get the cab and tubes from the same shop?

I like the tube store because they review their tubes and they have the brand I like. Between the two I prefer EL34's. If you want less gain, some 5751's over 12ax7's would do the trick.

I put a NOS Tesla 12au7 in my V1 space in one of my amps and it toned down the fizzy overdrive a lot, but I'm looking for a NOS 5751 to replace it.
Thanks. I think it's from the mid 80's. I was looking on eBay for a either a Vintage 10 or a cheaper Tube 10, at the point I just wanted anything to replace the cheap stock speaker, and came across this. Got it for $53.
Yes sounds like a micro-phonic tube(s). What kind of tubes did you have put in?

Turn on your amp. Be careful with the pencil tap method. Use a pencil, don't crack it like you're pencil fighting, go soft. Be safe and don't tap anything but the tubes. One or more of the tubes will make a sound if it is micro-phonic.
Hey UGers, I haven't frequented the site in a while but have been looking a bit these pass few days. I've had NGD's and NAD's that I haven't shared with the community... but since this just arrived a few days ago in the mail, I wanted to start a post about it. So here goes:

Initially I thought of this amp as just okay. It was incredibly bright. The stock speaker was brittle and fuzzy sounding at best, and with the volume at 3 or 4 the stock speaker would distort unevenly and bordered on horrid. I changed the stock preamp tube from a Sovtek WA 12ax7 to a Tungsol, but the true character(or lack thereof) lies in the cheap stock speaker. Until I changed the speaker this amp was not a serious part of my world at all. Pedals didn't help much, and I still used my bigger amps in bedroom practice.

With the new speaker, this amp has come alive. It is so loud! It now has a very nice warm tone. Tube break up is decent with the volume at 3 and 4. I cranked it to 7 or 8 and the higher power handling allows this speaker to get louder without breaking up badly. I like the Tone control to be under 3 or above 7. In between these numbers it sounds bright. The high-end roll-off is nice outside that range.

In these two recordings, I could not set the volume higher than 4, any higher and my roommates get angry. I tried the volume at about 7 for a short burst before getting scolded and it is very loud and the breakup was lovely, sadly volume 7 is not recorded. I feel like I could bring this little 5 watt amp to a band practice and it would fare very well. Sorry about my sloppy playing and the poor recording quality and about the drums stopping on the second song. The mic actually distorts a little but not much.

Crate V5, Celestion G10S, Tungsol 12ax7 Volume 3, Tone 8
Crate V5, Celestion G10S, Tungsol 12ax7 Volume 4, Tone 8

Hey in regard to uploading and copyright, uploading a song from a cd I understand, but what about playing short sections of a song to show how an amp/speaker/pedal etc. sounds, is that allowed? I don't want to get banned. Thank you!

Edit: Scratch that, I saw the "Cover" option.
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He turns the volume down around 9 seconds in, strums, the feedback continued through that until he turns the volume back up. That's odd.

Anyways, have you tried any other guitars through your amp, or plugging into another amp?
He starts flicking the 5-way at the around 4 seconds in and the feedback persists.

I'm thinking it's your power tubes as well. Check if it flashes or if one is faded compared to the other. If it's your preamp tubes, you should test it, try softly tapping your preamp tubes with a pencil. One or more could be microphonic. Here's a video showing the tap test.
How's your power tubes? Try powering it up, and take a look. Do they glow? Or look faded? Also, does the noise occur on both channels?
That's a good price. I've seen the older ME-20's go for about 70 on ebay.
I don't know about that particular model. I do own an HSS Squier strat from the early 90's, possibly a 91 or 92, and they don't build it like that anymore. It is heavy, heavier than my PRS SE Singlecut. The action, the frets, just the overall feel is still great from the day I took it out of Island Guitars. I've messed around with a few of the new Squier strats, I'll say this, the new ones simply feel horrid! High action, buzzing frets, and sound quality.

So far I replaced the cracked plastic tremolo block with a steel one, and changed the bridge humbucker with a Gibson 500t. I plan to change the single coil pickups as well.
Can you take a picture of your bridge? I'm wondering about it being bent away. What kind of guitar/bridge is it? Maybe a spring is loose, or your tremolo may be cracked.
HNGD! The true color of wood is quite lovely. Cheers!
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Something high output, like a Seymour JB, Dimarzio X2N, or Gibson 500t.

I have a Dimarzio Crunchlab I really love, I also have the Gibson 500t which is one of their highest output pups in my beat up Squire strat, love both the Gibson and the Dimarzio. I was close to picking up a Seymour Invader after playing a guitar with it installed, but ended up spending the money on something else.
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I want what you are on. X2N is dimarzio, i would guess wither the dirty fingers and 500t are Gibson's high output pickup . I own both, as well as X2N. Sold the X2N.

Crunchlabs are pretty nice i have one in an ibanez prestige 2570evsl.

Got it wrong and I'm not on anything which is sad. haha. My bad I meant the 500t. Installing it took a little longer because of the 4 conductor and output level was initially low until I tried the other installation options.
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A while ago I put a Gibson X2N pickup (Gibson's hottest pickup) in my Squier Stratocaster in the bridge and it made a world of difference. Pinch harmonics are easy to hit, and it just screams. I got it cheap. The difference in sound quality and volume between it and the two stock single coils in the neck and mid is huge.

I just got a Dimarzio Crunchlab and my Dean has been awakened. I'm actually playing a lot more since getting it. I'd recommend it if you weren't struggling to find Dimarzio's. Why don't you order it online?
Mod or get modded one of your pedals, maybe the Sd-1. You mentioned CMATMODS, I sent my TS9DX to him and had him do the Monte Tri-gain mod. He put a socket so I could swap op amps and I eventually put a Burr Brown in place of the JRC.

He's really cool, helped a lot, and always answered my questions fast. He also added a footswitch and volume pot that I use as a boost. I can't remember how much db's of boost, possibly 12db, but dimed it gets a lot louder.

TS9DX Modded
This isn't the Pit, this is for gear. He has one post, so he's trolling to populate his website.
I've ordered from Musicians Friend, American Musical, Zzounds, Sameday, Ballews, 8th St, direct from Amazon, and a few others, and haven't had any problems or waited long, though experiences vary.
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What is it doing to your amp?!? Down boy!!! Kidding, kidding!

Nice playing and sound btw!

If you plan on getting more pedals, the BBE Supa-Charger is probably the most affordable power supply with isolated grounds, and can be had new on ebay sometimes for about $100... sometimes. If you want that and Sag outs, the Voodoo Lab PP2 or Modtone Power Plant will do it.
HNAD, nice deal! But seriously, pix dude!!!
HNGD! BTW, post pics and lets see you hold a bar chord!
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What you getting? And that's so Sig worthy!
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You can't, but you can buy a power supply with isolated grounds.
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It's possible it's glued on there. Just try to break the seal. Otherwise I have no clue

That. My AXL was like that. It took a little elbow grease, but don't overdo it, I'd hate to see you post pics of your amp plated cracked!
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It's part of using the same power supply like that. Either use batteries or get a Voodoo Labs PedalPower 2.

That. It's your best bet if you're getting noise. Isolated grounds make a huge difference! Plus the 2 SAG outs are pure awesomeness!

Also, have you tried other plug outlets? Try one with no other plugs in it. Try it in another room. Make sure your TV and other electronics is off.