One of my favourite songs and this is an awesome vocal cover dude. One or two timing things but they are very minor and only occurs once or twice. Overall a really good cover!

EDIT: The Disturbed Stricken cover is good too
Sounds like the song just isn't supposed to have a chorus. Like the other guy said don't assume you need a chorus after every verse. Yep its kinda standard but there are some awesome songs that don't follow the standard
I play both and find it useful to play both. I've carried a lot of techniques and ideas over. I started on bass around 10 years ago and started learning guitar around 7 years ago. I play them both 50/50.
Windows 8 mostly. Have got the option to dual boot Ubuntu and I also have a Raspberry Pi for my linux related stuff
Yep just put the two alternatives of the tab on the tab like the other guy said. Seen this a few times when some alternate tunings are awkward for the average guitar player. Drop D would be accessible to more people than A standard
I stopped voting a while back. Seems that all political parties lie their way into power and lie while they are in power. I'd rather not be part of that system!
I did something similar. I basically attacked the guitar like I'd never played it. You'll see what you've remembered and what you need to work on then. You'd be surprised at what you have retained once you get going! It's all about unlocking it :-P For playing along to songs just keep practicing and importantly don't give up. If you get frustrated or anything take a break from it! This method worked for me anyway, hope this helps and good luck dude.
Never too late. I started when I was 15 but I've played with people who started a lot later. I've even taught my dad a few chords etc. If you want to play and you know you'll enjoy it then why would a simple thing such as age hinder you
This has been known to science for a while. A pure vacuum will never exist. Kinda throws all of the school level physics. Science just seems to get less certain as time goes on :P cool article
It may be cheap for you but the problem is gonna be the software you use. You may end up having to buy some decent software. I have the Pod Studio GX. Cost me around £60 (not sure in $). It's well worth it. Pod Farm 2, the software it comes with is really good and easy to use. You can record using Audacity. I would save a little bit extra for better equipment.
Hi guys,

Could someone please help guide me, step by step through how to achieve a basic, pure reverb followed by delay setting without any of the other effects kicking in, using my Alesis Quadraverb.

Everything is restored to factory settings at present.

Thank you!
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Out of those two reverb is certainly the main effect he is using. Get your reverb right, then try to nail the delay settings.

Which reverb setting would work best. There's plate, room, chamber, hall and reverse.
Thanks guys and sorry didn't realise this was the wrong place for the thread!
I know this q is more specific. I wanted to add it to the previous thread but it had closed
Another question about Gary Moore's tone on - Still Got The Blues. Not sure which to add first the reverb or the delay. I've experimented to no avail! Which order should they be in? Any help appreciated
Haha thanks. Yeah it's hard to get his tones right even if ya have all of his gear. Thanks anyway
Hi I'm looking for the Alesis Quadraverb settings for Gary Moore's tone "Still Got The Blues" era. Can't find anything on the forums or on the net. Any help appreciated.
If there is anything that could be dangerous I suppose
I'm 23...I'd explain my brain's maturity age between 12-13

edit: just read the post further up...I'm a prime number...sweet
Just wondering what you need to consider when replacing a speaker in a guitar amp. I'm guessing the speaker needs to handle a certain amount of power from the amp to work properly without blowing up Just a question from a friend really. I know it isn't that simple to replace but just wondering what you've got to look out for to get a good replacement speaker that can work under the power of the amplifier.
I don't speak mexican or whatever but cool demo
I was gonna say Eb Dorian too
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You get 40p per mile in the UK, I don't know how it works in America. Ask your boss.

The 40p isn't a set amount this can differ between companies but most pay around this amount.
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Most companies will, but if yours refuses, I think that you can still claim it on your taxes as "work-related expenses" is you keep the receipts.

Yep in the UK they deduct some reclaimed things from your National Insurance so you just pay less tax er month for a while
At my workplace they pay me anything that is over the normal milage to work (if you are working on that day). So say I work 15 miles away from home and I have to travel 50 for a work relate thing then they would pay me 35 miles. If it is work related then your work should pay all of the expenses.

EDIT: If they will pay you keep receipts of any transaction. If you are not given one you can legally request a receipt.
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aaaaw yeah

I want this!!!!
Paranoid moment: Don't believe all the crap that you read...especially on Yahoo! News. This crap will happen regardless of whether people agree with it or not. I don't exactly know why we are doing this. I'm just going to dig my bunker out and fill it with space food! Cya when the fallouts gone guys
I voted for him...why not
not bad a couple of band members were a little off. Bass was a little off at times but its reel big fish so its bound to challenge some all in all nice effort guys!
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I thought that fish had to come up for air, and still did until a month ago when my friend trapped a fish underwater and I was like "dude! Your harsh, how will it come up for air?!" and I received a massive facepalm from him and told they breath through gills.

A lot of fish actually do this...facepalm him back!!! goldfish gulp air (edit: when there isn't enough oxygen in the water) and can take some of the oxygen in. You can see them do it in fish tanks. I used to believe that the swimming pool at school contained sharks. Probably why I'm crap at swimming as an adult
So do they have big factories where they have women in stalls and people milk them?
maybe...the drums could drown the sound out but 15 watts amps can kick out some good sound. Agree with above if there is a PA hook your amp up with a mic
It will help with overall endurance note which muscles you are using that are getting tired and try to identify them. Small weights and lots of repititions is the way to go for endurance building.

EDIT: just keep practicing on your guitar...that will help the most!!!

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wont help...totally different use of the muscles. Have a degree in exercise physiology too.

I have a Psychology degree...doesn't make me an expert in Psychology tho!!!
Work your way from 4...I got a 5 string a few months ago and it takes a bit of getting used to. I think a 6 string would be tough to play and learn on as a first bass...walk before you can run dude
I've managed to run my laptop through to my other computer and used Audacity to record the drums with RSE activated on Guitar Pro. Doesn't sound too bad for basic demos! Need 2 computers with this method tho...might be an easier way however.
lost my cousin to suicide...just support each other. It might sound a little wrong but the only way I could accept my cousins death is to know that he got what he wanted
i love the rusticness of the cab very nice job well done!
Its good when your there but if you watch live footage one youtube its the last thing you want to see/hear!