mykill (prounced micheal) pretty sad that parents get to chose a kids name and they have to live with that name for the rest of their life
your adopted

wait.... wut ?
lol at all the innuendo's in this thread
public education allows you to rape any teacher of your choice
i would like someone to tab the song "figured out" by "the follow through"
its on his myspace click here
its acoustic guitar with a little soloung in the back ground
i would greatly appreciate if someone could do it
all i know about is that its a aria pro 2 and its red
can some one on here tabs this song for me
The latency: your times been up for a while now
Click Here!!!!!!!!!
it should be easy for someone who knows how to tab songs..
i cnt do it cause i never learnt how to do that stuff..
thanks for the comments on youtube
yeah as the title says this is my first video on youtube its of me and my mate playing an original song its dark cause it was late afternoon and we didnt notice it would turn out soo dark but yea comment on the video or on here what you think
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I'm talking about the fact it's been famous since about 2002.

well in 2002 i would have been 9 so i wouldent have understood it then
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yep sure is its like from the 80's or sumfing
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You obviously never saw Captain Pugwash...

nup havent.... can u give me a link??

i would have to say this is the funniest childrens t.v show ever
i lol'd hard
someone be brave enought to click the mew 2 and tell me what happens
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Dear vagina,
Will you go out with me?

[X] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] Maybe

Love, Urik

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But more

"i'd tap that"

with a fuckin hammer
a question i have is that pikachu has gone threw so many seasons wouldnt his level be like 912756342958+ (not an exageration) and he still manages to lose the occassional battle
1 cricket and NRL

2 john buttler trio :P
jack off jill be gay with me
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Are you attempting to classify triple-penetration of a woman as gay? Kinky, perhaps, but not gay.

hedidnt say anything about tripple-penetration for all we know they could all be having sex in a circle with the women whereing a strap-on... now thats gay
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She brings out the best in me (and I'm not just talking about tweed)

did you have to show wrist cutting that **** always freaks me out
you got nothing to worry about.....
you need a penis to get her pregnet
just tell me how i sound and how i can improve
i do C4C
just go there and look for "Secondhand Serenade - your call "
lets get married
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listening that song would be the reason i commit suicide

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Some Jack Johnson album.


It's impossible to kill yourself while listening to Jack Johnson.

unless the volume is all the way down
but if the volume is up then i 100% agree with you..
be my friend?
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trees are living...........

*reverses facepalm*
NO!!!!!!! trees are ALIVE but they are not LIVING..
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me too. also made it with her sister and her five daughters as well.

good on ya... im working on that .... its gunna b a challange
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Ctrl+Alt+Del =/= funny.

alt+F4 workes better

go in your birthday suit ... its always a pleaser
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I think my virginity has grown back.

i think you secretly never lost it

but then again i can't talk i've only lost it to misses palmer and her 5 daughters
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i don't see it

did for teh lulz
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Does the shop sell condoms to 14 yr olds though?

yes if you penis is bigger then 1in...

so sorry mate ull have to wait
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EDIT: I saw this, and, though the first half is lame, the battle is hilarious. I'm definitely doing this. For sure.

its all fun and games till someone gets lightsabered
im not helping.... wtf is a tax
fuck its called having a threesome everyone dose them

except me