I have a quick question about 2-tone solid color finishes. I'm ready to do the stenciling and the second color. Should I wet sand before, after, or both when applying the second color?

I'm sick of conservatives bitching about higher taxes. If Americans weren't in so much debt, higher taxes wouldn't even be a problem for them. Here's why:

the government gets money a) from taxes, and b) by borrowing it

When spending increases, taxes AND interest rates on bonds increase. If more Americans had a decent (i.e. positive) savings rate they would be able to buy more bonds and would make money on interest. Interest on U.S. Treasury bonds is non-taxable, so someone could be making as much (or more) in interest that they pay in taxes. Conservatism is nothing more than "I don't give two ****s about anyone else, I just want to be able to live my life the way I want to, even if it's harmful, wasteful, or excessive"
I've never tried playing while high, but when I try to play while drunk, I suck.
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1. It's been four months.

2. Of the top of my head, I can think of four people, 2 of which worth via picture, 2 in person. Though, I realize you're still just making fun that UG'ers don't have girlfriends, so whatever.

3. If you read the thread more accurately you would see that it doesn't bother me in the slightest and I have not for a second began questioning my relationship.

1. Wow, four months, huh? So you'll be popping the question pretty soon then?

2. So this has happened 4 times? I mean, if you were such a pimp that you would get flashed just walking down the street, that might require a big lifestyle change, but otherwise, whytf does it matter?

3. if it doesn't bother you in the slightest bit, then why are you talking about it so much? Sounds like it's a big deal to me.
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Way to make a huge deal out of nothing, dick.

You were the one who posted this thread. Frankly, most of us think it's hilarious that you think this is such a big deal. You're going to miss out on seeing some tas, deal with it.
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Kick the b@stard out of the country. If he don't like Hendrix, he ain't American!

Here's one.

Be careful how you throw around Hendrix and America. He didn't get popular in the U.S. until he went to England and got noticed there.
ok, we're making a couple of really bad assumptions here:

1: there's someone on UG who has a GF. If this is even true it won't be for long if TS keeps using UG. It's like a frikin disease.

2: that TS (a UG user) could actually get some random girl to show him her tits. How many times has this happened, TS? Once?

That aside, this is what I want to know: is it really so important to you to be able to see other girls' tits that you're questioning your relationship, which, as a UG user, you are extremely lucky to have in the first place? StewieSwan is right, you need to grow up.
Get a lawyer.
you could buy 100 bottles of Steel Reserve and throw a party for the whole neighborhood.

And me.
When I hear music by bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, and similar artists, the only thing I hear is money. It's all just cutesy stuff with no true passion. There are plenty of people out there that still play for the music, but the sound of money has taken over most of the industry.
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rules 1 and 2...


just like Fight Club
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Thats not true where I live.

It also depends on what you major in and if you can get a good job. I'm going to law school after I finish my undergrad, and if I can hedge a good offer from a law firm, I can have my loans payed off in less than 5 years.
TS: This is true for many high schools, but college is completely different. A college education is extremely valuable and will pay for itself very quickly if you do well. The problem is that you can't get into college unless you graduate high school, so dropping out is probably not a good idea. If you drop out of high school the world will make your life very difficult for you.
Your statement that no one says epic fail anymore has just been proven fallacious.

Epic fail
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Hello, Dear friend,
Latterly, you've made a buying in our shop. We would like to wise up that we carry out promo action for our customers from thanksgiving day to christmas day and provide opportunity to purchase items from our new trade with big discounts.

Read it with an asian accent, lmao'd
I love how on his shamwow infomercials he goes on and on about how you cant get shamwow in stores.

I saw them when I was in Bed Bath & Beyond. F[]ckin liar.
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Then, my friend, you are like the rest of the pit.
Maybe you assumed we liked Pokemon because you thought we thought it was the thing to do?

I'll admit, I'm quite biased against fads. They have a knack for suckering people into spending money for no reason other than because a lot of people like it. If it's something you genuinely enjoy, then whatev, I don't care. Does it make me less biased against a culture obsessed with corporate-promoted fads? No. But I won't hold it against you if it's your own opinion.

EDIT: It's also hard for someone to convince me that they genuinely like something that I feel has been pushed into popular culture with a money-making agenda.
can you do a system restore? That might allow you to get the machine functioning again, and then you can troubleshoot from there.
Your problem is that you're using Vista.

Seriously, though. I'm not kidding. I see that with Vista all the time. I don't know what it is yet, but you're not the first person to have that problem.
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Hmm? The way I see things, being individual costs less.

Don't want to be like other teens? Don't get a phone.
Don't want to listen to everybody else's music? Don't.
Don't want to get into Pokemon? Don't buy the merch.

Again, hmm.

I didn't have a phone until I was 18 because I didn't want one. I only got one because my parents pay for it.
I only listen to music that I genuinely enjoy. Even if everyone around me thinks I should like some genre or another.

I'm not saying that anyone who likes Pokemon or Hip-Hop or Fall Out Boy or anything else that I may feel is not genuine culture is not unique. I just hate it when people buy into something because they think that they should rather than because they genuinely enjoy it.
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If by "everything" you mean "clothing" then your idea of what makes someone individual is rather shallow.

I never said that I was referring to clothing only.
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Your 92% sig isn't very individual. Also, it's pretty dumb. Hip-hop is awesome.

it's a matter of opinion. Individual doesn't mean 100% different from everything in the entire world. It means your opinion is shaped by what YOU like. Not what your friends like or what MTV tells you is cool.
Quote by GLP_Arclite

I'll just stop liking something because it's fun and start liking what noone else likes, because your obviously superior world veiw has swayed my misguided veiws on what I should and shouldnt like.

And here was me thinking I could like whatever I damn well pleased. Oh well, guess I had better change my silly ways, wouldnt want to end up like "The Man". Having ones own opinion is just so capitalist. Hooray for communism. Im going to have facial hair just like Stalin and travel the world rallying the proletariat.

Seriously though, were you like, raped by the G-man?

I never told you that you couldn't have your own opinion. I just don't give a flying f[]ck about supposed cultural phenomenons. Is there anything wrong with that?
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I take pride in my wall and being part of it, in some ways.

it's your life. I just hate trying to live in a world where everything that makes you an individual costs money.
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Heh, you're missing the point. The series was cool and the Pokemon games are fun. You can choose to stop playing them any time you want, after you get bored. :/

*looks at En_zed's sig*
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someone's dad raped him extra hard today...

pit monkey
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Everyone likes Pokemon.

umm, no.

I liked it for about a month, then I lost interest. About the time they would not stop making sequels to the gb games I realized that it was just a huge moneymaking scheme because there WAS NO END! Face it, you guys got ripped off buying into a self-promoted Japanese fad. I was happily spending my money on more productive things and now I have to listen to everyone reminisce about Pokemon as though it was some kind of cultural phenomenon. Cultural phenomenons are dead; replaced by corporations telling us what's "in" and what's "out." Each generation is defined not only by the events that shaped the general attitude, but also by the material things that were most popular. Our generation and probably every future generation are only interested in what The Man tells them they should be interested in. Every single piece of culture has been taken over by capitalist pigs that seek to make a pile of cash even if it means ruining it in the process. Music used to be about expression. Now, it's about making money and getting the most fans on MySpace. A person used to be able to express themselves through their style of clothing. Now you aren't cool unless you wear $50 jeans that have holes in the exact same places as every other $50 pair of jeans in the entire line. So don't start getting possessive about your generational crap, because it's all fake. Fabricated by the people that want your money. As for me, I'm going to go listen to some indie music and live in a commune away from this fake culture where everything that defines you has a price tag.
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I really need one of those. I keep having to buy new movies because no one will rewind my DVDs for me. Those assholes at Blockbuster just act like I'm a total moron so that I will spend more money there. I don't understand it.
jfc you guys are riddic. Granted this isn't my favorite type of song by Dream Theater (I prefer songs like "Forsaken" from Systematic Chaos), but comparing it to Pokemon makes me never want to listen to them again. That was the stupidest fad I ever almost bought into.
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You could have awesome threesomes, don't feel bad.

oh man. I hooked up with a bi girl once. Hottest 2 weeks of my life
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Isn't that like an extremely expensive metal prostitute?

How do you power it anyway? Does it take batteries or can you plug her/it in?

haha, you plug her in
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World Of Warcraft.

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Yea, they're superior to guitars.

My gf's roommate couldn't beat the end of a game once. She tried like 20 times in one session and kept getting angrier and angrier, until finally, she was screaming F.u-c...k!!! at the top of her lungs each time she died. I had no idea someone could scream that loudly, and this was in a (normally) quiet hall at 3 in the morning, so I'm sure everyone on the floor heard it.
you look like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure went on a bender and just woke up with a killer hangover
guitar pro is good but power tab is free and pretty good. go with powertab
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yeah, one time, My friend and I were at the mall, and a gang of those 9 year old greasewads came in saying "eff this, eff yeah, eff you, my effing hair is straight shut the eff up". I told them to watch their language, because I'm one of those anti-pottymouth kids, and they told me "eff you, I can say whatever the eff I want, it's a(n) effing free country,"

So I said "oh snap, i better back off, (my friend's name), we better bounce, cas these guys are for real!! I don't want to get beat up". So we just turned around and started walking away, cas it was about time to leave anyway, then two of those kids started running towards us and said, "You think you're tough?" I began laughing so hard, cas this was so funny, and then he got out a knife, I was still laughing, cas it got even funnier with the knife. Luckily, before he did actually stab me, a security gaurd was watching us the whole time, and then put cuffs around him, and he was crying like the day he was born. I just kept laughing. That made my day.

lol pwned

I was just reading about knife fighting the other day. It's a bunch of BS. You'll put yourself in more danger by carrying a knife as a weapon than by not carrying a knife at all. If there hadn't been a security guard there, you could have legally worked him over.
those puffy fur boots girls wear in the wintertime
hahaha this thread is full of fail

does anyone have tips on how to get around a p2p block on a university wireless network?