Whilst bored, I decided to sign up up to adult friend finder with a fake profile so I could browse people in my area to see if I knew anyone and (obviously) for a general perv. I couldn't believe the people I found though, quite a few girls from school who seemed so nicey nicey and were proper straight laced A grade students, and a couple of shy ones seem to have come out of their shell. It's mental, I didn't actually expect to find anyone but there's about 5 or 6 on there.

This one's my favourite... a proper science and maths genius who never said boo to a goose. I love it.

Definitely a great way to pass the time if you're a bit bored, and a great way to feel uncomfortable in a good way the next time you bump into an old school friend in Sainsbury's.
Tellin' Stories is great.

Great band in their day, more recent stuff's not been so good though. A bit cheesy in places.
Ian Brown's stuff is pretty good, his best of is worth having. You can usually pick up Squire's Seahorses album pretty cheap if you want to see what his stuff was like.