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It's not a matter of putting UK people first, we can fulfill all of these demands if only we collectively owned the means of production...

I'd like these shit, witless, 4chan-wannabe memes to fucking stop, ideally.
He's the guy who sent me an odd PM too. Did we do something to him?
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You UK kids can't bitch about the monarchy. Canada pays more a year than Britain does and she doesn't even visit.

Is three times this century, so far, not enough?
Troll or not, bye bye poll. Did I mention my grandad just died?
She's the only woman I've met who can actually sit around a chair.
I suspect that it will work out with only one person in the world declaring that they have not fucked her. You're sciency, that would be an anomaly, right? We can ignore it. She will have been universally rammed.

Democracy in action. Hot action.
I smash them with my metaphorical fists, rippling my metaphorical muscles.

So, anyone still up for maintaining that electing judges is a good idea?
Let's decide this thread's direction democratically.

Is Metallica shit or not?
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We Brits have Lee Evans.

No... no.

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I like the Scotts and Irish, they're pretty cool. But the Brits are retarded.

I, er, urgh. Give up.
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And you've not substantiated it with a single piece of evidence, merely your own weird perception of what media studies are like. Fail.

Lol, media studies is a fucking joke, and I don't particularly care how snobbish that is/sounds. We need less media cunts in this world, and I can't quite believe that you, a socialist, would disagree?
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I absolutely hate the English accent.

Oh, dear fucking christ...

I'm more annoyed by the terrible English of the Lord in question. Don't they require elocution tests any more?
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Trey Azagthoth>This thread. I would like too see any of theese boring shredders do anything close to what he does in terms of phraseing.Speed is nothing unless you have some good ideas to back ot up with.

Yeeeeeees. G, in particular, has always struck me as an album where he's particularly brilliant.
A PM would be gorgeous.
I could always be winched up and down every time he says 'up' or 'down'?
Omg, you missed a lecture? You're going to fail.

On a serious note: go to tutorials, don't be a silly cunt.
The Mrs. is getting a sonic screwdriver pen for chrimbo.
The organ bit to Close to the Edge, by Yes, will play at my funeral, I have just decided.
Doctor. Go to.
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I always enjoy asking those people what they think is actually causing it, hilarious.

Fucking... melodeath thread. 9 in the morning and I already feel like I've had a stroke.
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You're taking what I said way out of context.

When did I say that I think
"hey, **** anything not metal, you're gay if you listen to anything else"

You didn't. You do, however, have that attitude towards music which happens to be popular, by the sound of it.

In Flames are popular enough, but what about other bands? Besides, most of the new In Flames fans have no ****ing clue about their old music.

Bit of a tall claim, don't you think?

I never said it has to be popular either, I just said it has to be some money maker planned band that honestly aren't true musicians.

Was Pavarotti not a true musician? Are the members of the London Philharmonic not true musicians?

As much as I hate pop punk and rap, as long as they're doing it for the passion of music, that makes them a true band, but if you're going "hey man, I wanna be big, I wanna be a star, gonna make the most poppiest music ever to sell big" then that's pathetic.

Who cares. Honestly, who cares. If you can't see the difference between this sentiment and 'elitism', you might want to have a bit of a sit down and a think.

Do you play guitar or anything else? Did you pick it up because you were like "gonna be big one day, gonna make lotsa money" or did you pick that up because you wanted something fun to do?

Bit of both, I was 16.
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Isn't that hypocritical too? Weren't a bunch of kids just like "dude your melodeath is gay and you should feel lame for listening to it, you ain't a metalhead blah blah blah" a couple pages ago?

Were they? Was I?

Melodeath isn't really death metal, but it's metal, but it's not like I listen to it soley to project myself as a metalhead, it's because of one day, I found some songs and shit myself because they sounded so good to me.

Sounds like a profoundly antisocial way to listen to music.

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Anyways, You have a point, but it would be nice if the more obscure bands that we like got more recognition that they deserve.

In Flames not popular enough for you?

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I'm not one of those poser music fans that found metal one day and said "hey, **** anything not metal, you're gay if you listen to anything else"

Hang on, hang on.

A true musician respects music. As long as it isn't a corporate attempt to make money, who gives a shit?

Apparently you're 'gay' if you listen to something popular, according to your rules?
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I'm talking about bands that make music soley to make music, or because a bunch of corperate business fags found some kid that a bunch of teenage girls would wet theirselves over so they turn the poser into a mediocre but over hyped music artist.

What's wrong about not liking those type of bands? Music is about passion to make music, not to make money.

Music is music is music. Who cares who wrote it, who sings it, and who buys it. Why fucking care?
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I've been thinking, employers must see hundreds of graduates applying for jobs with the normal degrees, history, sociology etc. at least one of these "joke degrees" would grab their attention.

Not in a good way.
Because this guy does. In fact, he loves her so much that he's starting a university course revolving around her from a sociological point of view.

Higher education at its finest.
Your mum's cozy bits.
All-white, presumably? Actually wait, it's Ireland anyway, isn't it.
I'd be insulted if you weren't such a complete bastard. Besides, Davidson wishes he could come up with names like Lame Guffstain.
You heard the 9/11 easter egg they did for the DVD?

"It's in the basement."
What does 'caziest' mean? Did you mean 'coziest'? Most of Dave Muffbrain's solos, in that case.

Bear witness to my comedy genius.
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check this vid out for prime equine comedy

Better equine comedy.
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Many proofs? Lots proofs!
Hmm. Seen them before, but they put on a fuck of a good show. Bit reluctant to commit as of yet, as I don't know what I'll be doing work-wise this summer.
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Good luck with it TS, head on over to The Student Room as well, they have good personal statement helpers apparently, (although their boards are full of twunts, don't ever post there afterwards! )

Found this the other day.

I love the falsettos in Call of Ktulu.
Favourite Metallica to do (x) to?