Hey, my band Seventh Inning Stretch is in dire need of album artwork for our up-coming EP release, titled "Humidity," which is slated for August 6. We're a pop-punk band with influences such as New Found Glory, Mayday Parade, Transit, Balance and Composure, etc.

We're looking for something that reflects the overall theme of the album, not the band name (so please, no baseball layouts). Our music deals with betrayal, relationships, and growing up (pop-punk stuff lol) and it focuses heavily on imagry of the ocean. Some of our songs are up-beat and poppy, others are bit slower and more brooding, so it would be cool to have something reflect that. We're not looking for anything extremely elaborate, just something that would pop out.

We are willing to pay, but I'd like to negotiate price. If you're interested in taking on this project, please email us at (serious offers only please). Also, please know we are on a budget

You can listen to us at
Thanks anyone who went and liked my band's page. We're trying to get on this year's Charlotte, NC Warped Tour date. I know not a facebook page, but if it would definitely mean a lot if you could take the time to head over and give us a vote! I'll return the favor to anyone that helps us out!
I'm definitely diggin it dude! Keep it up!

Mind checking out my band?
Just liked quite a few pages on here!!!

Check out my band's page:

If you don't actually like the music, you don't have to click the like button, but we just ask you check us out! Hopefully you enjoy Pop-Punk
Check out Seventh Inning Stretch!!!

We just finished tracking two songs for our debut EP with Miah Lajeunesse of the Sound Lair. Give us a listen and let us know what you think!!!

This is probably the most noob question ever, but I'm getting frustrated since it seems like I can't find anything on connecting a mixer to an audio interface to allow for simultaneous multi-track recordings where each instrument gets a separate track (i.e. drum kit, each part of kit would have it's own track). If anyone could please walk me through how to do this, or if it is even possible given my equipment, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm using a Behringer X1204USB Digital Mixer, a TASCAM US-1800 Audio Interface, and Logic Express 9 on my Macbook. For the record, my mixer does NOT have channel inserts. I'll provide links below incase anyone would like a visual on what my equipment looks like.

Behringer X1204USB

TASCAM US-1800!/Milestone423

Hailing from Bum-F*ck Nowhere, TN (aka Greeneville, TN), we're just a couple of dudes who like to have fun and play the kind of music we love. For fans of Four Year Strong, A Day to Remember, The Wonder Years, Set Your Goals, Title Fight, etc. You know; all that good stuff

Our first demo Thunder From Down Yonder is up right now. It's 100% DIY and was recorded in about the span of 3 hours. So it's rough and that's the way we like it! We're hitting the studio at the end of this month though!

We appreciate any comments, good or bad, and any crit you might have for us. I'll do a C4C if you do
Quote by Ascendant
What exactly are you planning to use it for also? Live or just some home recording stuff?

Home recording for the most part. I wanted to try to see if this set-up would work live, but if latency would be an issue I most definitely would not want that.

Speaking if which, if latency is going to be an issue live, wouldn't that mean it could possibly be an issue during recording?

And also, what kind of I/O's are out there? I know about the Alesis, but if there's a cheaper one that's good, I'm all about more bang for my buck. I'm just a guitarist, so I know nothing about drums lol
Is it possible to trigger a part of a drum set (particularly the kick and snare) with just a trigger, an interface, a plug-in (EZdrummer), and the recording software? For instance, I want use the ddrum red shot bass trigger and connect that to my TASCAM US-1800 so that I may trigger an EZdrummer sample of a kick-drum instead of the analog sound of it.

Trigger ----> Interface ----> Computer ----> Software = ???

Will it even work or will I need to get something like an Alesis I/O unit to get to trigger the drum?

I'm using garageband btw. It's the program I'm most familiar with, although, if you happen to know how accomplish this in cubase, I have that as well.

Thanks for your help
I Won't Say the Lord's Pray is probably my favorite song lyrically off the new album. It's exactly how I feel. Cannot wait to see these guys on Warped Tour next week!
Never heard of these guys until my drummer suggested them. Got a copy of Gospel and now they are all I can listen too. Phenomenally catchy and fun. I really dig these guys
I bought their album and felt like I had already heard it about a million times before. ABR rules, but no other band can really pull it off quite like they do
3 Inches of Blood
Rocket to the Moon, A
Day to Remember, A
August Burns Red
Close Your Eyes
This Time Next Year
Go Radio
I See Stars
Artist vs. Poet
I Am Ghost
Set Your Goals
Texas In July
I actually really dug that dude... Pree sick stuff
I've been Asking Alexandria if she knows of any decent bands left
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Hooray, less rednecks

You're a fucking dick... I've got family that I can't get contact with that were in the middle of the area hit. There were like three tornados that touched down within 30 miles of my house
Everyone in this thread, because I'm pretty sure I'd be doing a service to humanity
I should've seen this coming
I should've thought this though
I should've realized I'd misplaced my trust in you...

Go call the EMS and get a paramedic 'cause I might just kill myself
just to forget your face and the way you taste
My memory is a catastrophe but as I recall you always lied to me
So lets remind, was it easy that time?
Or did you have to stop to rehearse your lines?

So raise your hand if you think I'm a lesser man for walking out
I found there's nothing to gain from shattered remains
You're just not the same and I'm not to blame
I won't be made a fool
So girl... To Hell With You

I'll either call the coast guard or I'll cut your rope
'cause if you don't drown then you'll surely choke on your own words
So get off your knees. At this rate you'll only sink into the sea

You're always making a scene!
Only believing what you hear but never what you have seen
So don't speak! You've never said a word of truth
Just know that this is over and this one's on you...

So raise your hand if you think I'm a lesser man for walking out
I found there's nothing to gain from shattered remains
You're just not the same and I'm not to blame
I won't be make a fool

I gave you everything I had
I put my trust in you
But to come to find, you had no heart
And now I've lost mine too
Anyone wanna recommend me some bands with like a Stick to Your Guns kind of vibe?
Quote by Alkaline 64
I like how your very direct in the way you talk about war, which is good in this case. "where the blind lead blind" is a great line in my opinion, so keep that. However the structure of this seems all over the place, and not just because it isn't finished. Rhymes pop up every now and again, but is the swearing really necessary? Even the most hardcore death metal tunes don't involve swearing...

I presume this is for a heavy metal song?

Anyway, I don't think you need to change much. "This is a modern-day Hell" is great!

I would repeat a line similar to "Try to oppose what you don't see fit but everyone knows opinions don't mean sh*t", you never know, it might add that all important hook you need.

Overall, I'm loving some of the phrases your using. Good job!

lol well the language I felt helped to make the statement a little bit bolder, but I can see how that might come across a little differently. It's actually more of a melodic hardcore song in my mind, but whatever you want to envision it as is what I think matters.
Any and all help/crit would be much appreciated. An elipses means that I'm still trying to figure our a good line there.


What have we become but f**king savages?
All this war and hate demolishes the landscape
We're using pesticides to euthanize, but at what cost are we living?
We're dropping bombs like a dying fad and we've had no remorse for any corpse we create
Their homes turn to glass made out of the shattered lives we leave in our wake...

Fair-weather prophets tell me to panic,
so what's the disaster of the day?
Killing ourselves is nothing new
Do we even know what we've bought into?
We sold our souls, our moral codes, our very rights for information overload
but what's the point?
With closed eyes and force-fed lies, this is a dog eat dog world where the blind lead blind


Try to oppose what you don't see fit
but everyone knows opinions don't mean sh*t


You think you're martyrs?
Bring me your fallen and I'll show you what you've been dying to live for...
A dead man is still a dead man, no matter the cause

This is a modern-day Hell
It needs to be finished so if anybody has some suggestions, or constructive crit they can offer, that would be amazing


I see you've packed your bags, are you ready to leave?
You've gotta go, you've gotta fly, and don't you stop till you lose sight of this town
The world is yours for the taking, and I know you're gonna make it
If I had to make a bet you better believe I'd stake everything

Because you know you're not alone
You've always got a place to call your home
I hope these words will keep you warm
I'm always here, you could never go too far...

So just let your heart roam, but don't ever let go...

Of all the memories we've had of this place
I hope you never change yourself and keep up your pace
This is a hard one, but I'm not saying goodbye
I know we'll meet again, so until the next time...

Do you remember driving around and getting lost downtown for hours?
Just you and me... And you laughed and said I was crazy
Well say hello to those big city lights for me
And trust me, the hardest part is finding the strength to leave

But you know you're not alone
You've always got a place to call your home
I hope these words can keep you warm
I'm always here, you could never go too far...

So just let your heart roam, but try not to let go...

Of all the memories we've had of this place
Don't ever change yourself and keep up your pace
This is a hard one, but I'm not saying goodbye
I know we'll meet again, so until the next time...
1. While I've kissed a girl, I'm still a virgin (at 19)
2. I'm insanely self-conscious about this fact and lie about it constantly to everyone. Very few people know the actually truth.
3. I'm only 5'7" and I can't stand it. It makes me feel inferior to everyone around me
4. I have a severe self-esteem problem
5. Even though I've always been told I'm a nice guy, I think of myself as a jerk and I'm always dwelling on the things I do wrong
6. I fall in love far to easily. I'm in love with one of my best friends because of this
7. I worry everyday that I'm being lied to by everyone around me. For instance, I've been told by my friend's father that she's not interested in dating anyone and it's got nothing to do with me, but I feel like he's lying and I'm not good enough, even thought she's pretty much exactly like me

I've got multiple tracks playing rhythm and leads. I think the main problem might be that I haven't set the guitars to either side yet. I'll try doing that and look into the volume spike you mentioned.

As for the interface, I'm using the Stealthplug, USB interface. It's pretty straightforward on how to use it, so perhaps the tonal problems lie within the program itself? Like I said, I'm using the IK Multimedia Metal Studio for tone and, I will admit, some of the tones on there sound very fake and MIDI . I'm open to new suggestions for I could do to fix the guitars to make them sound more professional. If it's my playing that's off, please let me know how I can fix it. You mentioned some timing issues, so I'll try to fix that first. What parts did you feel were off time?

Oh, and the title wasn't meant to represent anything like that link you provided lol TBH, I've never even heard of that person/group. When I say "Happy Hardcore" I'm thinking more along the lines of like 'Popcore' or 'Easycore' type stuff. Sorry for any confusion

Thanks for the tips and crit. Much appreciated!
Thanks for all the tips Ghast! I really appreciate it!

Actually, I used EZDrummer for the drums, but I'm still pretty new to them and how to get a good drum sound (but I'm learning!). I'm using the IK Multimedia Metal Studio plug-in, and I think I've created a pretty solid tone, but I'll definitely try out your suggestion. I just spent the better part of 4 hours remixing the drums and touching up some of the guitar tracks, as well as replacing the synth with something a tad bit less conventional (I think) and adding a few new parts.

So the revised version is now on my profile if anybody wants to check it out
This isn't really my preferred genre of music although I would like to say that I absolutely love the overall tone of the recording. It feels very professionally recorded and sounds like something you could by in a store.

It's really catchy and a fun listen. Vocals were pretty awesome, but I feel like around the 1:00 min mark (when the male voice enters) the vocals feel a little behind I think. Like the vocalist is almost out of breathe. The lyrics are really cool, even if I don't fully understand the meaning behind some of them. They fit the overall mood of the song quite well

Guitar tone is cool. Not too distorted but just enough. I like the end, with all the feedback. Gives it kind of an ambient feel in my opinion, which I think suites the song just fine

While it's not my favorite genre of music, I like what I heard and I think the quality of your recording is phenomenal! Keep it up!

C4C? My song is in my profile
To be honest, I think it has an Alkaline Trio-type feel too it. The beginning of the song brings "Queen of Pain" to my mind right off the bat, but perhaps thats just me. I like the verse, although it feels a bit long for me. Maybe if you added vocals it would help it not feel so dragged out. I actually like what I'm guessing is the second verse with the addition of a second guitar. I really think you should add something like that to the first one as well. I feel that towards the end the song kind of looses its luster.

You're guitar tone for this type of stuff is pretty spot-on, I really don't think I can pick out anything in particular out about it except that perhaps its a little too bass-heavy for my tastes when it comes to pop-punk. You do get a little off at some points, but I think with the addition of vocals it would become unnoticeable or at least more easily overlooked.

Overall dude, I think you got a solid, catchy tune. I was head-bobbing and tapping my foot, and that's all I need to know a good song when I hear one

C4C? Song's in my profile page
Song's in the profile, titled: I <3 Liars (I Bet Sydney's Warm This Time of Year)

In a similar vein to A Day to Remember, Four Year Strong, Chunk! No Captain Chunk! Basically just a lot of pop-punk/easycore influences, maybe some other stuff thrown.

I really want some constructive criticism one what I can do to improve the song whether its guitar technique or overall sound. Don't be afraid to rip into me, just be courteous

I'll do a C4C when I have time if you'd like
Just got a Vox Night Train and I LOVE it!

Although, does anyone know what kind of tubes come with it stock? I know its got 2 12AX7 pre-amps and 2 EL84 Power Tubes, but I don't know if their Electro-Harmonix, JJ, etc. Neither the website nor the manual mentions which
Quote by championguitar
used tubescreamer to boost your amp. it depends on what "heavier" stuff is

I just riff around but I like to play Four Year Strong, A Day to Remember, August Burns Red... that kinda stuff.

I've heard a lot about the tubescreamer and it seems like every professional uses one. I've been looking for a cheaper used one on ebay but to no avail.
Quote by timbit2006
Price range?

Let's say $25-$100?
I just recently purchased a Vox Night Train 15w Tube head w/ cabinet. I tend to play a lot of pop-rock stuff like Mayday Parade, Go Radio, A Rocket to the Moon, The Maine, etc. and the distortion is usually just fine for that kind of stuff, but when I crank it up a bit to play some heavier stuff, I find the distortion just a bit lacking. I'm hoping that perhaps someone could recommend me a good overdrive/distortion pedal that would complement the amp's sound without muddying it up too much. I typically play a Fender Telecaster Standard, although I also run an Ibanez RGA42FM and SZ320, and I usually only use a Behringer Noise Reducer to combat any hiss that might get through. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Price normally isn't too much of an issue, but I would like to get more bang for my buck if at all possible. Thanks in advance!
I'm severely disappointed that they won't be playing Warped Tour this year I was really hoping to finally get to see these live

I'm super-stoked for their LP to finally release. These guys definitely deserve more attention than they're getting. Can't wait to see them at WT this year!
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I really enjoyed Pickman's model for some reason. Others I know who have read Lovecraft dont like that one nearly as much as I do.

Pickman's Model is great. Rats in the Walls, The Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family, From Beyond, and Beyond the Wall of Sleep are also among my favorites.

As for books, check out At the Mountains of Madness is really good and is supposed to be in the process of being filmed by Guillermo Del Toro
Does anyone else find it funny that these guys are from the same town as ABR and sound almost identical?
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You may like "The Poughkeepsie Tapes" then. I finally saw the entire film last night, prior to I had only seen that youtbe clip when he crawls up behind the girl. It was pretty good, not great, but pretty good.

Where did you find that movie at? I've been trying to locate it forever now and I can't find it. If you got it online, PM me the link plz?
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Question: Why are they calling it the "highly anticipated sophomore album"? They already have two albums

All Things Set Aside is probably considered a demo. The quality of it is pree sh*tty, despite the awesomeness of album. Altho I gotta say, I really like Brandon a lot better than their first vocalist (idk his name).

On another note: I believe The Session is the most gangsta thing to ever happen in metal