Arcturus - Nightmare heaven
When The Lion Devours Both Dragon And Child - Anaal nathrakh
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I love you. That is all.

Psycroptic - The colour of sleep
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Burzum - Jesus' Tod

wat.... goin from poopsmiths post

The valley of winds breath and dragons fire - Psycroptic
Black sabbath - black sabbath
the flesh and the power it holds - death
Jogging In Hell Forever - Crotchduster
Nightmare heaven - arcturus
Summer Decapitation Ritual - The Ruins Of Beverast
Molesting The Decapitated - Devourment
Subterranean Masquerade - Awake
had to look it up
but the game died.

The right way....To see, to bleed, cannot be done. In turn, your making us....OHHH (name of tha song)
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Covenant of Death - Morbid Angel

Deeds of flesh is the band.

Going from diminishedthingy's post

Forced to Bleed - Severed savior
Its been an hour, people need clues i take it? Its from the isle of disenchantment.
Forcef*cked - Human filleted
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Kreator - Under The Guillotine

Existing on damnations edge
The priest had never known
To witness such a violent show
Of power overthrown

Slayer - hell awaits

"Suddenly he realized there was something wrong he then desired to take off the mask
but then to his horror it stuck to the face, now it was his new skin, he could never change."
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Path to Vanir by Enslaved.

"Ideas that fall under shadows of theories that stand tall"

The philosopher - death

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DEATH - Individual Thought Patterns

And saw the same questions in them
Yet when I clasped their hands
I felt their Blood beneath mine
I had found my answer

primordial - the golden spiral

"you can feel that theres more then just progressing life while your neighbour will deny, deny, deny."
Between **** and piss we are born - anaal nathrakh
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Well now they are signed to Nuclear Blast..

While chalky has his own record label...
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Yeah I found out about that band a while ago and they still havent released anything new since the last time I looked. Lol at their display picture.

Although Chalky is probably ****ting himself about how big Psycroptic is now..

nah he isnt. Guys in like 5 or 6 bands playing with dismember, not the faceless and other core bands. And dave said that psycroptic dont make any money from the band, they all work, chalky on the other hand has no need for a job.
I just dont dig any of it, has a weird feel about it, like lying in your bed, but it feels uncomfortable, only to find theres a strange man with hair like anakin skywalker from star wars in there.
Sorry to sound like an elitist or whatever, but since chalky left and daves been doing things his way, psycroptic have become stale. Symbols was really bad and this new track isnt any better, all IMO of course, but for the people who want to see what chalky's been up to since he left,
LOL. Maybe this will be the last metal forum radio
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They have ascension aborted and that one track spheres. Ascension is without chalk though, but he said that they are going into the studio on tuesday or wednesday to make a new demo....IM EXCITED!
Thanks guys, mephistopheles are tasmanian with chalky who used to be in psycroptic on vocals and embodied are from melbourne.
lol damn i was in a rush, i didnt put uber kvlt bands, just whatever i was listening to a few months ago that people should hear. A few bands are obviously popular, but defeated sanity, wormed, mephistopheles, etc. dont get as much recognition.
A day late sorry guys.


June 6th: duncang
June 13th: Vermintide
June 20th: bootyguard
June 27th: VampireGoldfish
July 4th: King of Kumbucha
July 11th: Stranglehold
July 18th: Contraband
July 25th: Kepulix
August 1st: Riffomatic_5000
August 8th: Phill-Rock
August 15th: Anooplol

August 22nd: Reject_666_6
August 29th: MHDrunk
September 5th: LedZeppelin
September 12th: Emenius Sleepus
September 19th: RedDeath9
September 26th: UncleCthulhu
October 3rd: Snyper
October 10th: Luizza69
October 17th: Thornography
October 24th: Mudvayne_4_Life
October 31st: LucasGtrGod
November 7th: greety
November 14th: Sabu
November 21st: kinzoku
November 28th: darkstar2466
December 5th: Scourge441
December 12th: Mr President
December 19th: Dyer's Eve
December 26th: destroy_techno
Embodied - Human remains
Title track from psalms. That bass slide and slam is amazingly sick.
The Black Dahlia Murder - Flies
Cryptopsy - Cold hate, warm blood
So....cryptopsy finally changed their name.
number of letters?
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eaten - bloodbath s'allways a goodun'

soul evisceration is cooler
best title: Soul evisceration - Bloodbath
Worst title: Reward system malfunction - Abhorrent
Abhorrent is a band from texas that is going to put out an EP soon.
Kill Your Baby - Chaos UK (Is that double points?)
Between **** and piss we are born - Anaal nathrakh
Born Headless - Cryptopsy