no its quit criative actually

banned cause its been way way to long since the last time i've been here!

double ban cause metallikh-602 was like me

did anybody miss me here?
banned cause you're always here too!!
banned for to many bans
banned cause no one is ever happy with what they have

double ban cause living in a students house with your friends its the best thing in the world

triple ban cause altough its awsome it means you don't study nothign at all, only party

quadruple ban cause i'd love it anyway

final ban just cause you're fassa
banned cause i envy you

how bout play with fire with alchool and the bathtub?
like calisto to a star in heaven - trivium

do you live with your parents?
i'd love to but my mother doesn't let me!!

how are you?
likes porcupine tree last album lol
banned cause im tired of living home with my parents but im to lazy to get a job and get out of the house
likes to know medical facts
banned cause you're very nice for a demon
banned cause if you put women in an army no one will shoot them!

unless you're also a women! not the solution to world peace afterall
yes i do! i've been living here for 19years!

do you believe this is actually one of the few interisting threads in the pit?
i ike history.............
banned cause yes they are!
banned cause why don't you join the army or some police force or whatever?
banned cause good luck with that
not me for sure

your choices?
too many is not enough

how many music related shirts are too many?
banned cause of the guns obssession
as a sig with visual and lyrical style
banned cause you're just crazy, and not the good kind of crazy
banned for over analyzing
both plans are good but i don't like plans..

how bout improvising along the way?
banned for making too much noise using a shotgun
H1N1 virus

isn't that a stupid question?
banned cause nothing's wrong with them
as many as the blacknes allows

black shouldn't be considered a color cause its the absence of color right?
dial 595 - escape: In Flames
oceansize - commemorative 9/11 t-shirt
you can't see beyond the face in the box and assume is not amused