Hey all. I really enjoy me some Frog Eyes, hence I recorded two of my favorite songs by them ("Sound Travels from the Snow to the Dark" and "A Latex Ice Age"). Both recordings were done in one take with only sparse acoustic accompaniment. Just an "echo" was added to each track. Even if this style of music isn't your cup of tea, please feel free to listen and critique anyway!

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Really dig the rhythm guitar sound, reminds me of For the People by Dinosaur Jr, sweet.
The lead melody is a little too.. repetitive, it could use some variation to make the song feel more dynamic. The synth added a nice element to the tune aswell.

I get a bit of a John Frusciante feeling when I hear this, have you listened to this solo albums?

Overall, not bad at all, keep it up

I agree. I think the lead guitar is what needs the most work. I have been toying around with changing it, and I think I eventually will.

I actually have not listened to his solo stuff, but I will give it a try!

Thanks for the critique!
I enjoyed the intro. I think the guitar did a good job of walking the line between playing too many notes and too few. I liked how the ambient sounds came in over the guitar! The only issue I see with the intro is that it takes awhile for the actual "song" to kick in (precisely 1:40 before the lead guitar comes in). I think if you waited less time it would have more of an epic effect. If you shortened the intro, it would also add "replay" value to the song (people would want more of that sweet guitar! haha). You just have to give it in doses.

I am not sure how I feel about the break between the two guitar solos. Maybe if you shortened the original intro, added part of this break, and then went into the guitar solo. I think the guitar solo is very cool. I think you could pull off the energetic speed up at the end of the song really well if you eliminated the silence - just the guitar hitting that chord, straight into the drums, then the epic ending.

All this is all my opinion though. It's all up to you!

I enjoyed how you added a second lead guitar very quietly in the background towards the end.

When I hear the end of this song, I think it should have a guitar shredding ending with the other instruments improvising as well.

Overall, good track. Nice guitar work. Really digged the intro melody!

Please critique mine if you are up to it:
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I listened to this a few times.

The recording is good in its own way. However, the critic in me has to say that the parts sounds like they are a little out of sync (lead guitar sounded slightly out) I'll put that down to lo-fi recording/production. It is a bedroom recording after all.

I actually really like the guitar sound, was that down to the mixing? Nice little echo/reverb going on there. Couldn't make out the vocals completely (not that i have any problem with that), but otherwise, I like the vocals (good voice).

Edit - forgot to say, that in short, this is a good little track, and I enjoyed it.

Ahh, thank you a lot! I do realize that it is a bit out of sync in some places. To be honest, the lead guitar was hard to do because they keyboard underneath it is playing in straight 12/8 time, but the guitar is playing sixteenth notes in 4/4. Theoretically it works - it's a hard match though. haha.

I did the guitar with my effects processor. No reverb, just a very tight delay with slight distortion. I prefer the sound that way, and I really don't do much with mixing when it comes to guitar. This is the first recording I did in which I double tracked the vocals, and I think that they turned out decent. Thanks for the compliments!

I hope to have a few more tracks done in the next weeks.

Anything you want me to critique of yours?
Hey all. It has been a while since I've been on UG. For a couple months now I have been writing songs that I would describe as "experimental indie" (kind of similar to Frog Eyes in a few ways). This is the first one that I have laid down.

Please feel free to critique! It took some guts for me to post this because I am usually really self-conscious about my music/lyrics.

The quality isn't the best because I recorded it in my bedroom. Also, the recording might be loud - listen with caution! haha.

No guarantees, but I will try my best to listen to your work and critique yours if you critique mine.
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So What

thats more of a bass tune. but great song overall.
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You say you trust your girlfriend, but really you don't. I think you're just saying that because you want to think you're a reasonable person. And I'm not saying you're wrong for not trusting her. She lied to you at least once.

She has a history with your best friend, but goes out with him and other people without telling you about it? Nah, that's just plain wrong. She needs to set some boundaries on her own behaviour. This is disrespectful to you. You shouldn't even need to tell her this is wrong.

You need to be more assertive. You seem overly concerned with not appearing to be jealous. That business about just wanting to be there having fun too, is you missing the point. You're being disrespected. Maybe you don't wanna face that because you'd need to confront this head-on.

Your "best friend" is anything but. It sounds like maybe he's your lord and master. He torments you because he can. You put yourself in a difficult situation by picking up with left-overs. He sounds like the kind of guy who could have this girl at the drop of a hat. Booty-call any time he wanted. But you locked him out of that by making her your gf. Now he's paying you back. Laughing at your pain. Have I got any of this right? I'm just tryna fit these odd, odd pieces of this odd, odd puzzle together. They seem to fit this way, but the picture it creates is really unpleasant. Maybe there's a different picture if the pieces are put together in a different order. Perhaps I'm just not seeing it.

You friend has a very strong personality. You continue to be his friend and say he makes your life awesome in spite of him tormenting you. But even getting him out of your life might not change things much with your situation regarding your girlfriend. Might make it worse, actually.

I'd probably get them both out of my life. Too much baggage. Too much drama. But that's me, not you. Maybe you can grow enough to take control of this. Idk.

Best of luck to you.

yeah you pretty much hit the nail on the head i guess... I'm gonna talk to her about it today. but if i did dump both of them i'd still see both of them on a regular basis cause they are in the group of friends I hang out with...
Alright so here is my situation. I have been dating this awesome girl for about 5 months. She has had many relationships before and this is her longest one.

To make a long story short...

I have a best friend who fooled around with her for like a year. She went a long with it too and would want him to finger her and stuff like that. So basically my best friend tells me about this stuff a lot and always jokes around about it and how he lead her on and how he and her were friend's with benefits. It really hurts me. Yeah I've told him to stop before.

I have a ex good friend who took her out to dinner (with another person there) and kept saying it was a "date" and tries to get on my nerves with all this stuff. He told her behind my back that I thought she was a drinker, liar, a pot smoker, and that she was a huge sex fiend. I never said ANY of these things. She believes me but obviously it isn't the best thing for someone to tell your girlfriend a pack of lies about you.

Once when I was at work at 2 o'clock in the morning cleaning up and i find out shes out with my best friend and some other people. I didn't mind I don't really get jealous but you know I wish I was there having fun too. She always told me that she would never drink but she ended up having a few that night... lied to me about it, and then I finally got her to admit it to me. It doesn't really bother me that she drank its just that my best friend was kinda the person that initiated the whole situation and she lied to me about it.

And so my best friend tells me about it and I ask her and she denies it. After awhile she admits it. But like my best friend tells me a lot of things about her... like that she's smoke pot etc. and it makes me wonder who to trust and who is lying because obviously she denies doing all of those things. Generally she is very trustworthy and doesn't lie... my best friend has been caught in a few lies before.

So basically I don't know what to do. I've got ex friends trying to screw up my relationship, don't know whether to trust my girlfriend or my best friend, and a best friend that makes my life awesome and hell at the same time. Sometimes I can't sleep at night...

But I really love this girl...

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1. Divert the train and kill the old dude.

2. Smother the baby.

3. Throw the dude over who is dying anyway.

yeah these aren't really hard questions honestly...
So the rapist's life is so worthless that if someone killed him they shouldn't be punished as much as any other person that kills anyone else?

And if this was the law, where do you draw the line? What if I killed someone who broke the window of my truck, should I get less of a punishment?
omg... old people... theres this old lady at work that thinks I have the brain capacity of a 2 year old just because im new and she is so annoying.
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P.S i have been googling it all day and i can not find it for the life of me but i want to find a list of the bands that played at the march in Toronto last year....
was anyone there and knows? or has a link.

You forgot? Oh yeah, its a pot march.
he obviously would make his own since he was a carpenter...
one time, after a basketball game that my highschool won, we were all going crazy and stuff and we ran around the building where the game was held. I'm not talking like 50 people, we are a highschool of 500 and we get 300 people at these games, more than most colleges. anyway, the kids from the other team's student section were waiting for us outside and pulled knives on us. we ran like hell lol. my friend got his face beat in. "Oh ****!" Later the cops said they broke up the fight immediately... which was a total lie... since I ran for at least 15 minutes... haha.

And another time I grabbed someone's pants from underneath a stall in a restroom. I thought he was my brother. lmao.
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I was recently chatting to a few friends of mine, and we stumbled across a question we just can't seem to decide on. Thus it falls to you, Pitonians, to answer for us;

"Which nation was more brutal in world war II; The Japanese empire or The third Reich?"

What about Stalin's Soviet Union? Way more brutal.
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play some marduk. thatl fukin kill em. Alternatively you could play some green day.

haha this.

and i like your sig. nice to see that someone appreciates Impact is Imminent besides me. haha.
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I agree. I believe that making the drinking age at 21 will actually increase teenage drinking. I think that most underage drinkers do it partially because it is wrong, but they get excitement from rebelling against the law. I feel that if the drinking age was 18, the rebellion factor would be taken away.
Also (the biggest point) if someone can fight for their country, they should have a beer.
'Nuff said.

yeah, like with cigarette smoking. since the legal age is 18 to buy them (which we all know means nothing) kids get sick of them faster. usually sophomore and junior year a good amount of people smoke... but try quitting before their senior year. its gets old fast.

so would alcohol is they lowered the age me thinks.
as in world war then...
N. Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan VS. United States, S. Korea, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Israel
I've had one such experience... once I was meditating on a brahman (kind of like God in Hinduism... much more complex) and I was "transported" to a mountain in kentucky where I had gone before on a mission trip last summer. I felt the wind on my face and everything. It last only a few seconds... but God... it was nice.
look who didn't post the pics.
i once recorded a song called "defend ireland" that last for only .43 seconds. =]
shredded humans by cannibal corpse...
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It sounds like she might be interested, but it also sounds like she's a girl. How long have you been hanging out with each other? Just get her number or maybe just ask her if she wants to go get dinner/sonic/DQ or something after youth group sometime.

yeah dude thats what i was thinking... cause what she does could be taken either way. =/

we've been hanging out for like 2 or 3 months but like every other week... so basically im not in that dammed thing called the friend zone.
Hey there is this girl I know that I "went out with" back when I was in like 5th grade. She is a year ahead of me. I'm now in 10th and shes in 11th. Recently, through some pretty random events, she has joined to local youth group that I am in and we have started talking again. I realized soon after that I'm still attracted to her. It's not like a nostalgic thing though.

I mean, she is a really cool person that is independent and knows how to handle herself. Considering that my last relationship included a girl that had to know where I was at all times, what I was doing, and every single other person I talked to, I really am attracted to a more secure woman.

I've been hinting to her that I like her by talking to her more and defending her in arguments and discussions. I just always have one problem with girls: I usually can never tell if they like me back. haha.

She responds all smiles when I talked to her, and sometimes she just smiles at me out of the blue. She always calls me by name. I'm a big Boston Red Sox fan and always wear a sox hat around, and she took it off my head once and started playing with it (she gave it back to me when she realized it was a bosox hat lol).

Advice anyone? Do you think we share feelings for each other? If so, how should I proceed?
dude the same exact thing happened to me with a girl a little bit ago, except she didn't move and I still saw her around town on a regular basis... basically just tough it out man, try to move on. do extra stuff with your friends. try not to think about her. move all the stuff regarding her you have into a drawer or something. took me about 6 months but i still got over her.
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EDIT: And wtf man. They're playing in TAMPA, not Tampa Bay. They'd be a bit wet if they were

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People die if they are killed.

no **** sherlock
Also, on the subject of his disciples writing miracles and starting a legend...

if you look at many of the biblical stories from the new testament and all of the things Jesus said, almost everything already existed in other religions thousands of years before Christianity. I think that it is very plausible that the disciples just copied tales and sayings from other religious figures and religions.

f you look at Jesus, he "said" and "did" over 100 things similar to Krishna (a Jesuslike figure in Hinduism). Also, drinking his blood and eating his body is not a new concept. Dionysus said the same thing in polytheistic Greek religion.

Considering that Israel was under control of the Romans at the time, it is very possible this happened because of cultural diffusion. They heard of Krishna, Dionysus, etc. from merchants from other parts of the empire or from travelers.

Just a thought for everyone.
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I must say, that all seemed rather pre-meditated. I loved the way instead of just stopping what he was doing, he struggled as if his hand was glued to his dong.

well it does get kinda sticky ya know.
The whole protestant movement was started by martin luther. he was a good guy, and the church was f-ed up with corruption. but look at what he believed. he was a Jew hater, and he helped grow antisemitism in Germany, and we all know what that lead to.

So basically, no religion is blameless.
guys stop giving her a hard time. its obviously something that really matters to her.
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I would feel horrible with the knowledge I had actually paid for sex. Apart from the fact that it's morally questionable, it just sounds a bit pathetic.

well according to your sig there are no rules... so threadstarter go for it
Alright guys I have a situation on my hands haha. So I was at this youth rally today and I was sitting down and kinda looking around and then my eyes landed on this one cute girl. I don't know why but I felt really drawn to her. I haven't been felt like this about anyone for a while and my last relationship was well... terrible. I talked to her and joked around with her briefly, but before I could ask name, number, aim, whatever, etc. her mom came in and sat between us. needless to say, that ended the conversation pretty much. I found out that one of my female friends is actually really good friends with her, so thats a plus. So guys, how to I continue this without making it look like im a creeper?
I picked evolution because Darwin worked for about 20 years gathering evidence to back up his theory. The reason he published it at the time he did was really only because a scientist by the last name of Wallace had come up with similar ideas (after reading Malthus' book on population, just like Darwin did.)

Darwin included evidence from geology, the fossil record, biogeography, among other things. There are many things discovered in the past century too that have supported his ideas.

Keep in mind though that many people came up with evolution before Darwin (including his grandpa). One of them would be the scientist Lamarck. Darwin's theory of evolution was different in the fact that he proposed the mechanism for evolution as natural selection ("struggle for existence").

So, I guess, until there is evidence to the contrary I am an evolutionist.
at my school you have to wear dress cloths (tie, belt and all) every day. you have to have your sideburns ending at the middle of year ear, you need to shave everyday, and have to have your hair cut a certain way. no phones on you or music crap.

but many people get in trouble at the first day of school lol. all the guys (its an all guy school) that have "long" hair just get raped.
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my girlfriend tried to get me to become vegetarian once. idunno... like on christmas i got beef jerky and i ate it without realizing it because i like it so much. haha. so i ended in fail.
i like the Clash but i honestly think any album of theirs has its share of weak filler songs.
I love black metal too and I'm Christian... so naturally I wanted to play it. Obviously I didn't want to do the whole Satan thing because I didn't support it or believe in it, so I focued my music on something I support and believe in.

And I do agree that a lot of Christian bands do suck. I just hope I'm not in that category. haha.