Like as the new RR24s are about £1000 how much do you guys reckon it would be worth now and say it 10-20 years will it really be worth a whole lot more?

^ Yeah i have been thinking, say I did sell it and one day I really wanted it again trying to find one would be tricky.
Been thinking about this for a while now.
I have a Jackson RR24, one of the limited ones with the neck binding and reverse shark fin inlays and it has pretty much stayed in the case for the past year never really getting played. I'm at Uni at the moment and it stays at home and much as I do like the playability and feel of it I can't help but feel it's just gathering dust and kinda pointless to have if I never really play it.
The problem is I'm pretty broke at the moment but my loan/grant will come in at the end of next month and i'l be sorted and then if i've sold it I may regret it. I can just about hold on till my loan comes in so it's not like I'm really desperate, plus I guess the money I made from selling it would most likely go on rent alcohol and drugs so... yeah
Can't remember if I posted my 8 string but I don't think I did so here ya go, reckon I'm ganna have to sort out some new pickups (thinking warpigs) but apart from that pretty good deal.

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I think it would sound better with the onboard poweramp. You could try it into the guitar in, but it would act more like an OD/distortion unit, not a preamp.

Yeah that had crossed my mind but then it might be worth a try just to see what it would sound like.
yeah but for now I have the tiny terror and Id prefer to use the power amp tubes in that then the solid sate built in to the Engl for cabs/headphones at practice/recording levels.

Plus sometimes it's fun to experiment with gear cause you might find a combination that sounds amazing, even if you may not expect it to work tone wise.
I know i can send the headphone out straight to the speaker of the combo but I was wondering if I could use the power amp of the tiny terror somehow, there's no FX loop on the tiny terror and I know that would of worked, so could I do something by going from one of the out's of the Engl to the guitar input of the tiny or would that **** something up?
I'm thinking I'd defo need the tiny terror on pretty low gain otherwise it would effect it, though it might do it in a good way???

Here's a PDF of the Engl with the outs:

The tiny terror just has the guitar in.
oh sweet so if I do sell mine it should be worth more, plus it's a limited one
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I'm being serious. I would take a top end MIJ guitar over a top end MIA any ray.

Same man there amazing guitars
Which of the standard EMG's do the 8 string version (the EMG 808) relate too in tone the most, like are they a 85,81, 60?
Looks sweet man congrates!
Had my 8 string Ibanez for a week and a half now and while I'm thinking I'm going to have to swap out the pickups (any suggestions are welcome) I'm really enjoying it. I was very weary about going straight for the 8 from a 6 stringer but I've not had too many teething problems. The main problem i've found is playing a 6 string right after playing my 8 for a few hours, I just find myself thrown off and very uncoordinated but it doesn't seem to go the other way.
That vid made me want another Jackson damn that guy is good at really selling Jackson's, that is his job though... lol

Anyone know how much the Jackson Chris Broderick Soloist costs?
Looks really nice man, enjoy
There isn't any sets for eights as far as I'm aware, so yes you have to get a thicker string for the F sharp e.g. 70 gauge.
No it's a fixed. It's an eight string version of the one that is found on the Ibanez MTM's
Yeah a price range would be helpful and what kind of guitars you like, tele, strat, Les Paul, pointy thing?

P.S. Squier's from the 80's, made in Japan are the bomb.
I have wanted a Banjo for a while but by the sounds of it it'll feel like a twig in comparison haha
No not breakdowns the WHOLE time, in fact I've been spending most of my time playing funk on it, which is probably why I'm having so much fun with it
Fine, had no problems so far (fingers crossed) I'd heard this and that about how they can be a bit dodgy but yeah, seems great.
It's a second hand one so it's got a little wear but nothing that you could really see and after a good clean it's like new.
Well I've been playing on my new Ibanez RGA-8 for a few days now and i have to say it's so much fun to experiment and play on! I just can't put it down.
I was worried about skipping straight to an 8 from a 6 but so far it's been fine and I've not really had any problems, apart from some initial disorientation of where the strings are but that only lasted about a day.
Thing is now my ESP and Fender necks feel rather strange after playing an 8.

The guitar it's self is really well made and plays great. The only thing I'm not so sure on is the pick-ups may have to look into swapping them out for something with a nicer tone. but apart from that I couldn't be happier with my new addition.

My newest edition. It's just toooo much fun to play! I can't put it down!
So the RG 1527 would probs need a nice new pair of pick ups to make it really come alive?
As I said I don't have a whole lot of experience with Ibanez or 7 strings. An old mate of mine had an RG 7 string years back and it was pretty damn good but I can't remember the model.
Ibanez RG7620 been looking into them and i've heard a lot of good so fair but i thought the best place to get some views and opinions on the guitar would be right here.
So what's it like? This would be my first 7 string btw.
Also what are the main differences between this and the RG1527? from looking at the specs it seems that the 1527 is the lesser version but I don't really know that much about Ibanez guitars and that's just from the pickups really. So yeah any info/help would be awesome
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Orange Tiny Terror. good amp, solid construction, choice between 7 and 15 wats (i know it isnt much but you can buy a cab for it), good tone but not a whole lot of variety. only downside is its between $500 and $600

Since when are Ibanez S7320's discontinued?
Been looking into getting one for ages and I've just looked and on every site they are no longer available. Has something else replaced it or what?

Edit* oh wait panic over, I see they've been replaced by the S7420
Don't run monitors through your hi-fi amp the EQ would colour your mix way too much. Just make sure you buy active monitors then you wont need an amplifier to power them.

A really good pair of Headphones are always good to have but well... a decent pair of monitors give a fair better representation of whats going on in the mix.

I've just written a bit in another thread which relates so i'll just put the link below
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I'd recommend the Yamaha HS50's plus a subwoofer or a decent set of Mackie's.

They have a terrible frequency variance, -10db! you'd end up say boosting the bass by that much so it would sound right play it through a different pair of speakers and be overwhelmed by the amount of bass.

To TS I'm looking at getting a new pair myself as I've just moved into a small flat so need something small but still very accrete and i'm in about the same price range. So fair I've come down to KRK rokit 6 g2 or Genelecs 6010a. I've given a bit of thought to the Adam A5x as their high end monitors are amazing not listened to any low end ones though and the ones your looking at are just out of my price range.

About your worries of connections the Genelec and KRK models I mentioned are fitted with RCA connectors which means you could run a RCA to mini jack Y cable from the monitors straight into your mini jack port on your PC (the Genelec comes with the cable too, not so sure about the KRKs)

(I'm aware that an RCA would be unbalanced but as I'm guessing he may be positioning his monitors right next to his PC and therefore have very short cables this shouldn't be a problem.)
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Though conventionally good advice, there is one problem here. An inexperienced person doesn't know what to look for, and is quite likely to get suckered by a great sounding set of stereo speakers with fantastic bass response and sparkling highs.

Problem is... that's not what you're looking for.

Best I can suggest is to bring something that represents a mix that you know intimately. It might be something you mixed yourself, or might be just something you really love because you think it is a fantastic mix. You might even bring samples of both.

Listen for the monitors to expose things in the mix that you never noticed before, or things that you didn't think were very noticeable before, but now... whoa!

Or go listen to some of those mixes on a pair of $2000 Genelec or Dynaudio monitors, or the KRK e8b series. (not the $500 models from those companies) That will give you a sense of what a pair of monitors *should* sound like. Then listen to the ones in your price range to compare.


All very good advise but I'm aware of all this and do have a reference playlist i like to use (It's one I made to set up my PA so lots of variety and I know all the tracks inside out) I do know what I'm looking for when listening to monitors so you don't need to worry about me getting sucked into buying a pair of hi-fi speakers but great advise none the less XD

Also just to add to what you've said axemanchris it's good idea, if the shop is any good they should allow you to test the monitors out at home before you buy as I'm sure some of you will be aware the acoustics of the room you mix in are as important if not more so then the monitors you use as.

The main reason for my post is to see what other people that have had a lot of experience mixing on either of the models I've listed think of them in the long run and if they'd come across any major issues that may not of been apparent at first listen.
I like to do a bit of everything to be honest and as i'm at university studying music technology it's good practice not to get stuck with one genre but at a push I prefer mixing rock, metal and punk.

Yeah I have the same kind of theory. The bright yellow woofer is aesthetically pleasing especially to dubstep kinda guys and I'm always a bit weary of products like that as quite often they're all just hype because so many own them and they look cool =]

yeah I'm planning a trip to one of the local pro audio shops that stocks both to see for myself.
Hi all,

Well I'm in need of some new monitors and I really can't decide. At the moment I've whittled the chose down to either the Genelec 6010a or the KRK RP6G2, I'm open to any other suggestion. My price range it around the £300 mark

I've heard really good thing about both and I was originally set on the Genelecs but the things that are worrying me about them are the bass response (without the sub) and the fact that they seem to be more catered towards surround sound and a high end PC speakers so not sure how well they'd do for my purposes which are for mixing.

The KRKs look pretty great for the specs too but can't decide with them as alot of what i've seen them used for is dubstep kinda heavy bass stuff and I'm worried that due to that the detail and highs may suffer.

I want a really great frequency range without having to splash out another £300 for a sub and flattest response i can really, alot of detail from them (something I've heard the genelecs are good at) so of course i'm able to pick out all the faults with a mix.
Damn being in the UK! guitar prices are ridiculous.
They're £459 compared to in the states where they're only $449! which is £289 over here.
It'll be a one off that they showcase at NAMM to show off what they can do in their custom shop. Jackson uses famous artists to do one off artwork on some of their showcase guitars for the show too.
Summed up it's very very unlikely you'll ever have one unless your a very rich man.
You can plug in as many instruments and inputs as you like so long as you have a half decent mixer with all the I/O you need or want.

The problem with using a splitter is that as stated above the signal will degrade, it will work but just not sound great and you will get a lot of clipping from the signal running too hot, I wouldn't recommend it. You could turn down the gain and the guitars volume if you need to but you'd be a lot better off buying something like one of the line 6 UX2. it was 2 1/4 inch in's and XLRs as well so if you find in the future you'd like to mic up your amp or record a vocal track for example you'd be sorted. It would save you loads of hassle and be way better in the long run.

To MagicsDevil. Yes Mac, that must be the problem. You know that must be why the majority of professional recording studios all use Mac and Mac based software. You know maybe you should go tell them that all this time they've been using the wrong computers. As of course we all know that a way more reliable, better built and more dedicated computer like a Mac is a stupid thing to use when recording and mixing for multi-million dollar artists and they should all start using Vista... You DICK!
I use't to have one a couple of years back and I didn't mind binding at first but pretty quickly I grew to hate it and soon sold it off. Looking back now I really don't know what the hell I was thinking when I did like it, it just look really tacky and cheap which is such a shame because otherwise it's an awesome guitar.
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Bullet for my valentines genre is depending on the song choice, its always a bit differant but id have to call them a grundge band.

i agree with the taylor swift part, thats shes not country, but everyone else thinks so, including mtv.

trivium kicks ass, enough said.

What the ****!?!?
That looks amazing. How much did it set you back?