oneblackened: It's fixed bridge

KenG: I dont know, how would i go about checking?

i have put some sponge in the cavity under the pickup but this has had little effect.
I'm using a seymore duncan blackout in an ibanez rgr08ltd, great guitar btw, with a peavey valve king.
I has a sound that just invites me to turn it up but as soon as i get to about 2.5-3 (8:30-9:00) and i'm not playing i get awfull feed back at a constant pitch. if i mute the strings with both hands it doesnt stop.
I'm pretty sure it's the pickup because it doesnt happen with my other ibanez and when i hold the pickup firmly it stops feeding back...

Because it is an active pickup it is totally sealed, this means that wax potting is out of the question. So what else can i do short of changing the pickup? I want to be able to pause in a song with out a mid range hum taking over the song.
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I think it's between two amps, really.

Marshall MG100HDFX and a Soldano Super Lead Overdrive 100.

OMG you must be jokeing... How could you mention such a peice of s*** and the SLO in the same sentance.

6505 or SLO, try them both. Try a recto.

Also, just to prove to you that us marshall haters have a reason, try the slo and/or 6505 at the same time as the ...MG.... and you WILL hear how awfull it is.
I think oranges are amazing amps. A tiny terror or, if you're willing to spend more, Rockerverb.(With an orange cab). Great tone AND great looks!
Seriously for V30's and bottom end it's orange all the way. They sound amazing and the 13ply and skid pads on the bottom means tons of low end!!!!
mid price too, IMO you can't loose
I recon mxr is your best bet, it doesn't colour your tone when off and you have loads of shaping possibilities. The 10 band is especially good, becuase it's powered by 18V it have more cut/boost too.
Even the six band has all the key good frequencies, and the're both built like bricks =]
I suggest an orange 4x12 or 2x12 for less volume. Celestion V30's and looks amazing. Plus they're made of think wood and have acoustic coupling to the floor for increased bass responce and definition. The only downside of the 4x12 is the weight, it's definatly a two man job to carry. Great value for money and will suvive anything but a nuclear blast [even then i'd give it a chance] You can even get custom black orange cabs.... but that kinda defeats the object, even if they do look badass.

What the other guys said as far as warm up goes. And to be kind to your preamp tubes try not to crank the gain, treble or presence. Feel free to crank the post gain tho

Oh and the first few times wait a few seconds between turning the standby off and the power off.

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Young metalcore band based in portsmouth, england.

Current members 16-17 looking for a committed front man of similar, or not so similar, age. Must have loads of energy and be able to scream and sing, our live show will be very energetic. We write our own music and will be gigging regularly in the near future at places like the wedgewood rooms ect.
Influences include Architects, The Fall Of Troy, Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Blessthefall, Atreyu... Bringing your own individuality too, of course
When you contact us we'll arrange an informal jam to see if we can work together ok.
should be right down my ally then, i think it will be worth the trip to the dealer. thanks guys
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^Which is why he should buy a two rock. Then send it to me if it's not good enough.

i'll consider it....
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Link for the Ultra Lead

That clip there man.....uber sexx

i like it =]
i'll go to the dealer and try one out with my keeley tubescreamer in front of it and we'll see. i can't wait now, exept for the long train journey...
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The Ultra Lead just oozes tone out of speakers.... the thing is incredible.

I'll definatly consider that
the sigx looks good, even tho its not out yet i dont think. or maby the 50/cl
i'm not sure really, maby somhing a bit different in sound to my mesa. with el34/84's probably.
i'm looking into getting another tone factory to go with my roadking, a few amps have caught my eye. in particular the vht's

anyone played them? what's you're opinion?

it's either that or a buddah, just for something different
top tip, keep it on standby for at least 30 seconds before playing to keep the tubes happy and try not to use any extreme settings on the gain or eq so the peramps are happy too.

not that tubes have feelings....
i'd say the peavey valve king 1x12 or 2x12 combe
all tube, excellent price and Great sound. this amp can stand up to much higher priced amps

or if you want a SS for a lot less i recommend the roland cube 60, good amp moddeling, clean and dirty

both these amps will get you heard and the distortion is flexible and very good for the money.
Not a good idea in genrall. There cheap, but you get what you pay for. no true bypass, noisy, unreliable. I borrowed a behringer delay from my teacher and it really sucked, sounded like my guitar through a laptop or a really bad tape delay.
I suggest the boss GEB-7 reliable, quiet and built like a tank. Unfortunatly not true bypass but hey, great price.
Name of Strings: GHS Progressives
Gauge of Strings: .009 .011 .016 .026 .036 .046
Reason They Are Your Fav: Last ages longer than others like erny ball even with my acid fingers and sound so bright
How often they need to be replaced: i replace all of mine about once a month or after every couple of shows, depending on what comes first and how they ae feeling
Sound when you put them on and after some time has gone by:not that much different but if i left it a couple of months there would be a mared difference in clarity and feel
Any other comments: these and the boomers sound so much better than erny ball IMO
canon - johann pachelbel


i don't mind what, i'm into rock, metal, hardcore. maby somthing crazy =P
EDIT:3 years
rate me please =]
In my road king the tube rectifiers are a set of 5U4GB's i think.
I know a bit about preamp and power amp tubes but i have no clue what difference different recto tubes make. I tend to use tube rectification for the more fluid distortion and i loe the sag, channal 4 on the RK is all out metal tho. thats diode.
so, what do they do and which ones would be best for me?
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I have a near opposite problem, the last joint in my fingers do not bend, the tendon doesn't go into the last bone. But despite that problem, I continue to make progress through practicing.

V. good for you
it's not good to make excuses about this. practice is what it's all about!
well done again
buid up the muscles in your fingers with slow, accurate exercises. Metronome, slowly 157093265 times a day. [there or there abouts] and increase it by 10bpm each day or two days.

Speed is a by product of accuracy.

fast clean runs are some of the best sounding guitar tricks, faster sloppy are the worst.

Try :


g|--------------------    ect. :P
that's called a natural harmonics

here's a great video bout harmonics, give it a look

That'll tell you all you need to know =]
There's a couple of things you can do "pic and finger" wise. That is without any other equipment like a slide or a thimble.
Puch the high E up against the bridge pickup using it like a frett, thats pretty hig natural note. Or maby, Crank up the gain, then boost it a bit more with volume and try a short pintch harmonic with a fretted note on the 22/24th fret. Or even combine the two and pintch a harmonic with the pickup note

happy squeeeling!!!
People need to specify weather they mean RECTIFIER TUBES (ie. tubes used to rectify the signal, instead of diodes) OR power amp tubes from a recto.

Don't even think about changing the method of rectification in an amp.
AND the Recto power amp tubes are just rebranded EX, SOVTEK or somtimes JJ. So buy some good tubes instead of risking Mesa's rebranded tubes.

Pimp the VK, you get some nice tones but if you want recto punch and tone get a Recto.
I play some of the same stuff as you and i have loads of pedals. after trying out a few others in their catagory these are the ones i have chosen. I have a large budget, so i guess it all depends on that to a degree.

-2x Dunlop DC Brick
-Boss Tuner
-MXR Smart Gate
-MXR Boost/linedriver
-Dunlop Cry baby Zakk Wilde
-Digitech Whammy
-EHX Micro Pog
-Zvex Machine
-Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer (keeley custom)
-Boss BD-2 (keeley custom)
-Zvex Fuzz Factory
-Boss DS-1 (keeley custom)
-Boss MT-2 (keeley custom)
-MXR 10 band EQ
-Phase 100
-Boss Phase Shifter
-Zvex Tremorama
-Boss DD-7 (w/ EV-5)
-Boss DD-7 (w/ FS-5U)
-EHX Memory man with hazarai

Remember to try lots of things out before you buy and DON'T get a multi-effects, it'll kill you're tone.
Good choice of amp btw
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marshall 30 solid state. i have 1 and it kicks ass with my les paul and ibanez. i can get pretty much everything i need out of it and i play metal/hard rock. occasional blues. i got it for like 300.

Just no, don't get a marshall.

A vox, Cube or another mini-tube would do you well, or perhaps a line 6 for a bit more. you wont find a really good amp for that much tho. i would save a bit more and get somthing you can use forever. Most importantly. Try them all before you buy
My advice would be to buy yourself something like the TU-2, a great pedal tuner, because there is no use using the ME-50 for the odd thing when it has such a bad effect on you signal.
if you want the raw unchanged amp tome get effects with true bypass not multi effects. IMO multi effects only have a use for people starting out, not sure what effects they need.
I like blackouts with my ibanez more.

But to be honest, Bare Knuckle Pickups blow them all out of the water. If you want huge output use the Warpigs, they have over twice the output power of EMG 85's and they're passive... Handmade too.

If you want real tone, definition get some BKP. Well worth the money and all the different models mean there are lots of different sounds on offer. Well worth the extra money.